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  1. Watch as I curse your thoughts once I spit this following fire:

    Shadow the Groundhog > Shadow the Hedgehog

    > Groundhogs have great bushy tails, hedgehogs don't

    > Despite the similar-sounding names, groundhogs are a different species from hedgehogs (insectivores), they're rodents / ground squirrels (Shadow looks like a hedgehog, but is actually half lab-experiment/half-alien)

    > Groundhogs are great burrowers, which they use to sleep or hibernate (guess who avoids most of the cast and was locked away in a capsule for decades)

    > Groundhogs have two coats of fur, the undercoat and banded guard hairs (Shadow's red highlights and black fur)

    > It is law  in myth/legend that groundhogs check to see if they can cast a shadow once spring arrives

    > Groundhogs are known as aggressive animals and fight to assert dominance ("I'm the coolest!" #OW THE EDGE)

    > This is just a placeholder for another reason groundhog Shadow > hedgehog Shadow

    1. Milo


      If you aren't convinced, I have one more: Sonic has to remind Erazon Djinn that he is a hedgehog, not a rat (which is true as I mentioned above--hedgehogs are insectivores, rats are rodents, groundhogs are rodents)

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