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  1. From NPD: The United States' Top 20 Best-Selling Games, from every year (1995 - 2019). Ranked in dollar sales (not sold units).



    These lists serve as a helpful reminder that unlike Japan and Europe, the N64 actually gave the PlayStation a good run for its money here in the US. On the topic of platformers alone--look at Super Mario 64 and Donkey Kong 64 topping the list at #1 the year of their release, and 1998 having Banjo-Kazooie at #8 and even Yoshi's Story at #15.

    Meanwhile, Crash 3: Warped is the only Crash game to ever get into the charts (#19 for 1998), and Spyro never made it in at all. This is despite both of those entries being at their highest peak before the Activision remakes.

    lmao at Sonic 3D Blast (and the first Mario & Sonic of course) being the only Sonic games after 1994 to get into any the US' Top 20 lists, and just barely doing so at that (both bottomed out their respective charts at #20).

  2. i'm so happy cuphead got in as a mii costume (with music too)

    also byleth seems alright. i'm not as upset about it as others, esp. with a 2nd fighters pass (with SIX characters) slated for the pipeline

    my hopes for rayman to finally make it (and maybe shantae i guess heh) continue to live on

    1. Diogenes


      fighter's pass 2: six more marths

  3. don't mind me, just paying a ticket to get on a bandwagon:


    (also part of an art thread update)

  4. Starting the new year with some stuff actually related to Sonic. A few selections of some level gimmicks I came up with for a conceptual airport-themed Sonic level (Adversary Airline Zone)l. I may return to this with some more ideas. A Rose Gone Rogue "You're not getting any of these files until you give me my jewels!" Based on this Sonic Adventure 2 game mod by Speeps Highway that's been making the rounds on Twitter over the previous week. I liked the concept enough to jump on the trend.
  5. Cats (2019) was kinda bad and not in the type of bad I was kinda hoping I'd get 😕

    1. E-van


      That movie looks like it's just straight up disturbing and that's never a fun kind of bad

    2. Tarnish


      At least it got a patch update. The wonders of modern film-making.

  6. I saw the movie earlier today. ...oof. That was kinda mostly bad. And not in the so-bad-its-good/fun-to-watch-bad I was hoping for when the (more) vitriolic reviews come out, it's just mostly-weird-and-kinda-uncomfortable bad. It looked like had the chance to go the former route because the first-third is honestly kinda surreal with some of the performances (although that's marred by some really painful cat puns and attempts at slapstick with certain characters), but that melts away into a kinda fun second-third, and a final third that has one actually good performance but comes full circle into a bizarre fourth wall-break packaged into a final song that was hard to sit through. The CG/appearances of the cats I was mostly able to tolerate (although I think my screening was the original, I'm pretty sure I saw plenty of hands that were missing fur textures in the cut that I saw), the bigger culprit was that this crew literally tried to film a stage play (a near-ceaseless string of assorted songs without much, if any, of an underlying story) as is and projected that on the movie screen. There are some attempts at some sort of arc (Victoria/the new cat wanting to belong) and conflict (Macavity wanting to become the chosen Jellicle cat and ascend, and kidnapping other characters to achieve this goal) but none of them are honestly developed beyond their most basic motivations. It feels like the most literal and worst-case example of taking something from one medium and bringing it to another without making any meaningful changes to properly translate it. This is like if Robert Zemekis's mo-cap animation studio didn't die after Mars Needs Moms! bombed at the box office and a musical was their next project. Somehow it made the new Star Wars film look like a competent movie just for the sheer fact it tried to tell a story, even if it was a completely scattershot and thrown-together-at-the-wall story. Maybe there's a way to make an entire film that virtually has no real story and make it work, but Cats definitely wasn't it. In regards to ratings, this movie is just barely skimming by on a rental; some of the songs/performances and the sets are just barely keeping me from dismissing it as trash.
  7. >Vulture from Homecoming cameos as the stinger for the Morbius trailer

    Oh, so we're going there now. Leto the Vampire and Hardy/Venom the Comedy Club duo are going to be in the MCU now.

    lmao I can live with this if this was what it took for Marvel Studios to keep using Spider-Man in their films.

  8. hmmm

    1. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      I love Speeps.

    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      The mod in itself is pretty amusing. 

      Then there's Eggman's reaction.

    3. Ferno


      I'm always fascinated that they've maintained their interest in studying/modding/etc SA1 & SA2 for so long, and mainly just those games, if it were me I would've lost interest somewhere along the line because my attention span is short af

    4. Menace2Society


      The fangs and eyeliner look much better on Amy than they probably should.

  9. hey ssmb

    new year

    new greatest hits




    1. Osmium


      I'm famous 

    2. Ellipsis-Ultima


      It's been 3000 years since I was on that list

  10. Welp, it finally happened. My Wii U Gamepad's battery seems to have completely died. So now I can't do certain things at all (like go to the System Settings, as luck would have it I changed the screen zoom-in the last time for gameplay recording purposes).

    I've looked up some replacement batteries on Amazon before so I'll probably buy one of those and try to install one. But needless to say, a. I'm seriously going to start hoping for more Wii U ports to the Switch (thankfully I didn't get too many Wii U games, and at least two Wii U games I've bought that I'm aware of --Tropical Freeze and Rayman Legends-- are available on Switch) and b. I really wish I could kick my past self for moving all of my Wii VC games (and Wii save data--although maybe I could copy it back to my Wii? IDK) to the Wii U (or at least re-purchased them again before the WSC service went down).

    I really don't understand Nintendo insisting on needing the GamePad controller for core console features like this, let alone never released an update that offered the option to just use a Pro Controller/third-party controller. Its like they had no interest in seeing any possible ramifications that could have going into the future.

    1. DarkRula


      Oh, it really irks me, too. My Gamepad went a few months back. No problem, as I'm only using the console for Wii Sports Club. No problem.

      Except for the fact it can't even update without a Gamepad connected so every time I'm finished it keeps trying to update itself, and every time I have to force it off with a bit of fear that this time it will have bricked itself.

    2. Soniman


      Just need 3D World and W101 on Switch and it can finally be sentenced to the attic 

    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      Gamepad battery can completely die and brick the console, Switch joycons drift easily, Switch Lite can have fucked joycons due to them being stuck to the console.

      What the fuck have Nintendo been doing these past few years with controllers.

  11. For those who missed it, check out this special director's cut from 2014 of the final trailer for the Sonic Movie!


    1. Osmium



  12. I saw the movie last Thursday, and the main thing going on in my mind once the movie ended was "...what the heck even was that story and that plotline?" Like I said in the status updates, I spent my dinner that evening writing down notes about the movie, specifically the script. The writing just feels....so slapdash, it's somewhat befuddling to me. Pre-emptive fandom disclaimer incoming that I'm only vaguely familiar (and haven't watched in full, only clips) with the OT, haven't seen the PT or Solo, I found R1 okay; and despite their problems, I generally like both TFA and TLJ. - The general plot feels like an early script or draft of some ideas, that at best needed a lot more refinement/development at best, and at worst should had been completely rewritten more than once. In concerns to the past films, very little carries over from TLJ storywise. I know some people aren't fans of what TLJ did with the plot and characters as a sequel to TFA, but I do feel that TLJ did at least make the effort to do something with them; whereas TROS feels like they virtually dropped the vast majority of developments like a bad case of malaria. Not even consciously rewriting or contradicting it, but just outright ignoring them like they never happened. From there, the few concepts that are carried over from TLJ are used to introduce new plotpoints that feel completely thrown in out of nowhere. There's not any existing development to these properties (or even any real hints towards their existence) in even TFA, let alone TLJ, so --for me-- the end result is that these new properties doesn't really feel meaningful to the broader narrative. Some of these concepts/plot elements also feel entirely throwaway, or ultimately inconsequential to the broader narrative either. The resulting mold of this movie feels like this was a conclusion to a somewhat different version of the sequel trilogy that might exist in maybe some parallel dimension, but doesn't exist here. And for me that absolutely hurts the film overall in terms of the emotional beats they have, because most of them to me don't feel earned at all, and instead feel forced/mechanically inserted. - Beyond issues with the overarching handling of the narrative and plot, the dialogue here feels like its trying way too hard to have witty banter between its characters, it doesn't really fit the existing relationships/personalities the characters have and instead feels like they were crammed in with a crowbar. It feels like the type of script people would write and accuse Marvel movies --and blockbusters following in their ilk-- of being (partially as a joke, but also partially as a genuine complaint). There's also one or two points in the story with Rey that I feel she performs certain actions done strictly to take the story where the writers wanted it to go. I imagine with better writing this could had been handled well, but here it goes against common sense to the point that it feels blatant. The story/screenplay overall just feel amateurish, slammed together without the necessary skill/talent to make it work. - Again, I haven't really watched anything with the OT, but I am familiar with certain scenes and certain elements from them to recognize when they're being references or called back towards. And in this particular point (nostalgia, being derivative, fanservice, et al.) it feels like Abrams and the rest of the writers doubled down on this (despite having been criticized for this for a fair amount of his movies). For me it's bizarre, with the film not only doing parallels to certain concepts from RotJ, it feels like it even verbatim copies elements from the immediate past movies in TFA and TLJ. It feels super indulgent overall. - Moving away from the writing, I did feel that the action scenes weren't as strong as those from TLJ and TFA. There were some good bits, but I felt the general execution could had been better. The editing I felt was also a mixed bag to me, with some transitions and incorporation of settings really well-done; but the first-third of the film also having really awkward, jarring cuts between scenes. From here I do have some positives about the film. While the locations are conceptually familiar to what we have seen before, I do feel the settings and the cinematography of the film are both beautifully done, as are the visual effects. Some of the concepts done with the movie I do also like, albeit with the caveat that it did make me wish that they were paired with a better screenplay. The cast I feel generally give passable performances (I don't think anyone here is outright bad, they're doing the best they can with the script); although I do feel Ian McDiarmid as Palpatine was able to do more with his role and thus give more of a memorable performance. Likewise, I feel the same with the music (it didn't really grab me, but it didn't stick out as terrible either. I don't want to be too harsh here as I do also feel I haven't really paid much attention to the scores of these movies either). Overall I wouldn't say I hate or even strongly dislike the movie, but it just feels like that was something that came and went. It doesn't really feel like an ending to a saga in any capacity; and in comparison to other film releases of 2019 that I've seen, has easily the weakest writing of them all. In terms of ratings, I'd honestly say this is at the lower end of a rental.
  13. unearthed trailer for the sonic movie from 2014, check it out


    @Indigo Rush this one is for you :^)

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      This is definitely Sonic X Chris, he has to be absolutely loaded to afford plastic surgery so many times.

    2. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      This made my week

  14. Golden Globes confirmed to live in a society

    (Joquain Phoenix [Joker] won Best Actor - Motion Picture for Drama. lol at the censors cutting the mic for his speech at least three times)

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      He got what he bleeping deserved.

    2. Kittea


      I watched the movie very recently, his performance was outstanding! Well deserved ^^


    1. Milo


      stop-motion animated films have been repeatedly thrown under the bus by audiences, laika's works especially since missing link was arguably their worst-performing film at the box office. so i'm really happy it got some critical dues over what otherwise would had been an easy shoo-in like toy story 4 or frozen 2

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Between this and Spider Verse taking home the Oscar last year, if feels like the novelty of big name animation studios is beginning to wane. Let's see if the momentum can continue with the Oscars

    3. Polkadi~☆


      I didn't get to see the film, but I will always support Laika. Their films are usually really good, but their animation is on another level with how carefully crafted it is.

  16. out of @Indigo Rush's photos for his classic sonic movie trailer this one always makes me laugh the hardest


    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      That image caught me off guard like the first thing I saw it.

  17. this is amazing


    1. PublicEnemy1


      Something something loss.

    2. Milo


      @PublicEnemy1 lol, I promise you it's actually not loss this time

      "What happens if I take that brace off?"


    3. Polkadi~☆



  18. Inadvertently saw The Rise of Skywalker this afternoon (I actually meant to see Cats, but the movie already started by the time I got to the theater).

    ....what on earth even was that story and plotline? I honestly spent my entire dinner writing notes on just how...shunted together the script and direction was.

  19. For those who missed it, new Dedede montages. One for Smash Wii U, one for Ultimate.


  20. This was a couple of days ago, but art topic update:


  21. Out of curiosity, is your Nintendo Switch online/account name AdrianYeet? I just wanted to say that I think I fought you on Smash online last night in Quickplay (My NS online/account name is Sanford). Could be getting your name mixed up with someone else though.

    1. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      Nope, it's just Aidan, hehe

  22. Watch as I curse your thoughts once I spit this following fire:

    Shadow the Groundhog > Shadow the Hedgehog

    > Groundhogs have great bushy tails, hedgehogs don't

    > Despite the similar-sounding names, groundhogs are a different species from hedgehogs (insectivores), they're rodents / ground squirrels (Shadow looks like a hedgehog, but is actually half lab-experiment/half-alien)

    > Groundhogs are great burrowers, which they use to sleep or hibernate (guess who avoids most of the cast and was locked away in a capsule for decades)

    > Groundhogs have two coats of fur, the undercoat and banded guard hairs (Shadow's red highlights and black fur)

    > It is law  in myth/legend that groundhogs check to see if they can cast a shadow once spring arrives

    > Groundhogs are known as aggressive animals and fight to assert dominance ("I'm the coolest!" #OW THE EDGE)

    > This is just a placeholder for another reason groundhog Shadow > hedgehog Shadow

    1. Milo


      If you aren't convinced, I have one more: Sonic has to remind Erazon Djinn that he is a hedgehog, not a rat (which is true as I mentioned above--hedgehogs are insectivores, rats are rodents, groundhogs are rodents)

  23. I don't want this to be long, but I kinda want to go through the gauntlet of movies I saw "on first run" during the decade. I can somewhat relate to some posters here that I was kinda tethered to my folks in terms of locations, and my parents rarely if ever go to the theater for movies much. It was only until earlier in the decade that I started going to the movies by myself, and even so it was only until the past couple of years recently (getting a car) that I was able to start seeing movies in the theater more frequently (in the sense of, say, seeing at least one movie in the theater one-three times a month). For this post I'm gonna do a thing in which I'll have blurbs of films I really want to give a little bit of discussion about, while the other films I'll just compile into a list. That's not to say the films in the list / without blurbs are forgettable or bad, they're just out of focus for this post. Some symbols: * - Saw in the theater, but in the following year ^ - Saw on the plane, the year of its release # - Streaming exclusive (usually Netflix) 2010: Daybreakers - I enjoyed this quite a bit. At a time where Twilight was popular and was kinda the big/modern image of vampires, I really liked how was a more traditional approach to modernizing them, and I really liked how in this film, this was a world where vampires had essentially transformed most of humanity and how society had changed in reflection to that. It's a movie that I do want to see again. Dear John - Now this is one of the few movies I can honestly say I did not really care for. It was very by-the-numbers in its story aside from one or two twists in the plot. It was honestly boring for me. Toy Story 3 - I had been kinda familiar with the Toy Story films in the past but I think this one really got me into checking out the other films proper. There's honestly quite a few Pixar movies that are genuine favorites of mine, so it's hard to choose overall, but I'd say this is arguably among somewhere in my top five of their output. On its best day I'd probably peg it right after Ratatouille as my overall favorite. Alice in Wonderland - This one I think I somewhat liked but even back then I felt it was pretty uneven and all over the place. To say nothing about its noodle-strong connection to the original books beyond borrowing characters (even though this is technically a sequel that follows the events). Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - I felt this movie was better than being given credit for in reviews. Upon re-watching it I imagine my opinion of it would be lower but at the time, I felt it was one of the better (if not the best) videogame adaptation. Inception - I really loved the cinematography, visual effects, and concepts of different states of mind/dreams touched on of this movie. My parents however I think they were more confused more than anything else and didn't care for it too much. Other films I saw in the theater: Edge of Darkness, The Book of Eli, Shutter Island, Death at a Funeral, Iron Man 2, Shrek Forever After, The Karate Kid [2010], The Expendables, Unstoppable 2011: Rango - This is a non-anime example of the type of animated films I'd like to see from the industry more. Roughly two months ago in the status updates, I was actually talking about how every now and then, certain animated projects hit a surprisingly offbeat tone that's rare for mainstream animated films. I wish I remembered this movie at the time I wrote it, this is arguably the most recent example of the type of animated film I was talking about. It's neither forced in what's otherwise a serviceable property for families/kids or forced to further demonstrate how an "adult animated" film is not intended for kids at all. The look is also nicely distinct from many of the other animated films/studios of this era as well, it really is in something of a league of its own with its art direction. I'm honestly bummed that Industrial Light and Magic aren't likely every going to do a project like this again, between their second/last animated film being the Lucasfilm megabomb Strange Magic and Disney (with WDAS/Pixar/Blue Sky under their belt) acquiring them along the rest of Lucasfilm. It's kinda cool that the success of this film (and their contract with DWA ending) actually led to Paramount establishing their own animation division, but I don't think they will make an animated film like Rango with a ten-foot pole. Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son - I can perfectly recall only laughing once. It's otherwise really, really devoid of any good humor for what's supposed to be a comedy. Probably not only the worst film I saw this decade in the theater, it's also probably the worst film I saw from this decade overall. Rise of the Planet of the Apes: I really enjoyed this film. The effects of the apes was very well done, and I really liked Caesar's development over the course of the film into evolving into the leader he eventually becomes. it's also one of the few films I saw with my folks and they really enjoyed it as well. Transformers: Dark of the Moon: This isn't a good movie, but I do want to mention the last half/last third where it becomes an all-out sci-fi war movie, which I felt was rather exhilarating. I also kinda liked how they tried to do an espionage / mystery story for the second half of the movie; it's not exactly good, but I will commend the effort. Out of the Bayformers films (re: not including Bumblebee) I would consider this the second best film after the 2007 original. Not that it's saying a lot, but hey. Other films I saw in the theater: Kung Fu Panda 2, Rio, Super 8, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Real Steel 2012: The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists [aka The Pirates! Band of Misfits]: It's honestly a really novel film of its ilk, both in terms of the setting and the blend of stop-motion and CG. I really liked the characters too, and some great comedy. For some reason I think when I came out, I just felt that the movie was alright; I think part of it was because I felt the ending was somewhat weak. I do have a more positive attitude about the movie now, looking back on it. I recall reading about Aardman having ideas for a sequel, but Sony (who owns the IP) wasn't happy with the international grosses and said they weren't interested. I hope Aardman and Sony reconcile to take another shot at it. The Avengers: Besides being a fun blockbuster in its own right, this was one of the my favorite theater going experiences. All of the action sequences and comedic bits resonated with me and the others in the best possible way. It's also amazing how much of an event this movie was at the time of its release and how much of an impact it was inside and outside the box office. The Dark Knight Rises: Despite some of the issues with the writing and how some characters were handled, I do think this is still a good movie and I liked the overall conclusion they did for Wayne/Batman, as well as Hardy's performance with Bane. I'm not in agreement with people I won't argue that it's not as good as The Dark Knight, but I'm not in agreement with people who write this off as absolute trash and I do think some of the critique I've read about the film ignore the plenty of good elements the movie still has, solely to focus on its problems. Other films I saw in the theater: Men in Black 3, Frankenweenie 2013: Pacific Rim: I honestly had so much fun seeing this movie, this was honestly my favorite movie from this year. The action sequences, the superb CG, the setting and locations, and the comedy were all so good. I also really enjoyed the performances of the supporting characters like Elba as the general and the two scientists. This was amplified seeing it with a full audience--this was my absolute favorite movie theater experience. This is a movie that I would go out of my way to own on DVD/Blu-Ray if I was more prone to buying films on home video nowadays. Man of Steel: I recall finding this okay. The action scenes were genuinely great, but I can't say I in disagreement about the other complaints that I've seen regarding the mythology and other changes to the character. Even though I cannot say I'm too familiar with the character (I might had seen snippets of TAS back when it was still on the air, but nothing more beyond that). The Great Gatsby: This is the first movie I recall seeing in 3D in the theater, and the 3D effects were solid if kinda distracting. I generally liked the movie itself, mainly for its cinematography / sets and some of the performances of the cast. I do recall reading some concerns that people felt they focused on some aspects from the novel more than others. (I was actually kinda compelled to see it since I was reading the novel its based on for my literature class at the time). Other films I saw in the theater: Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, Despicable Me 2 (I think?...) 2014: The Lego Movie: I honestly loved this movie. The animation, the cast of characters, the meta-commentary/allegorical twist, and especially the humor, very few of the jokes didn't land for me. Probably my favorite film of this year. Captain America: The Winter Soldier: This is one of the few films where I do feel that it's an attempt at a darker tone with a sequel and I feel it was pulled off really well. I found the story suspenseful and the action some of the best of the MCU. This was probably one of my top three MCU films when it came out, and I'd probably still consider it within the top 5 or top 10 even after the rest of Phase 2/3 has come and gone. Galaxy of the Guardians: Again, like Winter Solider, this is still probably in my top 10 of the MCU years on after its release. The cast and performances were really good and I really liked the more off-color tone and character dynamics Gunn and the rest of the cast brought to the table. Another film which I remember it being a fun theater experience. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: While TLM was my personal favorite, this was the best movie of 2014 to me in terms of quality. The way the story evolved into showcasing the divide between not only the apes and the humans, but between the apes themselves (and how it sets things up into the next movie) was fantastic, and the performances from both the apes and the human cast was. It's also profoundly sad at certain points. Paddington*: As a fan of the books, I was left skeptical about how this would turn out due to the trailers highlighting certain jokes over others (the toothbrush-in-ear gag...), but this film honestly astonished me for how good it turned out to be. The characters and tone was actually faithful to the books and it actually managed to help the story actually work (which I feel could had gone totally awry under other hands). This was easily the biggest and most pleasant surprise of 2014 to me. Other films I saw in the theater: Heaven is for Real, X-Men: Days of Future Past I honestly spent a few hours brewing this, so I'm probably going to leave it here for now. I'll cover the rest of the decade in a followup post.
  24. Back to the OC 2019 profiles! Courtney, lead of the Postal Squadron. Not too different from past appearances. C.D. (full name: Calvin Dominion). The suit has stayed the same from his previous pieces (all two of them...), but the color isn't. His shoes also have more visible spats. Dewey, Betty's hesitant buddy in her misadventures. A total departure from his previous concept.
  25. so uhhhhhhhhhh who wants to see my first smash ultimate montage with the king of dreamland?


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