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  1. Colors Ultimate PS4 is currently #1 best seller on Amazon US:


    1. Cosmos Rogue

      Cosmos Rogue

      Colors no longer being exclusive to generations old hardware is going to be a very good thing for the series' popularity.

    2. VisionaryofSUPER


      Technically the Switch version is the best seller. But it's the best seller on all the consoles.

  2. Boost or not, it's something built upon that, an evolution maybe that makes him spin into hyperspace, I'm all for it, I know I said I didn't want it in any more games but if its twisted, why not? The reason I'm still wondering if it's an actual old styled boost is because the leak mentions Unleashed/Generations style stages, but again, that could be just a way of meaning traditional zones and acts.
  3. I'm still thinking about the Tails controversy... man I want him playable so bad, I am starting to doubt it though. Definitely not an icon, it's just weird that he has a life icon and he's not playable, it feels like being trolled at this point. Maybe I'm overreacting because of disappointment. Anyway, still excited because Colors is a good game in my book, new features and enhancements should make this super worth it. I just want to hear more about the new features. Edit: Although I noticed Tails' life icon does NOT replace lives, there is 1 life in the counter on the screenshots. I read the tumblr thing too, it was just speculation on a possible new feature. So...which is it?
  4. After what we saw in TSR customization and even Colors Ultimate, the way they do it now it seems they ditched your own avatar for customizable Sonic and canon characters, which is basically the most ideal option. I don't know if this feature is in the game but it would absolutely fit with the idea of open world and freedom. Also yes, as we said the open world would be like a giant adventure field with zones in it, another perfect idea. Another cool thing that needs to appear is obviously day/night changes and weather changes otherwise what kind of open world is it? It just sounds too good to be true.
  5. Idk, I liked that in Super Sonic mode you basically played classic mode without wisps. As for Tails, it sucks but makes sense with the screenshots, anyway still fucking sucks because I got my hopes up and this is a lame feature.
  6. The nice thing about this one is it's got something for everyone, I'm assuming, open world and exploration, puzzles and combat, plus traditional boost stages accessible for the overworld, which is basically a developed Adventure field? I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm glad the Generations style stages are still in, as fun as the open world is, I'd get lost wandering around, even though it's part of the appeal of these games. I like the mix. As for the setting, again I don't mind an ancient civilization, better than Green Hill or cities, which we got fed up after Unleashed, Generations and Forces, in my opinion. The other thing is cyberspace? I'm just glad we are getting new powers, new gameplay styles, and brand new environments instead of nostalgia.
  7. I hope not. Tails is not the type of character who would be a skin honestly. It's possible but idk, yes... I dunno how they would adapt the level design or how Tails' flight would fit here. In any case, nice to have him.
  8. I agree about the trailer, it sucked, as I mentioned the footage could be outdated, because that's also what it says in the press article and the TSS article, so I'm willing to hope that it's actually the case.
  9. About graphics... considering the CGI in the trailer, and the apparent ambitiousness of the project, I'm gonna assume (?) the art style will be more realistic and detailed, maybe? Yeah, we know literally nothing if not for the leaks. Although there is no reason to assume the other Sonic characters, including Eggman, or other Sonic elements will not be involved, open world or not it's still a Sonic game. Why wouldn't those things be present? The boost: I assume, again, that it's present, both for the teaser and what's been leaked.
  10. To be honest? They really did not showcase any of the new features in the trailer, everything else > Jade Wisp > Rival Rush mode against Metal Sonic > Online Play > Unlockable rewards like costumes > Playable Tails > Enhanced Graphics None of this was in the trailer, not even graphics, maybe just the costume skins. All of this we have known thanks to the further details on various websites.
  11. https://www.sonicstadium.org/2021/05/sonic-colours-ultimate-to-have-enhanced-visuals-rival-rush-mode-new-wisp-character-costumes/ This article along with the press clarifies the thing with graphics in the trailer. This along with skins as rewards, the new Wisp and if the new mode works like an expansion, then I would say it's a pretty good remaster. I'm excited now.
  12. Marza did tease a few tweets with, Night of the Werehog ghost girl, plus Sonic has pink hologram energy in the teaser. Maybe...?
  13. I think this is the best route to take if real. Open world with smaller traditional Generations boost style stages. Both into one game. Because an open world only game could feel pretty empty if done wrong...
  14. If Rival Rush mode is a new campaign a la Bowser's Fury, color me interested. I'm really hoping for some new content, considering as it has been said Colors isn't really a game with cool 3D segments.
  15. I am more interested in Colors Ultimate right now, yeah lighting sucks but it's a game I like, enhanced with a bit more stuff, I am praying for new stages in the VS Metal Sonic mode. This? See you next year I guess...
  16. Okay, so the colors in the trailer suck, but the screenshots seem nice. Any hope that the trailer uses old work in progress footage?
  17. I figured more people would get here discussing the news but I did NOT expect this kind of topics. Very interesting.
  18. I'm disappointed, but not like in the bad way, like moody angry and pissed off way, it wasn't much and I'm ready to move on and think about something else, yeah!

  19. It's fine being disappointed, I am too, however that tone of mock mixed with frustration is kinda annoying, I have to agree on that too...
  20. Idk, I was into this remaster until you guys showed off the lightning differences... sigh, I'm sorry to say that the new Wisp from TSR and VS Metal races may not be enough, oh and the costumes obviously. I dunno, they need to get it to look way nicer. I'm waiting for more details on it, but so far, not impressed yeah.
  21. First reaction to the apparent title... Sonic (does) Zap(ping)...?
  22. As we said it's early for Prime, anything else would be just minor annoucements that I believe are separate, only mobile news and collab events might be in, no animation short, no IDW, no merch, no remixes.
  23. It's fine to expect 5 good things in those 12 minutes, you know even 8-9 trailers could fit but it's a stretch. The Sonic 25th party also had 5 announcements, I'm not sure whether to expect minor things like an animated short, IDW news, a remix like they usually do at the SXSW panels or not, those could be considered minor things and not be a part of the Sonic Central. Not sure... if the stream is just major announcements (which I doubt), Hardlight and everything else may have separate posts on Twitter. So if we count 5 announcements, it lines up with what Zippo said (again lol), Colors remaster, Collection, 2D game, 3D game (?), plus Hardlight mobile update, and that is exactly 5 announcements. I would rule out a new spin-off/Mario & Sonic for now, as for IDW I at least want them to be acknowledged in the games via Tangle & Whisper.
  24. Whether people like it or not Roger is here to stay. I agree with most people in that he needs a new voice direction, I am glad they are staying at least consistent.
  25. As usual it's just the perspective after Forces, in my opinion, that causes frustration and hesitation about the hopes for the next game. That's my take, I'm biased too, I've enjoyed bar Forces every piece of media in the franchise recently. Some games have been meh yeah, but I don't think the franchise is in a bad state right now.
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