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  1. Drifting Jack

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I'm surprised they haven't annunced the new solicit for issue 10... I wonder when that's coming.
  2. Drifting Jack

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I don't think she is a villain because the call sheet says "a new hero debuts" but maybe the fact she is all black is misleading to some fans. Could be a grey character, I would welcome that. Also, yeah it's disappointing the Hooligans and Mighty and Ray can't be in the modern continuity, but it's no new thing, we knew that for a while, I assume Sonic knows the Hooligans because the classic games happened, Mania is a different timeline, so that's where the continuity splits. But seriously this year Mighty and Ray have been used a lot more than the modern cast, in fact I'd say they are currently more relevant than Cream, Blaze, Jet, etc. So I don't see why they should be in modern media as well, since there are lots of underused characters. I mean, there is a place for them in Plus and Mania Adventures and future classic stuff, I think that's enough, now let's use the modern cast too please!
  3. So what could be the next returning zones? I'd love Lava Mountain (Lost World, Runners) and Hydrocity to be in this, but there is likely a zone from Forces (probably Green Hill since it was never in the All-Stars Racing games) and... a classic zone, could be Hydrocity, or Flying Battery, or Casino Night. The rest should be new zones.
  4. Drifting Jack

    Team Sonic Racing: Cool Edge Gameplay @ Comic Con 2018

    I hope it's not Cool Edge honestly, I want it to be a completely new stage. Didn't they say Cool Edge was also in ASR immediately when people saw 3 seconds of the Billy Hatcher track? Then again, I don't think this game reuses many assets from previous stuff, look at Planet Wisp and Rooftop Run (the bit we have seen), they are completely new, which is very exciting! I'm glad honestly. So it's possible this might be Holoska, I just prefer it to be a new track. What bugs me about this gameplay is that Omochao seems to represent the character, instead of all the Chao, since Omochao is my least favorite.
  5. Drifting Jack

    Team Sonic Racing: Cool Edge Gameplay @ Comic Con 2018

    I doubt it's Cool Edge because we already have Rooftop Run from Unleashed. So...
  6. Honest opinion: I gave up on the Clone Wars after 3 episodes. I love Ahsoka but I'm just not interested in Anakin and that time period. Rebels was the best cartoon, and I'm waiting for the new one set in the new trilogy, which has me really interested.

  7. Drifting Jack

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Waiting for actual sales data but I'm impressed by the amount of interest this comic is getting!
  8. I watched the review... and I actually agree with it. Sorry, but Encore Mode could have been a lot better, with a lot more changes, than what I know it has, more innovations with level design, and some bonus features perhaps. I could have been at least a hard mode, or add some new levels, I dunno. Mighty and Ray are a neat feature but still, only for long time fans who know obscure stuff. It's just an update, but not a particularly good one. The package however, is really a good deal.
  9. It's kind of boring that people are focusing on the lack of characters, Cream, Blaze etc. instead of focusing on what is ACTUALLY in the game, I mean, the content is there, gameplay is there, it's just the roster that is a bit lacking. On the other hand, I like how vocal the fans are because they are attached to the characters, like I am, to the point of boycotting the game though... I don't know. I'm still glad that this game satisfied my wish, and I got a fully Sonic spin-off, a racing game made by Sumo, and more Sonic characters than 7-8. For the fans who wanted SEGA characters... I think they should make a fully SEGA cast spin-off, without Sonic perhaps, or just with Sonic's face on it without Eggman, Tails etc. it would keep things balanced. I wouldn't complain.
  10. On second thought, looking at them again, the vehicles are kind of growing on me, honestly, yeah I like them, they've got personality, it's just those Team Rose cars that are soulless and bland, I don't like Amy's and the Chao's, but Big's one is actually nice looking.
  11. Drifting Jack

    Sonic Forces Final DLC - What is it?

    What is Zavok doing in this screenshot taken from the Dev Diary of Mania Plus?
  12. I want to buy my friend's kids a Sonic game as a gift, should I buy them Mania or Forces? I'm leaning towards Forces, it's more simple for some 4 years old, more straightforward, Mania is more complex and for long time fans.

    1. Drifting Jack

      Drifting Jack

      Mania Plus costs less though, I may go for that...

    2. The Loudest Loud

      The Loudest Loud

      Mania Plus will ultimately be the better game objectively but seeing as they're kids they might well be perfectly captivated by the custom avatar and its weapons along with the crazy speeds of Modern Sonic (we're used to it by now but for non-Sonic players the speed is unlike anything else).

      It's a tricky one at that age honestly, maybe try and see what kind of games they're usually playing and that'll help you gauge their abilities. Even Forces has a couple of trickier areas.


    3. JezMM


      Honestly I'd love to say Mania if the team hadn't insisted on the dated-ass lives/game over/save system.  If Plus gets with the times and adds some mercy features for inexperienced players, I'd say that.  Otherwise they'll probably have more fun with Forces thanks to it's Easy mode, infinite lives system, voiced dialogue and getting to make their own character.

      Once they're comfortable with Forces, you could always introduce them to Mania if they enjoy the Classic Sonic levels.  Funnily enough that was exactly the developer's intent for Classic in Forces - it was to promote classic Sonic to kids and modern fans, not the other way round, lol.


      EDIT: Granted the only catch here is that Forces IS rated above their age range due to it's more dramatic war themes.  I'd check that with the parents first.

      I think the ideal first Sonic game for a 4 year old would be Sonic Colours, if only it had Forces' more forgiving (lack of) lives system.

    4. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      For someone who is 4 years old, hmm... I was a barely functional person at that point in life.

      I go for a different recommendation and that's one of the mobile Sonic games. Something like one of the Sonic Dash games to start of with because you are mainly just swiping left and right with the odd slide up and down for good measure. Then if they like the Dash games (including Forces Speed Battle), then they might like Forces even though it is much harder to control in comparison. If you want to buy a mobile game, there's Sonic 1 and 2. If they like that, get them Mania. The classics have the D-Pad to control and nearly every button is jump in terms of controls.

      Both Mania and Forces might be a bit difficult to play at that stage and then depending how developed the person is, they might end up breaking the disc/cartridge anyway... When they get a bit older like a year or two from now, then its up to you really.

    5. JezMM


      ^ I think you're grossly misunderestimating the intelligence and capabilities of a 4 year old lol.  That's the age I started playing video games, and honestly 2-3 years old is a reasonable point to start with (supervised) play on video games fully designed with being first games in mind (simple educational games etc).  Kids pretty much start acting like little people from around the time they can walk.

      As said, my first game was at 4 - Super Mario Bros. 2 specifically for me.  Granted it for sure took me months upon months of play before I could even scrape through World 1 on my own, but everyone's gotta start developing their motor skills somewhere.

    6. The Loudest Loud

      The Loudest Loud

      At 4 years old it'd have been 2000 for me so I was definitely playing on my own PS1 by then playing stuff like the original Spiderman game. As long as a game is consistent in its rules a kid should be able to figure it out.

      With Mania it just might mean they don't understand the full extent of the momentum gameplay for a while yet (eg jumping on slopes or badnik bouncing) but enough to get by initially, and it'll only get more and more rewarding for them to play as they discover all the little intricacies of the Classic series.

      If nothing else, get your friend to download the Sega forever Sonic 1/2 on mobile so there's no cost and see what they do with it. That should be a good indicator of how they'll handle Mania.

    7. Drifting Jack

      Drifting Jack

      Thank you for your suggestions! Yeah, Forces is about war, maybe it's not for 4 Year olds, Mania Plus costs less and it's more fun but it's harder. I don't know.

    8. Blacklightning


      I could barely make it to Flying Battery in Sonic & Knux when I was 4, but honestly I didn't give a shit cos I was having fun regardless. Sometimes I feel like people look to deep into games being "too tough" for kids but eh, to each their own.

    9. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      I'd think Forces would be better if only for the voice acting and story. Some people say they've beaten the classics at that age, but they didn't play them in the smartphone era. Something's gotta draw people towards a game and keep their attention in this day and age, especially if you're a kid that young.

      Unless they play games like Mario already. Then Mania would probably be fine.

    10. Tracker_TD


      I accidentally introduced my younger cousins to Sonic 1 on my phone when they were about 4 and 6 or so

      The end result was buying them a 2DS with Sonic 1 and 2 loaded on it because they liked playing it that much, even if they didn't get super far

    11. GentlemanX


      I really liked Sonic 1 and 2 when I was about that age, but SA2 is what got me addicted not too long after. It just depends on what they like in terms of other games and cartoons (or other stuff).

  13. So what is Zavok doing in that video? He is definitely not there in Mania Plus.
  14. Drifting Jack

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    I agree that Sonic should not get a special treatment, Echo Fighters allow for more playable characters after all, it's why we are considering Shadow in the first place. Plus the ballot confirmed that there is demand for more Sonic characters than any other Third Party series. It's possible they have listened. With that said, the article mentions that there are semi Echo Fighters, I think and hope that's where Shadow fits. My moveset for Shadow: Standard Special: Homing attack - Shadow style (yellow aura, some teleportation to the point where he attacks enemies) Down Special: Spin Dash (red or yellow aura, same as Sonic) Side Special: Shadow Kick/Chaos Spear (throws a lightning or kicks using Chaos Powers) Up Special: Chaos Control (same as Farore's Wind) Final Smash: Super Shadow (same as Super Sonic)

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