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  1. And yet demonstrably true. Nestor to his credit at least put forward counterpoints as to why Rey isn't "literally perfect" rather than deflecting and running to strawmen and sexism, problem is her flaws are inconsequential and superficial: another trait of a Sue. Oh boy here we go
  2. For a flaw to work it has to have at least some consequence to her character. The only time she shows any real sign of failure or reflection is her first encounter with Kylo Ren and first finding the lightsaber. Which leads to her getting caught and she breaks free by herself anyway. Best might be an exaggeration, inexplicably good at everything is entirely fitting because even she doesn't know how she's doing half the stuff she does.
  3. I could keep going but I don't think you'll ever get the point that Rey being a Sue is not a gender issue.
  4. Rey: Orphan living alone in a desert? Check. Meets a someone/something who likes her instantly? Check. Awesome at everything she does? Check. Loved by all the resistance? Check. Beats up Ren using the Force? Check. Beats up Luke after not really teaching her about the Force and generally ignoring her? Check Letting herself get captured leading to Ren killing Snoke after the latter ordered him to kill her? Check. Crucial part of the resistance going into IX? Check. There was no lie in the evaluation. I'm not omitting some important plot point or context and I'm spending more time breaking down her event story than the movies do at explaining why she's so brilliant. I even left out the most blatant hack writing when Snoke implies that the balance of the universe made her so powerful because of him and/or Kylo Ren. Great movies though.
  5. And yet here we are, she is comparable and it is honestly laughable. Regardless of what you feel about it, it's a condensed version of Reys story so far retold with original characters with the point that the only real difference between a bad fan character and a bad film character is the budget behind the screenplay.
  6. You mean her 1 flaw that she spends about 150 frames angsting over it and then gets over it just like that? Such an important character flaw. The guy who has been trained by Luke and Snoke, destroys Finn in combat without batting an eye but struggles vs someone who has never even wielded a lightsaber before? Amazing writing. I'm sure TLJ will explain everything aptly. He doesn't. He attacks the Deathstar as part of an entire squadron and is nearly killed himself until Han Solo completes his character quest of not just fighting for himself. It's never really defined how long Luke trains with Yoda. Oh fuck off Unrelated: Have I ever told you about my Sonic Fan Character? She's called Razorkill the Echidna, she's Yellow. She's an orphan who lived in a desert all her life until she's called to action by one of Eggmans robots who respects women and becomes instant friends with her. Razorkill discovers she's amazing at everything she does and all of Sonics friends like her. She meets Shadow for the first time and beats him up using Chaos Control. Later she beats up Sonic because he doesn't tell her how to use Chaos Emeralds. Later Razorkill lets Shadow capture her and he takes her to Eggman, Eggman tells mai husbando to kill her but Shadow kills him instead. Shadow tells her she's not an orphan and her parents abondoned her, Eggmans base explodes and she leaves. Now she leads Sonic and Friends against Shadow. Criticise me and you are misogynistic and know nothing about fanfiction.
  7. Mannequin Skywalker wasn't using Jedi Mind tricks 20 minutes after learning the Force was a thing, lost his arm in his first sabre fight (despite years of training with actual Jedi no less), at least had a partial explanation for being a decent pilot and was treated with general distrust and suspicion from the cast outside of Space McGregor and Portman. Rey uses Mind Tricks 20 minutes after learning the Force was a thing, has already owned Kylo Ren in her first fight (oh the suspense for the new film), is an amazing pilot despite never having flown before, knows more about a ship and how to fix it than those who've used it for years, is instantly a crack shot with pistol, everyone that meets her instantly likes her, those that don't she just beats up and then leaves and while most struggle lifting rocks she lifts a several ton cave entrance 1st try. The term Mary Sue is overused and vaguely/widely defined, Rey however is a textbook Sue and the biggest reason there's so much furious arguing over it is through the majority of defenders having made it a gender issue over abysmal writing. TLJ could have done a lot to make her character more grounded but it didn't and saying Star Wars has always had issues doesn't absolve the new characters of theirs.
  8. - A character chasing women desperately for the plot - Another two characters going on a pointless sidequest that doesn't amount to anything to the end story - The awesome and cool Mary Sue getting the real plot that moves the story forward, barely stopped by any kind of conflict or indecision wait...
  9. I must have missed the "majority" of gamers going ballistic at diversity and inclusion in video games like Overwatch, Watch Dogs II, AC Odyssey, Mafia III, Apex, while being so sexist as to allow Horizon Zero Dawn to become one of the best selling titles on PS4 despite having a female lead. Inclusivity has always existed in games and always will, the problem isn't a majority of people who play video games being an -ist, it's that nobody can can tactfully push the envelope without going to straight to mass antagonising in the face of criticism (valid or otherwise), see Battlefield V. I've already said I what I think about it in relation to games. Of course I'm going to dismiss your screeching. You're right; they have the creative freedom to do that, Steam has the right to remove it under breach of TOS. Just to reiterate I don't care for media created just for offense, and I don't consider "murder people I don't like simulator" as artistic expression, just an expression of contempt and often those that argue otherwise; sophistry, to get reactions from people. How often do you see real outcry or movement over Valve purging games like this from it's platform as some form of censorship? I've never said anything against that example. I have said that anybody is free to criticise, and pushing for change because of panic over another group; not something the creator has done, is silly. Often are isolated =/= Never related I just like to see proof beyond reasonable doubt before I definitively connect something to something else, otherwise it's just a theory. It didn't suddenly appear with it either. They died as any kind of relevant movement and interest in them is in slow decline. Concept, exploration, deconstruction. Video games cause violence, studies show they're wrong, video games causing violence is a lie. Fascists are infiltrating games and recruiting/influencing substantial numbers of people, absolutely no reasonable proof to support it, why should I or anyone else believe it? ofc I'm not little
  10. It's not just progressive ideologies that try to make people look bad. Even conservative rags blame violent video games for violence in real life despite study after study finding no correlation, and ones that do add the caveat it's just one potential factor among things like environmental factors and mental illness, almost like discrediting itself because they couldn't actually find a definitive connection. If it's obvious something is just made for shock value, glorifying or targeting groups or for the sake of offense I can see why that's viewed as an issue, the problem of the people who defend things like that these days is there is no direct "joke", the reactionary subculture of people who are quick to take offense, general trolling and the childish crowd of people out to "own the SJWs", in the case of Steam there's good chance the devs are in on it and you're attributing malice to what can equally be explained by stupidity. Creative expression over politics and art forms that invoke discussion and the like should be protected and shouldn't have to change because someone gets offended by the interpretation of it by someone else. If it's changed before release without the pressure of interest groups or changed later when there isn't even any outcry about it then that's absolutely fine. Because these things often are isolated and most people on the fence or otherwise aren't attracted to or by extremist thinking. There's a reason gamergate died as fast as it did and many people involved with it on either side lost most or all the attention once it blew over and why nobody really cares about it anymore other than those that bring it up for attention, there's a reason the alt right publically died after Charlottesville despite the media hyping up the Washington rally as the coming fascist apocalypse for only ~30 loons to turn up surrounded by an army of police and counter protesters. Much like media blaming video games for violence, accusing it of hiding some fascist underbelly will never amount to anything because it's an exaggerated lie. The outstanding majority of people who play video games just play video games for entertainment, not political motivation.
  11. That article only comments that they were inspired to create a news source that appealed to the audience they apparently found on World of Warcraft. Not influencing neutral parties through subterfuge or active involvement in games themselves. Equivocating angry sentiment from 2005-7 over Chinese paid account padding as being the same force behind the farce of gamergate and the alt-right? From video games to white nationalism. Okay, setting aside the media spin that was desperate to find reasons for 2016 election result and video games and "gamers" being the favorite thing to club, I'll take that with a pinch of salt like everything else Bannon says.
  12. A shame there's no real way of knowing said numbers and the gross overuse of the term fascist in click-bait news. But how is a photoshop over a character indicative of an entire fanbases political leanings and reasonable evidence for a commentary piece? It's bizarre. Sure, I've seen shops of Trump over the Emperor (the good guy), but I've also seen shops of him over Horus (the bad guy). I don't really buy fascists infiltrating entertainment mediums for recruitment and this actually works in any way, as much as internet news outlets love to push the idea along with media from video games to genres of music and film being simply overrun with racist and nazi fanbases. I'm hoping this is aimed at genuine extremists and not support for an internet meme police. I might accidentally just be talking past you at this point as it's all getting really hypothetical beyond the example of Warhammer.
  13. My mistake. I'm not against the discussion of fictional works, I'm against the idea that a creator must own all interpretations of his work and exercise restraint in the case it might be interpreted by some fringe group as an ideological dog whistle. Because photoshops and memes aren't always political and much gets left to interpretation when a lot of it is played for group humour. Fair enough.
  14. If your logic is that whether a video game decides to have gay characters or define a characters sexuality being a commentary on individual rights, then I can see why you think that. Either way I don't care about the sexuality or race of a video game character. If I look for a review of a game I'd hope to see the game judged on entertainment value, not scored or penalised based on progressive points, though I'm more than happy to make an exception if it really does offer a discussion point or unique perspective on problems that can be faced instead of just pandering. It is if it's being interpreted as support for the Pride movements which are political, many do still support legal and political action. And if they have examined it, see nothing wrong and still stand by it along with the support of people who aren't extremist groups? Applying moral pressure to somebody is still an attempt at forcing action, and retroactively changing content based on potential offense or wrongthink is still a form of censorship. The problem with the example of Warhammer is it's not anything that was said, the core piece of the lore is that Mankind has turned into a militaristic regime at war with several factions and often itself. Everything is excessive and ridiculous and if anyone would apply any of it's examples to real life; that's their own idiocy. There's no way of telling what percentage of a fanbases political leanings consist of unless we're willing to take news articles that cite Trump photoshops, memes, and previous disagreements no less for evidence. A condemnation of fascist/racist groups is enough. As I could only agree to regulating content on very fringe cases. Who says Wild Westerns or Superhero films aren't supported by large groups of fascists? We have this and this for the latter after all.
  15. I didn't say that. Individual rights is still political even when we all agree to it, in modern politics regarding transitioning folk there are those that would argue against it for whatever reason and that's why it was removed. You can't keep something strictly moderated 24/7 when an hours worth of unfiltered hateful comments can spawn some news article about how your company is bigoted by not taking them down fast enough. Integrity would be standing by your work and disavowing extremist interpretations of it, not changing your work by; in the case of Warhammer, the complaints of another minority. The alternative is censorship of content and an industry will follow whatever precedent has been set. I'm not naive enough to discount the possibility that there is some that would take advantage of an entertainment medium to spread ideology, individual agency being what tells them to keep politics out of their games, left or right. That's still holding creators accountable for their customers which is something they cannot control, my opinion has always been that creators such as hobby and gaming companies don't support fascism and it's more than fair to assume that, they're just in the business of making money.
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