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  1. DFinLFYXkAAsxGC.jpg

    hahahaha-this-sucks-man-3187140.png know, between the mediocre reboots (especially compared to Nick and Disney XD), continued abuse of action shows (the fact that it got so bad, Pokemon jumped ship to Disney XD, should say a lot) and this now being the networks schedule, the current management for Cartoon Network are starting to make the Stuart "let's put live-action shows on Cartoon Network" Snyder era vindicated by history. At least Snyder and his guys corrected course during the end of his run, and we got some really solid shows from their tenure.

  2. Good news! MN9 backers are finally getting their physical editions...

    Bad news! ....lmao, just look at this yourself. The ride never ends!

    lmao you have to assemble the box yourself!

    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      hey, it's better than nothing

    2. Yeow


      Also forgot to mention that the "physical reward" is just that box (an empty box, there's nothing inside) and the manual (which doesn't fit inside the box).

      Compare this to the KS page:


    3. Yeow


      It could be said to be technically right...but still, lol.

      It could be said to be technically right...but still, lol.

  3. All the more reason why I keep advocating the notion that Boost gameplay should be spun off into a flagship racing series; while 3D Sonic platformers should return to a more traditional playstyle (whether it be Adventure, Lost World, or something new). 3D platforming is not the priority of the Boost playstyle and it painfully shows everytime the game shifts away from high-speed thrills for platforming sections. Aside from the controls being unsuited for slower movement, the level design never gets any more complex than basic precision-platform hopping affairs; which only serve to break up the flow of constantly fast-paced gameplay (this is also why I considered Unleashed to have the stronger level design, as later Boost games have a higher focus on platforming and 2D elements). Adding to this are a large absence of zone/level-specific gimmicks and enemies only existing for boost fodder, resulting in all of the levels structurally blending together and having minimal variety outside zone themes and decorations. For what's supposed to be a 3D platformer, all of this makes for exceptionally dull and repetitive game design for that genre. If your 3D gameplay for your 3D platformer is too limited in scope and too costly in resources to create fully 3D levels without constant filler/crutches, then maybe the 3D platforming genre isn't exactly fit for your 3D gameplay in the first place.
  4. Surprised nobody posted this:


    1. RosaRosaRosalina


      a secretly placed booth with two confirmed remasters of shadow the hedgehog and sonic jam on the respectively

  5. lmao holy shit, this cannot be real



    1. Zavok the SpinningSilver
    2. Polkadi
    3. RosaRosaRosalina
    4. Fusion Ellipsis

      Fusion Ellipsis

      This can't be real

      Wasn't it confirmed fake

    5. Yeow


      lol, knew it was too good to be true

      lol, knew it was too good to be true

    6. Zaysho


      Joke or not, it's definitely a warning to heed :P

      Joke or not, it's definitely a warning to heed :P

    7. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      Damn it, I wish it was real.

      That would've made IDW really awesome.

  6. The panel mentioned that the original name for Sonic Mania was Sonic Discovery.

    Surely the choice of that name for Mania wouldn't be something @The Taxman had anything to do with, right?

  7. Okay, there's an instructional manual about Mania being handed out, and someone are posting some pictures of it. This one includes concept art below.


    The one with Sonic frozen in ice on the bottom right, is that from the blurred out cathedral level snapshot from the Sonic event poster a while back? The snapshot looked like it had red petals as part of the background.

    1. ShroomZed



      Pretty sure it is. The background with the pillars resembles it greatly. So we know it's an ice zone, and Ice Cap most likely won't be coming back. 


    2. A wreaking havoc engine

      A wreaking havoc engine

      Told you guys. Laugh base zone will return

  8. Wait, Mania Special Stages? Where?

  9. Kay, so someone from GAF brought up this slide from the JP 25th anniversary party:


    Apparently it says "Sonic Project 2017 begins development"? Can someone confirm with a proper translation?

    If this is certainly explains almost everything we've seen from this game so far. 

  10. Fancy Pants goes Super!


    1. MegasonicZX


      Nice, reminds me that I still have to finish the original before this comes out :)

  11. Warning: wall of videos.


    First gameplay impressions matter.


    1. Yeow


      To further drive the point home:


    2. Operationgamer17
    3. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      Feels like I'm missing something.


    4. Bobnik


      I'd say marketing for.Forces is pretty bad. I mean yeah, cool, unedited gameplay, but the first gameplay should not be JUST a part of one level. If it would've been an actual edited trailer, the impression would have been better.

    5. Yeow


      @Operationgamer17 @Balding Spider

      All of these videos / trailers were the first time each game was premiered to the gaming community.

      The point of this status is to highlight how Forces' gameplay was unveiled compared to the other titles.

      As I said at the end of the status--first gameplay impressions are important.

    6. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      I'm just watching that trailer for Colors and remembering that game and wondering what the fuck happened

  12. Another day, another YouTube update that looks worse than the last...

    Why is there less video icons and everything is significantly bigger? It's like they retooled it into some sort of ugly tablet UI interface. :S

    They've also eliminated most of the formatting for recommended YouTube videos, the text all looks the same.

    1. ThatSpookyGuy59


      I got that "update" for about a day then it automatically switched back.

      Buuuuuut if you click on your icon on the top-right there should be an option to switch back.

  13. So I've been reading quite a few comments made by fans of the Adventure era of games about Infinite and the recent rock tracks, with those saying that they while they liked the "cheese" or "edginess" of such (or similar) elements in the earlier games, there is just something about them in this game that makes them off-putting that they can or cannot explain. Which has been making me think about the broader comments on how the game is trying to mix elements of the Adventure era of games into the Colors era of games, and succeeding at neither. Mulling over over the production credits and what we've seen from this game so far, I don't think Forces actually is really mixing anything from both eras. I believe Forces actually is just a straight continuation of the Colors-era of games, with all of this supposed Adventure-era elements that has been front and center of the game's presentation and marketing (the bleaker tone and premise, Shadow and Chaos returning, Infinite as a major new villain) just fancy gift-wrapping. They're not actually a major influence on Forces' design or actual direction, they're just some demanded changes made as a way of throwing fans of those games a bone. Look at the confirmed production credentials we know so far. We have Kishimoto as director, Ohtani as (lead) composer/arranger (he was there from the Adventure era too, but worked under Senoue and with other composers), and Warren (and presumably Graff too) as the writer(s). All three are key leading figures from the production staff for the Colors-era of games. From the Adventure era? We have...Nakamura as producer? Senone arranging a few tracks and/or scouting talent? That's seems to be it, otherwise. (As for Iizuka himself, while he is a key player in both eras --director/game designer of Adventure era, producer for Colors era-- he seems to have a more limited role in the creation of this game, due to his new supervisory role in SoA (though some interviews still naming him as producer.) You can also see this with the game's design too. Aside from the obvious return to Boost gameplay (and the new Custom Hero gameplay being derivative of that), there are also lots of 2D gameplay/sections and limited "corridor" 3D sections, as well as several precision platforming elements in the level design. World/level selection maps seem to be returning too, from what we've seen from the demos. Wisps are brought back as boost fodder for Modern Sonic and Wispons for the Custom Hero. Moreover, despite the realistic destroyed city that is City Heights / Park Avenue, the artstyle has been described by Iizuka himself to still look cartoony--you can see this with how some of the trees are more stylized like Lost World, and the Green Hill level looking more stylized (somewhat like Lost World's Windy Hill) and less realistic than the Green Hill in Generations. While the dialogue we've heard from characters is much more dialed down in self-awareness and jokes from Generations, I think you can still get flashes of it, namely with Tails and Dr. Eggman's banter from the Classic Sonic boss fight. The in-game cutscenes we saw with Infinite (namely the camera staging, the animations, and the lighting effects) are more similar to Lost World, compared to the Adventure era of games too (which I guess could be said are more dynamic / cinematic in comparison? IDK). Primarily 3D levels/segments? Hubworlds (Adventure 1 / Sonic 2006) or linear story-progression (Adventure 2, Heroes, Shadow)? (Photo-)realistic graphics? Existing cast of characters made playable? Genre roulette playstyles? Chao Gardens? None of that is here. I think this also exactly why what is causing the dissonance with Adventure-era games fans with the with Infinite and the rock music for this game so far, though they couldn't exactly pinpoint why they liked it in those games but why they don't like it here. To top this all off, a cake analogy, because I like food analogies--Forces is a cake that, from its outward appearance, seems to be bathed from top to bottom with chocolate [Adventure-era] frosting and sprinkles on it. But when people take a look at or taste the actual cake covered underneath, it will turn out to be another strawberry [Colors-era] cake, made with the same ingredients and baked by the same chefs. (As for Classic Sonic? ...he seems to be an afterthought for this game, really; I'd say he is the sole cherry on top of this otherwise non-vanilla [Classic-era] cake. But most classic fans won't bother with it because they're also getting a pure vanilla cake in the form of Mania. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
  14. Long time no see? How have you been?

    1. Nintendoga


      Been good, just felt like hoppin back on SSMB again. You? 

    2. Yeow


      @Nintendoga Late response, but I'm doing alright. Just warding off this heatwave currently (our house central AC isn't working atm).

  15. Mania is pretty much the Sonic game I've been longing for years and is the only reason why I haven't written off (if not outright dropped) my interest in Sonic following Generations (which is the last Sonic game I bought and had some enjoyment out of) at best and Boom at worst (which has an okay TV show but was amazing to witness for how much they screwed up the launch and the games being a dumpster fire). I'm still surprised we're even getting it given how Sonic Team/Dimps nearly killed off the Classic Sonic direction with the hackjob that was Sonic 4 (and which is why I can't be thankful enough that the studio has largely left Taxman and co. to their own devices). The gameplay looks to be the tried and true playstyle that we haven't seen in decades; with virtually perfect physics and controls, amazing level gimmicks, and largely excellent level design--it's the return to a pedigree of assured game design quality that the series has been badly lacking for years. The graphics and especially the return to the Genesis-era artstyle is fantastic. And it goes without saying that the new zones look amazing and I know are going to be the main highlight of the game. The music is admittedly a bit lacking in variation from what we've heard so far, but I can forgive it due to it being a return to a musical style we haven't had in years, and many of the tracks we've heard so far pretty much sound top-notch. The only real major complaints I have with this game are the returning zones, especially so with how they are levels we've (recently) seen remade before and how they take up roughly half of the game's content (though given how much the dev team has made changes to them and it was Iizuka's call rather than their own, I can largely let this slide) and the lack of a physical/retail release (though again, that's more on Sega than the dev team). But other than that, I'm confident its easily going to be the best Sonic game --off of fundamentals alone-- since Sonic 3&K. I opened a Steam account specifically just to get this game (though not having a PS4/XBO/Switch is also a factor), and I have never pre-purchased a game before up until the pre-order trailer hit. It's easily my most anticipated game of this year, it's shaping up to be a very special product. I'm really hoping this game is a critical and commercial success that ensures a good future (no pun intended) for new Sonic products based on the original style of games (especially so if it's by the same team and if they're made with minimal --if any-- interference by Sonic Team) as well as new opportunities for community members to work on official Sonic projects; as well as wipes away the revisionist history claims of even the original games not being very good (note how similar claims about the original Crash games largely went away when the N-Sane Trilogy remakes got great reviews and became a clear success story in sales). I'm also hoping Mania contributes to a serious re-analysis (and if possible, some much needed structural/staff changes IMO) by the general public and Sega themselves on Sonic Team's track record and largely undisputed control of the series. That of which is the least Mania could do if it doesn't (also) vastly outsell the main game, which IMO looks like a circus sideshow despite being in development for nearly four years, and only accentuates how much Sonic Team continue to lose the plot to their own franchise.