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  1. Orbot and Cubot are upset about this comment.
  2. Bah, I just want more Knuckles, and his interactions with the team. I want him to save the world, which is also more important than guarding a rock.
  3. Very few people would buy a book just for the FFs. It's the reason why Universe focused on the Sega cast. My wishlist for the comic: - Sonic, Tails, Eggman, Knuckles and Amy as regulars - No adaptations, in favor of original stories - Either no Freedom Fighters, or in very small doses - Brand new original characters with backstories and development - Very close to the Sega universe - A world map like Unleashed - Ian Flynn as writer - Continuity heavy - Boom involved somehow
  4. This is so true, and I also feel bad for IDW. Can we please give this book a chance? I'm talking to the SEGA fans out there, who are the most picky ones.
  5. Can we please stop doing this? Turning every compliment for Mania into an insult for Forces. There are people who love Forces as well.
  6. So you have blue spheres AND rings? Seems pretty challenging, it's a mix between CD and Heroes. I love it! Definitely better than those pesky S3&K special stages.
  7. Some of the characters do have established family members or ancestors: Knuckles, Shadow, Eggman and Cream. For some of them a family just doesn't fit IMO, Sonic for example. I would like one for Tails though.
  8. Since Ian already works on TMNT with IDW, does that increase the chances of him working on the new Sonic comic?
  9. I think the mandates are a good thing for the most part, they let Sonic be what he should be about, the issue is that there can't be character development for the game cast. SEGA still gave a lot of freedom to Ian though in post-reboot, they let Sonic continue being part of the Freedom Fighters, and they also kept the Egg Army. I still don't see the importance of the SatAM cast anyway, they were important in the cartoon, and in the Archie comic, but why should they appear in this new one? A lot of people grew up with them, I know, but I was a fan of Sonic X for example, it'd be great to see Topaz, Cosmo, Sam and other characters, but we don't really need them, and they aren't coming back anyway, I made my peace with it. What's important to me is that there is good writing for the Sega cast.
  10. It would be impossible not to have original characters though, how do you make unique stories without them?
  11. I'm so glad about this! IDW is a great publisher. Now, as for the burning topic... I personally don't want the Freedom Fighters because they detract focus from the game characters, imagine that this new comic will not have Sonic Universe to give stories to the game cast, so their only chance to shine is in the main book, how can they fit in if the main book is all about Sally, Rotor, Antoine and Bunnie like Archie was? I don't want a 32 page ad either, that's my biggest fear, I want epic adventurous story arcs written by someone competent like Ian Flynn who is a Sonic fan and knows the franchise perfectly.
  12. I think my biggest problem with recent comics were the Freedom Fighters, the book focused too much on them, I'm talking about the SatAM characters. Like, they appear more than characters like Knuckles, Amy and even Shadow, this is why I sorta prefer the Sonic Boom team, it's not that big but it features the key members of the franchise regularly.
  13. I agree that the reboot and Genesis of a Hero were supposed to be the introduction for a lot of new readers, which didn't happen for some reason, most people still think the comics are about romance, furry drama, and dark and gritty stories, and that they don't focus on the Sega cast.
  14. Ian said we'd get news this month, so he knew about it... which means he's involved in the future of the comic? Fingers crossed.