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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  2. I'm technically undecided because I loved parts of both arcs, and disliked things of both arcs. I dunno... I'd rather say my favorite issues overall, or best mini-arcs. Issues 5-7 of course, the Sonic VS Shadow morality debate for the fate of the redeemed Eggman sure was interesting, as well as the revelation of the chairman followed by the fight against Neo and his plan, although I do have to say the introductions, besides issue 1 which was literally the most basic thing ever... I'm gonna say it, I enjoyed them, issues 2-4 + 8, yeah even issue 3 which had as bigger downside the artstyle, but I enjoyed it because at least they weren't fighting just badniks but mercenaries, issue 1 is still the worst for me, too simple, and it was basically remade in a more fleshed out way (also longer) in issue 13, they really start kinda with the same prologue and formula... Battle for Angel Island was really cool, although they should have went crazier with the final fight against Master Overlord, that's literally the only flaw that comes to mind, and general better usage of the cast besides Sonic - Knuckles - Blaze. But I really don't mind how a couple of heroes are treated as protagonists for 1 arc, and for example Silver got his shine screentime later (still wish he got even more though). The set up for the next arc was excellent. Metal Virus saga... oooh, there is a lot to say, first off my compliments to Ian for making Cream a compelling character, the tension and the stakes were definitely the better part, and even though Sonic never turned zombot the moral and mental efficiency of the problem was still there, so it was well played. I even loved Crisis City arc, seeing Team Dark together... and it was probably the bleakest moment along with issue 24, Tangle's exit was the best one, although I really don't mind Shadow's I enjoy non-heroic acts as well, I'm aware it's unpopular but I insist in saying I enjoyed it. Big's story was excellent and fucking twisted-sad. Issue 23 was another climax for the bad guys trying to outsmart each other plus Eggman vs Sonic, and of course the final arc, well... at least they tried with the Deadly Six, I'm sure more could be done with them individually, I just don't see it for ALL of them. What I disliked from the arc... bits and pieces, like the fact that they removed the elastic aspects of the zombots, although they did acknowledge it again, I mean visually. Plus the fact that they canonized locations from issues 1-2 seems a bit desperate for trying to make up for lack of world building. Shadow and Knuckles were both barely seen, too. Plus the whole survival thing was bleak at times and repetitive. In the end the finale was probably my favorite issue of this saga, despite the anticlimactic fight... everything else that came before was really dramatic and the resolution was definitely deserved... and bittersweet as I like it. Now I'd like to see how the world really reacts to Sonic being gone, looking at you Forces... Also actual world building, please, I'm ready for a real world map. So what are your overall favorite issues from each arc? And best character?
  3. Meanwhile the Sonic livestream quite explicitly said the wicked witch and her munchkins are dead. Finally some good news.
  4. I have to agree, I don't see an announcement this year, and honestly, I repeat a hundred times that I wouldn't like a remake, and it's not what SEGA has done in the past, they'd rather make new games with nostalgia, it seems the best compromise between old and new content. Plus if that remake was a thing, they would have to remake both Adventure games, which sounds impossible.
  5. I noticed there is a Shadow sucks in IDW campaign or something like that on twitter. I am fine with that, I get why people are upset but I stand by my opinion, he was great in season 1, in fact issue 6 is still my favorite for the morality confrontation. It was nice as intro for his character and his clash with Sonic and Eggman. In season 2, I want to point out that the madness with Shadow happened all in a single issue, as for the rest, he was always a zombot. There isn't much to say, yeah he wasn't perfect in season 1 either but still great, in issue 19... idk, but I definitely would have been still disappointed if Shadow went out with an heroic sacrifice, because everyone else did the same exact thing, and Shadow is not just another hero, I'm really not sure how I would have made him go out. But still I would have been disappointed if it was another boring death.
  6. So I listened to last week's Bumblekast, Ian was asked again about the canon immigrants or off-limits characters, and it looks like, by the answer he gave, that SEGA said the same thing about Sticks and Marine, like, not off-limits, but "not yet". Which means... I have no idea, there is hope for them, they aren't dead, just forgotten? Still they are basically in the same boat. IMO it's the same thing I've heard about Infinite, that he could appear later, from what I've heard about Hardlight and the mobile games, but there is literally no source on this, just read that online somewhere.
  7. IDW is definitely not obscure, it's... very relevant and popular right now.
  8. I'm actually glad they introduced male characters who aren't villains, it's a first in IDW. lol I read it yesterday and... I can't believe I'm saying this about a Sonic story but this arc is really too much for me, in general, don't get me wrong, it's really well written, well made, there is A LOT of pathos and emotion, but it's so dark, I really don't want this for Sonic. Not what I personally want, so who asked for this stuff?
  9. Did we just forget everything Tails did in IDW so far? Especially his kamikaze move against Master Overlord. How is that for a coward?
  10. Btw, I haven't seen anyone consider this about the miniseries: there will likely be a prologue story in the Annual releasing on July 8th, I looked up and issue 25 released before the original release date for the annual 2020, so this is supposed to be during the Zeti arc, after Dr. Starline is kicked off-screen, which means it perfectly fits, there will likely be a story that will start the miniseries like the Tangle and Whisper story in Annual 2019 that was kinda a prologue to their adventure in the mini. Cool! Considering Zavok is in the main comic currently, Rough and Tumble have literally "fallen" to the virus, they will probably not be featured yet. So, the description says we are getting six small stories: - Big's story - Metal Sonic with the virus - Dr. Starline and the prologue to the mini - ??? - ??? - ???
  11. I don't think (not anymore) it means anything, but yeah they are being added to the game, they aren't "special event characters" like the 3 from the movie. Plus, IDWSonic is basically set in Modern Sonic, so Tangle and Whisper are built around Modern Sonic, more or less, besides fitting a lot. As Ian, Evan, Katie and everyone at SEGA said, it's a start and it could lead possibly to more. The reason why you don't get Sticks anymore in stuff is because Boom is dead, and Sticks was from that continuity, with Boom dead, she's gone too, with Archie dead, the Freedom Fighters are lost and forgotten too, besides being tied to the Archie vs SEGA difficulties. I just want to celebrate that these 2 cool, strong fan favorites are in 2 mobile games.
  12. If this is true it would reinforce my idea that they are cooking up a new cartoon led by Ian and Tyson, with these gals included.
  13. I repeat, too many members of the Deadly Six, short time, how would you have handled it? Personally, probably make the arc longer, but that again, would have made fans bitter that it was dragging and going slow. It's an impossible situation, of course there are issues, I do think mostly it was issue 26 that tried to introduce all the fights... no way, just have 2 fights in 26, 2 in 27 and 1 (Zazz) in 28 plus the final battle set up in 29 with Zavok. Would have worked better, imo, that issue tried to do everything but it was just an introduction and messed up every following issue, besides the next one. One more thing: I would have made the Zeti co-operate in 2, like Zomom and Zeena together, Zazz and Zor together, at least, it would have created fun dynamics between them. At this point I just don't care about the Deadly Six, they are just fodder bosses and stuff like that. Same for the other issues, I'm trying to ignore and bypass the obvious drama with Shadow. Big's Adventure sounds fantastic, it's an opportunity to revisit the first issues, the callbacks. Plus, Vista View is actually the town from issue 1, and Riverside is the village from issue 2, cool! Plus of course, it's a very nice callback to the Big cameos in SA2 and Secret Rings. What are the other stories supposed to be again? I think one is about Metal Sonic? I'm gonna enjoy the final fight next issue, although I feel like the epilogue stuff is kinda unnecessary, yeah, I wanted them to move on to the next mini arcs. But it doesn't make me enjoy the book less, it's really refreshing and fun.
  14. Yeah the Deadly Six suck, even with good writing, now I can finally say it lol They still manage to be lame, weak, dumb and cheap threats, even Zavok, who is merely a brute. Everyone else, it sounded like an easy task, especially Rouge and the bots, I actually wish Zavok had more of a presence, more tactical. I mean, they had the emeralds and could control hordes of Zombots, so much power, yet they just... "ok, nobody can beat us, whatever, haha" that's how they got defeated, serves them right lol Also, good job for the heroes, Knuckles I hope does more than just caring about the ME and AIZ next time. I like how the Babylons stick together though. Silver will have a role... interesting. Overall great issue because we didn't waste too much time for the previous fights, even though I'm kinda disappointed by them being so short, we had more anticipation for the final fight versus the former friends turned Zombots and that terryfing demon that is Zavok (cool transformation btw).
  15. I have my theory about Ian's knowing smile that I already said and don't want to repeat. It hasn't changed so far... we may see at SDCC online in July?
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