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  1. I bet Tails is saving Wade, someone mentioned Wade says "thank you".
  2. Ironically this sequel looks to have a lot more Green Hills town instead of less... not sure how I feel about that, I want them to explore other things, it needs to be well balanced between Green Hills and fantastic worlds IMO. Dunno about the rest of Earth though. Anyways, great that the hero town is still in and rolling. Maybe it's just a bigger and longer sequel in general? This is the feeling I'm having.
  3. To be honest, again... Sonic is not Marvel, it's one in a million cases probably of success as a big universe, I don't know but I don't think over-expanding Sonic movie franchise will make it better or more profitable, just... bigger.
  4. By the way... Yes --- that infamous tweet where Sonic Official said reveals would not happen last April and would get postponed until things are okay is exactly 1 year old. 

    And yeah Sonic PR keeps its promises...

  5. I'm not sure to be honest... about SEGA IPs. Yeah they are not popular, but didn't Paramount use that SEGA logo with various franchises? You never know, it's possible to create a cinematic universe with other worlds. Mean Bean is definitely just an easter egg, don't look too much into it. And I still don't want them to exaggerate in terms of amount of Sonic movies. I think a trilogy is enough... I'm just scared they might ruin it eventually.

    So this is in the movie sequel now

    1. Jango


      I understood that reference

    2. Polkadi~☆


      I don't accept it unless the Barrister's name is Arle Nadja (or just Arle).

    3. Azure Blue Tori

      Azure Blue Tori

      I almost didn't recognize the reference because that font is so common. Turns out in real life, there's a Mean Bean Coffee Roasters (coffee with attitude) in Galena, Illinois, and a Mean Bean Coffee Co. in Waterford, New York.

  7. It's the same Green Hills in the story I assume, just a different filming location. I wonder why the change... maybe covid impacted it? Still great that they are not ditching the hero town after all!
  8. "Sonic Leak" is #1 trending topic in SonicFandom.meh as usual.

    No, for real why do we talk about these "leaks"? We really are in a drought if we keep having these samey discussions.

    1. Thigolf


      I mean, what do you expect to be trending? "Sonic reveal" or "Sonic announcements" when there aren't any?

  9. Did anyone post the filming locations list on IMDB? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt12412888/locations It says Green Hills is still in the movie, although there are likely various mistakes, it says Ladysmith is present as Emerald Hill too, which I'm not sure considering they said Ladysmith would not be a location in 2. Other interesting things are the "airport" locations... cough Tails and the Tornado scenes cough. Also interesting that we have spotted Carrey on set even via indirect info, finally! I mean it was obvious but I was still skeptical until the interview from a few days ago with the writers, who also talked about talking to Jim Carrey for sequel plans. So yeah, he is filming. As it has been said I think the snowy mountain scenes may not be Ice Cap but likely a new thing from Earth as the movie is likely set during Christmas as hinted by Robotnik at the end of the first one.
  10. There will never be "every single character as playable", no scratch that, not even many, it's what brought us to Sonic only in the first place. Maybe in spin-offs and mobile games though? We have already seen that. Heck, Sonic Forces was a cluster just with 3 gameplay styles that were Sonic-y. I hate playing ONLY as Sonic, but yeah keep it to the essential or what makes sense, for example I don't see playable Shadow in a game like Colors, but Tails? Sure!
  11. "There must be something" is pure speculation on my part based on the name Ultimate and the fact that it's big enough to warrant a limited edition with gadgets Well, Zippo said there is "some extra content", should not be too much, but I assume this is his assumption too.
  12. Remasters and ports or collections may be all we are getting this year, not for the whole anniversary, if we are to believe Zippo, this is just the appetizer while they work on the big stuff. But due to the world's situation, they may have postponed everything so that these old games are the only thing for 2021. On the topic of more content, what would you have? If they were to get all the side cast for missions like the DS version, and even the secret final boss, how would that work for the story and voice acting? Roger left, Kate Higgins has left as Tails for a long time, so how would they add more? Re-dub or something? Replacing Roger would be really sad considering this was his first game, unless he already recorded lines for more content. Or there is not more story content, there must be something though because the leaked name was Sonic Colors Ultimate.
  13. Besides Lost World being more enjoyable, unique and polished than Forces, I even prefer the Deadly Six over Infinite. It's not just that Sega actually uses them as recurring villians, something the series needs, they are their own thing separated from Eggman, and IMO that needs to stick. Each of them has 1 personality trait but it's still more than Infinite's anime knock off, genericly dark antagonist, with an usual Sonic design, the Zeti meanwhile have diverse tropes, humor potential at least, different designs with various shapes, cool powers that fit into robot territory. Zavok may be a Bowser ripoff but he is still more cruel, smarter and a leader than Infinite. They just come off as cheap, lame, unfunny and offensive, dumb, because they debuted in the worst written Sonic game.

    1. E-122-Psi


      I have to agree with this really. I definitely understand the complaints that the Deadly Six are undercooked as hell, but in terms of their basic role, they have all the potential to be used right.

      I also love that we finally have a secondary villain and they're just as comical and whimsical as Eggman. I think it's refreshing over the usual blatantly more menacing and serious anime type monster that has to be killed off in their first game, I like having a rival for Eggman that is just as fallible as he is, and actually has to be opportunistic to usurp him as main bad guy, even if they still have the potential to be even bigger a menace that he is, they need to fight against their own weaknesses to achieve that. Even the idea of Zavok and co begrudgingly allying with Eggman if it served their purpose in TSR would make sense if they gave it SOME level of substance.

      Maybe it's because, since the Quark episode of AoSth, I love the idea of Eggman having a rival bad guy that's still as comical as he is. Just seeing them bungle and clash egos rather than one blatantly outclassing the other as a 'true' villain.

  14. What if they bring back Generations and add a zone with Big finally in it? Big was supposed to be in the game, his voice actor was credited in the final product.

    1. The Master

      The Master

      I forgot Kyle Hebert was in the credits, that gave me hope back in the day...

    2. Postmodern Sonic

      Postmodern Sonic

      They should make it a Secret Rings stage since he had cameos in that game like in SA2.

  15. For what it's worth I think the filler parts of Colors, arguably the most disliked stuff of that game is a bit better than Forces main stages. Even in level design, they are more fun although still simple. It's definitely not a high bar, I know. Anyway, Zippo's leaks: https://zippospeaks.blogspot.com/2021/02/sonics-30th-anniversary-and-what-to.html It's edited, not sure when but likely yesterday, I think? If true, I really want Generations too, and extra content in general, otherwise I'm not too motivated to replay these. And I'll be buying them as a collection hopefully.
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