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  1. Are you guys on Team Amy w/ spin jump or Team Amy w/ no spin jump

  2. This level hack video really showcases how bad the base physics & gameplay were in Sonic-06.


  3. I notice quite a few Spanish speakers seem to like my stuff every now and then on twitter. Really makes me wanna learn the language so I can interact with them.

  4. I dunno why but I've been in a S3K mood lately. Did a Sonic run yesterday and Tails the day before, about to do a Knuckles run. Off topic, but is it just me or was the Insta-Shield nerfed in Mania? The timing feels off, like it doesn't last as long as it does in S3K. I dunno, maybe I just suck.

  5. The 8th generation of consoles is coming to an end and the only mainline 3D Sonic game we got is Sonic Forces, which looked worse than Unleashed. That's kind sad.

  6. Man, I just have like, zero excitement for Rise of Skywalker.

  7. subvert expectations

  8. I'm actually on the way to the Harry Potter tour right now. Just shy of Milton Keynes currently. 

  9. I was such a fool for thinking that transferring my Wii data to my Wii U would be a good idea

  10. Assuming the PS5 and Project Scarlet launch around the same time, say November, next year, are any of you planning on jumping to next-gen then or are you holding off for a bit?

    The Switch was my first day one console so I'm gonna wait and see. The backwards compatibility on either will definitely be a big temptation if they came through. Would compensate for a weaker launch line-up.

  11. The turnaround of Microsoft this Gen was amazing, to say the least.

    They went from being absolutely loathed and ridiculed when they first showed the SPORTSPORTSPORTS Box at the beginning of the Gen and the whole DRM debacle, to now giving away access to an absurd amount of games for a flipping buck. It's absolutely insane, in the best way. Or heck, even shit like letting Nintendo use Banjo in Smash, because they know people would love it.

    "When everybody plays, we all win" could be taken cynically if it was said by a lot of gaming companies, but right now, from MS, despite being an evil mega corporation like anybody else, I almost kinda believe they mean it. And after how they started this Gen, it's an astonishing feat.

  12. Does anyone else feel November went by really quickly?

    Like, it feels like only a week has passed, and yet, there’s only 2 days left of the month.

  13. If Sonic had to trudge his way through an airport-themed platforming level...


  14. for those who missed it last night, i suppose:


    sonic at an airport


    I couldn't have picked a much worse place or time to buy my monthly groceries than Wal-Mart on a rainy Black Friday.

  16. for those who missed it last night, i suppose:


    sonic at an airport

  17. You think we will see the new Sonic at all in 2020?

  18. Sally luvs her Sawnik:


  19. pretty much going into the warzone tomorrow. I've worked black friday almost every year since i started working retail, but this'll be my first one that'll be a full 8 hour shift


    im comin' back home to my drawing desk again at any cost

  20. Happy Thanksgiving

    Image result for thanos smile

  21. Twitter is annoying, Reddit is too big for their boots, 4chan wastes their time doing pointless things, Instagram is obnoxious, Facebook is the quarantine of old folks, YouTube is too loud, and TikTok is unoriginal.

    There are good folks among them. Find those you like and stick by them, and life becomes easier.

  22. I found some official artwork of Sonic flipping the bird.


  23. Yep, Angela Anaconda still holds up for me.

    Dunno why the vast majority of people hate this show.

  24. I just discovered there are currently a grand total of three Nicktoons currently running (two of which are sister shows).

    That makes me really sad.

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