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    1. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      By "five night event" do they mean they're going to air the first five episodes to kick the series off, or is this just going to be a mini-series?

      Also, has CN ever used such a high-profile song for, like, anything? Crazy Train must have cost them a fortune to license for that trailer.

    2. Ferno


      Between this, Amphibia and Owl House, we're getting lots of adventure-esque story-driven cartoons lately and tbh I'm all for it. A decade ago I used to say "if i ever get to make a TV cartoon it'd be like this" but now its already becoming the standard to where I wouldn't be doing anything revolutionary if I still wanted to attempt that, lol

    3. Milo


      @PC the Hedgehog Actually unsure on the first question. Could go either way as a proper series or a miniseries I guess. I do hope they're still doing miniseries, speaking of which. OTGW set an excellent standard.

      As to the second question, I'm guessing CN may have free access to the song if it's in parent WB's music library. Although I'm not too sure on that.

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