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  1. Exactly, everybody and their grandma knew Three Houses was getting a fighter… especially since Fire Emblem only got an echo fighter in the base game, just… I would have done it in Fighter Pass 2, it would have made more sense if this was a Pass destined to 3rd parties, and then the second pass would have had mostly Nintendo characters. Or at least earlier in this Pass, I mean, as a final character it's pretty disappointing I agree, it's bad timing, and anticlimactic in general. I would say now it's a good guess to expect a balanced roster of first party characters and 3rd parties in FP2.
  2. I'm so tempted to make a list post in the Ultimate thread with my bets for Fighter Pass 2... I think lists aren't allowed with minimum descriptions, and I don't want to be obvious, so I'm gonna hold my bets for now lol

    1. Teoskaven


      Considering what just happened yesterday, it's safe to say one spot is gonna be for one of the Gen VIII pokémons.

    2. Jack in Space

      Jack in Space

      I actually hope so! I've been playing Sword and I want Obstagoon as playable here. Would make sense considering Nintendo is deciding the roster and SwSh is one of the best selling games on their system.

    3. Teoskaven


      I'd rather have new series or ones with 1-2 characters being prioritized over more reps of already crowded present series.

    4. Jack in Space

      Jack in Space

      It's okay. But yeah, Waluigi, Bandana Dee and Obstagoon are my selected Nintendo characters, and I do want more Nintendo characters in general, after 4 Third Party characters from new series.

    5. Blacklightning


      I'd really like it if we could just promote some of the ATs tbh. There's no precedent yet, sure, but playable Bomberman and Goroh would be neat - not to mention it still stings that we missed out on Spring Man for time restraints.

  3. I really agree with the robots criticisms, they are made with the same philosophy of the original design, boring, realistic and uninspired, generic.
  4. Btw, not sure I've seen this reported here but, apparently I read the 200 Pokemon added in the future come in the free updates, not the DLC. A surprise but a welcome one (if true).
  5. Even though this got sources who eventually confirmed other things, I don't believe this rumor for now. Especially the spin-off part, the trilogy is a given if the movie is successful, if Jim Carrey wants to continue I'd be up for it, it'd be a waste to have him in 1 movie only, plus if the movie is good there may be potential to continue to further explore Sonic's world, mithology and have the other characters introduced. If the movie flops, I could see it taking decades even for a reboot, animated or live-action again. So I hope this does well… it looks fun so far. Anyway, I say let's focus on this debut movie first.
  6. It doesn't mean it's automatically good, this comic proved to be its own thing and to be pretty good. That's just an excuse for not being happy in my opinion. It has flaws and all but it's still great.
  7. Btw, he is barefoot in those chibi toys. Still, his shoes are there for a good reason… also didn't Tyson comment that we aren't going to see his feet anymore? The toy might be the old design? At this point I don't care about the same shoes he has as adult, keep them, I don't want to see the baby's feet. The design itself is reeeeally good, and so was the trailer, just look at the love put there. South Island Brigdes collapsing Rolling animations and slopes Sonic Mania "Friends" music The sunflower from Green Hill in his hand And the warrior tribe in the background
  8. I doubt anything happened to Silver or Rouge, if they are missing, they are okay, like Knuckles. Big however… he's definitely gone.
  9. Isn't Amy the strongest one in this issue? Tangle too, but Amy is also a lot tougher and energetic than in issue 22 IMO, from what I remember, I only read it once on Christmas' Eve Night. Seems like the role with Cream got swapped here. Tangle is sorta what Amy used to be, only a lot more awkward, embarassed, goofy and dumb. Also, Sonic
  10. No it wasn't. It was a good arc, I even enjoyed the Team Dark issues. I'm just tired and bored now, it's gotten old, I don't think it was rushed here either, it is just repetitive. The plot didn't advance either... But in my opinion it's way too long and dark, it's actually pretty shallow and more of the same. Was this issue even needed? I actually agree with shorter arcs now, 12 issues arcs like season 1 are fine. Obviously it couldn't have been resolved in one issue... how about turning it into a pseudo-different story as follow up to the Metal Virus? That would have had both consequences and a new story instead of it dragging. Also break up a bit the boring and sad mood.
  11. It's not a problem it's simply your opinion. I feel the same, but I feel like a direct adaptation of Sonic 1 would not be a story I'm interested in, unless they pulled the animals vs technology concept, that would have been intriguing. Now, as for what we are getting, I really hope it's not a Superman or Goku rip-off, but something unique. It really depends on what we will see. I wouldn't worry though about Baby Sonic or different shoes, no gloves, etc. because he becomes Sonic as we know him basically immediately. It only gives him progression, as for his character arc, I hope it isn't entirely out of character for him at the beginning, but at the same time I want something from it, something new that hasn't been done with Sonic before. If the movie is really trying, they will give us a decent "genesis" for both characters.
  12. I'm glad they are giving Sonic new things, might be unpopular but I still stand by my opinion that having Sonic and Robotnik with origin stories is a good move, I mean we shall see how it turns out and how it's executed but the idea is just refreshing. Baby Sonic being a thing is certainly… interesting, but I don't get the fuss, it's something we will see for like 2 seconds. A direct adaptation to Sonic 1 would be quite boring, although if they added stuff, the idea of it is still appealing to me, maybe for the sequel… I say badniks with critters in them are a must have though, shame they are not in this one.
  13. A lot of people say that it gives TLJ a fuck off, but actually it was TLJ who did it first with TFA, so it's only fair imo. TFA and TROS are a lot more connected, but still TLJ I believe was needed in the end, TROS tries its best to make all of the trilogy flow well, you know, with Luke's Death, Snoke's identity, Rey's identity, Leia's ending, the interaction between Rey and Kylo, plus Ben's journey. The beginning is way too fast paced and could have been worked better, that's for sure, but I enjoyed seeing one last adventure with Rey, Finn, Poe, 3PO and Chewie plus BB8, they make a great team. I just feel like there should have been more consequences and less fake outs, but still there was plenty of Death and pay-offs so I'm not complaining. The final act was so epic, I need to rewatch the Rey vs Kylo Ren fights but I enjoyed those as well. And the ending scene is perfect IMO.
  14. This is even funnier, movies that critics hate, Star Wars fans seem to love and vice versa, as critics loved TLJ and fans hated it: I'm glad the community is reacting well to it, it's honestly a solid movie despite pacing issues and other flaws. Finally something to redeem this trilogy. Plus, it's not a flop, lol, in fact it's the 3rd best night preview after Endgame and Episode VII. It's still early to say about box office, but still seems like JJ Abrams accomplished something impossible, make people love the ending to the saga. But of course it's not possible for everyone to like it, so if you disliked the movie it's really okay, I just don't think it's an objectively bad one this time, you should give it a chance if you are into the saga. It's definitely not a "trash fan fiction".
  15. No spoilers for now: I saw TROS yesterday, me and my friends enjoyed it, it has its flaws yeah, but it's a bold movie, epic and fitting finale to the saga, it gives answers and unifies the trilogy so I can't complain, after TLJ didn't give any answers. One last adventure with these friends… Yep, the internet is gonna kill it with fire, but as the internet usually does, the fandom is in hatred with this trilogy, so anything that happens and touches the original trilogy plot is considered as blasphemy. It's a good movie though, hardly perfect, I'm not gonna defend anything they throw at us but I'm okay with the twists, it's supposed to be an ending and it does what it needs to do, give us closure and epic fights, it's a really grand finale, Rey is amazing in this, Daisy Ridley did a good performance, I'm actually a bit disappointed with Kylo Ren's portrayal, but he gets closure and ends his arc in a fitting way as well, as it was meant to be. 3PO is my favorite though, really liked how they gave him an actual arc. Fanservice? Maybe, but it's basically just answers, so that's the point. Now I'm leaving the discussion to you (no talk about the leaks though, 'cause it's potential spoilers)… just remember, enjoy the movie and don't let yourself be influenced by the internet's opinion, but make your own opinion! 😃
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