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  1. So going by what Aaron said, no major announcements, so what happened to the whole "Sonic 2020 campaign"? lol, they were supposed to give announcements every month, the virus happened, I suppose, hence the delayed announcements. Still, the planned campaign makes me think they at least had minor announcements coming. Could be merch, comics, collabs, remixes, etc. perhaps. And the cartoon which I wish happened.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      The whole Sonic 2020 campaign was from the Japanese channels and never promised big news. It was always about doing little something things, like in the first month when they released some cute little desktop wallpapers and icons. The fandom are the ones who ran Wild with it, despite there being absolutely no reason to do so.

    2. FReaK


      maybe there is no big announcement this year after all and the little sonic 2020 streams are only to have a little bit of -something- every month?

    3. Jack at Home

      Jack at Home

      Yeah that's what I've come to realise, smaller filler announcements to keep us entertained in the wait. I don't mind this, I have dozens of games to play and replay on my Switch, I need to catch up elsewhere.

    4. Thigolf


      I kinda question the need of a marketing campaign with its own logo if it amounts to nothing but a couple of merch stuff that we would've gotten anyway, tbh.

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