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  1. New estimates with possible new records: Interesting… I doubt it will hit 1 bill but still, I wish, although I'm already happy with what this movie managed to achieve.
  2. I think they are saying it's risky because usually these movie tropes suck. In fact, I'd say it's a miracle this movie succeeded.
  3. Roger is a great voice actor… who doesn't fit Sonic, at all, it fits an adult comedian maybe, or deeper serious characters. I don't see him being replaced for Ben who is probably expensive, but anyone else with a fitting voice would be welcome.
  4. Is Ian still insisting? Probably, he loves cartoon Sonic characters in general, but stupid SEGA is against their inclusion, even for a minor comic book.
  5. Today is my mom's birthday, and I bought flowers to her, including, listen here… Green Hill's sunflower that Sonic gave to his mom. Yeah, I am that obsessed, lol.

  6. I actually wouldn't mind that now and then, whenever Sega has weird ideas and changes the canon (they did it various times), they can retcon in-universe stuff with the Warp Topaz. It's so easy, lol, but I also want Ian to bring in useful changes to shake the plot up maybe.
  7. I'm not following, don't be cryptic, are you still talking about the mandates around Sha... I mean, various characters, or something else? I'm hearing baseless rumors that the Warp Topaz is needed for some retcon due to Sega and canon... Not sure if it's true, but the possibility is definitely there.
  8. Sequel ideas based on speculation and first things that come to mind after the hints in this movie:
  9. I'm not boosting my ego, I'm trusting my (maybe blind, eh) love for Sonic… it's more like I had hope for the movie, and really wanted it to be good, not like "Haha told you it was good, you suck", I didn't say that at all. I'm aware that the movie being good is a miracle, even I didn't expect it to be THIS good, honestly. I'm as surprised as all of you. Nor did I expect the box office success tbh, because Sonic is not that well known, I figured it would do well because of Jim Carrey, the redesign story, the media buzz, etc. those were the signs to me. But not at this level, for sure.
  10. Sonic's characterization is definitely interesting and different here, no doubt, it makes sense for the story they wanted to tell, the fact that he's lived alone and wanted to try out as many things as possible. I couldn't have seen a different Sonic here, and it's really refreshing to see him so active and not laid back which I hated in other media, it's just a boring representation of the character, especially in Boom where he's like a mono-expressive comedian. And I'm so so so glad it's breaking records at the box office! As one of the literal few fans who believed in the movie since it was announced (lol) it's really satisfying. But I don't blame other people for wanting actual proof that it was gonna be good, because the genre had a lot of misteps in the past, so… I still don't buy that shit though, every movie is a different case IMO, and it proved true.
  11. So these are my thoughts on it. Overall great but there are various minor things I'm not okay with.
  12. I agree, this isn't world building, this is literally making a map (I think, I haven't seen the leaked pages), but… world building is more, it's expanding lore, IMO.
  13. Birds of Prey is an obscure niche thing that was to appeal to DC fans, Harley Quinn joined for recognition and is shining in the movie, so obviously they made it with her in the title. Good move but I think it's too late. In another timeline BoP as a title would have given them so much success. Weird timeline I guess? You know Sonic is gonna be popular when DC fans are trolling over it.
  14. I'm glad people are going back to this saying they are glad they were wrong… in their defense, the movie IS doing miracles right now, I don't blame people for expecting shit back in the day. I also want to say - and it's not something I usually say - the influx of Mania is important here too, the music and of course Tyson's involvement. Great to think this influenced the movie too!
  15. Meanwhile we forgot about the redesign trailer… it reached 30 mln views, with almost 1 mln likes. Birds of Prey's climax was 22 mln views. I'm absolutely surprised about the theme of the movie… loneliness, being afraid of being alone forever, it's just so personal to me, I haven't had friends for quite a lot of my life, and I struggle with connections, I don't know when to shut up, yeah… so this all makes the experience I'm about to have by watching it… special and personal. Edit: Don't watch the video review by DreamcastGuy, it has serious spoilers, the most spoilerific ones in particular, so if you want to be surprised, don't. But still, it's a great review IMO, reflects what I hope for the movie.
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