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  1. So I've just watched this video from a couple of months ago, it's actually very interesting So in short, Amy and the Sonic series helped this transgender woman come out and grow as a person, Amy in particular as a role model, because of her actual character strenght, and not because of her crush/obsession for Sonic. Makes me think, is this what people want? It's not that hard to comprehend actually, people just want minorities in a larger role, strong lead characters who are girls, other races, other sexualities, and strong role models in general. So is it for the best for Amy? I'm gonna say yes, I've always seen her as a strong female type, the crush was part of that too, but it was mostly her stubborness and energy, her giant mess of emotions that made her a compelling and strong character for me. And the fact that not many females at that time were playable or in larger roles, yeah, helped made her popular, really, who else comes to mind as a major female in a major videogame franchise for kids? Coco comes to mind, recently Toadette maybe? I mean. Don't be surprised if SEGA wants this route for Amy, as a feminist type, she was always like that, really, and it's popular, to kids, girls, mostly everyone love that kind of role model, they want to be represented, just a cool character, I personally liked the crush aspect too because it was her quirk (the obsession, not the crush itself), but I can see why they would tone it down. I really don't get the complaints for her nowadays, she's generic? Maybe, but she's not TOO different from before actually, and she has always been a role model for girls. Literally the only thing that changed for her is the crush being downplayed. Is she still a tough energetic chick? Check Is she still kind, good hearted? Check Same design and hammer? Check Does she still love Sonic? Check So she's just more streamlined IMO. And if she's a role model? Well... good? What's wrong with that? Personally, I've had a lot of characters as role models in this series, specifically Sonic and Shadow, I know... polar opposites, Sonic is cocky and has an attitude, he was always an inspiration for me, and Shadow was just badass to me as a kid, obviously I've had my closure phase so, Shadow helped during that. Even Sticks helped me relate during my... issues at one point, weirdly enough, yep. And then there are IDW SPOILERS In short: I don't mind Sonic characters being role models for kids, and helping them, because they have helped me in the past too.
  2. Here's my speculation updated to new thoughts: - A brand new Classic title inspired by Mania but with a new unique artstyle, playable Amy and Honey, more than 1 story, one for Sonic and Tails, at least a different one for Knuckles, and one for the girls. Have Mighty and Ray as unlockable or DLC. All-new enemies as bosses. Brand new power-ups. And a higher budget than Mania. - A new Adventure type of game, with SA nostalgia and new elements, Sonic and Shadow should be the main playable characters, with Tails, Knuckles and Silver as amigo types with few stages and smaller stories. Upgrades, Chao Gardens, hubworlds, I mean most elements from the Adventure series, plus visual customization. Then if they really wanted to flesh out the lore and the world(s), which I don't think they do, they could include elements and characters from IDW, this is my personal wish but since they never thought of focusing on the story, I don't think they will start now, but they could in theory use the Warp Topaz to soft reboot the franchise, retcon whatever they want and create a more unified universe. Would also explain the different portrayals of the characters, older places and events that no longer matter to the brand etc. As said in the latest Bumblekast, SEGA wanted the topaz intact for some reason. I doubt it's important but I wish, it's basically their new pocket genesis wave. This is outside of making a good game, fast, fun and enjoyable, which should be the absolute priority.
  3. Yes, there is a scene in the next issue that involves Shadow, Ian says it got in... mostly the way he wanted.
  4. Amy will obviously get to do more fun stuff, like the Chao Races, and I'm all for it! IMO it worked during the Metal Virus, because of the stakes and the situation, as DogTagz said everyone was under psychological stress, but please, let Amy have a break. Jewel is so precious, but yeah her role is basically a plot device, first a friend to Tangle, and now she's taking over Amy's old boring job, thankfully. She's good but not that important. I'd argue the 4 villains of the new mini are more important than her (Rough, Tumble, Dr. Starline and Mimic).
  5. No, it's no secret I don't like them. I'm definitely biased too. I think it's a matter of spot, so to reply to the others who quoted me. There isn't a place for everyone in the games, did you see Blaze and Big in Forces? Did you see Cream anywhere? Jet besides Olympics? They can't cram everyone unless it's a cameo like a trophy in Generations. There isn't room. So if this is about Sally... I guess I wouldn't mind if she was in the Classic branch, yeah, she can fit with a critter/mobini design, and she just fits the Classic series more, she can be a companion to Amy, that role could be given to Honey as well, maybe both? The rest I really have no clue, you'd have to add 5 characters, it's a lot. For the IDW comics, they can be brought back IF Sega agrees to resurrect characters from defunct continuities, including Scratch, Grounder, Breezie, Cosmo, Sticks, etc. there are a lot of fan favorites, but it's really too many. But for comics, sure, anyone can be in them if they don't take too much role. I have to remind you in Archie reboot they were not minor characters, they were still protagonists, not supporting characters, they were as important as Sonic and Tails. The thing is... SEGA is just against the Freedom Fighters, for this reason and because of the Archie comics hostility and legal mess, if they were to be brought back they'd be completely different, new, or based off their SatAM self (which btw I despised).
  6. Yeah as long as I get well written stories with Sonic and the cast, I'm not too impatient, we do get Sonic content monthly.
  7. I'm so late on this but I want to give my 2 cents on the hot topic. The Koopalings are a lot of characters, I admit that if you are adding all of them as playable it does take a lot of spots, but still, they do have a place in mainline 2D games, they are main bosses and antagonists, recurring too. Plus they were brought back after having debuted in a main game. Meanwhile, the Freedom Fighters are reeeeeally from an old and niche continuity, but they do have fans that want them back, however I still stand by my opinion: they were from a version of Sonic that's really outdated and done. I do think the Freedom Fighters are done, just let them rest in peace. Besides, if they were to be back, I don't think they would work or fit in a Sonic game, not even with hard restyling and rebooting, simply because they are meant to be protagonists, I know I say this a lot but it's the truth, Sally was created to be a lead female and main love interest to Sonic, the main hero, would fans of hers really be happy if she returned as a minor NPC? Similar to Pauline in Odyssey maybe. Really I want to ask: would you fans of Sally be happy if she returned just as a cameo? I guess it's better than nothing, but I have never seen the Freedom Fighters in minor roles, even in the Archie reboot which was basically based off the games, you still had Sally and all the Freedom Fighters in a main central role, Ian spent the whole first arc by reintroducing them, they do take a lot of screentime. If Sally returned in a main role, what would happen to Amy? I love Amy and I don't want to see her threatened by another main female role, I know it's petty, I do have my favorites, I'm not flawless. I admit that. I don't think her or the others returning would make anyone really happy. I really don't know why fans can't let go and accept that these characters are finished, done. It was hard for me to accept that my adorable Sticks was done but she is, Boom is dead and so is Sticks. But I did, I let her go. I also don't know why Sticks can be forgotten (although people also want her back), and Sally can't. If they bring back your favorite, I also want mine to be honest. Yeah. Also, I've seen a lot of people depict Ian Flynn as the devils incarnate... even though he is still fighting for Sally and the FFs (as well as Sticks and others) to be brought back.
  8. Would you recommend me to buy Paper Mario TOK? I have money to waste and no new games on the horizon, since I've been replaying recent titles for a while like Odyssey, BotW and AC:NH. I have been ignoring TOK until today... saw the trailers and yeah, it looks like a cool adventure, colorful and creative, but I want to hear your thoughts too. I'm a Mario player but not a Paper Mario one, for the record. But this looks interesting, still.

  9. Tbh I may have enjoyed the first season more, I already posted it, didn't I? I also remember most people (outside of here) really liked those issues too. I agree with most criticisms, repetitive formula etc. No story progress within the first 4 issues etc. But still as introduction they really worked. I also enjoyed Battle for Angel Island for not introducing any more characters besides Starline. Things I didn't like in season 1: yeah we definitely could have gotten more of Mr Tinker, and literally the one flaw I can think of in the final arc was Metal's final form. That's it. However everything else was on point, interactions, fights, characterizations, art, mystery vibe for the villain plot, which I really hope comes back in some way. We even got a better Shadow treatment. Things I didn't like, however, in the Metal Virus: the moodyness of it, Deadly Six being an annoying joke again, Knuckles being not much present And not leaving the island, the final fight is once again in AIZ. Talk about repetitive. Silver also should have played an even bigger part. Big's debut in 25 was also underwhelming, I could have liked Ian's cameos idea but oh well. Still, I didn't mind it being expanded to the Zeti arc. And have Eggman as big bad in the epilogue for full circle. Now... I'm definitely intrigued by the next 2 arcs, it will use a variety of characters including Cream and Shadow... Nice, I hope the mystery aspect returns, and Bad Guys looks interesting, at this point I would have cut Zavok and only have the 4 comic exclusives, since Zavok may be similar to Mimic. I don't know. One more thing: I hope the Freedom Fighters don't show up, I have thought about it and yeah, especially Sally, they would require to be protagonist and have a certain plot status quo. Sally would take over Amy's role basically. I think their time is done. But if they were to be rebooted hard, as occasional guest characters, I think they would have to be changed so drastically that their fans would no longer enjoy and recognise them anymore. Sally was supposed to be the leader and Sonic's love interest and a Princess for the main kingdom. I don't see how this fits into the world of Sonic anymore.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  11. I'm technically undecided because I loved parts of both arcs, and disliked things of both arcs. I dunno... I'd rather say my favorite issues overall, or best mini-arcs. Issues 5-7 of course, the Sonic VS Shadow morality debate for the fate of the redeemed Eggman sure was interesting, as well as the revelation of the chairman followed by the fight against Neo and his plan, although I do have to say the introductions, besides issue 1 which was literally the most basic thing ever... I'm gonna say it, I enjoyed them, issues 2-4 + 8, yeah even issue 3 which had as bigger downside the artstyle, but I enjoyed it because at least they weren't fighting just badniks but mercenaries, issue 1 is still the worst for me, too simple, and it was basically remade in a more fleshed out way (also longer) in issue 13, they really start kinda with the same prologue and formula... Battle for Angel Island was really cool, although they should have went crazier with the final fight against Master Overlord, that's literally the only flaw that comes to mind, and general better usage of the cast besides Sonic - Knuckles - Blaze. But I really don't mind how a couple of heroes are treated as protagonists for 1 arc, and for example Silver got his shine screentime later (still wish he got even more though). The set up for the next arc was excellent. Metal Virus saga... oooh, there is a lot to say, first off my compliments to Ian for making Cream a compelling character, the tension and the stakes were definitely the better part, and even though Sonic never turned zombot the moral and mental efficiency of the problem was still there, so it was well played. I even loved Crisis City arc, seeing Team Dark together... and it was probably the bleakest moment along with issue 24, Tangle's exit was the best one, although I really don't mind Shadow's I enjoy non-heroic acts as well, I'm aware it's unpopular but I insist in saying I enjoyed it. Big's story was excellent and fucking twisted-sad. Issue 23 was another climax for the bad guys trying to outsmart each other plus Eggman vs Sonic, and of course the final arc, well... at least they tried with the Deadly Six, I'm sure more could be done with them individually, I just don't see it for ALL of them. What I disliked from the arc... bits and pieces, like the fact that they removed the elastic aspects of the zombots, although they did acknowledge it again, I mean visually. Plus the fact that they canonized locations from issues 1-2 seems a bit desperate for trying to make up for lack of world building. Shadow and Knuckles were both barely seen, too. Plus the whole survival thing was bleak at times and repetitive. In the end the finale was probably my favorite issue of this saga, despite the anticlimactic fight... everything else that came before was really dramatic and the resolution was definitely deserved... and bittersweet as I like it. Now I'd like to see how the world really reacts to Sonic being gone, looking at you Forces... Also actual world building, please, I'm ready for a real world map. So what are your overall favorite issues from each arc? And best character?
  12. Meanwhile the Sonic livestream quite explicitly said the wicked witch and her munchkins are dead. Finally some good news.
  13. I have to agree, I don't see an announcement this year, and honestly, I repeat a hundred times that I wouldn't like a remake, and it's not what SEGA has done in the past, they'd rather make new games with nostalgia, it seems the best compromise between old and new content. Plus if that remake was a thing, they would have to remake both Adventure games, which sounds impossible.
  14. I noticed there is a Shadow sucks in IDW campaign or something like that on twitter. I am fine with that, I get why people are upset but I stand by my opinion, he was great in season 1, in fact issue 6 is still my favorite for the morality confrontation. It was nice as intro for his character and his clash with Sonic and Eggman. In season 2, I want to point out that the madness with Shadow happened all in a single issue, as for the rest, he was always a zombot. There isn't much to say, yeah he wasn't perfect in season 1 either but still great, in issue 19... idk, but I definitely would have been still disappointed if Shadow went out with an heroic sacrifice, because everyone else did the same exact thing, and Shadow is not just another hero, I'm really not sure how I would have made him go out. But still I would have been disappointed if it was another boring death.
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