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  1. Zippo, the way he talks, he always sounds like he heard a little bit of info, and speculates a good amount of the rest basing himself on what was revealed like the name Sonic Studio at SoA. So a bit of info and a lot of speculation.
  2. I respect people asking to have their favorite characters back, I just think this one is a lost battle already. Due to rights, Sega, characters having aged and not reflecting the series anymore. I guess I am a boomer but I see it as being focused on the past instead of enjoying what's now in the series. I get it there are people who grew up with SatAM and Sonic X and Sonic Boom, I grew up with X, people are free to support the forgotten characters, I just find it more productive to create fan works and post it on socials so Sega sees the passion and who knows maybe one day they will be back. I definitely want to stick (pun intended) to enjoy what is in the series now. I was an Archie fan too, I am loving IDW now. Point is, I can't force people to stop supporting the extended cast. I loved it too. It's a suggestion, guys you can always not listen, but I am free of saying it.
  3. I am definitely not trying to represent anyone, or imposing anything, it's a suggestion, feel free to ignore it. Another suggestion I usually give is not to forget the characters, but to keep them alive in fan works, it is honestly the most ideal way of showing them support to Sega.
  4. Okay, what I think about this: Tom and Maddie are yeah his de facto parents, adoptive. But because Sonic is still a kid in the movie, he will grow up eventually, so yeah Tom and Maddie aren't gonna be around forever. Jim Carrey will also want to leave and I'm not sure how to handle an Eggman exit and continue without him. He's too important. So I'd say stop at 3. Then do spin-offs? Maybe they could do Eggman Nega or a son/daughter.
  5. Tyson is angry in general, it seems. Meh, I mean he is a talented dude, just tired of his "grumpy" attitude in his posts. As for Sonic 1 + 2 remasters in the collection, if this is possible, I don't see why not? It's more content, and we never had those outside of mobile as it has been said, so why not? I would play them.
  6. She is very divisive, some people hate her because of her high pitch and annoying voice and running gag. I personally loved her, she's more interesting than any of the other retired characters from other continuities, including Sally, sadly she wasn't used much in the cartoon outside of her gags, but that is a problem within Boom the show, which did nothing with her. She has just so much potential and she was used like crap. For example she really rules in the crossover Worlds Unite from the Archie comics, in the comics in general. I was really happy to play as her in Fire and Ice, Mario & Sonic Rio, and Sonic Runners, also in Sonic Dash 2. I do believe she has a lot of potential because: - Being paranoid makes her understand and uncover secrets and villainous plots. - She is an expert survivalist having lived in the jungle. - She would be a Chaos Emerald hunter as she loves shiny gems. - She is a cynical anti-hero, not being too heroic and positive but not evil either - Has a really cool dynamic with Tails because she hates technology, and with Amy who tries to civilize her. - As for backstory, she always lived in the jungle alone since she was little, which means she was probably abandoned as a baby. It's such an interesting character who was wasted. Too bad SEGA sees Boom as a fiasco and refuses to acknowledge her, she is basically in the same boat as Sally and Cosmo now, long forgotten and buried. I'm okay with this now because some time has passed so yeah, I've given up on her returning. IMO Sally/Cosmo/etc. fans should do the same as SEGA has no plans to reintroduce these characters, just let them go, their time is sadly gone, no need to harass SEGA PR and other people on twitter. But there are creative ways to keep them alive in fanon, like fan art, fan comics, videos, fan fiction, etc. I really support that.
  7. If anything, yeah this movie... I don't want to say too early because I could be wrong, but it could be more popular than the first one, because it's more Sonic-y, has more elements of the franchise, more accurate, the other thing is that the first one was widely acclaimed, even people who didn't watch at theatres probably saw the reviews and people being happy about it, watched it later so everybody more or less enjoyed it, it's good news for the sequel, it means a lot of people will be watching. Plus there is already a lot of buzz which is always great, I can't imagine when we will get trailers and promotion. Consider the first one barely got attention during filming. The whole movie situation has really turned around for now. But we will see how the buzz goes when we get later to the release. As for future movies... I pray they stop at 3, because I assume that is when Jim Carrey's contract ends and I don't want to see Sonic movies without Eggman, I really don't, so spin-offs would be ideal, maybe Jim Carrey would be even willing to do that rumored Robotnik spin-off? Who knows, if he's the main star, you know he'll do it. Eggman and Shadow are the best candidates who could hold their own spin-offs.
  8. I don't think it's gonna be an actual issue with Sonic 2. The writers already stated they don't want to add too much because they want to keep doing focused movies, the producers also wanted to cut costs and not make a very expensive movie, they found a way not to make it expensive, also one CGI character got cut and maybe reserved for movie 3. So yeah, it's not gonna be expensive, which automatically means it doesn't have to gross too much like Detective Pikachu. With DP most likely they went overload with CGI characters and budget, so the movie still grossed okay but not enough for a sequel. I have faith we will get a good movie and that it will be successful enough to at least conclude the movie saga with Sonic 3.
  9. Remember when this was the only Sonic live action film?


  10. There is certainly a lot of action, it seems, including chases and fight scenes, I like it! Obviously there will be more emotions and heartwarming moments, I don't doubt that. Hopefully it's another balanced movie, but with a bit more action perhaps. About Knuckles... I don't think this was that big of a secret or spoiler, was it? It was reported a lot of times, now just 100% confirmed, those who don't follow bts or aren't Sonic fans will likely not know until they watch the trailer or watch the actual movie. Although Sonic fans... yes, they were spoiled the surprise already, because it's been reported by Tails Channel and TSS, and even DiscussingFilm. But as I said, I really doubt it's a surprise within the movie, I think Knuckles will feature largely as a rival and then ally with Sonic at the end, there will be other major spoilers and this is definitely not one of them. The design: really really good and balanced, it's bulky but not too much, these designs like Sonic's blue arms and Knuckles' bulk are definitely a bit inspired by Boom but just less drastic changes, more balanced, as I said. The nike symbol will probably be fur as CGI, not worried about that. What I didn't like about Boom Knuckles design was not so much the bulkyness but the dumb face and attitude, that I hope they fix here, that they write him better than in Boom. So, with all this filming, I'm trying to guess the plot for the movie, spoiler tag in case people want the surprise:
  11. It's gotta be red with CGI, no way there is no red in there after that was his color for half of last movie.
  12. Loving the suit and look of Eggman, plus Carrey nails the attitude and gestures, but yeah I guess there might be a ladder and he's getting taken by a helicopter, same as Agent Stone. So... is Eggman behind GUN? I'm not sure, I thought the government was quitting with Robotnik after the first movie, but he's clearly the head of GUN in my opinion, I know it makes little sense but maybe they don't want badniks and prefer realistic weapons? Kinda sucks if true. Just throwing theories here.
  13. Shadow can fit because he's tied to Earth and GUN. Since this is live-action set on Earth, yeah he fits, they just need to adapt the story. But no, if Knuckles is really here like reports say, maybe Shadow could be just the cliffhanger and will be featured in 3. Tails and Knuckles in 2, Shadow in 3. I'm sticking with that and hopefully it's what they do.
  14. Yeah no, they ain't following the games in a chronological order or a faithful manner, it's a loose adaptation, I think. Emerald Hill so far is the codename AND the name of one of the towns, the one they filmed in Vancouver. I just believe it's an hint to emeralds appearing, and it's not too out there as an assumption either. As for Shadow's backstory: I wouldn't expect them to do Gerard, Maria, I'm not sure... it was too tragic and overly dark for a backstory, plus Shadow looking like Sonic 50 years before Sonic existed, I know about the Hidden Palace mural Gerard saw because he studied echidna culture, but that kind of lore I'm not expecting the writers to follow, so IMO the backstory will be Shadow being GUN's answer to Sonic, their own Metal Sonic to protect Earth?
  15. It's too early for Shadow and Rouge I agree. By the way, I want to speculate some of the plot here: - Sonic gets attacked by the military again? Green Hills under siege by the government? - Also, pointing out the title for the movie and hints: "Emerald Hill". What's the deal with that? From filming it looks like another town, but IMO it hints at the presence of emerald(s) in the sequel.
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