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  1. I think that maybe one of Classic Sonic's skills is the insta-shield. If you look at this video and skip to 6:04 then you can see it. One thing I want to know about Super Sonic is if he can use the wisps this time.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XU07O0T3hY&feature=feedu Not sure if this was posted before or not, but it has Super Sonic in it.
  3. Strange, one of my dreams when I was 4 years old was that I had a magic Mr.Potato-Head that could let me see other people's dreams... So is this basically like going on someone's computer and checking their history? Cool...
  4. I feel betrayed that Jack left us like this...
  5. I know this is kind of off topic, but I always thought that Gamma was a girl (even though robots don't have genders.), y'know since gamma had the Mother Bird in him, and Beta had the Father Bird, but I have no idea how the birds affect their gender.
  6. So, what happened to that 2nd demo that Sega were supposedly releasing? Is that still happening?
  7. Apparently, they couldn't put in stages from Sonic 3 because of a music copyright or something like that.
  8. I hope that they both get ALL of the stage, Speed Highway was my favourite stage from SA1, and I hope that they portray it perfectly here.
  9. Sky sanctuary wouldn't be the same without the fluffy clouds. I hope you can bounce off of them and that they aren't just background features, it'd really add something to the Modern Sonic Platforming, Y'know trying to bounce off of them in 3D. Without the homing attack to help you hopefully!
  10. I'd like it if he ran up the wind like in Windy Valley as well.
  11. I bet Crisis City's remix will have a violin playing in it. There isn't anything wrong with that though, I'm just guessing!
  12. It's strange, most people don't like it when the modern remixes are rock based and I seem to be one the few that doesn't mind. But oh well! Everyone has a different taste in music I suppose.
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