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  1. Sega wants to remake a classic title!

    1. Blue Streak
    2. buba


      Remake fucking Street of Rage.

    3. Blue Streak
    4. Milo


      LOL comment #8

      "remake the game that caused them to lose their Creative ability

      the one and only SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (06)

      that game was just unfinished if done correctly (better story, less bugs)

      it could have been a hit, but no… you guys just milk sonic with piss poor development

      if sega can remake the remake, or give us a sonic adventure game

      then i would place my faith in sega again"

    5. Milo


      oh and no genesis sonic remakes please

      sonic 4 serves as a reminder you can't even replicate the genesis gameplay well

    6. BlueTidalGamer


      Ristar. That game needs another chance in the spotlight.

    7. Tara


      I'd actually prefer a Generations-style remake of Ristar. That would be awesome~

  2. It appears that Sega wants to remake a a classic title, and they want suggestions from the fanbase! What title do you want to see remade?Discuss! Source: http://www.vg247.com/2013/10/25/sega-talks-remakes-wants-your-suggestions-on-what-to-do-next/
  3. um..sorry bro...thats my xbox live theme XD
  4. uploading some pics now EDIT: ___________________ here are some pics I took,sorry for quality :\ not everyone can afford a $300 HD pvr
  5. no im serious its on xbox =P its a new trailer
  6. the exporter is too meh,it doesnt support anything out of model ripping(including NO bones or animations)
  7. um...guys the trailer is already out......on XBOX 360 anyways ,and yes Eggman and Bowser are in it in full cgi and HD
  8. 1.What MODEL?the only marble zone MODEL would be a custom one,the original is made of sprites 2.what does that have to do with sonic generations mods?
  9. search up a program named hkxcmd it lets you convert hkx files into kf files then theres a 3ds max plugin for kf =P
  10. in one of the cpk's their is a like 6 different languages of very text its mostly a copy paste job to make sonic tall cant you just edit the skeleton file max translate the spine higher,then export =P
  11. Copy/Paste from retro,looks like someone is using the custom animations to his advantage =P Sonic adventure Generations anyone?
  12. ...let me repeat myself they are NOT exported yet you can only VIEW them right now they have no rig
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