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  1. But there is a new character: Tails. I hear a lot of people go: put Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Cream, Big, Omega, Blaze, Silver etc... We have yet to see Tails, he was barely a cameo lol
  2. The miracle is less about the possible quality of the movie, more about the success IMO. Given the recent times, mostly. Sonic becoming the movie success it was definitely helped increase the chances of a trilogy, the actors signed up those contracts so... and IMO even if Sonic 2 flops it won't hurt too much, they may still do Sonic 3 and complete the arc. But even then, I don't think it's too much to assume it will be successful, considering 1 already proved in people's eyes the series is good, they will want to watch more. As for the actual quality of the movie... I admit I was worried, "how are they gonna repeat this?" but the first thing I see announced are: the return of the crew, and especially the director, those guys put love and effort into the movie, it was truly an heartwarming movie, so with the same team of actors and crew, I'm confident they can pull off something good at least, with a bigger budget, something even better. Tails getting recast is possible obviously, if they want to cut the budget for weird reasons, they will have to keep Colleen. Right now I'm just happy people share my excitement. Also I repeat: less is better, focusing on Sonic & Tails, Sonic vs Robotnik makes more sense than introducing everything immediately.
  3. I have A LOT to say about this, really! First off I'm just happy we are getting the same crew to work on it. Probably the biggest thing I wanted to hear, those guys made the miracle happen, I just tweeted it to Fowler, making my compliments to him and the team, he's really passionate. Obviously it's not a surprise, if I'm allowed to speculate further... given the success of the first movie, we are likely getting a trilogy, I mean, the main actors are 99% signed up for a trilogy, not less, not more, including Carrey, so... third movie is happening IMO, unless the second one is a big big flop which I assume it won't be. Then, it needs to come out when the world is ready, with no pandemic, wars, etc. at the right moment, so Paramount better be careful. And obviously they should take their sweet time working on it. I don't care when it releases, I want it to be good AGAIN. Please, delay it if you have to, Paramount. That's what made the original good. I don't mean to say the movie was fantastic, it was simple and great, fun and enjoyable, but most of all surprising... we knew it would suck, so that changed our perspectives, it's not amazing, maybe for us fans? We were just surprised by how good it was though. Sequel needs to be even better. Last thing: TSSZ please, don't. Don't make us worried again! They are saying Carrey may not take part of the sequel for budget cuts after the pandemic, Paramount is facing money losses. I totally get that, but why the hell would they cut budget for their big star? Carrey costs a lot I assume, but he's the one who sold the freaking movie in the first place, it wouldn't make sense at all. Besides the movie was a huge success for Paramount, they should not cut money for the sequel. It is in their best interest. Ben Schwartz, James Marsden and Jim Carrey IMO are all returning. That's my prediction, the big 3 made the movie, so yeah, I want them to return, and I am confident they will. Tika Sumpter too, I didn't count her because she's minor in the first movie, but she will surely return. Now what I think they may cut in budget terms... Tails, no, not the character, but I speculated in the past they would replace Colleen with a big star, IF they really are in loss of money, maaaybe they are gonna keep Colleen Villard as Tails. To reduce costs where they can, and to make fans happy, after all she is a great voice for the foxy boy. So yeah, then I want that Knuckles cameo by the Rock, highly rumored... only cameo though, like Tails in Sonic Movie 1. I really believe the sequel focus should be on full-on Eggman, a more personality grown Sonic, and obviously Tails, the bond between Sonic & Tails, and Sonic VS Robotnik, which the first movie lacked a bit... That's it. Keep it simple! That's what made Sonic 1 enjoyable. If they want to add 1 Chaos Emerald and more fantasy worlds, I'd be okay with that. Metal Sonic... I don't know. Amy... probably it's best to keep her and the others away for now. Don't add too much. The emeralds and Super Sonic should be used only at the end of the trilogy, IMO, as climax moment, the final battle. LongClaw should be back too, I'm interested in knowing what happened to her with the tribe. But most of all, I'm surprised by how things have changed, for the fans, when Sonic 1 was announced... lol, everyone hated that, nobody believed in the movie, literally just the people who worked on it, it must not have been easy to work with a cold online community, and now... everyone is fucking excited. They really earned the fans trust.
  4. I actually believe they did real world locations because of budget reasons. I heard they were trying to have more fantasy places but they cost a lot to create in CGI.
  5. This is what I'm saying, same for Mania, and Forces' ideas at least. I like that mentality, we are probably the only ones who don't mind Green Hill and Chemical Plant abundance, even though they are literally everywhere. At least they felt twisted to the point they looked sort of new, different. Now Sega... obviously, you have to take your time to make decent level design, graphics and music... *stares at Forces with regret* ideas aren't enough. So yeah, screw remade level design, at least give me new stages! Even with reimagined zones, I just want to play in new level design and with some new ideas. And that's why I wouldn't want any official Sonic remakes. As for the announcements... I thought with "Sonic 2020", the panel in March, the IGN gaming event, everything led up to some kind of reveal, no idea what but still sort of big deal, then Aaron came in to say "lower your epectations, fans" and now I'm confused...
  6. 1. Agreed about Pontaff. It's true that it's mostly SEGA who makes the decisions for story and everything, but Pontaff have no idea what they are doing with Sonic too, see: Lost World. Plus I really don't find their jokes funny, see: everything but mostly the Boom games they wrote, that Boom episode, etc. 2. Ben Schwartz is perfect as Sonic but he costs a lot I think. Just ditch Roger for a more appropriate voice that's not famous maybe? 3. I mean, it's gonna be the 30th anniversary game, man, of course there will be nostalgia. I also know that we are basically getting games only for anniversaries, that's what happened in the last decade lol Spin-offs + main games on big anniversaries. The question is... which nostalgia it is, Adventure or Classic or Modern? Or everything? No idea. From what I understood in the reddit AMA from the brand producer... they want to focus on new things as well as nostalgia, so both of them. Old and new together. And this is why I doubt we are getting a full Sonic Adventure remake lol, it's gonna be a brand new game with old elements. Or that's what I think.
  7. Ok I figured it out, the "revolutionary announcement" from SEGA is... this time for real...


    They made Silver gay, now that is revolutionary!

    Don't kill me for this.


    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Anything to get rid of BlazeXSilver shipping is a plus in my book.

  8. And Thank God for that, I was really worried this would be the announcement. "We ran out of money so it's best if we become Microsoft exclusive" it would have been a shitty 60th anniversary reveal.
  9. I don't follow, why do you think it's a Generations port? I wouldn't mind it honestly, but it's a pretty specific prediction. If it's because they used a pic from Generations in the post, they also used one from Forces back when the event was announced.
  10. I don't know. Part of me that would say "it means Sonic is part of the panel" is my obvious hope. But I frankly don't know. I don't get why they would use Sonic as face of the gaming event, especially if he's not part of it. I am aware we are questioning too much, when in reality we should just wait. Btw, it's the second time IGN uses a Sonic icon to promote this event, last time it was Modern Sonic in a scene from Forces...
  11. Okay, I still don't understand something: Aaron Webber said to lower our expectations, so it's not a new game I guess. But he said we will get news before the next stream (either this or early next week). The question is... what kind of minor announcement we are getting? Especially IF this announcement happens on gaming panels in June. Game or no game? If not, what the... I'm confused. Could be a new spin-off or maybe I'm wrong and it's something else, something smaller.
  12. I know, that's another issue, this is less about her change, more how the cast doesn't get used much in games like Lost World and Forces. Especially Forces, it has the issue that characters talk without showing off their personality. TSR Amy is fine for example, like everyone in that story, interactions are great because there is plenty of personality there. And of course the comics, which have a lot more meat. I'm not saying she was bad in Reboot Archie, she was well written.
  13. Look, I get it that you love the older Amy, but she was a stalker. Everyone else was exaggerated... doesn't make it good writing for her though, it's not an excuse to justify that Amy was a stalker. By "SA Amy" I mean Adventure series, both games. So, she definitely was irritating at times. I even said SA1 Amy is okay, I didn't say she was all bad. Maybe and maybe not. I definitely remember her whole Prison Island arc, "I'm here to rescue Sonic" forcing him to go on a date with her in exchange to get him out. Lmao. I remember that scene. Plus of course, she ALWAYS mistook hedgehogs for her Sonic. lol I know it was meant to be played for laughs, she was still annoying. And I definitely don't get the fuss over her change, obviously there was a major change, but her crush for Sonic is still there, so what's the matter exactly? She can be "strong" in a variety of ways. She didn't turn automatically into Sally just because she leads a resistance in the comics. Her crush is still there, so ok. It didn't make her whole character before but it was a very big part of her character, and that's why you insist into wanting it back, but she still has that part inside her NOW. I really don't get the issue here...
  14. ^I get that but it does take time... not just to make good quality, something they are confident to show, but Sonic games in general take a lot of time, unless you want empty corridors to boost through. They take time to design, even stages that take 1 minute to run through. Yeah the console gens are an obstacle for SEGA, from what I've understood at least. They need to take 3 years to make a brand new graphic engine and a lot of bulk for future games... only for the consoles to die a few years later and be replaced with new ones, then the cycle repeats. Eh. It's complicated.
  15. I think 2 worlds works well because of what the Sonic movie did. It just worked, different planets, rings as portals, etc. I don't see any issues.
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