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  1. An Accel-themed update.


    Flutter Flame - Based on a concept I had of Accel being able to ignite fire on her gloves by striking it on the ground. Not unlike a matchstick!


    Colures - Everything about this piece is in the title (double meaning).


    An Alternative Look - You might see Accel wearing this when she's not working with the Postal Squadron.

  2. Remember that character profile thing I attempted last year for my original characters? Yeah that didn't really go anywhere. So I'm trying again, and thankfully I've got more than one result to show for it.

    First inductees of the 2019 Profiles:

    Tab (yep, him again). The biggest change here is the new hairstyle he's rocking. Looks pretty spiky, be careful to touch.


    Kolumbia of The Commodites. She's actually the first member of the band to have her full design, in color. 


    Marlowe. Unlike other OCs, he's gotten a number of design retools since his introduction, and it's no different here. Plenty of things retained from his past designs alongside some new or different tweaks to his design.


  3. 16 minutes ago, Sega DogTagz said:

    Its actually got me legit curious about seeing more of the old model in motion. You could probably make a pretty penny by including some stuff as a DVD extra.

    I seriously can't imagine half the visual gags in the new trailer even working with the old design. It wouldn't look right twirling nunchaku or even in a batting stance. What with those tiny hands and all.

    Honestly, I presume all of the visual gags with the old design would had failed miserably. Like the scene with Sonic with bathtowels wrapped around his body. Or throwing darts while wearing a comically-oversized shirt. And especially the baseball scene where he's making noises with his mouth and doing armpit farts.

    The old design's offputting enough in their attempt to ground it in realism. But seeing a design that's supposed to be realistic, engaging in goofy slapstick antics like those above like a cartoon?...I can only envision people in the theater just sitting there in blank silence.


  4. 19 minutes ago, Sega DogTagz said:

    I always get on Sonic Teams case for their seeming lack of beta testers and/or misguided focus groups... but Jeez Paramount, who green lit that first monstrosity. It looks even worse now via proxy.

    I've been seeing this same sentiment prop up a lot today around the web and it's honestly making me laugh. Laugh in agreement, mind.

    So many people putting the two designs up side by side and sharing the same thought process in utter disbelief.

    "No, there's absolutely no way the one on the left was the old design. I don't remember it looking this bad!"

    "Good grief, the old movie Sonic design looks even worse now in retrospect."

    "How on earth did the original design ever get approved?"

    And honestly...





    ...can you really blame them?

  5. Clearly the advertising group who edited together the last trailer was sacked and replaced with a different crew, or they realized the mess they had made and used their second chance to restart from scratch. The last trailer was over the place and only served to attract scorn for the "fish-out-of-water adaptation" concept from the jump. 

    This trailer has plenty of scenes showing Sonic's speed and characterization for humor, and it's using that as the big selling point. The trailer music if not directly connecting to the games (the GHZ remix in the first half) is at least energetic (fitting the tone of this hyperactive Sonic). It's certainly no WTF "grab a random popular 90s single" choice that "Gangster's Paradise" was for the first trailer. So with that in mind, I'll give the production/marketing crew this due: this new trailer does a better job of making this movie look (somewhat) worthwhile than the first.

    I still don't think the movie is going to be good though. If anything, I think the first trailer is (unintentionally) more honest in showing us what the actual film is going to be, once it hits theaters. But if anyone told me that they were now unironically (kinda) invested in seeing this movie in the theater because of this second trailer; I would understand, even if I still disagree.

    (The theatrical Sega logo being an animated collage of Sega's game library is also a tad admirable. Even if it doesn't really mean anything given that Sega themselves has stated that they have zero creative involvement with this movie.)

  6. I've got other art to show...later. But for now here's a dumb spoopy Kirby with a knife comic (yes, I very rarely make an attempt on drawing comics. I actually I wish I could do this more often!) I did during October. (Bolo Kirby. Guess what "bolo" is a synonym for...)


    ...okay. One more. It's Accel, but not quite. Might as well spell her name with two Ds rather than two Cs, eh? (A-Dee-Dee-E-L)


  7. 49 minutes ago, Sega DogTagz said:


    The last installment didn't leave the ground floor because another company was given the Olympic license. Had Sega of not been outbid for that, there is no reason to think we wouldn't have yet another installment in the series under our belts.

    I was referring to past entries in the M&S series (London 2012 on the 3DS, Sochi 2014, Rio 2016), not Ubisoft's Steep.

    I'd also say Ubisoft getting the rights to 2018 for Steep was less a case of Sega being outbid and more of a lack of interest on Sega's behalf on continuing to produce additional Olympics games on a long-term basis. 2017 saw the end of what was a ten-year contract of Sega having exclusive rights to make officially licensed Olympics games, they very likely would have had the option to renew or re-negotiate the contract before the license went to any other interested publishers. (In retrospect, the series possibly being shelved would had been a more accurate statement in my original post than saying it was on a time-out.)

  8. been playing smash ultimate over the past few week, so i'm just throwing out a stream of thoughts here. still trying to get accustomed to it after years and tons of hours poured into smash 4. the biggest thing tripping me up right now is that i think performing low jumps is much stricter in ultimate; like the button/stick speed registering is much faster. i feel like i get a low jump 1/3rd of the time i try to do so.

    other gameplay things: landing aerial hits feels harder to do, but they have a sort of tradeoff that they certainly feels "punchier" (stronger impact). KOs feel more randomized to me (easier to survive knocked off-screen, but i've been honestly really surprised by certain attacks at certain percentages that happened to have been strong enough to take stocks, if not outright be critical hits). CPUs feel they've been bumped up in difficulty greatly, a lvl 4 CPU in this game feels like what would be a lvl 6/7 CPU in smash 4. haven't played lvl 9 cpus (which i've heard are based on prof. smash bros players...).

    character stuff: in terms of veterans/past characters, kirby and villager controls fit like a glove from their smash 4 incarnations, they're arguably my mains for the time being. inkling is the hardest new character for me to play with so far, as of now i can't really quite get a handle for using the neutral in regards to splashing characters with ink; i constantly miss. simon is pretty cool, i like his axe specials and i really like his crazy longboi range his whip has regarding smash attacks. king k rool is *chef's kiss*. need more practice with him but he is especially fun to play. the side-b and smash attacks are all glorious. my favorite new character i've played with so far.

    [ don't have NSO so i can't say anything about the online yet, have only played CPUs ]

    world of light stuff (putting this in spoilers): good god some of these spirit battles are beyond irritating to play. i can't remember them all, but my special ire for what i've completed right now goes to quite a few:


    the ones i've played so far that have the wind blowing are just terrible. the ones i have in mind are the animal crossing character that unlocks a boat (you fight a koopaling on two cliffs surrounded by water and you can't swim) and the yarn yoshi spirit with a yoshi army with increased launch power.

    meanwhile i'm not sure if those are better or worse with the spirits that have you fight the associated assist trophies. i'm looking at you jeff from earthbound and bomberman.

    last but not least are the ones where these's a main fighter that has a really aggressive partner. specifically, the MGS spirit where there's a dr. mario that constantly runs away and is protected by a really aggresive giant metal rob. there's also a spirit that had an isabelle with a lucina partner which only slightly less offensive than that one was.

    all of these can burn.

    honorable mention goes to one that happens early in the campaign, a bayonetta one that constantly side-b spammed and you took a lot of damage from it. that got annoying quick but the others i mentioned made it look like a cakewalk in comparison.

  9. Sell the franchise to Nintendo.




    Okay, for a serious answer...shoot, what wouldn't I do? Probably got way too many things I'd like to change, I couldn't list them all. I think the most important thing for me would be to get a production department specifically for the Genesis/classic half for Sonic up and running; so that there's an actual development team interested in making more games styled after the originals (2D and 3D games, might I add) that is mostly independent from S.Team/CS2/whatever. Rather than it being left in the dustbin of Sega's history for the 2000s or only brought back for (with rare exceptions) cheap nostalgia cash-ins for the 2010s. 

    It really says something that the only way one could get a legitimate new classic Sonic project from Sega was that you had to build it yourself and hope you had enough clout at the company for it to go official (Taxman/Stealth and company regarding the remasters of the old games and eventually Mania).

  10. 4 hours ago, Ryannumber1gamer said:

    Likely because they didn’t want another shit show like Sonic 4 in terms of canon.

    I'd say less a fiasco in terms of canon and more a fiasco in terms of marketing, something analogous to what @Wraith said. Promoting another classic Sonic project but doing so in a way so that doesn't remind people of the last attempt of revisiting the roots. Obviously this could had been done without creating alternate timelines or dimensions or whatever out of thin air; but ST PR has made a point of telling people about the different Sonics people want and how they aim to accomplish that for a while now, so I guess this is in line with that.


    Honestly I'm really stunned Sonic Team still attempt to crib together some sort of canon for Sonic games nowadays because they don't even try to link them together in any meaningful sense. If you're going to commit to some sort of overreaching table of events, then the least you can do is to stop putting up less than half of the effort needed to coherently weld it together. They might as well pull a Mario and just pretend no continuity exists at all with the way things are going.

  11. (Sorry for the pause.)

    The last batch of the Hexology series' alternate run of pieces is here! Time to Limbo, Enchanted Void, and Cauldron Calamity.


    "I don't think I'm going to even try beating my old record, honestly..."


    Enhancing more blanks than usual, I see....


    "All of that red smoke can't be a good sign!...."


    This effectively concludes my Hexology project. I hope you enjoyed it, I had fun making the originals as well as the new variants!

  12. On 8/20/2019 at 7:18 AM, Jango said:

    Was busted from the moment it read "4chan" tho'. Does any Sonic related leak from 4chan turned out real? I know other games did, but I don't recall Sonic. I mean, remember Sonic Gauntled??? lol

    There was, actually; namely for Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. A playtester posted various information for the game on the site (and leaked Runners' existence before it was announced) around the time RoL was being showcased at E3. Unfortunately there's no screencaps or archives of the actual thread / responses, but Sonic Stadium had an article about it and it was referenced on these boards during the fallout of the game's release (both links are archives, these both came out prior to The Great SSMB Server Crash). Retro also discussed it as well.

  13. LTTP but wow at that 4chan "leak." I checked out once it said Sega trying to get the music rights to the trilogy back (they've had no problems about Nakamura/DCT owning the rights to the S1/S2 soundtrack for the past near-thirty years; and S3 is a legal landmine that might never be solved anytime soon); so I didn't even see the comments about Sega getting Insomniac/Rare to develop games or having a Sonic exclusive per system until I read the reactions. Somebody was either seriously trying way too hard or was actively trolling.

  14. The alternate run of the Hexology series continues, with Spear Me Your Jokes and Windows to the Soul...


    "Let's try this again from a new angle...."



    "A new vision on the horizon..."

    The last three are on the way, but once more, another non-Hexology piece:


    Always Wear Your Helmet

    ...because it helps prevent spills, of course!

  15. Introducing the alternate run of the Hexology series--the same pieces, but with some switcheroo'd colors and color themes. Here are the first two: Hocus and A Third Wheel in that order. (The alternate colors for the witches/sorceresses in the first piece may be more of a passing similarity for Ferno, kytobitt, Spin-Attaxx and I's other original characters...)


    *flips switch*


    "Now I really can't tell who is supposed to be who!"

    There are a couple more I've done, but I'll save them for another post to showcase a non-Hexology piece I did during the original run:


    Recondite Midnite

    Here is where I tried doing something a bit more fringe and loose, I played around with my pen tool and went for something more abstract and simple. Something of a warmup sketch, I guess.

  16. Gap was a bit longer than intended, but the Hexology continues. (Recap: The Hexology got witches, sorcerers, magic, and a few more things. Characters by kytobitt (Liz), @Spin Attaxx (Jessica), @Ferno (Elixy), and yours truly (Wiola)!)


    A Third Wheel (Jessica, Liz...and another witch [also by kytobitt]!)

    "Wait, I thought you were...!"


    Windows to the Soul (Elixy and Wiola)

    "Tell me, what do you see?"


    Time to Limbo (Wiola and Liz)

    "I bet you can't limbo under this!"


    Enchanted Void (Jessica and Elixy)

    "So...how powerful is this thing going to be?"

    This marks the end of the Hexology run, but I've got one more idea planned for the seven pieces I've done--keep posted for that!

  17. 15 hours ago, Scar said:

    If they're making a game, they've been awfully quiet. Frankly that's a good thing as Forces was hyped to shit and turned out to be a horrible embarrassment. Put your heads down and make a good fucking game.

    Also cancel the live action movie pls ty. 

    Iizuka said at the Sonic panel at SXSW that the next Sonic game "has entered" development. So I presume we won't hear about it for a while anyway.

    As for Forces being hyped...I guess that was true for most of the pre-release period, but the actual launch couldn't have any less fanfare if they tried. The marketing team even pulled a Rise of Lyric and didn't send out review copies. Arguably because by that point, many people inside and outside Sega knew the game was a dud.

  18. It’s hard to be “allergic” to a genre that the series hasn’t honestly given a go at TBH. I guess the treasure hunting/mission stuff in the Adventure titles (and to a lesser extent, Sonic 3D: Flickies’ Island) can be considered attempts at collect-a-thon/sandbox platforming genre, but they’re still bound by traditional Sonic game system rules to the point I wouldn’t really consider them as genuine installments.

    Which is the main crux of the matter—you have to change up the main gameplay system for the series if you want to give it an earnest shot. Which, to be honest, isn’t really a big concern for this series at all in light of the various experiments it has been put through anyway (for better but mostly for worse). If done smartly an collect-a-thon adaptation for Sonic wouldn’t be much different than, say, how Mario went from the 2D NES/SNES games to 64 in regards to reworking the material they have for another frontier.

    To say nothing that a collect-a-thon/sandbox Sonic can actually bring the series into new territory in how the games are designed; with respect to their mission structure/goals, level design, and especially game mechanics. As far as I’m concerned I see way more value in that than trying to preserve the focus on speed as it currently exists in Sonic games (the only thing holding up Sonic gameplay).

  19. 9 hours ago, DiamondX said:

    I don't think the team is not talented. I believe that the problem is that they are trying to listen too much to the fans with Forces.

    People liked Classic Sonic in Generations and believed he would be liked here as well.

    People asked for a darker story and we got that.

    They knew people like to make OCs and decided to add the feature in the game.


    They should believe in themselves more and be able to decide on their own what to add and what not to. Also, may I ask what do you dislike at Lost World? I didn't play the game myself but it looks like a pretty good game to me.

    Missed this comment, but I’d like to point out those examples you listed as results of the developers “listening to the fans” are results that have the understanding and clarity of a game of telephone in a road construction zone.

    Imagine you walked into a sandwich shop and told the chef you liked hamburgers, and the waiter brought back a hunk of raw rat meat covered with sprinkles and slammed against stale bread. But hey, the sandwich turned out that way because the chef listened to your request too much, right?

  20. The question isn’t so much “should something be done about Iizuka/Sonic Team” than it is “why wasn’t something done about Iizuka/Sonic Team years ago”. To be completely frank, the track record for both entities speaks for themselves—mostly mediocre and/or polarizing results; with the uncommon good or bad game in-between.

    The fact that they still hold their respective jobs in 2019 with no meaningful changes to the status quo goes back to what everybody else in this thread has been saying—incompetent management from Sega. That seems to be something that absolutely refuses to go away, no matter how many times they apologize for betraying the trust of fans, wish to improve the quality of the brand, or make noise about shifting IP control to another department and/or figurehead.

    The only way something is actually done is if something happens that causes Sega themselves to kill the series off. There’s a better chance of hell freezing over before anything of the sort becomes reality. Even with game sales arguably at historical lows and a attempted franchise refresh failing to make a big splash, there’s still a company directive / some amount of consumer demand that calls for at least one Sonic product to be put out there every year.

  21. Uhhhhh summer update time I suppose.


    Block Thoughts

    Piece that sat on the backburner for a while. Went through a few different concepts for this before I settled on the final one here. The block is a practice paperweight for the pointy end of Betty's sword. No idea why it's in an apartment lobby, however.

    Regarding standalone artpieces, this is all I have for now because I was pretty quiet. That was because I busy rescuing something I started back in 2018 out of development hell: Hexology. A series of pieces centering on sorcerors and witches created by me (Wiola), kytobitt (Liz), @Spin Attaxx (Jessica) and @Ferno (Elixy).


    Hocus (All four characters.)



    Spear Me Your Jokes (Jessica and Wiola)

    "Watch where you're aiming that...figuratively and literally!"


    Cauldron Calamity (Liz and Elixy)

    "I don't think that's what's supposed to happen..."

    Expect more posts featuring more pieces later down the line.

  22. 19 hours ago, Tarnish said:

    What I would like to see is a 2.5D side scrolling Sonic game, but mixed in with what they do in 2D beat em ups, i.e. the camera is somewhat tilted so the ground is visible and the character can move up and down along a limited plane, besides being able to move left and right.

    The game would mostly control like the traditional 2D Sonic games, with the exception of either the up/down directions moving the character up/down along the plane, or there would be separete buttons to move the character up/down the plane, with the down direction retaining the functionaliy of crouching/rolling.

    This could be used to add a bit of 'depth' to the stages. Having obstacles in the upper lane, so the player has to move the character to the lower lane, or there's a different path in the lower lane so the player has to move the character to the lower lane to access that path.

    So conceptually something like SegaSonic or Flickies' Island, but with modern production values and designed to be more of a 2D game instead of isometric?


  23. I think we've kinda been overstuffed with both 2.5D games and side-scrolling sections in [supposedly] 3D games, that I'd rather focus on purely 2D or purely 3D games for the time being.

    But I will say this--if we do get a purely 2.5D game again, I hope they take cues from Classic Sonic in Generations. I really liked how the designers actually took advantage of 3D graphics to have dynamic camera movements (with different angles and camera pans) and have the level design exist on multiple planes. It was honestly a fun concept that I haven't seen utilized in many 2D Sonic games. Sky Sanctuary in particular excelled at this and why it's my favorite level in the entire game. It also helps define the entirety of City Escape due to how the GUN Truck was incorporated to chase you around and even through the environment.



    It would be nice to see a 2.5D Sonic game take these ideas and develop it further. The main idea I'd like to see it taken with is a 2.5D game that has the gameplay locked to one plane, but the level design isn't, with eight-way style paths designed in a 3D setting. Something like Bug!, albeit much less "early 3D videogame" and much more contemporary and polished.



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