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  1. i like how twitter reminding me that i started my twitter account a year ago today just made me remember that the whole tumblr nsfw ban fiasco also happened around that time 

    it's really funny because now that i think of it, i don't remember any posts, threads, or news stories of people looking back at the event at all in these recent weeks. even on tumblr i didn't see anything about it on my dashboard.

    1. JezMM


      People have kind of gotten over it.  All the folks who abandoned tumblr have settled into their new homes and everyone who is still on tumblr has gotten over the fact that explicit material is no longer allowed (though there are still nsfw artists on there who believe nudity in art is banned due to all the misinformation that went around, even though it's still completely acceptable on tumblr as long as there's no explicit activity happening).

      All that really happened was a sort of general decrease in exposure for artists as people needlessly left because the content changes were overdramaticised by the community, or left in protest of any changes happening whatsoever.

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