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  1. Raid Shadow Legends literally put "Say we aren't evil" in their contract. That makes me think they are evil.

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      But they said they weren't!

    2. Rabid-Coot


      Mention this list of things in your own style in 90 seconds.

    3. CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      Hey, if they’re paying me enough, I’ll call the game a work of art.

      I’ll still play Arknights over it tho. 

    4. The Master

      The Master

      @Rabid-Coot "Say can I copy your homework?"

      "Yeah, but change it a bit so we don't get caught."

    5. BlueSpeedster


      Honestly, good for you @CrownSlayer’s Shadow, nice to know that the game is actually better than the spamming ads on YouTube.

    6. CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      Arknights or Raid?

      Cuz I actually haven’t played Raid to know if it’s any good.

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