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  1. Then why not just admit that in the first place? A reply that states "I don't care either way" and nothing else towards my thoughts on the topic doesn't tell me anything. When I talk about ST's attitudes towards game design, I'm speaking less in regards to the broader goals their development teams set out to achieve with each individual title. and more to do with specific design choices that they use across all of their games. (Even if said design quirks don't exactly fit with the desired game direction.) Something like Lost World where that was supposed to be more slower-paced and more offbeat with its ideas, still had typical choices like having tons of speed boosters and springs in each level to keep shuffling the player through the levels quickly. It even doubled-down on these elements in new ways, whatnot with the giant floating springs that took the player from one stage segment to another, and autorunning planetoid segments. I'm of the notion that a open-world Sonic game by Sonic Team would be similarly compromised for the sake of ST keeping those elements in, even if it would be counterintuitive towards what they actually intended for the game to be.
  2. Okay...? What kind of vague response even is this?
  3. Ain't the first time. Details about Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric were leaked on 4chan by a playtester back in August 2014, well before the game's November release. Said leak is also how we learned about Sonic Runners before it was announced, since it was mentioned by the playtester. Granted, that was...seven years ago compared to today. As someone who has over the years grown interest in a sandbox Sonic game and thought of ways it can work; the idea of Sonic Team making an open world Sonic game does mildly spark my interest. It's definitely more intriguing than them making another Boost game--less so because I dislike the Boost, moreso knowing it would likely be mismanaged even worse than it was in Forces. But I absolutely do not trust them to pull it off well, given their design philosophies; and the commentary about the combat and exploration is not even remotely surprising with that in mind. Gonna take a few shots in advanced darkness here. But I really won't be surprised if the final product is Sonic Team desperately forcing their attitudes towards game design into a gameplay format where it neither meshes well to begin with, and they're inexperienced enough to somehow wield it to work; and the result is that it backfires spectacularly. And the verdict is along the lines of "y'know, this actually isn't a bad idea...but what were you guys thinking with the execution....?"
  4. oh wow i completely missed out on this "sonic rangers" leaked stuff

    now we are cooking with gas in terms to news

  5. so this happened



    1. Supah Berry
    2. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      He's gonna come to life as soon as you leave to go find Andy.

  6. Gonna be honest, once the stream was announced to only be twelve minutes long, some hours before it happened; I kinda figured with the leaks that were posted that I had a good idea of what was and wasn't going to be announced...so I didn't bother with watching the stream. And based on the information we now have, I'm kinda glad I did that. Few announcements, most of them being confirmed suspicions/leaks and no major surprises; and I can't really say that much if anything really excited me personally. Probably the one thing that got me the most interested was S3&K being re-released (and as of recently, confirmed to be in widescreen/being possibly remastered), but even that has its caveats. In the end I feel I got exactly what I mildly expected, without even taking time out to watch it. I appreciate the radio silence finally being broken, but I'm still feeling largely ambivalent to the news otherwise.
  7. When the game was first leaked, I had the suspicion that Colors in particular was chosen due to it being the most stable game of their releases over the past decade, in addition to being one of their better-received titles. It's a game where it's very much complete and functional, where you could just add some visual/technical enhancements and re-release it without much issue. This remaster seems to hit that assumption exactly on the nose. A lot of the additions are largely cosmetic and don't really add to or change the base game. Never heard of Blind Squirrel Entertainment before, wonder if this is (one of) their first porting jobs. That would explain the odd discrepancies / downgrade in graphics in certain spots. Will agree with those who think giving this game a EGS-exclusive PC access is lame (the major sticking point being that virtually every previous Sonic game with a modern PC release has been on Steam) and the early access pre-order nonsense (for a remaster of all things) is extra lame on top of lame. At this point I'm more interested in how this game will review more than anything else. Everything that made Colors fresh and welcome in 2010 has overridden the franchise and handled much worse as of 2021. I don't think this will review as well as it did originally, especially with how conservative this remaster is shaping up to be.
  8. If they really are bringing 3&K to widescreen like the others, it has to be with the Retro Engine, right? By that point Taxman (and arguably Stealth, alongside the rest of Evening Star) would all but assuredly be involved. Hopefully we'll get some confirmation on the above; if true, my interest will definitely shoot way up. Taxman and Stealth had quite a few plans on what they wanted to do with their 2014 3&K remaster pitch, and I can't see them not going to waste if they're working on this collection. They might even be able to incorporate stuff that was scrapped from the other remasters, like the S2 boss rush levels and the "Final Fever" boss for Sonic CD.
  9. I'm among others where I am kinda interested in the teaser, but it's...so short and so vague that there really isn't anything to discuss about it. Much like with the teaser with Team Sonic Racing, I can't help but wonder why they even bothered. A statement of Sonic Team working on a new game for 2022 would have had just as much impact. The most I can really say is that I like the implied art direction of the trees, with them being more realistic...but even then, that's not saying much; given the art direction in Forces' teaser and the """art direction""" that game actually had. I miss when Sonic games had an actual marketing department that wasn't content in merely throwing out crumbs of information between months on end on what future projects are about, let alone if they even exist. It's honestly embarrassing. The Switch version of Forces was a rushed port that just barely turned out to be functional in time for the game's release. Pre-release showcase versions were slammed as being a technical mess as late as September despite all versions planned for a November release. Even so, that version was heavily downgraded; with visuals and performance that was on par with or worse than Generations and Lost World, despite running on more powerful hardware. If Sonic 2022 is coming to Switch, hopefully Sonic Team/Sega are developing natively for that version (so they don't have to severely downgrade for it in the first place); or they find a really talented porting team and give them the necessary resources to produce a competent port.
  10. Happy that we're finally getting console/PC releases of the TaxStealth remasters (and hopefully retail versions of them too); and S3 and S&K getting any new re-releases is wonderful, since the last one was in 2011. ...but that aside, this is pretty underwhelming. Count me in with those would had liked to see a more comprehensive collection, regardless if it's purely Genesis-era Sonic games (Genesis, Master System, Game Gear, Saturn) or if it included post-Adventure titles. And maybe there's still some spooky legal voodoo regarding the music, but 3&K being bog-standard emulated while the other Genesis games are remastered is going to be quite the bummer. I wanna be a bit optimistic and assume that since it's still in development, maybe things will change and more games/bonus content will be added. And that someone's calling to Taxman/Stealth to revive their 3&K remaster pitch for this game (if that's possible). But that's extremely wishful thinking. I do want to have a console/physical copy of the remasters. and I wanna support more official releases of Genesis-era Sonic (since supporting the mobile remasters when they were first released was instrumental towards the developers finally getting to work on Mania). But unless this is priced, dirt cheap ($20 max); I really wouldn't consider picking this up, barring a major price cut or sale.
  11. so i'm gonna assume the sonic central stream seemed to pretty much be what a bunch of us were already expecting, based on the leaks.

    (i didn't watch it live, and i'm now catching up)

    1. Kuzu


      Some expected more and were disappointed.

      Some expected less and were still disappointed.

  12. lol the Sonic central stream is only 12 minutes long?

    gee, I wonder why this wasn’t mentioned when this was originally announced? don’t wanna temper expectations and let fans run wild with the hype train I guess. there’s the post-2010 sheepish Sonic marketing strategy we all know and love.

    should we also expect a sonic 4 episode 1 reveal; where after months of anticipation, they will only have 3 seconds of footage to show for a new game?

    1. Marcello


      You think there's gonna be footage of the game?


    2. pppp


      Again, why can't we ever get nice things like we did in the DQ 35th anniversary stream?

      As for post 2010, I will argue from 2010 to 2014 they were still doing marketing regularly, it was after Lost World and Boom's failure that they gave up and went full coward on us.

    3. Milo


      @Marcello yeah, a mistake on my part, they’ll instead just show a silhouette of a logo and leave it at that

      @pppp when I say “post-2010” I’m mainly thinking of nonsense like Sonic 4, which had gems like the character countdown contest and locked timers that unveiled concept art of old things we’ve seen before in older games 

    4. Dejimon11


      @pppp did you watch that DQ stream? That was terrible. 

    5. pppp


      @Dejimon11 To you maybe. I got DQ12 for a worldwide release, Treasures looks cool, I finally get to play DQ10 and DQ3 remade in Octopath's engine looking gorgeous. How is that terrible?

    6. Dejimon11


      I saw the thing in English and they got a translator doing the translation in real time for 2 people. 

      They showed off the next expansion for DQX to the world wide audience and they said that it’s not getting localized. Yeah the we’re getting a different version of the game now but people wanted the full MMO experience this feels like pity points 

      12 getting announced is cool but they only showed off a logo so it’s nothing worth bragging about. As for the remake and treasures they’re the only thing worth talking about for now.

    7. pppp


      Well at least they showed me a godd amount of content that looks cool, who cares how the stream was set up? Why do people care so much for how the presentation itself is done, aren't the game announcements the most important thing?

    8. Marcello


      I felt so bad for that translator lol Why not get two people haha

  13. what if we're all bamboozled tomorrow and "colors ultimate" isn't a re-release

    it's an actual direct sequel

    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      It's called Sonic Colors Ultimate, because it's like Sonic Colors, but you play as the ultimate life form

  14. In today's latest developments of the acquisition wars:

    "The name's Prime. Amazon Prime." - Amazon has officially bought MGM Studios for $8.45 billion.

    For those out of the loop. This includes...

    - MGM's post-1986 library, with films like Rain Man, Thelma and Louise, Leaving Las Vegas, Get Shorty, etc. [The pre-1986 library, which includes their classics such as The Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind, and Singin' in the Rain; and their animated material like the Tom and Jerry and Droopy shorts--that stuff is owned by WarnerMedia.]

    - United Artists' film library (distribution rights to the James Bond/007 IP and catalog, the Rocky/Creed films, The Pink Panther films, etc.)

    - Orion Pictures' library (the original Terminator and Child's Play, Robocop series, Amadeus, Platoon, Dances with Wolves, Silence of the Lambs, etc.)

    - Pre-1996 Polygram library (An American Werewolf in London, Flashdance, The Usual Suspects, Fargo, etc.)

    - Most of The Cannon Group (Joe, Runaway Train, Street Smart, Cyborg, the Death Wish sequels, etc.)

    - Sergio Leone's "Dollars/Man with No Name" trilogy (A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly)

    This is just some of the most notable properties MGM has either created or acquired ownership of, there's much more I haven't listed.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Remember when Disney made a whole theme park in collabartion with MGM, suggesting goodwill for a bigger partnership in the future?

  15. ...wait, what?

    we're actually getting news this week (and in the format of a direct like nintendo's stuff?)

    boo, i wanted more radio silence and for fans to continue going crazy

    1. Diogenes


      don't worry we'll just go crazy in different ways

  16. it's been twenty years, brogres

    twenty years

    1. Zaysho



      twenty years

      I felt a cramp in my knee reading this

  17. smash bros is a balanced vidya game


  18. been you how see no time long wow

    (btw gabe it's)

    1. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      what's up buddy!!! how ya been??

    2. Milo


      ev'i neeb ysub htiw sessalc sa fo etal, tub ev'i neeb gniod taerg esiwretho!

      (okay i'll stop)

    3. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      ha, little did u realize i graduated with an english major and MINORED in backwards 😎


      good to hear, comrade! good news is always pleasant to come by, especially from pleasant people!

  19. ...what are the chances that store listings for unannounced games have ended up leading to nothing? Just curious. :S 

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Even the guys in charge of the store listing grows sick of the holdup

    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      iirc it's happened before, specifically when there are established rumors previously. It's why I don't buy the listings as much as, say, the Colors Ultimate listings and dubbing site itself. Still though, might as well be further confirmation if it ends up being true

    3. Wraith


      It's happened before but I feel pretty confident in these thanks to the dubbing site.

  20. one of the random odd things i can vividly remember from my days in school (elementary school i think) was watching in class one of those countless history documentaries released on DVD; where --I swear I'm not making this up-- the filmmakers had a PoV shot of excrement coming out of an animal's behind and falling towards the ground

    i don't know why they did it, but kudos to whoever felt the need to put it in there because that is literally the only thing i remember from that film, nearly twenty years later

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      What a load of shit

      *ba dum tss*

    2. Milo


      @Ryannumber1gamer and an absolute waste of time

      waka waka!~

    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      I guess we're, like the creators of the documentary - talking crap. 

  21. lmao what the flying fuck



    1. Jingilator


      Wha...? Is-is this real?

    2. Adamabba


      Is this the porno parody

    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      This must be leaked shots of the Tunes' previous design before first Sonic trailer's reaction broke out

    4. The KKM

      The KKM

      I can't deal with this




      I'm losing my shit

  22. Oh hey, another amateur Sonic sales/finances sleuthing job from yours truly. Spurned by a recent comment about Sonic's historical sales in Japan, I ended up finding out from this website (which list historical videogame sales in Japan) that M&S Tokyo 2020 has, to date, sold about 370K in the region. This is a pretty big deal for a few reasons. For the Sonic franchise....this is the fifth best-selling Sonic(-branded) game in the region, based on the historical references we have on hand (the above site and this list of MSC numbers for some of the Mega Drive Sonic games); after the original Mario & Sonic [Beijing 2008] and Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast (whether you only count the first release, or all releases of the game). It's also the first Sonic(-associated) game to surpass 300K sold in the region since the DS version of the original M&S, released back in 2008. For the Mario & Sonic series, it's the best-selling M&S game overall after the aforementioned M&S 2008, and third best-selling individual M&S entry after the Wii (2007) and DS (2008) versions of M&S 2008. The DS version itself of M&S 2008 also topped out at 383K units, so Tokyo 2020 has a decent chance of surpassing it to be the 2nd-best selling individual M&S game if it still has legs. This is all especially impressive given the following additional factors. - The M&S series being on a worldwide sales decline after Wii/DS games, with the 3DS and Wii U games (London 2012, Sochi 2014, and Rio 2016) selling less than the previous titles. The diminishing returns were enough that Sega skipped out on picking up the license for the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics altogether, with Ubisoft acquiring it to help promote their Steep snowboarding game. - The game was initially released to a very slow start--the game only moved a little above 19K units in its first week. Granted, this is better than many Sonic(-branded) game published after 2003, but it was also the lowest debut for any M&S game outside of Sochi 2014 on the Wii U (which did a quarter of that amount, above 5K). The fact the game has since gone on to sell that much in the country indicates a rather substantial shelf life for the game. - The elephant of the room of the actual Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics Games --you know, the very thing the game is supposed to promote-- being delayed out of 2020 year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the game itself released prior in the holiday 2019 period. As things stand, there is still some doubt on whether the Games will still be held this year, if at all. - This game being the very first Mario & Sonic entry published in Japan by Sega themselves; all of the previous entries were published in Japan by Nintendo (with Sega usually handling publishing duties for some M&S games in Western regions). This would make it the best-selling Sonic(-branded) game published by Sega in Japan, after the aforementioned Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast, all the way back in 1998. These results, among others (I'm not sure for how the game performed since its debut in NA and Europe) I imagine is why when Sega released their fourth quarter/full year results their 2020 fiscal year not too long ago, Tokyo 2020 was listed among the Sonic games they specifically credited (alongside Team Sonic Racing, Sonic Mania, and Sonic Generations) for good sales. (This is a crosspost from Retro, for those wondering.)
  23. Art topic update reminder, for those who missed it on Thursday.


  24. On the MK DS music debate that happened a while back in the statuses.... *shrug*

    If I hadn't relistened to some tracks a while back I'd probably agree on the soundfont being bad, but there's just something...cozy? about the instrumentation, I guess? Although there may be some nostalgia bias going on; DS was my first MK I owned, and the second MK I played after SC on the GBA.

    When I was going through tracks like the menu music, like the main menu, and the options music (like when you're designing your kart decal), it was it was like rediscovering a buried memory. This probably solidifies the "generic" argument against it, but it's like the perfect lobby/elevator music that you'd put on before the actual action begins.


    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I honestly appriciate the approach the were going for with this; it certainly gives a feeling that says "DS, Portable, Fun-Size" to you. The cozy elevator music was captured fine when you put it that way. And the credits is tied with 64's for most beautiful ending themes in the series. It's the action tracks I take issue with-- too synthy sounding for my taste.

      My nostalgia bias is colored by 64 being my first MK, DS being the second I owned, but I played SC too breifly to getting a lasting impression prior. 64's gave me a sense that's it's both a race and an adventure, as cheesy as that my sound, and the menu music there instead helped pump me up for any game I'd play myself or with my brother. The brass and organs sound more pleasing, the snares give more ompth, and it's usaually just the bass where the synth is limited, making it stand out more.

      DS did translate the tracks from there faithfully enough, but the orginal tracks I've mixed feelings on their instrument choices. It's like a lesser version of how Sonic 4's music got hit-

      There's song in here, but what is that "guitar"-like synth? The "choir" doesn't sound into it. It's arguably a tell-tale sign the limitations hold these song back, especally when compare it to the Bowser course themes from the games both before and after this.


      Even the sound design in certain aspects felt like a downgrade from Double Dash (The countdown, item roulette, 2nd lap jingle), which made me pleased when it got a tune up for 8

    2. JezMM


      I agree that it's got a cosy and nostalgic vibe for sure, my friends and I plugged so many hours into MKDS between classes in college, so the music takes me back to those simpler days.  But even at the time the tunes felt lesser to me than previous games and felt like silly, quirky "nintendo" music when I was starting to get used to games having more exciting and modern soundtracks.

  25. saturday night thoughts:

    the only reason thanos lost in endgame was thanks to one (1) Ratass McFatass McGee looking for his next meal

    imagine if he decided to snap 50% of all life, but made an exception and nuked every mickey, mighty, danger, and jerry into extinction. he would had won permanently. maybe. who knows. thanos would had probably failed to account for computer mice and chuck e. cheese's army of animatronics.

    1. Wraith


      dr strange saw that rat in his vision and trusted the fate of the universe to it

    2. Polkadi~☆


      all those other timelines were the rat pushing the wrong buttons

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