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  1. Watching some let's plays on youtube, including long plays, as well as I'm replaying the game myself on PC, but is it me or Lost World is getting reconsidered? If even youtube comments are happy about it, it may as well become the new Unleashed. I'm not saying there is more heart and passion in Lost World, but there sure is a lot of polish there too, unlike other games... I mean, SLW was literally bashed because of the simple art style and it was "too slow", as one comment pointed out, if it was not a Sonic game it would have been loved a lot more. It's really fun and polished. (Let's avoid talking about the plot for a minute)
  2. What I was saying in the status, is that Infinite actually had more going on and still he didn't leave a mark, the Deadly Six are used in veeeery small doses outside of their debut game, they way offer less than Infinite, and somehow work better as antagonists, maybe as bosses especially. I still need that Deadly Six cartoon that succeeds in making them funny, for real.
  3. I'm gonna say something twisted. Infinite had potential to be great, whereas the Zeti didn't have any from the looks of it, but Infinite came from a promising story that tried actual character arcs. The Zeti came from the worst written story ever. I'm not implying Forces is a good game, not even close. Infinite failed spectacularly. Anyway IMO the Deadly Six are the victims of episodic cutscenes that seem to be reboots each time, shitty jokes and overcrowding for boss fodder, they have plenty of issues, but I would give them another shot at screentime besides the comics. What bugs me the most that not even IDW is doing, they are a fucking team, esplore their dynamic, make them interact, could be entertaining. Infinite did a worse job with more resources.

    1. Diogenes



      Infinite came from a promising story

      hard disagree

    2. Thigolf


      Forces screws up its potential way harder than SLW despite "Eggman takes over the world" being way easier to do, change my mind

    3. Bowbowis


      Hard to screw up your potential when you barely have any to begin with.

    4. Thigolf


      "Sonic fucks up and has to live with dire consequences that would've never happened if he wasn't an idiot" is great potential

    5. Wraith


      forces narrative is a cataclysmic mess but follows up on it's very basic theme of teamwork at the end compared to lost world which kind of forgets what it was even trying to do by the time the climax starts

      lost world is juggling way less too which makes this even funnier. 

    6. Jack at Home

      Jack at Home

      I would give them another shot precisely because Lost World is objectively the worst writing ever.

  4. Damn it, this is one of those jokes today that I wish were real, would be fun to know her dynamic with Orbot and Cubot.
  5. What is that strange feeling... wanting to welcome back 3D World immediately into my collection with more features added, along with the collection, instead of wanting a new game??? Me?!?! I don't feel so good... I just miss that game.

  6. All I'm saying is, considering this... Sakurai is still deep into work, as usual, the characters will be fun for sure, but the choices Nintendo made better be worth it. I'm not gonna rule out huge fan favorites honestly, deep cuts will also make it in... I'm kind of afraid of Arle at this point, she's my nightmare at the moment, because she's definitely on the table. Obviously everyone wants their tops picks, mine change all the time, eh. It will be a mix of big favorites, Nintendo stars of the moment for cross promotion, 3rd party icons. Honestly there should be something for everybody.
  7. Okay, maaaybe the interaction during the stages was nice, maybe, because they reacted to the absurd things happening to them, but still I got tired of hearing them all the time. For the cutscenes... I really remember hating them. Everyone is mostly written as a douche, they force team fights, the story doesn't know what's going on, and the few interesting plots are not detailed. As for the writers, I love: The comics, everything mostly in Ian's era (Archie's 2, and IDW), the Adventure saga, the Storybook saga, Unleashed also had cool personality in it, the OVA, the shorts, the japanese mini-mangas, Sonic Boom tv show, the live action movie of course. Battle and the Rush series weren't so bad either. Meanwhile, Lost World and Forces... I liked their game ideas and premises more than the story, especially the execution that was really ew. As for the budget: I agree that it has definitely lowered, see: the flop of Lost World, the Olympic crossovers, Boom, anything on Nintendo consoles, those used to be the best selling Sonic consoles at the time of Colors, I hope they keep coming to Switch tbh, because that is my console, I'm afraid they might ditch Nintendo... anyway, those bombs definitely impacted the budget of the series. Sonic game-series is like a tv show in its... 29th season basically, the sales are low and the budget decreases. Logical. SEGA doesn't have big resources anymore, if Sonic doesn't profit they might not want to invest in it, especially if they are not confident in the team that works on the main games. I know they go with tentative ideas: see the the playable cast? Failed with Sonic '06, Unleashed started the Solo Sonic trend, the Werehog? Failed with Unleashed, never to be seen again, but the boost? That was successful and they milked it as they do with good ideas, like Wisps? Permanent feature in the games. They try again with something adventurous with Boom? More flops, series gets buried and forgotten, what else... oh, 2D? They decided to bring it back, now it's in every game, the fans asked for Classic Sonic design, and we have it in every game since Generations, now we asked to stop the crossovers, Team Sonic Racing is back focusing on Modern, and the Classic series may likely go separate. Zavok is the one exception, he was never popular, but SEGA is proud of that creation, I do sort of agree, I just want more recurring villains instead of one-off monsters. So we could theoretically predict what's next for the series... it's up to the fans and how SEGA tries to interpret their requests.
  8. I'm gonna go with this unpopular opinion: while I do like Colors, I think ultimately Lost World wins for me, for a good list of reasons (sorry for making a list, but it helps put ideas in order): 1. Open 3D gameplay with lots of paths to choose from, sometimes even 4 parallel routes 2. Multiple combat actions and options that create a variety of way to defeat badniks, which work differently but are still simple to destroy 3. 2D and 3D separated into different sections, although 2D sections are quite dull, 3D ones are definitely more free/explorative than most stages we've had in 3D Sonic since SA1 4. New cool moves such as parkour, if anything it's underused because of annoying springs and the usual automation, the idea is great though 5. Unique bosses and villains that aren't just boring chase battles, I enjoyed Zor and Zavok's especially, what kills the difficulty is that stupid charge homing attack that makes it way too easy 6. The soundtrack may not be as good as Unleashed or Colors, but it's still pretty great, although I prefer Runners Ohtani, this one has very cool atmospheres for each stage 7. Cool gimmicky secondary acts with plenty of new ideas, as well as homages to the past, like gimmicks from Metropolis, Sandopolis, Labyrinth Zone, and more, but for example the Sky Road stages or the ice skating were quite fun new ideas 8. The story sure had a lot more going on than Colors... which was basically forced joke dialogues and nothing else. I agree that Lost World is basically the worst written Sonic game ever, so the script is bad, the idea was okay. Eggman is surprisingly wise and entertaining, Sonic is okay, Zavok is the one salvageable Zeti, at least he acts like a villain, and Tails... listen, I'm glad Pontaff were trying to give him an arc, if only he didn't act like a fucking jerk and bully, he seemed possessed by the Babylon Rogues basically. So bad script, story with some potential 9. Optional usage of Wisps: this is actually one of the most important points, Colors was all about the wisps but still, they took over gameplay way too much, I preferred them as alternate routes power-ups, to get red star rings. Plus they weren't in every stage. Might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I liked it this way, more room for variety. Plus, I really didn't care that they didn't explain their presence in canon. They are gameplay features 10. New ideas in general, new zones that sometimes are inspired by past zones but in new ways. I would argue that this game has a lot more new ideas than Forces too 11. The return of Spin Dash in a 3D game, that was also a cool feature So I think that covers it, I'm replaying Lost World right now and I prefer it over Colors, besides gameplay, trope zones, bit of combat, better gimmick acts, non forced Wisps, better bosses, more of an arc, and more variety in general. I just find it more enjoyable. So I don't get why people really hate Lost World, it's one of the better ones, more underrated than Unleashed maybe... though it definitely has a LOT of faults, like slowing down gameplay (that infamous run button, it would have been a lot more logical to simply make Sonic go faster after you keep walking for more seconds, so platforming sections would get you to go slow, and then progressively fast), not giving a good use of the parkour, terrible dialogues, very simplistic graphic style which I never liked, but ironically even with the game being set in a floating hidden world, level design felt more open and full of items than the "highway in the sky" boost games. Maybe I'm just tired of the boost in general. And it goes without a doubt that I put Forces behind Colors, the former just feels so basic and empty and that it cut its stages in half, it's not fun at all. More unpopular ideas (I have plenty) will come later.
  9. This might sound crazy, but I think the social media might be hinting at a possible Sonic Adventure sequel, as unlikely as it seems. Calling it now, SA2 might happen, with extra water.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Fancy giving any examples?

    2. Kuzu


      They referenced a specific marketing ad that they only used for Sonic Adventure prior before. 

    3. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      Betcha it's just a red herring.

    4. Wraith


      they're doing something sonic adventure related for sure

  10. Waluigi is the last chance for a fan favorite, with ARMS getting represented, I'm sure he is a safe bet too. After the base game I was so desperate for more third party characters, Fighter Pass came and I thought "be careful what you wish for" some picks were good, but others I really didn't care for (Joker and Terry), Piranha Plant and Byleth were wastes of slot but still, they are very fun to play as IMO, very creative moveset, Hero and Banjo were of course my top picks and my overall favorites. So it was so-so on DLC roster, now I actually really want more Nintendo characters ironically. I'm really okay with ARMS getting in, the characters look really colorful and charming, I'm currently trying it as I have Switch Online. I agree about the rumored sequel, it will probably tie into that. If they expand the game I might as well buy it. So it's either the protagonist of the sequel or the entire cast of the debut game, maybe the former is more likely, but still the dream for some AT playable chars becomes real, they've broken rules before, so why not this one. Other first party characters I want is definitely a Zelda rep, it's been since Brawl, c'mon. The Galarian Pokemon which could be in is likely Urshifu, with his double moveset water and darkness type, I can definitely see that, or the other likely Rillaboom. No more Fire Emblem, Byleth should have been in FP2 though. But it may be 50/50 with first and third parties. So, to recap: 1 Fighter from ARMS or possible sequel 1 Fighter from the Mario series (one of the 2 fan faves) 1 Fighter from Pokemon SwSh or Expansion Pass 1 More Nintendo Fighter ??? 2 big name Third Party characters: take your pick This way we will have overall 12 DLC characters: 6 Nintendo and 6 special guests. (Even though we may get 1 or 2 playable ATs, I still rule out potential Sonic fighters, or any other SEGA rep, we already have 3, I honestly don't want anymore, neither Sonic or SEGA, since we have only a few spots left, I'd rather bigger and more iconic characters be represented, somebody between Shantae, Crash or Doomguy)
  11. I guess I'll try out Arms since Nintendo is giving it to me for free for a week, time to play it to hype up the next Smash fighter, and I'll also download CTR's update.

  12. I honestly do not blame "Panic in the Sky" for being a bad final arc because of writing, but because it was... underwhelming as a storyline, you had the glorified cameos by the worlds population, but still, you knew exactly what to expect, because that story was an Unleashed adaptation, it was just an excuse to re-tell the story and explore the rebooted world to build it up, which wasn't too bad, but neither exciting. That's the thing with the reboot, almost 40 issues of cool build up and hardly any meat in it, okay it was cancelled right after that but why wait for 40 issues? In IDW, we are getting not adaptations, but rather storylines that are "game-plausible" but still new, they pay homage and reference certain aspects of the games (Heroes, Lost World, Forces) but still tell new tales, plus we have Ian's delicious in-depth writing for each character, ironically (aside from a couple of cases) we have more depth, growth, tension, and unexpected twists here than in Archie reboot that had a lot more freedom because the team wasn't working as closely with Sega. The thing about mandates... I have no idea how they work, SEGA let Shadow be turned into a Zombot rather than act like a person, we'll see what happens in the final issue of this saga where he returns... still, I would say there is plenty of freedom they are giving the IDW team. "All or Nothing" is a blast so far, the pacing always has bits of issues here and there, but there is a lot of meat in #27, action and drama, it's exactly what I wanted.
  13. No one cared about this game, it's a bomb, so they will probably just forget about it. No idea for the mobile tie in...
  14. If there is a "Smash Racer", I still want Mario Kart, I mean, it's an extremely popular and profitable franchise, you can't drop it just to add the other Nintendo characters for a better roster, it would definitely be an improvement, but the focus should stay on Mario. If they have a big roster in Mario Kart 9, they can include more Nintendo racers, I would love that as an extra, but I wouldn't get rid of a good chunk of Mario roster and feel of the series.
  15. Online works rather okay now... thank God. I'm isolated at home, so at least I can play online. Anyway, the wild area is actually... wild, perhaps the best part of the game for me as well, I don't even mind exploration in this game in general, it's just the routes that bother me, they are so small, linear and empty, not even cities and gyms are like that, there is a lot more personality there than in the routes. Let's see what the DLC brings...
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