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  1. Iizuka stated in this April 2017 interview with Famitsu that Forces started development in 2017 2013, right after Lost World finished production; Nakamura in this November interview with Famitsu later that year went on to clarify how that production time was spent--with the first year spent on new engine/technology development (Hedgehog Engine 2), and full-scale production being spent on the game's fourth/final year of development. He also clarified the second and third year had production of the game being handled by a small team, and noted that development on this title was longer than other Sonic games. None of the above I just listed is claims/rumors/speculation from unofficial sources, and to try and dismiss it as such would be silly. It's also silly to imply Sonic Team's management of Forces' production period should be given the benefit of the doubt, while also ruling out comments ST said themselves on Forces' production period as something not to be considered seriously. That's practically arguing the studio should be able to eat their cake and still have it, which is a meaningless position to take.
  2. for those who missed it last weekend, art topic update.


  3. For those who missed it earlier today, Halloween art topic update.


  4. My thoughts on Colors as of today reflect back to this comment from @Indigo Rush back in 2017: "Sonic Colors was seen as the best Sonic game in a decade. When was the last time you've played it?" ...and I would reply "not since I first beat the game, back in early 2011." After playing to essentially 100% completion (all Red Rings and Chaos Emeralds from Sonic Simulation/unlocking Super Sonic), I've had minimal interest in going back to the game since then. Or to put it another way (for those who don't use replayability as a metric on recommending games)--there are a good handful of other Sonic games and many other platformers in general; that I would vouch for checking out first before offering Colors. For me, this is one of those games in which I'd say it's only worth looking into in a "when you've got no other games to play" scenario, if you're merely looking for a competent Sonic game and nothing more beyond that, or if you're just *that* curious about this game above all else. It's definitely not a lousy game and it does have its merits--the presentation (art direction, stage settings, graphics --esp. for a Wii title-- and soundtrack) is probably the last outstanding one for a largely original Sonic work (compared to stuff like Generations and Mania, which are heavily built on existing environments/zones and remixes of existing music). And in terms of being the "comeback" game after a string of divisive, unfocused games; it deserves that title far more than the other hyped "comeback" 2010 Sonic game of that year. But the gameplay, namely the platforming/level design, is just too clunky and rigid for Sonic gameplay and too generic when measured to other platformers for me to really enjoy. And a lot of the levels are in 2D for what's supposed to be a 3D Sonic title; although since we're dealing with Unleashed-lite Boost gameplay, there not much good to talk about here either (in the sense of the "3D platforming" that isn't boosting through levels). Colors also has the "unwitting instigator of doom" stain on it where all of the things it brought to the table in 2010 (the Wisps, the laidback sitcom tone, the simplistic stories, the Sonic/Tails character focus); have overrun the series as a whole as of 2020, with those elements getting explicitly worse over time. What used to be a welcome departure from the then-immediate era of games as of 2010, I would have no qualms of not seeing ever again as of 2020. They've successfully inherited the mantle of exhaustion people had with the games of the 2000s--the serious-to-grim tones, the focus on ensemble casts/new characters, the fairly developed (even convoluted) stories, and Sonic games proudly wearing blatantly gimmicky gameplay concepts on their sleeves, among other things. I imagine it's only a matter of time before we get a new major Sonic game that rejects everything this game established, and either goes back to the 2000s era (and not in a half-assed way like Forces) or does something completely different altogether. Where I used to consider this as a great game shortly after I first beat it, I only consider it on the higher end of decent nowadays. You can certainly do worse, but there are a lot of better options out there too. I think it only really excels for people with a very specific criteria of what they want out of a platforming game or a Sonic game.
  5. Halloween / October-themed art update.


  6. Some October / Halloween stuff. Intrusive Broadcast. Sadly for Tab, he's more of a lightning rod for possessive spirits compared to the rest of his team....and everyone else. Fist to Black. ... *thwack* Witching Hour. When the noon of the night begins, all witches emerge from darkness! And one more that fell by the wayside quite a bit: Late to Haunt the Party. Being two weeks late to Halloween is bad enough. Being two weeks late to Halloween and showing up on a Friday the 13th...
  7. Alex Trebek (Jeopardy host) has passed away from pancreatic cancer at 80. Expected but still sad news.

    Massive respect for keeping up the good fight against his cancer up to the end. RIP.


    1. Berry Xmas

      Berry Xmas

      Thank you for coming to our Donald Trump is Over party.


      We now return you to our regularly scheduled 2020

    2. mayday2592


      @Supah Berry what does this have to do with Alex Trebeck.

    3. Berry Xmas

      Berry Xmas

      It has to do with bad stuff always happening on 2020 in general

    4. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      He will be missed. 

  8. It’s about time.

  9. probably late, but mystery skulls animated - the future is now live


    1. Berry Xmas

      Berry Xmas

      Watching it now on Motobug actually

    2. Strickerx5


      Twas fantastic.


      welp, see y'all in another two years

  10. anyone interested in a dedede montage with sonic unleashed music?

    (also i drew the "dedede unleashed" artwork in the thumbnail, which you can see in full here)

  11. new mystery skulls animated music video coming tomorrow!





    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Oh shit, this is one of my favourite Mystery Skulls songs.

  12. leaked scene from the 2021 3d sonic game:


    somehow, zavok returned

    1. Miraculous Milo

      Miraculous Milo

      ( i was honestly *this* close to using infinite, but a. i'm truly unsure if they will ever bring infinite back, and b. there's more than enough games to demonstrate sega keeps trying to make zavok an ongoing thing in sonic games )

  13. the hero and his elf bride open a pizza parlor in another world

    1. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Interesting Zelda concept.

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