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  1. Yeah there is probably gonna be a miniseries on the road to issue 50. Tbh I am looking forward to this camping adventure because I am getting tired of the usual villains and conflicts. I just hope there are entertaining dynamics.
  2. I thought this issue was mostly lame and dull, to be honest, I get that these characters are supposed to be the big focus in "season 3" but it definitely feels repetitive, and do we really need filler at this point? After last arc was spent on 3 action issues leading to Belle's obvious revelation, this feels like more waiting, I kinda want more interesting stuff to happen. And yeah the "conflict after conflict" also gets boring quickly, I am so ready for the girls camping adventure lol, at least there will be fun interactions and something different, but I am also kinda bored of waiting for the next arc because the current one gets boring very soon. Idk but quality has definitely dropped since the Metal Virus season, it's hard to write consistently good books I guess but, just give me more variety in storytelling and cast.
  3. Honestly has this ever been different in the Sonic franchise?
  4. I really like how Star Wars the Bad Batch acts like a 


    spin-off to Clone Wars (season 7 in particular) and prequel to Rebels. I loved seeing Hera, Rex, Cad Bane, Fenrec and all the guests, yeah maybe it's a small galaxy but who cares, it's all connected and I like how Star Wars has become a franchise, same for the appearances from the animated shows characters in Mandalorian season 2. 


  5. How would you handle the roster in a future Sonic racing game? Sonic fans demand more of the Sonic cast including obscure cuts, old school SEGA fans demand the presence of crossover SEGA franchises. I am of the opinion of having a Riders-esque roster would be cool, like MK8D as well, most of it being Sonic and a handful of SEGA reps like 6. Whatever (and whenever the next racing title is) it is gonna be fans won't be pleased unless it's a mobile game or SRB2Kart v2 which is gonna include basically everyone.

    1. Thigolf


      The way ASRT did it with Sonic obviously getting a bigger cut than most franchises because of how popular it is but not overbearingly so

      Sega's game and franchise line-up is too big, varied and interesting to pick 6 characters of their entire portfolio and call it a day. There are still plenty of franchises and characters to tap into that even the first ASR didn't, they should embrace it instead of limiting themselves or stopping entirely like they did with TSR.

    2. Wraith


      Take ASR and add more characters from modern titles like Bayonetta, Kiryu and Persona

    3. JezMM


      Unless you have a massive budget, I don't think there's any way to realistically please both those who want a deeper Sonic representation than what TSR got and those who want a follow-up to ASRT.

    4. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Kart racers should be the Sega equivalent to Smash Bros.

      Sonic-only cast should be reserved for the Riders series, which desperately needs a sequel that does the original justice

    5. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      I have absolutely no care or interest is any of Sega's IPs that aren't Sonic aside from maybe NiGHTS solely for the character itself, so I'd just make it a lot of Sonic characters across the multiverse.

    6. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      Kart racers should be the Sega equivalent to Smash Bros.

      Sonic-only cast should be reserved for the R series, which desperately needs a sequel that does the original justice

    7. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Its impossible to do Sonic R justice, it's already perfect

  6. I don't think it was explicitly said the artbook is the only new feature included, just in the boxart. Still, worth hoping.
  7. I'm actually hype for this lol, more than Colors Ultimate, it's a good game, it's obviously not just a good music album, and it deserves so much better in terms of online crowd and content. Please SEGA give it a chance to shine! I'm secretly hoping for Tangle & Whisper but it is likely just a couple of Classic characters and Green Hill tracks lol, don't screw it up SEGA.
  8. I like it but it's just the first spotlight? What else is exactly to focus on? I know there was online play feature leaked somewhere, and they haven't talked about that, so... plus, they aren't showing GameLand yet. I'm also hoping for some sort of surprise. It's not what I dreamed of in terms of new content, but I like these changes, yeah even Tails Save and Jade Ghost which are made for newcomers, it makes sorta sense, and the game actually looks good now, I'll take it. Still, not buying it on Switch, not EVER. But that Metal Sonic model is kind of lazy lol
  9. So I wonder what the logic is behind the final character. If it's gonna be a hype monster saved for last or "what Nintendo manages to get". The latter? Still, it's the very final character.
  10. If there was a stunt and he has scenes in the Hawaii environment, he might have filmed those via green screen. It's possible.
  11. I'm excited for Sonic Prime more than the movie sequel, they are polar opposites but I have to say, the movie at least is establishing Sonic and its concepts, elements and cast, Prime on the other hand will look absolutely confusing by introducing a lot of these doppelgangers and a lot of new ideas, so I really hope we spend the first batch of episodes in the Prime dimension to establish that first, or it will be a nightmare for regular viewers who are new to Sonic.

    1. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      An introductory episode that's just a "standard Eggman plot" could be good, yeah.

      Eggman does a typical world domination scheme, Sonic and the gang thwart it, establishing the main heroes and villains before we get into crazy multiverse/time-travel shenanigans.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I think the first episode will probably result in the "shatterverse" being created, likely as a result of something that Sonic does. The universe gets shattered, it's his fault and that's what sets up the entire premise of the show. The official synopsis says this:

      "Sonic’s adventure is about more than a race to save the universe, it’s a journey of self-discovery and redemption."

      After that, the series will probably just continue as normal. Whilst there's clearly an overarching plot, it's not yet clear if the series will have a narrative that continues from episode to episode or if the each episode will be relatively standalone.

  12. An heroic Kintobor/Robotnik was also in Archie. I do like these ideas and the idea of "homaging" Sticks through this tribal Amy if we want to look at it in this way, it's cool. I also like how all of these alternate characters are basically in different ages, like NineTails is an adult kitsune, and the Eggmen obviously. And of course Sonic's gloves/shoes different all the time, which I imagine will be his inter-dimensional gateway. A "dark" Sonic story can be written well if not done in an edgy way, you guys know my opinion, IDW does it best, even though some of the Metal Virus issues were a bit too depressing for me. Not sure what the format is, I'd rather spend time with these ideas and concepts, instead of one episode. I honestly like the comic format of 4 issues, so four episodes, a graphic novel format yes, Star Wars: the Clone Wars did it too in animation and it works fine. I don't want them to introduce too much stuff and then abandon it immediately with no focus or exploration on the story, it's like Boom or comedic cartoons having 11 minutes plots and then a new story immediately next ep, it's basically the same. So either they come back later in the story or we spend actual time in each of these dimensions. I'm not saying I want NineTails or SticksAmy as main versions of them in this show but still, have them in more than 1 episode?
  13. I want it but I'd rather play it on Switch than PC, and apparently the Switch version DLC is very unpolished or something like that, my usual luck...
  14. Yeah a spin-off would make the world feel bigger and more lively. If there are more miniseries... maybe one shots should replace those instead, it worked well for the Classic one. I also want them to explore the game cast more, as you see... I like IDW being game-centric, so as much as I loved Tangle & Whisper and Bad Guys I want more game characters to have that spot. Four issues arcs work for the volumes... I guess? I think that non-super-fans of the comic should just buy the volumes anyway, that way they can read the whole arc at once, instead of waiting 4 months, it's the best formula and I've seen a lot of people following that, it's like standard TV VS Netflix format. Anyway, I do like that they are branching out and trying out new formulas outside of the 4 issues, it gets tiring, it's ok we had non climax arcs, "filler" if you want, slice of life or whatever stories, now it's building up, so I really don't mind how "season 3" is going. I'm also not blind to the problems the book has (Shadow, too many conflicts/climax, Test Run arc, mandates, etc.) as you see. This new story arc that builds up from the girls camping to the "epic showdown" mentioned in the description has me intrigued, also they did move away very quickly from the "Sonic & 1 friend on a mission" trope, at least that repetitiveness is not a problem anymore, I am liking how each arc has its quite focused cast.
  15. Depends for me, if they manage to make Classic feel unique enough and different than Modern, then a Classic book is justified, it has enough charm for me for now but I am not sure I would follow a rather long ongoing run (probably yes, given how much an IDW fanboy I am), but yeah I'd rather have a Universe-esque book. Again, I'm like super biased, but I liked everything in "season 3" except for Test Run which I thought was a pointless test, rather empty and slow paced. Chao Races arc had a lot of cool plots that made it a full and fun experience, including the Shadow stuff which was arguably the best (or least bad) in his IDW run so far, Belle of course... I want to see her more fleshed out but also take part to more adventures, Starline as big bad (I still need to see his backstory by the way! I demand it!), Zavok doing villain speeches, and a lot more Tails, who was surprisingly not much seen in the first 2 seasons, not as much as I would think. Sonic and Amy were also top written. The new issue was also great and of course this Classic one shot which was somehow different from Mega Drive, not a repeat, but I kinda wanted So I would say a good month with a solid run of comics, a lot better than what we got in the previous months, which was basically nothing lol, 3 issues of action with no plot and a small focused cast. Also, the newest solicit: I like it, I'm a bit perplexed that Whisper is the new Shadow, she only shows up in a big conflict, but yeah I like the girls camping and Amy reading her tarot cards again, I'm all for this fun adventure!
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