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  1. Jack the Shadow

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    If Sticks was to be introduced in the comic, which Ian said will happen someday but we don't know when, how should she appear? - As a traveller from the Boom world. Perhaps along with a threat that must be stopped and is plaguing her universe (without having her world destroyed or making her another Trunks which would change her personality too much). - Introduce a version of her that is from the game/IDW universe. That Sonic and friends never met before. This is the favorable option because she would not be tied to Boom anymore. It's one of these 2 options, I'm fine with either but the important thing is to give her a backstory or an origin story, in which she meets Sonic, Amy etc. Which Boom lacked, I know that she has grew up as a loner in the jungle with no family, and this is what made her paranoid, that's already something.
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  3. Jack the Shadow

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    As I said, I like the more casual direction of this book, rather than Archie's heavy continuity, old baggage, world building explosion, Freedom Fighter centric, book that tries to please everyone by introducing tons of new characters in few issues. It was a mess. Trying to fill in the emtpiness left by the absence of Pre-Reboot characters. This is a brand new thing, more enjoyable, simple, fun and with a decent story. I sure wish next year has better plots, but I do really love the writing here, nice character moments and interactions. It's really a refreshing writing compared to the crap that is story in the games. My God... Everyone here is well written, Sonic, Tails (he's not coward or bitch wife), Knuckles, Shadow (for all the controversy he caused here, I believe he was great), Amy, Eggman (even in just 1 issue he was actually Eggman), Neo Metal Sonic, Rouge, Silver, Blaze... everyone! I don't think people realise what we have here. Ian isn't perfect, he's had rough writing in the past, but he's proven competent and professional later, I think he redeemed himself from his dark past of some lame arcs. I also think he may have spoiled people, who now expect super writing, there will never be perfection in my opinion. But i'll say it's waaay superior to the games.
  4. Jack the Shadow

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    It really makes me wonder what they're doing with the marketing. Either: - They are trying to create hype and wait to unleash a big trailer showing brand new gameplay of the different, updated look of the game. It's also true you can't hype a thing by showing a concept art and some renders. - They are ashamed of how the game looks and plays, they don't want to show it and are terrified. Even with the half year delay and all. Maybe got scared by the negative reception from fans and critics. I really don't know, it's clear they are hiding the footage. But why? Obviously fans will think it's the latter reason I mentioned... Conspiracy theories. Huh.
  5. Jack the Shadow

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Inb4 it's Chemical Plant again (they are right though) Inb4 Forces is actually a "Frozen Junkyard" (lmao) Nah, it's a cool concept, I wanted Infinite and illusions though, and yeah it seems they are doing everything instead of showing the actual game.
  6. Jack the Shadow

    Leadership and Team Dark

    Rouge is the mind and heart of the team. Shadow is the main force and soldier. Omega is the funny robotic powerhouse. I think they are a great squad.
  7. Jack the Shadow

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    I just remembered we know nothing about the story, how will it work? The only things we know are a vague premise that Dodon Pa brings them to a different world where past zones are together, and forces them to race and perhaps forces the team formations, they have to race to survive (which is honestly interesting). Plus we know that it's like Transformed's World Tour, so a single story, and not divided into teams, maybe a shorter story will result in better writing? Who knows. I just want the characters well written, in-character and some funny stuff, not the usual shitty plot devices. Please be better than Free Riders... Also, I would like some actual in-game cutscenes, not just dialogues with images, we know those are in the game, but who says there won't be a couple of real scenes? We know really nothing about this game, jeez...
  8. I don't want everyone in the same game, just not the trio only, there isn't much you can do (see: Colors, Generations' main cutscenes, there wasn't much, just emptiness) just with 3 characters, so yes, I prefer stories where the friends appear like the Adventure series or even Forces which was... something, a try at least.
  9. I know. And guess what: those stories sucked.
  10. Jack the Shadow

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Can we open a different thread for Shadow and leave this for the comics?
  11. I think Shadow has been well written in the past, he had a great arc in SA2, they probably should have left him dead but if the fans want obscure Mighty and Ray back, Shadow would have followed eventually had they not brought him back immediately. Fan reaction brought him back anyway. I also liked him in Sonic 06, even though I don't like Shadow as a hero, I prefer him as a villain, loner or antihero, aggressive and not passive, but I admit he was badass in that game. OK in Forces, he had some cool scenes and was incorporated well in the storyline. Where I hated him... Heroes, Shadow the game, most spin offs, and Boom obviously, he was a stupid bully. In Archie he had ups and downs, but there was that Shadow Fall arc in which he was amazing, as much as I dislike the Black Arms. Silver was also "good" in 2006, I mean, he obviously proved popular and Sega kept him even though the game was a disaster. I feel like the complicated hero with a dilemma is interesting, it was some nice drama, obviously I found him annoying though in that game, but I prefer his dork and naive personality from later interpretations, and an optimist, a quality which is really good for him, despite the fact he comes from a bleak future. As for crazy stereotypes, I'm talking as a person who has been crazy in the past and is curing himself. There are crazy characters I like, and characters I dislike: for example Zazz is very bland, mono-trait and just a psycho, hyperactive villain, I know he's supposed to be evil but I find him stupid and maybe even insulting for crazy people; while Sticks is great, she's a lot more balanced and has actual traits other than being paranoid and crazy, she's cynical, smart and intuitive, anti-technologic, an expert survivalist, a fighter who makes her own weapons, she's cute and adorable but without having it written all over the face (like Cream, which I don't really like), a loner who grew up in the jungle, a recluse but fundamentally she's a good friend and a hero. Which is why I prefer her as a positive character and I think she should be less cynical and more explored in-depth, maybe in the comics, so yes, she IS awesome and deserves a chance, definitely a character that crazy people can relate to. This is why I love her.
  12. I think it has been toned down recently, there isn't much of this mentality among reviewers and critics even nowadays. Maybe Sonic's friends will be accepted in the future? Sega is stupid honestly, they need to realise the problem aren't the characters (btw you can't make a game with only Sonic, Tails and Eggman), but the writing. A lot of characters are fan favorites in the community, finally they realised that and are starting to use them more.
  13. I don't understand. IDW issue 12 doesn't even feature Shadow. Somehow the thread still only talks about him. Uhm...

    1. dbzfan7


      I am partly responsible and do apologize for that.

    2. Kuzu the Boloedge
  14. Jack the Shadow

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    If you think TSR marketing is bad, you should see the IDW comics, only IDW themselves advertise them, Aaron has done nothing to promote them since issue 1 launch. It's clear Sega doesn't care about them and it's a shame because I think they are the best thing to happen to Sonic recently.
  15. Jack the Shadow

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Honestly, the argument of Classic characters is the same as the other SEGA franchises. Why can't Sonic have his own spin-off? Which he hasn't for 10 years I think. And why can't Modern Sonic have his own title without Classic characters? It's a similar thing. This game is about Modern Sonic, all modern characters, most of the tracks are from modern games. Just let Modern Sonic get some love. Now… I still think the roster is a waste because there could be "endless possibilities" if they increased the number of characters. It's a bit of a shame, to be honest. And I have nothing against Classic characters or SEGA characters, in fact I like them.

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