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  1. I'm gonna say something twisted. Infinite had potential to be great, whereas the Zeti didn't have any from the looks of it, but Infinite came from a promising story that tried actual character arcs. The Zeti came from the worst written story ever. I'm not implying Forces is a good game, not even close. Infinite failed spectacularly. Anyway IMO the Deadly Six are the victims of episodic cutscenes that seem to be reboots each time, shitty jokes and overcrowding for boss fodder, they have plenty of issues, but I would give them another shot at screentime besides the comics. What bugs me the most that not even IDW is doing, they are a fucking team, esplore their dynamic, make them interact, could be entertaining. Infinite did a worse job with more resources.

    1. Diogenes



      Infinite came from a promising story

      hard disagree

    2. Thigolf


      Forces screws up its potential way harder than SLW despite "Eggman takes over the world" being way easier to do, change my mind

    3. Bowbowis


      Hard to screw up your potential when you barely have any to begin with.

    4. Thigolf


      "Sonic fucks up and has to live with dire consequences that would've never happened if he wasn't an idiot" is great potential

    5. Wraith


      forces narrative is a cataclysmic mess but follows up on it's very basic theme of teamwork at the end compared to lost world which kind of forgets what it was even trying to do by the time the climax starts

      lost world is juggling way less too which makes this even funnier. 

    6. Jack at Home

      Jack at Home

      I would give them another shot precisely because Lost World is objectively the worst writing ever.

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