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  1. still sad about missing link's box office intake, especially after having now seen it earlier this week. it's a beautifully-animated movie. i really love how laika's use of stop-motion and CG are virtually seamless by this point, and the sets/location are also really well-made.

    man, handing the film over to annapurna/mgm/UA releasing for distribution was such a colossal mistake. besides releasing it two weeks before avengers and not giving it much publicity to begin with, the marketing focused way too much on the comedy aspect. it's more comedic than laika's works, but it's also a decent adventure story with a few really cool setpieces (there's one part when the main characters are stuck on a boat in the middle of a storm, and the boats constantly turning over, it's super impressive) and some intense action sequences / gunplay shootouts. the marketing also only showed the more obvious comedic gags when the film has a strong handful of really clever subtle jokes.

    i hope laika for their next film goes back to universal/focus features for their next project and they pick a quieter release date (...one that isn't a fall release, anyway, which they've done for the past three films). failing that, maybe they should just taking their films to netflix, as disappointing of the thought of them bowing out of theaters may be.

    1. Polkadi~☆


      I actually really wanted to see this movie, it just slid under my radar, especially being so close to Avengers.

      It’s just like how I missed The LEGO Movie 2 due to abysmal advertising and poor release schedule.

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