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  1. After revisiting it for the first time in years a few months back, I don't know how I even completed any of the challenges in Ford Racing 2 when I was a kid (my guess is b/c it was for a time the only PS2 game I had I guess). The handling of the cars feels awful, especially in terms of turning. It hits that perfect sour spot of mildly aiming itself to the side when you do anything but the most extreme turns, and then outright swerving towards whatever direction you're trying to play when you do an extreme turn. There is no in-between whatsoever, even at slow/alternating speeds they control like this.

    I was originally going to say that it felt like the designers/programmers prioritized aiming for realism/simulation of driving a car to the point they forgot to make it fun; but on the other hand, I've never driven a car that felt this much of a pain to turn like with this one. It feels like driving a hovercraft during a thunderstorm, not a car.

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