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  1. HBO Max original Locked Down was released yesterday, and it included a new Warner Bros. Pictures logo:

    For comparison, this was the former/current logo that's been in use since 1998:


    1. Misty Milo

      Misty Milo

      Some bonus trivia stuff:

      There's actually a logo used in 2020 that had the former 1998 logo animation paired with the blue shield of the new 2021 logo. It's only been used for Tenet, which probably means it was a placeholder until the new logo was ready.

      1998 marked what was the studio's 75th anniversary, and as such, the 1998 logo had a unique anniversary variant for each WB film that was released in that year.


    2. Ferno


      Love the visual upgrade, simple and clean while also very shiny with a new car feel. Needed a bit more gravitas tho, because this still hasn't been topped yet imo


    3. Misty Milo

      Misty Milo

      @Ferno speaking of gravitas--one of my favorite WB logos is actually the home video logo they had in the 80s-mid-90s. visually it looks rather dated now and it's considered cheesy, but the bombastic fanfare and the text/shield animation i think helps sell the effect of importance.

      (i also do like the 1998 75th logo I posted above, specifically due to the wind chime music)

    4. Plumbers_Helper


      My favorite will always be the Family Entertainment variant they used from 1989 to 2009. Simple, but effective and memorable.


  2. Holy canopy at that Bowser’s Fury trailer. A giant new sandbox level with a Kaiju boss battle between a oily burning Giant Bowser and a Lion-themed Cat Mario?

    February can’t come soon enough!

  3. okay so here is a little showcase reel i did of what i think are my finest dedede plays from that blasted year that was 2020. bonus incentive to watch: it has sonic music in it.


  4. >enters ssmb

    >sees status updates


    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      The short version is a member decided to pose as their fake fiancé. Not obvious at first, it seemed like someone had just proposed, gotten yes as an answer, and their significant other made an account to support an interest (and seemed interested in Sonic themselves anyways). So people did the nice and honourable thing and gave likes, and congrats, and advice. 

      Then - this member in question decided to push their luck by making multiple accounts, posing as friends - all with the same naming convention as this member *name* The *blank*. These "friends" started commenting on this member's topics, providing back-up to the OP if they were questioned on stuff.

      Then - ANOTHER member joined, claiming to be their friend, and claiming that MORE were coming, and that's the point the jig was up entirely, because what kind of friend group instead of congratulating someone through text, or a phone call, or PMing, or whatever - instead decides to all arrange to join the same message board?

      THEN - @Zaysho looked into it and found out the super obvious mistakes - that every account was posting from the exact same device, and the time periods these members were active changed as if these accounts were taking turns on the same device, so he banned them all.

      And that's about the gist.

    2. Misty Milo

      Misty Milo

      how sad. i would had put on ssmb's greatest ban(d)s as the ceremonial dj

    3. Winston


      I'm wondering if it was just a child looking for attention. I really have no idea how old Levi was, and he only joined like last month apparently. I noticed something was up when I saw somebody recently joined and congratulated somebody for a marriage, and I come back like a bit later and yep lol. 

    4. Ryannumber1gamer


      To be frank, I had suspicions as soon as I saw it, but I gave the benefit of the doubt.

      And then a third member joined and I knew right away my gut reaction was correct.

  5. The U.S. Capitol complex is now in lockdown because Trump supporters were able to breach the Capitol building police/security and get inside when the Senate and House were debating to certify the vote for Biden...legislators had to be either be evacuated and/or are now sheltering-in-place inside the building...

    What a goddamn mess.

  6. yay, now i can join the rest of the world in seeing if 2021 is actually a *new* year or just 2020 chuckling "lmao bruh we just finished level one" and performing a thanos fingersnap

    (year happy new etc. etc.)

  7. Before I forget, would like to mention that I was listening to a local NPR station earlier in the day and they actually had a segment where they talked about the growth/popularity of anime over the course of the year/the pandemic, with reference to the Crunchyroll/Funimation acquisition and a short interview with an ANN executive.

    So that was a thing.

  8. I absolutely hate to admit this but I passed TheDeleter’s status about the Sonic force field effect below without a second thought. “Oh, a Sonic 1 beta screen, alright. Never seen that effect before, odd.”

    It took Tornado’s status update for me to properly double take at the news that just dropped

  9. New art update. More profiles of my OCs.


  10. *screams at the customer leaving the restaurant* AND TAKE THAT HAM OUT OF YOUR DRAWERS

  11. i'm done


  12. For those who missed it, previous art updates.


  13. Another art update.

    Also, the previous art update from a few days ago, for those who missed it.


  14. For those who are interested in streaming apps/devices, HBO Max is finally available on Roku devices starting today. (If you already have the regular HBO app installed, you will have to go to the settings for the existing HBO app and update it for it to be replaced with the HBO Max app. I personally have to do that in order to get it to show up properly.)

     The HBO Max app is also now available on the PS5 as well.


    1. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      Good to know. My mom's been waiting impatiently for it to pop up on Roku, so she'll be happy to hear this.

  15. i love this edit a lot


  16. i have no idea as to why but sephiroth has single-handedly made me join the dante for smash camp

    if only just to have both characters in the same game

  17. Given how Sonic Boom was thrown under the bus in terms of timeslots and advertising on CN, I'm not surprised at all the next show is going to streaming instead. Whoever was responsible for that choice made the absolutely right call.

    Man of Action being called to produce the show though, I dunno. I can't help but imagine it's going to be something similar to the new Mega Man show (which they produced) or the Pac-Man show; and I'm internally cringing hard. Hoping it's something like their older works, like the original Ben 10 or Generator Rex.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It's not just the air time though. That was entirely down to Cartoon Network screwing Boom over for no good reason. They sent the show out to die. Streaming is an ever more popular way of watching TV with customers and services like Netflix are becoming much more aggressive in their pursuit of original content. It's quite normal now.

  18. this christmas, unplug the nintendo playstations and bring the family together to play this bad boy


    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      We did it, America

      We found the COVID antidote 

    2. Zaysho


      is that dog making the same face as House

    3. blueblur98


      This is suffering in tabletop game form

    4. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      we live in hell

  19. for those who missed it last weekend, art topic update.


  20. The trailer for the upcoming live-action/CG Tom and Jerry film that was leaked back in October has been officially uploaded in English.


    1. DanJ86


      I think I recognise some of the actors in that trailer. It might be entertaining for the kids.

      But as a grumpy old man that fears change, I'm obligated to say it looked a little like a remake of various classic Tom & Jerry cartoons but with inferior animation and too much human in it.

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Certainly a breath of fresh air to go with this stylized look, somewhat like the Rocky and Bullwinkle thing 20 years ago. Still doesn't look quite "there" just yet; the wild takes here don't feel... wild enough. I can somewhat notice the struggle the modelists have in making several completely different models of these characters that would only last for one gag in the whole film. There are other CG films out there that I feel emulate the 2D look and feel better. 


      But I nevertheless stand by my issue with live action toons: If your story comes down to juggling between boring normal movie goers with the toon characters and boring the kids/T&J fans/animation purists with big name Hollywood actors, I say the risk ain't worth it.

    3. Winston


      Not the biggest fan of the style. The character animations look fine, especially facial stuff, but it's not the absolute best or anything. The fact that they're 3D models is off-putting to me in certain shots. If they wanted it to look better, they should've done what Roger Rabbit or Looney Tunes Back in Action did, but they probably didn't want to waste too much time on this, so 3D was probably cheaper to do even if it looks worse. It just doesn't clash well with the live-action bits, but I guess Tom and Jerry aren't realistic abominations so it's a bit of a plus. I guess it's not offensively awful or anything, and kids will likely enjoy it, but I still think they could do a better job. Why does it even need to be a live action hybrid to begin with? Why not just make a Tom and Jerry movie fully in the art style that Tom and Jerry are in instead of it clashing so strangely? It's not like kids are only seeing it because it has live action in it.

    4. Harkofthewaa


      WB right now be like



    5. dbzfan7


      I feel like it's missing the point. Tom is supposed to make human sounds in pain. But making cat sounds just makes the slapstick disturbing which is why they changed Tom early on to sound more human when in pain in the cartoons. 

  21. For those who missed it earlier today, Halloween art topic update.


  22. Halloween / October-themed art update.


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