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  1. https://www.cartoonbrew.com/business/christina-miller-is-stepping-down-as-president-of-cartoon-network-adult-swim-and-boomerang-183066.html

    The AT&T/TimeWarner merger racks up another executive departure. Who would had seen Stuart Snyder (of CN Real infamy) serving a longer tenure as CN/[as]/Boomerang president?

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I mean, Snyder is seen nowadays as the George Lucas to Miller's Kathleen Kennedy (cuz wumon wuin' evwifhing): At least under Snyder's we had variety and creativity in shows, and went great lengths to reverse what he caused towards the end of his run. 

      Meanwhile, Miller chased away all action shows, made Boomerang the opposite of what it was ment to be, kept TTG stealing the whole channel, and overrall was more juvinile driven.


      If this means no more TTG, instant improvement in my book

    2. Ferno


      bring the CGI city aesthetic back and they can do whatever else they want tbh

      like Gumball would fit those bumpers like a glove

      also i know it wont happen but daytime toonami again? plz? then again we'd lose acquisitions like TTGL, KLK, and Food Wars because no way in hell would they exist on the CN side of things without 90's/ 00's levels of BRUTAL censoring, so I guess its for the best that Toonami stays where it is

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