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  1. If anything Mighty is a copy of Sonic, Ray looks more original than Mighty does.
  2. I'm hoping Solo will make people reconsider TLJ for being a fun and bold movie, that tells a new story. Solo seems *yawn* boring so far.

    1. Ayliffe


      the more promo stuff I see from Solo, the more I wish Lucasfilm just let Lord & Miller do their thing instead of chucking them out partway through

    2. Marcello


      Solo looks great to me. TLJ was great, too, though.

      Lord and Miller apparently wanted it to be similar in tone to Guardians of the Galaxy, which just wouldn't fit.

    3. KHCast


      The movie already was giving me gotg vibes though from the stuff I’ve seen...

    4. Ayliffe


      Hot take: Disney's fear of doing anything even slightly different both tonally and aesthetically with Star Wars, whilst alright for the short term, will cause severe burnout with audiences in the long term - especially with 'em pumping out a new film every 12 months or less.

    5. Jack the Maniac

      Jack the Maniac

      Depends it they can keep up the quality, there is technically nothing wrong with releasing 1 movie per year, but between spin-offs and new trilogies, there is too much stuff.

      Anyway for me TLJ > RO > TFA

    6. shdowhunt60


      As someone who hated TLJ, I don't really see Solo changing my mind at all.

    7. Josh


      GotG would at least be different from the standard star wars

  3. A new screen from Sonic Paradise shows Mirage Saloon at sunset, other screens had it at night time. Which means the zones will have day-night system? It's definitely not Encore Mode, which is tag team and with new gimmicks.
  4. Agents of SHIELD will return in Summer 2019 for 13 episodes! To tie into Avengers 4.

  5. Sonic Racing (Possible Title) - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    What is the meaning of "ASST"?
  6. A CGI cartoon movie doesn't get nearly the amount of appeal of a live action movie with real actors, I agree with Peter, IF it turns out to be successful (and right now it's in the right hands) it could make Sonic more popular and recognizable, it'd be a smart strategy if they hit the target. Or they could have gone with a small CGI TV movie for kids and to appeal to fans. Wouldn't mind that either.
  7. But this isn't Pixar or Disney, so...
  8. So "Casino Night" is legit, huh? I already expressed my thoughts in previous posts... but I think the movie is in good hands, the only thing that bugs me is the location, Vancouver is where they shoot tv shows, not movies, it's the cheapest possible location, they probably didn't want to spend money on that but they hired Deadpool and Fast and Furious people, we'll have to see how CGI turns out, but if Marza is working on it, it must be good. As for the live action part, hear me out... this is gonna be unpopular but, it's probably the best decision they could make to try to be successful, lots of movies fail to perform well because they are in full CGI, because that's not how movie industry works imo, if you want to make a mini movie for the TV for the fans, that's one thing, but a Hollywood movie is a different thing entirely. I'm not even interested in defending it, I haven't seen anything yet so how could I judge, I'm not defending SEGA either because I don't really care, but I do care about Sonic and I want it to be successful (but definitely not if it's shit), I just believe a fully CGI movie would flop hard, only fans would be interested in that. Action, humor and big name actors are the things that will carry this movie for the general audience. "Guest Starring Sonic"... I guess, it's sad but true.
  9. Let's end this debate once and for all. Is this Casino Night movie news real or not? I know it'd be just a codename but still, I want to know for sure.

    1. PaddyFancy


      Like someone is going to settle this now.

  10. Amy, easily. Not only it's more marketable but it would only create confusion to call her Rosy or even Sally as it was intended back in CD, though I would have some kind of reference to Rosy the Rascal.
  11. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Yeah, because with Sally turning Mecha, Antoine almost dying, Bunnie going MIA, Rotor retired, it seemed like he wanted to get rid of the FFs, while he was just trying to get them back together in a new fashion. That was clearly the intended plot.
  12. Didn't they say in the status update that it's a fake news?
  13. Who's the most popular character now?

    Depends, it's not Shadow levels of fangirling, but yeah, the appeal is restricted to a certain group of fans. Meanwhile I'm a Modern Sonic fan... but I also like Shadow and Classic Sonic.
  14. Who are the best villains in the franchise?

    Now that I've grown distant, detached and more impartial towards Forces, I can make an updated list: 1. Dr. Eggman - nothing is changed, he is a never give up villain who always wants to come out on top, a mastermind, a funny egocentric goofball but also menacing and with plans that are mind blowing, he's completely nuts in recent games. 2. Shadow - A tragic villain with a way too tragic backstory, but still a nice evil persona, he should have stayed a villain, remove Maria and he's a great antagonist. He manipulated Eggman to power up the Eclipse Cannon to do what he thought was right. 3. Metal Sonic - He's the Bass/Vegeta of the franchise, he is obsessed with beating Sonic and surpass him, designed to be superior to him in every way, he still doesn't seem to be able to do that, that's what makes him complex, even though he is mostly a silent killer, but it's okay to be just badass. 4. Chaos - This is where someone goes higher on the list, yeah there is not much personality, but he's really a force of nature, willing to protect his kind (the Chao) from mobians and evil, a creature that absorbs the Chaos Emeralds to become stronger is a nice idea too. 5. Infinite - Again, gorgeous design and theme song, I don't want him to be sympathetic or tragic, he isn't, he is wicked and addicted to power, so there is that, shame that his backstory is kinda crap but at least he has a past with Shadow, which is kinda cool, by the way, he lost so badly against him simply because he had no powers vs Shadow who is full of those. He has an interesting charm in his "dark" lines, the backstory in the comic is better, at least. Good villain, I think people like him, not classic fans obviously because of the whole "edginess", I think he is just an edgy wannabe, but that's not the strength of the character, which exists somewhere else. 6. Zavok - if we want to be cynical, he is just a Bowser without the interesting charisma, but I like his design more than Bowser's, it looks more menacing, a bit of a devil, and his personality does have good points, manipulative, calm strategist, with a taste for particular lines (again, lol). 7. Erazor Djinn - I think he had some charisma, his whole rivalry with Sonic was entertaining, great design too and awesome boss battles. 8. Merlina - we need more female villains desperately, and not the Zeena kind, she was unexpected, and thought she was doing the right thing for philosophical reasons (lol), but charming character overall. 9. Nack and the Hooligans - Underused so I can't judge them much, but they were great in the comics, a team of outcasts, mercenaries, with a variety of personalities, funny and different. Sadly they weren't very effective as villains. 10. The Deadly Six (as a whole) - Okay... I like Zavok, Zazz, plus Zor had some fun lines, and I do like the idea of a team of villains who care for each other, but they were veeeery flanderized, mono-dimensional and just stereotypes I guess. Sad because it was an interesting concept, I really wanted to like them, even the designs are too cartoony and I guess I have to say they just don't fit Sonic. Out of the list are Eggman Nega, Mephiles, Void, King Arthur, those I didn't like basically. Overall I think Sonic has a decent rogue gallery, I didn't count Silver or the Babylon Rogues because they are more like rivals, or spin-off only characters, plus Silver is of good alignment, but the Babylon team is great in my opinion, especially Jet, Storm is kinda uninteresting, and Wave is simply a bully (you just can't make fun of Tails!), but together they are a nice team.
  15. Irony in Infinity War's ending, which I just saw, plus some minor spoilers for the next movie...


    Half of them are dead like in Lost's ending, and Kate (Evangeline Lilly) is alive in both of them. Ha! Cobie Smoulders, who starred in How I Met Your Mother and lived, wasn't so lucky here sadly...




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