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  1. Jim says Robotnik is all about his ego, and simply fun to play. The director is also a very sweet and polite guy, I respect him.
  2. Yes, I assume it means the ending of the entire Saga of the Metal Virus. This should be good! It's part 3 of the arc which means Zazz is not the first fight this time, but closer to the climax.
  3. He is saying 40m is a flop… for 3 days, it isn't, it's almost the same as Pikachu which was the record I think for videogame movies. Besides, 45 millions would be half of its budget already, in 3 (short) days, it's not bad at all. Also they mean not only for 3 days, but domestic box office only. Yeah, Sonic can have multiple friends, it's not a love relationship, Tails is obviously planned because of how central his character is in the games, anyway they are obviously setting up a triangle for Tom-Sonic-Tails.
  4. I know, it doesn't have to be today, but they will launch tickets eventually before the movie is out? Right? I think somebody on Twitter suggested some evidence that it was today, but that could be wrong, I'm not sure. I'm just saying, when the tickets are available for purchase, they will do something big to promote the launch. Obviously the less days towards the movie, the more likely this kind of promotion becomes.
  5. I wouldn't believe at that reddit post as there is no source at all, but they will definitely do something big to promote the tickets launch. Not sure What ATM, maybe a trailer, maybe something else.
  6. As I said in the past, Paramount folks believe in Sonic, most impotantly they believe he can bring them big money, and unlike SEGA, they have loads of money they can use to promote the thing.
  7. New Rumor Time... Is this reliable? I hope so, they say it's the guy who leaked Byleth, and if it's true, it's definitely not a character one can just guess… well this new character is one of my most wanted, so… don't disappoint me?
  8. @Jango you did good, Forces wasn't Worth it, okay maybe at a low price but still, it feels like an interactive movie, especially if you are a fan of 3D Sonic, it's not good at all. Worse than Colors in that aspect. Yeah I enjoyed the little things, even the story despite not being that great, it's better than the usual shit but still not well written. I still recommend you the IDW comics, they are INCREDIBLY well written, no matter the content, direction and limitations by SEGA, actually there is plenty of freedom, maybe not for some characters but it's ok.
  9. That's just depressing, really. I'm still gonna fight to have more fresh things than trips to nostalgia land. I enjoyed the idea of the Avatar, and would like to see it expanded and improved, that's for sure. They take steps back? Ok… that's the price for taking a risk, would you really rather have safe games based on ONLY nostalgia, or brand new games? Good or bad? I'd like a mix of both. Hence, the Whole Mania sequel speculation, we want it to be like Mania in essence and gameplay, but with all-new zones, new style of graphics, new shield power ups perhaps. There are lots of potential good ideas.
  10. Cynical comment aside, then let's work to make a future, let's improve it! Instead of you know, being stuck in the past.
  11. I'm so late on this, but here I am. I feel like the problem with the movie is that it tries to wrap so much, with such a short time, then of course you have comic books, games, etc. to fill in the blanks, I am so sad that they had to cut subplots, like Rose (I hate the character in TLJ, but love and respect the actress, they should have improved her instead of minimize her role), the plot between Jannah and Lando, Finn's words to Rey, and all of that, it just feels rushed and left up in the air, why? Just make a longer movie then. Duel of the Fates (Trevorrow's cut): Don't like it, in fact I kinda hate it honestly, it's not better at all, Kylo killing Rey's parents? I guess it's for the sake of the conflict, but of course it adds nothing for Rey and her journey, her parentage still means nothing in this case, as it was in TLJ. I kinda hate how Kylo Ren was handled in the actual movie too though, he definitely wasn't a main villain material IMO, no actually… he objectively isn't, Abrams created him, and of course, as we can see in TFA, he was Always meant to be redeemed, even though he killed his own father, he was Always conflicted, insecure, lost, he wasn't downright crazy or a monster, he was just a lost soul with darkness in his heart. This is why he's my favorite character in the ST, he's so complex IMO. I hate how he was given such a short time in this final movie, he doesn't talk for the last hour… ok, he actually does actions, but everything he does seems like it's in service of Rey's arc, her parentage, her emotions, etc. there is very little arc for Ben here, I'm really disappointed! They fight ok… I enjoyed both fights and their shared fight at the end, but still, where is the conflict? It seems like most of the time, they don't know why they are fighting, just because they are confused, in fact I have no idea why Kylo fights at the beginning of the movie, it's like he is an anti-hero or something, then later a hero. Still he remains my favorite in the new trilogy. Rey's journey I admit was freaking Amazing, really well written, in fact Rey in TROS is my favorite version of her, I could have immediately told she was born from the dark side because of what she did in TLJ, that dark side mirror scene with all the reflections of Rey, really good, and foreshadowed Palpatine's twist. Everything in general was great about her, I really enjoyed it, although it was at the expense of every other character, she kinda sucked all the screentime of the other characters… another time limit issue. Leia: This is why I hate Trevorrow's cut, she is literally M.I.A., I didn't see a mention of her in the post I read, don't know her fate, but it's obviously done off-screen, which I despise, I despise the idea of her written out with a mention. JJ Abrams did the best work, I know they cut a lot of her scenes because the footage between Carrie Fisher and the other Actors wasn't convincing. In the end she appeared not much in the final movie, but at least SHE WAS THERE, I really appreciate that, and I love the relationship with Rey, the importance of Leia in the movie and her here and there appearances, so… I'm content about it, one thing I would have fixed: make the flashback with Young Luke and Leia longer, I needed more of that! So I talked about my favorite characters… now my hope is that, since I enjoyed the ST characters, and this only wraps the Skywalker saga cast, the original cast, that Disney makes a new series or a follow up movie, I'd rather have a tv show though, about the Resistance and its members, Finn, Poe, Rose, Jannah, Zorri, Chewie, BB-8, Dominic Monaghan's character maybe. With a guest visit from Lando, 3PO and at the end… Rey, because honestly her arc is done and she steals screentime from other characters, I'd keep her as a special guest. New villains of course… different villains. So these are my picks.
  12. Why does it have to be a remake though? Don't people want a brand new game more? I feel like it's more exciting, than just revisit the past. We've been there with nostalgia, it's enough (I know it was genesis nostalgia though, the Adventure era is untouched as of now, besides Generations). I... would rather have a Mania-esque celebration of both Adventure games, with also brand new stages, a new story, new and old elements from SA games. It's the best compromise between new and old IMO, than simply 100% old.
  13. Kinda off but also on topic (since you were talking about it) is that I'm plotting a new fan fiction (in english this time) that will make good use of Eclipse, Madonna, Amanda Tower, Julian Snively and a couple more, with Shadow & Team Dark as focus of the story. Very excited about it, I hope you can read it once chapter 1 is ready. I was really into this mini-universe from Archie reboot and it freaking sucks that we never got to dive deep into it. (For the record Shadow isn't an evil monster in it, he's the protagonist)
  14. After the recent movie news I decided to re-install Speed Battle after freaking years, and it's actually very good as a game, if you ignore the usual excessive and annoying ads and micros. I can't believe I've been missing out on this app.

    1. Jack at the Cinema

      Jack at the Cinema

      It's basically the only Sonic game - in general - you can play online.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It's alright. Gets really boring after a short while. 

  15. IGN did a review of Crisis on Infinite Earths, which really reflects the quality of the crossover: 



    9 - Amazing

    I can't believe they nailed it more than Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Avengers, Frozen, even with the million of worlds and continuities they put together.

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