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  1. Some interesting things out of the new Bumblekast (feel free to add more if you want): - The games tend to have poor localization, there was this thing in the japanese script that said Eggman resurrected the Zeti before Lost World, which could have been interesting, but I think, since it was a script written in American, the wrong localization is the japanese one. So, not canon and Ian didn't even know about it. - Shadow and mandates: someone wrote on TV Tropes that Ian didn't like the character due to his frustration from the mandates, which is untrue and Ian likes Shadow, the note from TV Tropes got deleted anyway. - Scourge: Who owns him? Ian thinks it's really a SEGA character, it's literally the concept of an evil Sonic that turned into its own character, I thought they didn't want to bring him back due to Penders or Archie as a whole but the trope is so common it will get reused anyway, someday. So it will probably be back... not as Scourge, but something else, I would avoid doing doppelgangers again though. My idea would be to have Sonic turn into a rogue/villain, maybe Dark Super Sonic or Nazo? Something to do with the emeralds. It would be more interesting.
  2. https://www.sonicstadium.org/2021/01/tyson-hesse-confirms-he-is-not-involved-in-sonic-netflix-show/ Are we really surprised about hearing Tyson Hesse is not involved? After hearing this is a CGI show animated by WildBrain and produced by Man of Action? It's not that they don't want fans on-board, SEGA has often proved otherwise, but as you guys also said, Tyson is very busy on other projects, Sonic and other stuff. I'm more curious about him doing, besides Sonic 2 movie, a new series of shorts to promote the next game. That would make more sense. I'm waiting... I love his shorts. I won't comment on the Classic Sonic statement, I have mixed feelings about it, if they want to keep that sub-series as a special event thing it's okay, the split was caused by fans asking for the original Sonic design.
  3. I agree that this arc is kinda messy, too many plotlines, but it tied up things nicely, I admit I wanted more of a Sonic & Shadow team up, but it come off as surprising the fact that they didn't stop the avalanche, it was actually amusing. Plus I just enjoyed it because of moments, interactions, and the mystery villain of course. It was plain fun and action, so I really don't mind. The ending is also pretty much okay, not as glorious and epic as the Metal Virus in #29 but still for a small arc it did great, Evan did a good job. Shadow I think was a victim of holding back from Sega of Japan with their mandates but still, Ian and Evan managed to create an arc for him out of this messy situation, which is a plus, in fact this issue was a continuation of his realization in #31, maybe it was too quick but who knows when Shadow will appear next. I'm just glad they wrapped it up for now since they had the chance.
  4. These are my ideas: - I would like a reduced the number of characters stories, SA2 did it right, less stories and less filler gameplays, SA1 is all over the place, I would keep the 3 major gameplay styles like Sonic, Knuckles, Gamma, and expand upon them, like more platforming sections in Gamma's shooting gameplay, more things to do in general for Knuckles other than the treasure hunt, like fighting and using his skills (climbing, gliding, digging) and have longer stages instead of maze-like acts, so a reduced treasure hunting section. - Tails, Amy and Big would have to be either amigos a la Sonic '06, or even minigames, like Tails' Tornado stage, Tails snowboard race in Sand Hill, Amy's Hammer mole game, and Big's Fishing. - Multiplayer, give Sonic's stages more unlockable characters to play, or select them from the start in 2P/4P mode for races, I wouldn't mind playing as Shadow, Metal Sonic, even Classic Sonic in Sonic's gameplay. Tikal can be a skin for Knuckles, Eggman for Gamma. - Super Sonic playable in main stages as it was originally planned. - A brand new form for Chaos in a boss fight, maybe Chaos 5 - Chao Garden: Have more variety in the Chao evolution, like they can evolve into not just Hero/Dark but a lot of types of Chao depending on how you feed them and develop them. Of course Chao races minigames and other stuff. More variety in general. And I demand a Chao in Space (Invaders) minigame. - New voice acting, with better dialogue and script. - Revamped Hub Worlds with more life into them, things to do and yes... new humans designs. And maaaaybe if we want to go deeper: Have a Shadow mini-story that acts like a prequel to SA2, set 50 years before the events of the game, on the Ark. Like Shadow's first mission in space or something. That would be cool.
  5. I am not sure who's working on the art direction for the next game. I just pray they realise the "basic" artstyle of the last 2 games which also included simplicity and linearity in gameplay and game design... Is boring, dull, lame, for babies. It's just too easy, and short, uninspired, lazy or rushed, that's how I felt while playing Forces. Lost World was polished at least, but it hardly played like a Sonic game. I appreciated some of the new additions though. As for my hopes specifically, they should find a way to blend nostalgia with new ideas, like I would like all-new zones instead of the same old ones just for nostalgic reasons. I understand people want a remake of SA1, and would like to play through a revamped Emerald Coast. But I would still rather have a new game. Seeing as fans want more nostalgia, I will not be surprised if SEGA uses the throwback card again mixed with new stuff. I guess it works for them.
  6. I disagree partially. Neo Metal Sonic saga finale was okay, it set up Eggman's glorious return, Metal Sonic unexpectedly achieved his goal of bringing him back, surprisingly, while the heroes disbanded finally. It was nice. But issue #29 is my favorite finale so far, with the climax before them going super, although the fight was super short, it was heartwarming to see everyone in relief, and then worried again at Sonic's disappearance, it was a good cliffhanger that should have taken more time IMO. This is also why I'm not a fan of issue 32. Now that was rushed. Tangle & Whisper, the Metal Virus epilogue and Bad Guys have the only bad endings for now. As for my favorite arc so far, you know what? It's still season 1, it was a good introduction, nice mystery villain gimmick, payoff, then heroes team up in the final arc, while setting up the next arc, it wasn't too short, and we still have consequences to Eggman's time as Tinker through Belle. So it's a perfect jump-in arc. Metal Virus not only last for too long, but it was like "Ian was gonna leave so they needed to do it immediately after the first arc" if it was meant to be an Archie ending, then do it later in IDW... I didn't mind the build up to the apocalypse, even though I think I enjoyed the final arc more. At that point I was tired of the Metal Virus and wanted out, now I'm already looking forward to the next major arc although I'm liking what we have now. Also, hot take: I'm glad Evan put Shadow in this non-major threat level arc, I know SEGA gets in the way as always and Shadow acts like he wants to fight only, and that is all that gets approved, but at least they tried, and who knows, it may end well? I still think it was a good opportunity to have him around, to work around the mandates, and he should NOT be gone from the book just because of bad writing, just improve him, don't you think? I'm definitely not done with Shadow as a fan of the character.
  7. They have resources now for more and better spin-off. TSR sold well miraculously since CTR was the big threat in that period, Sonic was back in the top charts for a month since 2008, if anything they promoted the game surprisingly well, and that somewhat payed off. Then they did re-releases during Christmas, and now the big movie bump in sales. It did well, I'm sure they have money now for a new spin-off. They could also make a TSR sequel with more content, they are aware people wanted more out of the game, since it had a good gameplay, good ideas and just needed more meat, they didn't want to make DLC so make a sequel. I wouldn't mind it...
  8. Is TSR online less dead on PC or Switch? Thinking about buying the steam version for better performance, slightly active online would be a plus.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It's 100% dead on Switch, and almost 100% dead on Steam.

      If the game is on sale, I'd definitely rec getting it on Steam anyway. It's much nicer when is it's got a superior framerate and resolution. Plus the physics are somehow more stable; I ran into relatively frequent bugs in the Switch version after spinning out or landing from jumps, but no such bugs on PC. And you can hit me up for a race anytime. TSR is great and SEGA sent it out to die.

  9. Sephiroth looks really awesome, and I like the stage, new music, and challenge twist they added. Plus his Classic Mode is a Boss Rush, so we sort of got a new mode we wanted in. I'm gonna fight him in a few minutes... By the way... I know these videos are jokes, but the math worked for Sephiroth, he took Geno's spot, it kinda fits. It's about predicting the chances of most wanted characters In short: it calculates various data and statistics from the current roster picks, going by male/female representation, created in west/east (for character negotiations), game genre, return/new series, and decade where they are from. Currently we have in FP Vol. 2: Min Min - Female | Fighting game | East | 2010s | New series Steve & Alex - Both | MMORPG | West | 2010s | New series From after the video released... Sephiroth - Male | RPG | East | 1990s | Return series So we can rule out another female only fighter, but not a "both" type, there can be more hopefully, from the West there aren't many characters, which makes Crash a bit more unlikely, but I still hope he is in. There can be maybe 1 more character from a return series, I'm not sure if another Nintendo rep can get in after Min Min, but it's possible. The key is not math, it's variety, that's how Nintendo picked the fighters. They already did Mario DLC, FE DLC, so those are out, I think. Pokemon is still a possibility, but there aren't any "most wanted" characters in it. Bandana Dee is also possible because it's from a platformer, which isn't represented yet. A shooter character seems possible... Doomguy? I'm ruling out Halo because Microsoft already got its rep. Something the video did not account for, is the publisher... we got 1 Nintendo fighter, 1 from Microsoft, 1 from Square Enix, then ??? FP Vol. 1 had Nintendo, SEGA, Square, SNK, and Microsoft. Square and MS are out. What other characters are very popular from SNK and SEGA? And what about Capcom? Sony? Currently we have 2 fighters from new series and 1 from return, would make sense to have 2 more new series maybe and 1 returning. One more from west is sketchy but I hope so (Crash). About SEGA... Arle, Eggman, Shadow, these are not Mii costumes so they aren't 100% ruled out (for now), and a new SEGA character is possible, even more possible from a returning series, Sonic, which is already barely represented, meanwhile Arle is very popular in Japan, so it's possible, although another Jap female character is doubtful after Min Min. So it could be a toss up between the 2 very popular Eggman and Shadow, one could be an upgraded Sonic who is very simple to play as, the other fits in the "shooter" category moveset but also as a platformer genre. Eggman is perfect, the only doubt to me comes from Sephiroth, who is already a villain from a returning 3rd party series. I don't know... Also, we have yet to have a protagonist in FP2, Min Min is just one of the fighters in Arms, Steve/Alex are the main faces but still not actual protagonists, Sephiroth is a villain, so Crash? It's perfect. Also Ryu from Ninja Gaiden... idk, he fights with a long sword, and that's exactly what Sephiroth does. Same for Steve, no more swordsmen, which also rules out Lloyd. Who else can be from an RPG series? Pokemon? Paper Mario... Nope, already represented in DLC. Pokemon is more likely, and SwSh is still recent. But also there are too many cartoony characters this way. I'm saying... Dr. Eggman - Male | Platformer | East | 1990s | Return Series (villain, SEGA) Crash Bandicoot - Male | Platformer | West | 1990s | New series (protagonist, Activision) (It's also possible Crash/Coco is a "both" gender) At least one of them could be in. then there could be, according to variet/stats: ??? - Both | RPG | East | 2000s | New series So who does fit here?
  10. Maybe It's just wishful thinking on my part, but I believe Boom was the way it was because of CN, 11 minutes comedies are kind of their thing, and they still neglected the show. So it's a different case now?
  11. That is why I would rather humans stay away from this. 2 worlds is a good fit if they can just ignore humans. I kinda want them to stick to Modern Sonic in general but with new plots, like no direct adaptations, new stories and new lore. They can have seasonal big bads, like season 1 could focus on Eggman with a robot of the week in each episode, a la Sonic X, but with plenty of self contained new plots. And a direction for an ongoing plot. The final scene of season 1 could feature Shadow to tease season 2, for example. Also I just had a thought, does the comparison with MM Fully Charged still work? With CGI graphics, it's the same studio yep, but that was on CN, Netflix usually has a bit of a higher budget. Which kinda gives me hope for a good looking cartoon Also this may get longer episodes again due to Netflix not having the same strict rules as CN. Fully Charged had 11 minutes because it's standard for that network. Probably.
  12. So how about ideas and hopes? What characters, zones, plots and possible lore do you want to see in the show? If anything, this would be the place to flesh out the cast and lore, if the writers are competent.
  13. But for real? How are the chances of another SEGA rep in this game? I think really low to none, they had Sonic added in Brawl, through DLC added Bayonetta in Sm4ash, and Joker in FP1 this time. I don't think there will be more, sadly, I want Eggman/Shadow/Tails/Knuckles, one of them in order of wish, but I don't think it's happening, they are very popoular and very requested, but Sonic isn't popular in Japan/Sakurai isn't a fan of the franchise, yadda yadda... I'm not sure what is the logic behind Nintendo's choices for this second wave of DLC, other than add variety, they did Min Min to have a new Nintendo character from a fighting game, consider Mario already had his turn with Piranha Plant, Fire Emblem with Byleth, at DLC obviously, if there are more Nintendo reps it may be Gen 8 Pokemon... but I really have no idea who would they pick, and someone from Breath of the Wild + spin-offs (Age of Calamity's Impa? I wish). They added Steve because Minecraft is still very important (I think), it's a classic and Steve was rumored for a long time, probably a long time behind the plan and work, which may mean we probably won't get Fortnite in Smash, since the 2 keep getting compared. Then surprise surprise... Sephiroth? Because Final Fantasy has little representation and they couldn't get Sora? The most talked explanations, also someone who was unxepected, and the FFVII remake is still fresh. Also, does this rule out Geno (because of Square)? Not sure. Crash is definitely definitely in, possibly with the arrival of 4 on Switch? I sadly have to agree that the final spot may not be who we want, or maybe yes, they could end the character for last for a big surprise? It's not that hard, Byleth was a case they did but it was just Fighter Pass Volume 1, not the last. Who else do people really want? I heard Doomguy, (again) Fortnite's Jonesy, who else? I also want a Sonic character, but I really really doubt it, Tails and Knuckles as they brought them back as Miis... so any of those 2 I doubt even more.
  14. If they cancelled Boom and opted for a new cartoon based on Modern Sonic, it's already good they want to avoid the mistakes of the past, that led to their failure, So no focus on comedy, no more reboots, more plot (I hope)
  15. Okay, first off, great news let's analyze how I feel towards the details > Netflix Probably better than any other platform, but it can be a double edge, because it cancels a lot of shows when not successful enough, we will see... > Possibly Modern Sonic themed This is a big YES, instead of using another brand new universe, just retcon and adapt the Modern series, without direct adaptations, I mean as in themes and events, characters and perhaps add some lore. > 3D Ugh, I liked the animation used by the shorts? I kinda wanted them to follow that, because 3D usually means they have to recycle assets, depends how is the budget but I hope it's animated better than Boom. And I hope it's not a sitcom this time, but it manages to balance comedy, action, adventure and ACTUAL PLOT, with a main cast, main plot episodes as well as filler fun episodes. So both.
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