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  1. i wonder if we'll ever see another animated film that has the tone of something like the first (two?) shrek(s) or even the first ice age. i honestly don't know how to describe it, but they felt like films that had an offbeat tone to the core and the writers used that to their advantage for incorporating situations and/or humor that (only) adults would be able to relate to. rather than something that is primarily written for a mainstream audience of families/children, but then has certain events or comedy that are there specifically to appeal to an older audience.  

    or to try and put it another way, to me they felt like they were animated films that weren't necessarily aiming to test the limits of a particular rating or appeal to any particular demographics, they just were what they were and would had been fine with whatever ratings they received. like if shrek ended up with a pg-13 instead of a pg, the creators involved would had been absolutely okay with that.

    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      i know exactly what you mean honestly

      first shrek was something that at the time probably had more in common with live action comedy than it did most animated movies

      once shrek kinda became a formula it was more of a branding thing to play up jokes that parents will get, but shrek wasn't about kids getting it or parents getting it, it was just a fuckin' funny movie

    2. Sean


      I think it's tragic that Ice Age became what it currently is after that first film. Manny's backstory with his family was burned into my thirteen-year-old skull even if the quality didn't approach Pixar standards. It wasn't a masterpiece but it was still good for what it was especially for Manny and Diego, and I was appalled by how the sequels turned out, so I never watched past the third film.

      Shrek got way less good after the second movie but I consider that to be a result of burnout as opposed to complete creative bankruptcy that Blue Sky suffers from most of their output. I'd rather watch the Shrek sequels than any Ice Age film after the first.

    3. Ferno


      im still mad that the baby never showed up after the 1st Ice Age, maybe as an older kid or teen, etc

    4. Milo


      i only just remembered about them to factor them into what i'm thinking about, but i'd say the most recent animated films i can think that came the closest to recapturing this naturally offbeat vibe i'm talking about is actually wes anderson's animated films, his fantastic mr. fox adaptation and isle of dogs. and even so, i feel that their offbeat nature is clearly an extension of anderson's general filmmaking style; it's a markedly different approach than what the first shrek or ice age was IMO

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