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  1. How would you rewrite Sonic X?

    I said keep him as a lead but not as a protagonist, that's the point, don't exaggerate with humans and don't have too much Chris in general, oh, and make him useful though. It's Sonic X, it's not supposed to be the Chris show but it's not supposed to be a generic Sonic show, it's about Sonic in the human world. So, I choose a middle ground, as usual.
  2. How would you rewrite Sonic X?

    Nope, read my post.
  3. The user above has poo in his/her pants.

    1. CottonCandy


      Haha, very funny..

  4. How would you rewrite Sonic X?

    Chris was in season 3 so it wouldn't have been a completely separate show, it's what tied together the seasons. Perhaps... make Chris more useful in season 3.
  5. Obviously that's not what happened, it's only SEGA's bad decision and it had nothing to do with the story and how the characters act, plus Classic Sonic travelled through worlds, no one called him^^ Heck, I'm all for the other characters being useful and doing stuff, in Forces we see them organizing missions, taking active part in it, and directly fighting the "clones", but if they aren't playable don't blame it on Sonic. And this is off-topic.
  6. Sonic Remake Ideas

    Might be unpopular but I'm kinda against remakes, they detract development time and money that could be spent on brand new games, brand new experiences. Maybe the classics deserve it, but not every game.
  7. How would you rewrite Sonic X?

    I would definitely not remove the humans or Chris. I would still make him the human lead but not the protagonist as it was in the show, I'd give Helen a bigger focus, but still not a protagonist. I would have removed Ella and Tanaka from the main cast, there were too many regular humans, I would have made them guest, but obviously Chris can't live alone with his grandpa, but I would not have had him be spoiled and rich, but definitely more likeable, and not so selfish, but with flaws (not sure which flaws) and not a perfect kid. I would remove the adaptations because Chris added nothing in SA1 and replaced Amy and Rouge's roles in SA2, I never liked that. But adaptations are boring so I would have done different game-centric plots in season 2. And, as for season 3, I would have had more varied plots, I like how it's more serious, less filler and slice of life, but everyone is more competent including Chris himself, but honestly all the plots in every episode were "fight the Metarex" as it has been pointed out, more adventures and less fighting in space ships. The rest was good and season 3 is probably my favorite of the bunch, even Cream was useful.
  8. Looks like you got it right, folks! The prophecy about Boom!Sonic being in Forces is about to come true after all.
  9. Some random thoughts after reading the posts: - Obviously Green Hill and Chemical Plant will be there, but with a great amount of tracks I can totally see some fanservice and obscure zones being brought in as well, definitely some from Forces to re-use graphics and zones that are fresh in people's minds, but also zones from Mania like Studiopolis and some older zones, for the first time in 3D, that would be amazing! - I'm also worried about the roster, I fear they will want to copy Mario Kart and add all possible variations of characters like Classic Sonic, Classic Tails, Classic Knuckles, Classic Amy, Classic Eggman, Boom Sonic, Boom Tails, Boom Knuckles, Boom Amy, Boom Eggman, or Werehog Sonic, I would be okay with the latter as well as some classic characters, but not the Boom ones because that'd be too many clones. But SEGA does what Nintendon't, they want to push their new characters like Sticks, Infinite, Zavok, but they don't forget their old supporting cast like Vector, Charmy, Espio, Rouge, Omega, Silver, Big, Cream, Blaze, Jet, Wave, even Tikal, Chaos, etc. so I'm not really worried. - Also, I HIGHLY doubt the roster is gonna be Sonic-only, really doubt, not even Riders was like that, so I'm guessing some secret characters will be AiAi, Amigo, Ulala, NiGHTS, Beat or Billy Hatcher, and obviously some special guest star to improve sales. I hope it's not a real person like with Danica, but other videogame icons, like Pac-Man (since they bring him in Dash), Mario as a Switch and Mobile exclusive, since there is no Olympics game this year, Crash perhaps? I'd love to see that. I'm actually more interested in big name guests than Sega characters, because that's been done a lot of times in the past. - About the difficulty and mechanics, as I said, don't redo the transforming gimmick, add something new, a new twist. As for the difficulty, I would love something in between ASR and Transformed, ASR was really generic and a lot of tracks played the same, not too many interesting mechanics to play with, Transformed did a lot, in fact it's my favorite of the 2, but apparently some people felt it was TOO Arcade and for expert players? I remember some people here didn't enjoy it sadly, it was too hard perhaps, as much as I liked that, maybe they should opt for a middle way between the 2 titles, something engaging for the player but not too complicated. Not like Mario Kart 8 I hope, as much as that game is amazing to me, and there are a lot of cool mechanics, it feels too easy, I'm not engaged, it would definitely help to have a bigger difficulty and more obstacles in the stages. And obviously MK8's roster is full of clones, I know THAT got a lot of hate. What do you think about my points?
  10. Both is likely, we know they are gonna talk about Mania, and Project Plus is a thing that exists. The new Sonic racer could be the "big announcement".
  11. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    About villains, I'm wondering if Ian were to introduce the Hard Boiled Heavies, do you think they would talk and get personalities? I mean, he did that with the robot masters in Mega Man and it was fantastic, so I would like it if Sega approves, which I have my doubts (eh). And of course I'd love for Ian to write and improve the Deadly Six, not my favorites but still, I can see some potential.
  12. It's not as simple as that, but not even complicated: I did enjoy the transforming gimmick, but it's been done, I would love to see either a more traditional game again with variety in vehicles (cars, off-roads, bikes and hovercrafts) or another, different twist. Surprise me, Sumo Digital!
  13. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    In fact they look a lot like Sleet and Dingo from Underground, as pointed out in the facebook group.
  14. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Blaze comes to mind, oh, and Cosmo I think. I can see some similarities.
  15. I get your worries, even though I prefer Sticks and Infinite to Cream and Big, I don't think anyone will be replaced if we get to have a big roster, and the traditional characters absolutely deserve to be in. Classic Sonic... eh, he's a bit of a given.

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