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  1. HBO Max original Locked Down was released yesterday, and it included a new Warner Bros. Pictures logo:

    For comparison, this was the former/current logo that's been in use since 1998:


    1. Misty Milo

      Misty Milo

      Some bonus trivia stuff:

      There's actually a logo used in 2020 that had the former 1998 logo animation paired with the blue shield of the new 2021 logo. It's only been used for Tenet, which probably means it was a placeholder until the new logo was ready.

      1998 marked what was the studio's 75th anniversary, and as such, the 1998 logo had a unique anniversary variant for each WB film that was released in that year.


    2. Ferno


      Love the visual upgrade, simple and clean while also very shiny with a new car feel. Needed a bit more gravitas tho, because this still hasn't been topped yet imo


    3. Misty Milo

      Misty Milo

      @Ferno speaking of gravitas--one of my favorite WB logos is actually the home video logo they had in the 80s-mid-90s. visually it looks rather dated now and it's considered cheesy, but the bombastic fanfare and the text/shield animation i think helps sell the effect of importance.

      (i also do like the 1998 75th logo I posted above, specifically due to the wind chime music)

    4. Plumbers_Helper


      My favorite will always be the Family Entertainment variant they used from 1989 to 2009. Simple, but effective and memorable.


  2. I think in the wake of both traditional handhelds bowing out of the market after the 3DS and recent "3D" Boost Sonic games having plenty of side-scrolling action on their own; the concept of a new individual Rush project is a hard sell. I can imagine somebody thinking you could just get your Rush/2D Boost fix through the 3D games, even though the experience is clearly more of a discount substitute. I'm actually surprised that where the Boost games are concerned, they haven't incorporated more elements of the Rush games, especially for the 2D sections. If nothing else, I'd say the Boost games would be the perfect candidate to just have entire Rush campaigns as companion game modes. Have your "base" 3D Boost game actually focus on being 3D (instead of constantly cutting to 2D sections) and then you have your secondary game mode where the 2D action is (and by that I mean proper Rush-styled 2D; not the blocky puzzle platforming that the 2D segments have been following Unleashed). That said, I'd much rather see a new team brought on for those hypothetical new Rush games. Sonic Team's been responsible for the aforementioned R.C. Cola 2D Boost segments going on in the "3D" Boost games, so needless to say, I don't think they would be fit for the job. The last two works by Dimps speak for themselves on whether that studio should ever be allowed to design Sonic platformers ever again. (they shouldn't)
  3. Holy canopy at that Bowser’s Fury trailer. A giant new sandbox level with a Kaiju boss battle between a oily burning Giant Bowser and a Lion-themed Cat Mario?

    February can’t come soon enough!

  4. okay so here is a little showcase reel i did of what i think are my finest dedede plays from that blasted year that was 2020. bonus incentive to watch: it has sonic music in it.


  5. The U.S. Capitol complex is now in lockdown because Trump supporters were able to breach the Capitol building police/security and get inside when the Senate and House were debating to certify the vote for Biden...legislators had to be either be evacuated and/or are now sheltering-in-place inside the building...

    What a goddamn mess.

  6. *screams at the customer leaving the restaurant* AND TAKE THAT HAM OUT OF YOUR DRAWERS

  7. i'm done


  8. For those who missed it, previous art updates.


  9. Another art update.

    Also, the previous art update from a few days ago, for those who missed it.


  10. For those who are interested in streaming apps/devices, HBO Max is finally available on Roku devices starting today. (If you already have the regular HBO app installed, you will have to go to the settings for the existing HBO app and update it for it to be replaced with the HBO Max app. I personally have to do that in order to get it to show up properly.)

     The HBO Max app is also now available on the PS5 as well.


    1. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      Good to know. My mom's been waiting impatiently for it to pop up on Roku, so she'll be happy to hear this.

  11. And now, some portraits of some of my OCs, they all share a similar visual concept of simplicity and lineart emphasis. More should definitely be coming (these might end up replacing the profiles from 2018/2019). In order: Konumdrum (Kolumbia), Spellbound (Wiola), and Snowdew (Deuwood).
  12. The only guarantees I can make from a Bay-directed Sonic movie: a. Rouge, if she's in the movie, would definitely be there strictly to make people thirst hard for her, with the camera working overtime to do so. Probably implied or accused by side characters of having "relations" with intel to get information, since she's a government spy and all. b. The action would either be genuinely cool, or a bunch of CG nonsense where you can't make anything out. c. Sonic would probably be a foul mouthed little shit that tells Eggman or someone else at one point "that's not what your mom told me last night!" d. The first film would make a truckload of money to warrant at least another sequel, no matter how hard critics and fans tear it to shreds. Hm.
  13. i love this edit a lot


  14. i have no idea as to why but sephiroth has single-handedly made me join the dante for smash camp

    if only just to have both characters in the same game

  15. know nothing about final fantasy at all and lmao i'm not even mad i love everything about this that was hilarious from beginning to end especially that fakeout with mario bonus: maxamillian dood's reaction
  16. Given how Sonic Boom was thrown under the bus in terms of timeslots and advertising on CN, I'm not surprised at all the next show is going to streaming instead. Whoever was responsible for that choice made the absolutely right call.

    Man of Action being called to produce the show though, I dunno. I can't help but imagine it's going to be something similar to the new Mega Man show (which they produced) or the Pac-Man show; and I'm internally cringing hard. Hoping it's something like their older works, like the original Ben 10 or Generator Rex.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It's not just the air time though. That was entirely down to Cartoon Network screwing Boom over for no good reason. They sent the show out to die. Streaming is an ever more popular way of watching TV with customers and services like Netflix are becoming much more aggressive in their pursuit of original content. It's quite normal now.

  17. this christmas, unplug the nintendo playstations and bring the family together to play this bad boy


    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      We did it, America

      We found the COVID antidote 

    2. Zaysho


      is that dog making the same face as House

    3. blueblur98


      This is suffering in tabletop game form

    4. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      we live in hell

  18. Iizuka stated in this April 2017 interview with Famitsu that Forces started development in 2017 2013, right after Lost World finished production; Nakamura in this November interview with Famitsu later that year went on to clarify how that production time was spent--with the first year spent on new engine/technology development (Hedgehog Engine 2), and full-scale production being spent on the game's fourth/final year of development. He also clarified the second and third year had production of the game being handled by a small team, and noted that development on this title was longer than other Sonic games. None of the above I just listed is claims/rumors/speculation from unofficial sources, and to try and dismiss it as such would be silly. It's also silly to imply Sonic Team's management of Forces' production period should be given the benefit of the doubt, while also ruling out comments ST said themselves on Forces' production period as something not to be considered seriously. That's practically arguing the studio should be able to eat their cake and still have it, which is a meaningless position to take.
  19. for those who missed it last weekend, art topic update.


  20. For those who missed it earlier today, Halloween art topic update.


  21. My thoughts on Colors as of today reflect back to this comment from @Indigo Rush back in 2017: "Sonic Colors was seen as the best Sonic game in a decade. When was the last time you've played it?" ...and I would reply "not since I first beat the game, back in early 2011." After playing to essentially 100% completion (all Red Rings and Chaos Emeralds from Sonic Simulation/unlocking Super Sonic), I've had minimal interest in going back to the game since then. Or to put it another way (for those who don't use replayability as a metric on recommending games)--there are a good handful of other Sonic games and many other platformers in general; that I would vouch for checking out first before offering Colors. For me, this is one of those games in which I'd say it's only worth looking into in a "when you've got no other games to play" scenario, if you're merely looking for a competent Sonic game and nothing more beyond that, or if you're just *that* curious about this game above all else. It's definitely not a lousy game and it does have its merits--the presentation (art direction, stage settings, graphics --esp. for a Wii title-- and soundtrack) is probably the last outstanding one for a largely original Sonic work (compared to stuff like Generations and Mania, which are heavily built on existing environments/zones and remixes of existing music). And in terms of being the "comeback" game after a string of divisive, unfocused games; it deserves that title far more than the other hyped "comeback" 2010 Sonic game of that year. But the gameplay, namely the platforming/level design, is just too clunky and rigid for Sonic gameplay and too generic when measured to other platformers for me to really enjoy. And a lot of the levels are in 2D for what's supposed to be a 3D Sonic title; although since we're dealing with Unleashed-lite Boost gameplay, there not much good to talk about here either (in the sense of the "3D platforming" that isn't boosting through levels). Colors also has the "unwitting instigator of doom" stain on it where all of the things it brought to the table in 2010 (the Wisps, the laidback sitcom tone, the simplistic stories, the Sonic/Tails character focus); have overrun the series as a whole as of 2020, with those elements getting explicitly worse over time. What used to be a welcome departure from the then-immediate era of games as of 2010, I would have no qualms of not seeing ever again as of 2020. They've successfully inherited the mantle of exhaustion people had with the games of the 2000s--the serious-to-grim tones, the focus on ensemble casts/new characters, the fairly developed (even convoluted) stories, and Sonic games proudly wearing blatantly gimmicky gameplay concepts on their sleeves, among other things. I imagine it's only a matter of time before we get a new major Sonic game that rejects everything this game established, and either goes back to the 2000s era (and not in a half-assed way like Forces) or does something completely different altogether. Where I used to consider this as a great game shortly after I first beat it, I only consider it on the higher end of decent nowadays. You can certainly do worse, but there are a lot of better options out there too. I think it only really excels for people with a very specific criteria of what they want out of a platforming game or a Sonic game.
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