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  1. Sonic Forces is certainly full of fanservice done wrong. But the "grant wishes" words from Iizuka are misquoted. I remember he said that in 2019 when talking about future games for the anniversary. Our wishes are being granted in the next game?
  2. I hate Sonic Omens


    Because I can't play it, the menu screen doesn't load the stage when I click with mouse or keyboard)


  3. Yeah, I agree actually, I apologize for having been "annoyed/frustrated", besides the fact that I understand SEGA's situation right now, I also still expect them to release a couple of things this year, and even announce some of the stuff coming in 2022. Don't go in panic mode.
  4. They are often scared of fans and critics reaction, like, highly and easily terrified. IMO they are just holding their stuff until most of the work is done, taking their time as requested, it's not like Sonic is having an awful commercial period right now, maybe they just don't want to ruin it. Or, they are afraid that not much is coming this year and that will officially turn people off, not sure... they can always announce stuff that is coming in 2022 as well.
  5. Now this is just a mobile update after 4-5 years. But it does make me doubt Boom is 100% dead. I wonder, I always like to speculate but what if
  6. There you go, news no one expected!

  7. I'm really really looking forward to Prime and Movie2. Not looking forward to the release of the games next year, it's just too much Sonic in the span of few months, and dust for the other years, it's sadly exactly what I was afraid of. And this is the covid world eh.
  8. I doubt comic book is specialized in video games, so I wouldn't take it seriously. But the leaker's name is "Eclipse" on twitter apparently. Never heard of them. It says a remaster and a spin-off on Switch. Plus Zelda remasters (Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask!) Edit: They said he leaked Diamond/Pearl remakes and their chibi style.
  9. I hope so. I know a lot of people love that game, I do too, it's the only game where we can race online with a bunch of characters including some obscure ones, They better keep it alive, yeah. I wouldn't be surprised honestly, after the did the tie-in with the movie, they could just turn it into Sonic Dash Racing or something, or connect it to the next game.
  10. https://zippospeaks.blogspot.com/2021/04/some-interesting-things-are-going-on.html?m=1 Zippo made a new post on his blog. In short: it says SEGA Press site was updated behind the scenes with duplicates of some mobile games, for rebranding reasons, and they were put into a directory that is not seen anywhere on the site, it's a new one numbered 179, it's completely new and these mobile games will be there in addition to (probably) whatever is gonna be announced, presumably soon? This is also basically speculation based on this small update but he says the common tag for these rebranded mobile games was "Sonic 30th anniversary". It doesn't mean much, just that we are slowly moving towards possible news.
  11. So if Zippo can make highly detailed speculations, so should we, I mean, why not? Here is my general idea of what we're getting, based on mere assumptions of course, going from leaked stuff to basic common sense. > Sonic Colors Ultimate: It makes sense that it is its own thing, a big project maybe? Considering there is apparently a limited edition to it, I don't think there is a collection, I genuinely don't because this sounds like a standalone project. What I would like in it? The name "Ultimate" implies more content, I would keep the base game intact, maybe only the acts should be longer and merged into 3 max, instead of 6. I would like to see GameLand remade, in a Generations style fashion, with more assets and graphics from older iconic Sonic zones, not necessarily Green Hill but you know it's gonna happen, among others. Then I would like a new mini-story featuring Sonic and Tails, both playable maybe in a co-op or via different stages, a new grand zone, a bit harder to play since Colors is very easy. This new zone/story would include the DS wisps like Burst and Void, plus it would end with Nega Mother Wisp boss vs Super Sonic, of course. I would also include Online play for GameLand. > Sonic Generations Deluxe (or whatever the name is): Unlike Colors, this game was for a lot of consoles, but it's still a bit old and dated now, it's not on current consoles, so yes, another remaster is possible, after all the url address for Sonic Colors Ultimate said "Sonic Generations", they are both really liked games and it makes sense to re-release them now, they would be sold separately IMO, and there could be a bundle with both of them. Content... I would say a new zone or maybe a new era, with the 3DS zones, Casino Night would be a full fledged zone like on 3DS and not like the pinball DLC minigame, with Ray as a cameo, Mushroom Hill with ??? as a cameo, and Emerald Coast with Big as a cameo character (he was planned for Generations but scrapped, his voice actor was credited). Maybe let us play as 2 more characters in the game, I would pick Mighty for Classic stages, and Metal Sonic OR Shadow for Modern stages, Metal Sonic is a better choice because his modern self is strangely absent from the game. > Sonic 1 + Sonic 2 remastered versions: the ones from mobile devices, but this time on PC and consoles, simply that. I don't think there will be any collection, and it wouldn't make much sense to have these classics bought along with Colors and Generations Also Unleashed gets ignored, sadly, but I can see them doing that because the game wasn't that well received, I would like to try it eventually, I never played it outside of the Wii version, but okay, if they did re-release it, I assume they might include the DLC from the original version, with no new content because that was enough. But with Colors called "Ultimate" maybe SEGA will think that is enough, so I doubt Unleashed will get remastered too. New Mario & Sonic Winter Olympic Games? No idea, I can see them scrapping them altogether for 2 reasons: - There are currently no real life Olympics, who knows until when they will get delayed. - They pretty much have done everything they could with this series, they don't even sell that much anymore. People lost interest in this series because they want a proper Mario/Sonic crossover with no Olympic middle ground. A 2D game? Who knows, could happen but I don't see any evidence in this, but if it's an external project not developed by SEGA directly... not sure, I could see it, but there is literally no evidence for this. Now, for the Main course... > 3D Sonic game (big one): it is in development and you know it, whenever it releases... when it's ready, I don't care honestly, I just want something this year, if this one is not ready, then have it release later. But it does exist, of course it does, Iizuka confirmed they started development of a new game in 2019. Don't worry, we are getting a big game eventually. My personal assumption is it will be not boost styled at least. Boost is not the focus anymore, no one liked in Forces and SEGA is very reactive and scared of fan feedback. The Avatar and Classic Sonic will not be back, probably, because everyone especially hated Classic Sonic in Forces, and critiqued the idea of them being playable instead of the Modern cast like Tails/Knuckles/etc. so I would expect those playable here instead. If the boost returns it will be as an unlockable move, I think. Not as a main gameplay gimmick that designs the stages by itself basically. If IDW and Prime are of any indication for the story, we might get a more serious tone and a more story-heavy game. What else? I would definitely not rule out 2D sections in this game. Chao Gardens will be back, easy to guess after all the promotion Chao got recently. So maybe more Adventure elements in general but I would not call it an "Adventure sequel/remake/SA3" or even "Adventure-something". It's a new game inspired by Adventure maybe? Spin-offs: > TSR sequel/a new Sonic Racing: Okay my take on this: TSR sold very well, not as much as the competition like CTR remake but well, so SEGA will definitely want to cash on that. IMO the team gimmick was cool but it's not something you want to overdo forever, it may be back but not as a focus, I would personally rather have a solo racing experience first, less limited by team gameplay, and then you can bring back the team mechanics too as additional mode. Plus, remember fans really wanted more content in TSR because it was tame and low budget, there wasn't much, DLC didn't happen. What better way of having more content? A sequel or brand new racing game, of course! So, what do we add here? Since SEGA is so scared and reactive (which I already said but I repeat) of fan and critics reaction, maybe the feedback will lead us to where a sequel might be going. I think... Sonic fans wanted more obscure characters in it, SEGA fans wanted their SEGA content, at least a bit. So the ideal would be? Both! A Sonic game with a full Sonic Roster plus some SEGA content, think of it like Riders. So my take is add to the TSR roster, Cream who was the most requested, Espio and Charmy hopefully, Jet and Wave for Riders reference, Tangle and Whisper because they are super popular, Zazz because why not another villain (he's recurring by the way). I would love if they did Classic skins for the six retro characters, you could play as both the Classic and Modern version, it's a spinoff so it would be harmless to have both modern and classic characters, heck I would add Mighty and Ray and even Fang. As for SEGA cast, not much, you know, they actually aren't really relevant, so I would keep those who got new games recently or are still beloved: AiAi, Joker, Beat, Arle, Alex Kidd and NiGHTS (who apparently was also supposed to get a new game, not sure what happened with that trademark). We also need more tracks, 16 new ones shouldn't be too much of a stretch, plus 16 old ones from ASR and TSR combined, they can bring back some of the old SEGA tracks if they include SEGA characters. And that's it. That is the game content I believe we may get in the future, between 2021 and 2022 probably. I say this because SEGA will cash - actually screw that, they better cash in on the movies popularity, so now is the perfect time to release a lot of new games. Sonic is very hot and popular right now. I wasn't sure if this warranted its own topic or not, so if mods want it merged with the 30th predictions, just do it, I thought it was very long so I didn't want to take the whole page and made a new one entirely.
  12. Knuckles looks like Eddard Stark from Game of Thrones after getting beheaded and put on a pike.
  13. Zippo, the way he talks, he always sounds like he heard a little bit of info, and speculates a good amount of the rest basing himself on what was revealed like the name Sonic Studio at SoA. So a bit of info and a lot of speculation.
  14. I respect people asking to have their favorite characters back, I just think this one is a lost battle already. Due to rights, Sega, characters having aged and not reflecting the series anymore. I guess I am a boomer but I see it as being focused on the past instead of enjoying what's now in the series. I get it there are people who grew up with SatAM and Sonic X and Sonic Boom, I grew up with X, people are free to support the forgotten characters, I just find it more productive to create fan works and post it on socials so Sega sees the passion and who knows maybe one day they will be back. I definitely want to stick (pun intended) to enjoy what is in the series now. I was an Archie fan too, I am loving IDW now. Point is, I can't force people to stop supporting the extended cast. I loved it too. It's a suggestion, guys you can always not listen, but I am free of saying it.
  15. I am definitely not trying to represent anyone, or imposing anything, it's a suggestion, feel free to ignore it. Another suggestion I usually give is not to forget the characters, but to keep them alive in fan works, it is honestly the most ideal way of showing them support to Sega.
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