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  1. Saw Terminator: Dark Fate earlier today. I have some issues with it but overall I think it works more often than it doesn't, and I honestly had a fun time with it. I'd say I'm comfortably in the camp that would say "best since T2" and add the note that it's not supposed to be an backhanded complement. Feels like a definite matinee movie.

    1. Milo


      To delve deeper: easily the weakest element of the movie is when it's borrowing specific story/writing elements of the past terminator films (namely 1/2, although there are some components of the later films too) and reusing them verbatim. it's admittedly pretty bothersome considering that (to lead into a positive) i think there are some new ideas added that had they been developed more, could had allowed this movie to be more of its own thing. i really appreciated the new concepts touched on because a good amount of them were things i've personally would had liked to see explored in a hypothetical terminator film (and they don't feel as throwaway/underutilized as they were in genisys).

      besides the new ideas i really felt the biggest strength was the setting/background, in which at least half of the film is set in mexico before it transitions into the southern u.s.; as well as the (supporting) cast; hamilton and schwarzenegger are great in their roles. i also thought the action was mostly good and i liked the general tone of the movie; although it's a bit uneven in areas i do think it's better than the tone genisys and salvation had (it's been a while since i last saw terminator 3, so i can't comment on that).

      overall i think it's a decent reset and i would actually like to see where the series goes from here, although based on the box office numbers that are coming in, i'd be surprised if we do get a sequel.... 😕

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