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  1. Jack the Shadow

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    I don't know if anyone else saw those but I found not one but 4 giant posters at my local Gamestop about this game. Apparently Sega paid Gamestop everywhere to help promote the game in a big way. Bravo Sega!
  2. Well I guess it makes sense for him to be back...


    He is the true evil that connects all the trilogies of Star Wars...


  3. I admit I wanted the movie to be completely nuts as it is part of the fun, so the descriptions are weird but somehow, they kind of please me. Though it's not necessarily good, I'm sure everyone has got a different opinion on how they would like the movie to be.
  4. Hopefully Netflix in all Europe. I need that season 2 in HD.
  5. Jack the Shadow

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    More track speculation. This tweet makes me more hopeful because it speculates brand new tracks instead of recycled content. I for one don't want more than 5 reused tracks.
  6. Let's be honest here, the movie does need to be wild and crazy, but in the positive connotation of the term, it needs to nail it. I'm not sure so far...
  7. Not everybody. C'mon no way everyone is gonna be pleased about this. I'm definitely gonna need 20 more years of therapy after the trailer drops.
  8. Ready? Who knows what kind of storm is coming...
  9. I don't need just any news, but good news. I know a lot of people are interested in the movie, and that's why SXSW was very crowded this year, they expected it there I guess. It's time to reveal the final monster… I mean, design.
  10. I didn't really think of Joker like this.

  11. Jack the Shadow

    Team Sonic Racing - Team Up Trailer

    Uh, no, we have seen full gameplay of 3 tracks last year through demos, including Market Street and Ice Mountain whose design I enjoy because there are plenty of tracks, despite them being some of the easiest in the game. Just let them keep surprises, for the tracks and missions, and part of the customization I hope. They are doing a good job now, they are showing music, footage, trailers, stuff, so what's the problem? They did also show the gameplay mechanics last year in a spotlight although the games' graphics and performance sucked at the time, so it didn't really shine. I'm glad they made a trailer showing gameplay, because last one was mostly customization. Literally the one thing they didn't show now are the modes… and we know there is a trailer coming for those. Be patient, but they won't reveal everything obviously, they gotta save some tracks for release.
  12. Jack the Shadow

    Team Sonic Racing - Team Up Trailer

    Actually it is a bit suspicious that they decided to go with "things shaped like rubies" for the destroyed text… anyway good trailer, I was definitely expecting more gameplay footage and less customization stuff so this pleases me, I wanted a new track but oh well, gotta save the surprises for launch. CGI looks sick. I assume Zavok and Metal Sonic are not in the opening because they were planning to keep them secret I guess?
  13. Jack the Shadow

    Mario and Sonic at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

    So you want Mario & Sonic Ultimate? Same, but I really don't expect that. They always do new stuff to make them seem different from each other. And they are doing it this time too with new events like skateboarding and the sports outifits. I still want few events but well made, which includes Dream ones. Not more than 24 events in total. The oppsosite of London 3DS, which had over 50 shitty short minigames and restricted every character to certain events.
  14. Jack the Shadow

    Mario and Sonic at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

    I agree and I said that Rio didn't offer much, but still had great events for me, I want to see more of that, fun events (including Dream ones) even if not many. Maybe lower the price while you are at it, SEGA. After TSR, I'm really not expecting tons of content here… but it's not stopping me from dreaming.
  15. Jack the Shadow

    Mario and Sonic at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

    Rio was actually very good, the events themselves were not stupid simple mini-games but had tons of tricks to master them, for example BMX, and boxing and football, even Rugby. I really loved the effort put into it, I spent way too many hours into that game. Plus I loved the Rio beach hubworld, you could interact with the characters and players from around the world. If there is one thing I didn't like it was the focus on Miis and boring Mii tournaments, but the Mario vs Sonic elimination mode was awesome. Sadly I don't expect those things to be back here, the little footage we've seen only proves that the events are still solid and complex, so that's good but I don't expect the hubworld and Mario vs Sonic again. But I'm still on the "less events with effort put into them" team, rather than tons of shitty events. Still, I want some Dream events because they are so arcade and fun. The guests are likely coming back, and that is a probably a good thing, bosses were a thing since the Vancouver Olympics, so… it's a tradition and a fun feature, the fact that you get to play as them in that event only makes it a nice extra IMO. I know there are some new characters who deserve to be in all events, like Rosalina, Diddy Kong, Espio and Rouge for example, but maybe it's too much to program? I think so, 30+ characters in over 20 events is probably a lot, it really depends on how much time they spent working on the game. Realistically, I would NOT expect that.

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