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  1. Since some of us are talking 3D Mario, the (hot?) take I've seen in certain places for a while that "the worst 3D Mario is still better than the best 3D Sonic":

    Critically speaking; Adventure 1 (86% on GameRankings before it shut down back in December) or Adventure 2 (Metacritic 89) were/are still the highest-reviewed 3D Sonics of the bunch, how would you say they compare to Sunshine (MC 92)?

    1. Wraith


      Adventure 1 and 2 are actually complete games for the most part so I'd choose either of them over Sunshine

    2. Milo


      (Speaking of GameRankings--kinda peeved that it's gone now. That's a huge backlog of pre-Metacritic review scores and review aggregate scores of games released prior to 2000 nuked into the ether, they didn't even try to give it an official archive [thank goodness for the Wayback Machine.]. Apparently the staff managers said they'll integrate reviews of classic games into Metacritic but I personally haven't seen much of that happening.)

    3. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Being completely frank, I'd probably replay Sunshine over those two.

      That game has a lot of fond memories for me. Also I love the open playground nature of said game.

    4. McGroose


      What the hell is with all the Sunshine hate on this website

      I loved that game

    5. Strickerx5


      Imo, the only Mario game I personally hold higher than both Adventures is Galaxy. Don't get me wrong, every 3D Mario is fun af and are better games, but they just don't match the love I have for those two titles.

      And that's with leaving Unleashed out of this.

    6. Soniman


      Sunshine is an alright game made terrible if you %100 it

    7. Cayenne


      Even with their share of problems, I'd rather play SA1 or 2 over Sunshine. While I wouldn't group it with bad Sonic games like 06 or Shadow (its totally playable, has some positive aspects and didn't turn the Mario franchise into a laughing stock), it's still one of weakest 3D platformers I've played.

      My biggest problems with Super Mario Sunshine are:

      -The lack of varied world themes. SM64, SA1 and SA2 have many kinds of aesthesics, but Sunshine is mostly "Beach", "A hotel with a beach", "A park with a tiny beach", "A tiny village", "Another tiny village".

      -Forgettable music. Delfino Plaza, Ricco Harbor (A remix of the Delfino Plaza theme) and the Secret of...levels have cool themes, but that's it.

      -Some episodes and secret shines have horrible level design (I'm looking at you Pachinko level. You too, toxic river. And you too, Secret of the Village Underside).

      -Blue Coins. Do you want to get all the Shines in Super Mario Sunshine? Too bad, you aren't going to find all the Blue Coins without a guide because some are literally invisible.

      -Yoshi. This is the only Mario game where using Yoshi is more frustrating than fun.

      -Did you find the Blue Coins and got all the Shines? Oh, well, er, here's...another ending photo...hm...well... See you next game!

    8. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      @McGroose Sunshine was widely considered the black sheep of 3D Mario games for a long, long, long time. Actually, the hate has died down considerably over the past few years.

    9. McGroose


      @PC the Hedgehog

      I know, but that seems to not be what I've noticed here, specifically. I've seen some shit flung at Sunshine here the past few days.

    10. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile



      -The lack of varied world themes. SM64, SA1 and SA2 have many kinds of aesthesics, but Sunshine is mostly "Beach", "A hotel with a beach", "A park with a tiny beach", "A tiny village", "Another tiny village".

      Personally I think that the focus on the island theme helped to distinguish Sunshine from his other 3D outings. Most of them, while having varied locales and are fun as game levels, never felt as fully realized as locations compared to Sunshine, and even Mario 64 still felt more gamey despite being focused around Peach's Castle. Isle Delfino is probably one of the few main Mario games where Isle Delfino felt like a real place that you could really hang around in.

    11. Cayenne


      @SenEDDtor Missile This is exactly why I dislike Delfino Island as a Super Mario location: It focuses too much on worldbuilding and forgets to be creative and fun like Mario should be. To me, Nintendo practically sacrificed the variety of Super Mario 64 to make a more "believable" world in a franchise that is everything except realistic.

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