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  1. When you are alone, just look at the spaces between your fingers. Remember that in those spaces you can see my fingers locked with yours forever.

  2. Happy birthday, hope it's awesome an' shizz! =D

  3. I have episode one on my computer now, but I have yet to watch it.

  4. Ooh that's nice. If I were you I would feel proud : D

    tobacco products? I don't want any... DX

    and yes, K-ON! is a very cute anime. As you can see, Mio is my favorite character >w

  5. Been buying robot figures and models and stuff. Not sure if I should be proud. :/

    18? Awesome. Be sure to buy some fancy imported tobacco products. :D

    Oh, been watching some K-On, hm?

  6. Nerdier? How so? =P

    Also, it's almost my birthday. I'm going to be 18. c:

  7. Nothing at all really. Same old stuff.

    I think I'm getting even nerdier, sadly (or fortunately...). :F

  8. Hiyo~ nothing much, just doodling somethings -x-

    How about you~?

  9. Speeeedla! Sawp?

  10. Thats good

    I'm just chilling. 8D

  11. Yeah; I've watched a little bit of Toradora! so far - I'm sorta liking it so far. I expected it to be a mindless, fanservice harem-type of show, but the characters really have depth to them.

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