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  1. Sonic Channel

    I really like the poses this year, so much variety! Instead of the usual "back pose", now, if only they could draw different characters...
  2. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Honestly, I prefer Amy from SA2 than SA1, because she's snarkier and more active, less of a damsel in distress (but yeah, she's still one in both games, she has to be protected even by Tails), and frees Sonic from Prison Island, she makes jokes and even mocks Sonic, which is clear Ian likes this dynamic, I like it too. The banter is fun, as it's said in that solicit from issue #2. SA2 may also be a bit of a continuation from her SA1 personality, at the end of Amy's story she says she wants to be more independent and rely less on Sonic, that's what she tries to do in SA2. Obviously Heroes erased that, but I'm glad SEGA wants to make Amy more likeable now, instead of focusing on her fangirling alone.
  3. This is bad. I just started writing a series of mini stories featuring parodies of me and my friends... and at the end of each story one of us dies in a terrible death. I think I opened a pandora box that may destroy my group.

    1. SupahBerry


      I'm afraid you are now trapped in a "Final Destination" movie. Bon Voyage.

  4. Didn't the video about the new merchandise mention "rare buildable tracks"? I'm not sure they mean rare tracks that will be in the game, but mostly rare merchandise, however you never know...
  5. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    I'm glad Sega changed their minds about Amy's obsession... apparently?
  6. Try some My Little Pony game. I think Sonic is a franchise for boys mainly.
  7. Easy: Wave - recurring in spin-offs, has a couple of fans, and more girls deserve a spot. Might have to clash with Tikal for a slot though. Classic Sonic - why not? Sega implies there are different Sonics, they are different characters, and spams Classic Sonic everywhere. Chao - everyone wants them back in some way, I don't know if I want a Chao but they've had a Nightopian before so maybe? Either that or Cream riding a Chao themed car.
  8. I get it that you don't like mobians, but those are Sonic's thing Most people prefer those to humans like Chris and Elise, even Merlina who doesn't fit Sonic, oh, and the Deadly Six outside of the recurring duo of Zavok and Zazz, the rest are unpopular. I'd rather have the SEGA characters than those, in fact I did say I didn't want a full roster of Sonic characters, but half Sonic half SEGA, and some guests from other videogames. The only Sonic characters who really deserve to be in the roster if it's a Sonic roster, are the recurring ones, not some random one-off, so: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Eggman, Shadow, Metal Sonic, Big, Sticks, Infinite (who is a one-off, but just appeared in a main game), Rouge, Omega, Cream, Chao, Jet, Wave, Silver, Blaze, Vector, Charmy, Espio, and Classic Sonic, maybe add Zavok and Zazz for variety. By the way, I do have more ideas about the game: the items, what if there were the elemental shields? That would be dope, imagine that, each shield lets you play on a different terrain without losing speed or falling, like obviously fire shield on lava, bubble shield underwater, and thunder shield through laser doors. It would be awesome! Rings to make you go faster (I copied that from Mario Kart, okay...), and some other idea perhaps. As for the plot, I would absolutely have it, it'd go a lot like Riders 1, it would start with a tournament with eliminations, the prize are the Chaos Emeralds, which are fading away in the main games in terms of importance, and then, after half into the storyline, it becomes an adventure. I would really enjoy that. It would have been cool to make a crossover story too in the previous ASR games, I would have simply loved that. It doesn't take too much imagination in my opinion. What do you think?
  9. I don't like the game too much to be honest. Sure, it lets you play online and with multiple characters, it's a fun competitive game. But outside of that, there isn't really much to do, compared to Dash 1 and 2, I mean, you had the daily challenges, bonuses, missions, events, achievements, lots of stuff to do, and I kept playing them... here, not so much, it's just online matches after online matches, which is fun, but it gets boring after a while, and if you are stuck at a level and you can't unlock the harder tracks, you only get to play on 3 of them, which gets repetitive, and after the game launched worldwide, it's slower and harder to unlock the other characters. I used to have every character bar Shadow in the beta, now in the new file I'm still stuck at Sonic & Knuckles only.
  10. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Is it really that much of Forces? Not only it's the first 4 issues, but it looks more like a jumping point, and in the solicits there isn't really much indication that it it's again about the Forces plot, all they say is that the resistance is still going, we don't know if Sonic will accept to return but I'd rather not, he's a free spirit, the resistance can continue without him, since there aren't any major threats for now. But sure, I would love to know what happened to Infinite, and I would love to see the Avatars making their own team and getting real personalities. There is just so much to do with Forces' story, and so much to do to fix its issues.
  11. People are saying Tangle is trans, because she has fur like Shadow and Silver, lol. I wouldn't mind her being a lesbian, but it's unlikely.

  12. It's also possible we may see all-new stages, like in Mario Kart, and not just old zones. However I disagree with those who say there would not be variety without the other Sega franchises, at least in stages, there is a lot of variety, I can agree with the roster because they are all mobians, in fact I doubt there won't be guest characters from iconic videogames (even Mega Man would be great), or a couple of SEGA characters. It helps selling the game. We know SEGA cares about some of them, maybe not the oldest ones, but remember that they've had Super Monkey Ball, Persona 5, Nights into Dreams, Jet Set Radio and Puyo Puyo costumes in Forces, plus in the last couple of years, they did events on Sonic Runners featuring Phantasy Star, Puyo Puyo and NiGHTS, with short episodes and buddies dedicated to them. So why not add some of them here too? I think this will be the case.
  13. Considering all the love Sumo put into the other SEGA franchises, I can only imagine all the fanservice they can add here, references to a lot of Sonic games, that could rival what was in Runners! Obviously Sumo loves more the rest of Sega than Sonic, but still, they are fair developers. As for Sonic in a kart, I mean, he IS the first character so it doesn't make sense that he's the exception and everyone else is in a kart. But I could see a Sonic-on-foot unlockable this time, or we'll have to be fine that Super Sonic is his special move (if it is).
  14. Just wait, they are gonna add more characters, Cream, Big, Sticks, Jet and Infinite may come in the future. Boom Sonic is definitely an interesting pick...
  15. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    I think they can't complain here, because it's balanced, first issues don't have new characters, issues 3-4 introduce just a couple of them, it's balanced, really. The reboot was a different case, because people wanted a big universe with lots of characters, so Ian had to run and add a lot of stuff to please them, only to be criticized because there was too much world building and not a good story. I'm not complaining about it focusing on the SEGASonic cast for now, it should be this way, I was more annoyed when the Archie comic started as a SatAM story, because I don't like SatAM.

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