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  1. between BC with past consoles (hardware, software, and digital storefronts) being less of a priority for this gen of modern consoles and the interest/success of the existing miniconsoles that have been announced/released; i'm surprised platform holders haven't just making general miniconsoles wholly dedicated to classic videogame libraries.

    like rather than nintendo making miniconsoles dedicated to specific systems with a select selection of classics; they make one miniconsole which is effectively a revamped, standalone virtual console. complete with its own department of support, intended for near-perpetual long-term development of adding/preserving classic games to its digital store (as well as more classic platforms over time).

    1. Wraith


      They make more money with seperate releases

    2. Milo


      i get that argument but it just feels re-releases of games for older consoles is of much less importance in this era. Wii U VC didn't come anywhere close to what the Wii VC did before that ended; and the switch is opting for something totally different with archive arcades (or whatever it's called). could be wrong but 3DS VC also seems to have just about stopped by this point too with the 3DS platform in its twilight years.

      and that's just nintendo. sony kinda feels like they don't really care about BC at all nowadays regarding the PS4 (esp. with how the PS Classic turned out). MS actually seemed to put in the most effort as of late with reverse-engineering OG Xbox and 360 games to XBO, but that initiative recently ended IIRC.

    3. Harkofthewaa


      To be fair, the reason that initiative ended is because MS is preparing for Scarlet. I would presume once that comes out and they get the emulators up and running they'll start adding more games. I just hope that with the BC on Scarlet you can actually get the game data off the disc instead of having to download everything. I'll be damned if I have to download 20-50 GB files to put all my Xbox One games on Scarlet. 

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