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  1. Welp, that was... something, I guess. Not fond of the new/inconsistent characterization/continuity and most of the humor, but eh, it was alright, I guess. The animation was really weird to look at though; it's very stiff and choppy. Honestly, the art style seems better suited to 2D rather than 3D CGI. It just comes off as jarring to look at when it's clearly 3D CGI, but looks its best when it gives the illusion of 2D. I do like the art style and the girls' new designs for the most part, though. So um, yeah... that's pretty much all I have to say about it.

  2. Several small changes like that frustrated the heck out of me my first playthrough. And the touch screen controls really make the Oil Ocean boss painful in a whole new way for me... but I've since then gotten better at it. I'm just too used to the original version as of now.


    On the note, the most annoying change in the iOS/Android version of Sonic 1 is removing the ability to attack Robotnik in Green Hill just as he's entering the arena, that and the expanse between the two floating platforms is larger, so my entire Green Hill Groove™ has been thrown off in Act 3. I still wonder why they made Robotnik invincible those first few seconds.

    I personally have to agree with this. While I'm glad Taxman and Stealth pimped S1&2 out and such with all these extra features, I can't deny that some of the changes felt unnecessary, and kinda frustrated me a bit, as it kills speed running some of the boss fights, and messes up strategies that were previously common knowledge for many; most notably, the Green Hill boss. Some would argue that it's to make the boss more 'difficult', but again, I feel it was unnecessary anyway, since, from what I've played, not all bosses share this start-up immunity. It's just... kinda jarring, to say the least.

  3. I prefer the Japanese cast. Most of the English casts so far don't sound *right* to me, with the exception of maybe Mike Pollock as Dr. Eggman. Ryan and Jason were okay (they got better for the most part as they went on), I can't stand Roger (I personally think he gets worse with each game), but Kanemaru is Sonic to me; hammy over-the-top Engrish and all. He just puts more emotion and passion into the character than any of his English voices did/do, though that could be due to bad voice direction that has plagued Sonic games for years. I also prefer the Japanese cast for being more consistent than the English ones, since they don't get swapped out every 5 years or so. I also like the Spanish cast a lot more than most of the English one, to be honest, though the Japanese cast is still my personal favorite.

  4. This show, man, it's hilarious. Can't get enough of these crazy characters and their shenanigans. "Colonel H MOTHERFUCKING STINKMEANER, NYIGGUH!" It's one of Adult Swim's best shows, in my opinion. Can't wait for Season 4! This, along with other shows coming out in April, makes April the most hyped up month this year so far, for me.

  5. If Sonic does get a second stage on the 3DS version which game do you think it will end up being from? I'm inclined to think it'll probably be from Rush but I honestly don't know. I have a feeling it could be from a classic console Sonic game.

    Same question for Megaman as well.

    I'm thinking either Rush or Colors, if Sonic gets a different stage on 3DS. If we get Windy Hill on 3DS too, I'd be okay with that, since it's the only level I liked from that game.

  6. Pretty much what you said, Hero of Legend. Both PS2 versions of the game are pretty much the same as their Wii counterparts, except they have worse graphics, less visual effects, and no 16:9 support for some reason. The PS2 version of Unleashed also had better controls than the Wii version. Both the Wii and PS2 versions of the games ran at 60fps, IIRC, but the PS2 versions suffered from minor lag at times. That's about it.

  7. I want to partake in this event, I just hope I don't forget about it, which is what happened last year with the 24 hour comics event, sadly. Sounds like a lot of fun, though! I'll turn my dull, static life on the internet into something more interesting in the form of comics, hopefully!

  8. I'm inclined to agree with Carbo. I kinda saw the ending to latest episode coming, due to all the foreshadowing that was set up for Nui. The series is a bit too predictable, and the characters really aren't that interesting to me. The show isn't terrible to me or anything, it's just that the writing is pretty disappointing and bland, so far. I'm still gonna keep on watching it, since I'm already this far in, but yeah, I'm not really feeling this one. Awesome music, though.

  9. I rather liked the Nimbus cloud (when it wasn't completely and horrendously overshadowed by flight), as it resembled an Oriental carpet I recall from my lackadaisical youth. A great carpet that was.


    I am not a fan of Bills (or Beers which I think frankly is quite a silly name); he is far too thin, and his large ears imply a hypersensitivity to sound that surely would have ruptured his eardrums, if not his brain, with all the cacophony of energy blasts and rather pointless kiai-waving-contest shouts. Not Toriyama's finest design choice.




    His name was recently revealed to be Beerus (a pun on "Birus", the German word for "Virus", mixed with the word "Beer" to fit with Toriyama's pun theme-naming for characters in the series), according to a website for the game, Battle of Z. I personally enjoyed him and thought he was a fun character that stands out from the previous cast of villains, and is a breath of fresh air for the series to me.

  10. Ugh, what the hell... Superior Spider-Man is still a thing? When will it end? I hate Doc Ock Spidey. He's not pleasant or snarky at all...


    EDIT: Just read the post that Superior ends around March and will be replaced with a new Spider-Man comic. Man, I hope Peter makes a come back...

  11. Storytelling has never been the pinnacle of the Sonic series, but Colors onwards is like a bare-bones Saturday morning cartoon. Sure you got arguably better/worse characterization and improved character interaction to some extent, but it doesn't mean much to me if the story itself is predictable, bland, and half-baked. I really wish the Sonic series had more thought and effort put into its stories, as well as pretty much everything else.


    But story is just one problem for this series (and, quite frankly has pretty much always has been), the biggest problem stems from a fundamental level: the gameplay. The series no longer has an identity, so every few years or so, they revamp it dramatically into something else entirely. The latest is Lost World, which copies Mario in all the wrong ways, without thinking about why Mario games do so well in reception amongst critics and Sonic does not. Lost World remembers that Sonic is a platformer, but threw out the build up of speed and retaining momentum out the window unless you used the Spin Dash. Sonic is supposed to be a speedy platformer, not a generic one. For God's sake, most of the level tropes were copy and pasted from Mario, and the Deadly Six are just reskins of Bowser and the Koopa Kids, and the gameplay itself tries to copy Mario Galaxy in some ways. The game is trying too hard to be psuedo-classic and Mario at the same time, leaving much to be desired.


    Oh hey, look, there's parkour and a run button! Too bad parkour is highly limited to 90-angled surfaces, and not very satisfying to use, while the run button only allows you to run at a certain fixed (slow) speed.


    And another problem: power-ups. Remember how the elemental shields didn't change Sonic's fundamental abilities and controls, and instead just gave him an extra move, and will last until you either get hit, or touch a certain conflicting element? Mario power-ups do that too, more or less. But NOPE, let's change how Sonic plays COMPLETELY by giving him power ups that control awkwardly as hell, like it's some weird, in-level mini-game that adds nothing to the level design, in Lost World's case, at least. I'm speaking of course, of those godawful Color Powers and Wisps.


    Bring back the shields as the main power-ups for Sonic, improve upon them, and hell, make new shields for Sonic to use. Then design levels with these in mind, without making them feel forced, by adding as many alternate paths as possible in each stage, giving the player a certain sense a freedom of how they want to beat the stage.


    I'm heading off to work now, but this pretty much all I have to say on the matter.

  12. I don't mean to sound overly harsh, but I stopped paying attention to this show after watching Equestria Girls. While I kinda liked the show at first, for the first season and some of the second season, I started losing interest in it starting with around A Canterlot Wedding, then S3 happened, and EqG was the final nail in the coffin for me, so I have no plans to watch S4; I guess I've become an S1 purist, in a sense, but eh, whatever. I'm fully aware that I'm a minority here on that subject, and by all means, don't let my opinions derail your enjoyment on the show. Don't get me wrong, I like how it started, but I just don't agree with the direction the show has been taking since Faust left. It's just not for everyone, I guess. / Beating a dead horse.


    Anyway, now that's out of the way, the main reason I'm making this post is because while I was looking up some college humor videos out of boredom on YouTube, I just happened to come across this:



    I'd switch AJ and RD around, but other than that, I kinda found this to be pretty accurate and oddly hilarious, and thought you guys might get a kick out of it.

  13. F won? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Honestly she doesn't look much like Roll to me and I found her design the most fitting to be Beck's companion throughout the game. So happy that she won. Not that the other designs were bad or anything, but it's just that I liked F more.

  14. I'd think that if Dimps was making a "classic" 2D-oriented platforming Sonic game, like Sonic 4, then I wouldn't be against TaxStealth helping them out with things like physics and level design, since they seem to be competent enough going by their re-imagining of Hidden Palace Zone in Sonic 2 HD. As for 2D Boosting games like Colors DS / Generations 3DS and 3D handheld games like Lost World 3DS, I'm not sure how well they would fare, in that regard.

  15. Nor do I, but, with the exception of the brown Blastoise Turtles in Silent Forest 2 and the Sandworms in Desert Ruins 1, I don't see how they're frustrating.

    I just find them annoying and unnecessary. Why do I have to stop, and wait for the homing attack to 'charge up' to kill an enemy or homing attack it a bunch of times until it dies and hope to god I don't get hit? Not to mention that you have to kill them a good chunk of the time in order to beat the level in the first place. That's pretty poor game design.

  16. I hate large enemies because I have to stop, somersault some large enemies, wait a few seconds for the homing attack to "charge up" and then do the homing attack. Again, it kills the flow. I don't want to have to stop just to kill one enemy; I don't find that fun or satisfying at all. The over-abundance of bottomless pits killed the game for me; they, along with forced wisp sections and boring puzzle levels are what bothers me the most about the level design. I didn't like the boss battles either; only the final boss was kinda fun, I guess. The game just isn't good to me at all. It's a waste of $40. If this keeps up, I won't be buying handheld Sonic games anymore.

  17. I don't know guys, I have the game and I found at least 70% of it to be terrible, and the other 30% to be mediocre at best. I just don't find the game very fun. Color Powers are forced in quite a few levels, and they're not very fun to use, honestly. Too many bottomless pits and generally frustrating level design. The homing attack is a broken, automated mess that will hit things you don't want it too, unlike the Wii U version of the attack where you have more control, and having to charge it up to kill bigger enemies is a tedious, frustrating nightmare. The somersault seems pointless and just disrupts the game's flow. I just don't like the game. I just want Dimps to stay away from the series from now on.

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