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  1. Ok, so I have a question: I noticed through videos there are some other options for online races, some different type of races outside of the standard team race, can you guys tell me what those types are? And if they are playable in local mode? (like invincibility race, vampire race, but I don't know the others…) plus I'm aware that the missions are only for Adventure mode and you can't play them in single player mode, like the ring challenge etc. and you can't play those as Team Eggman.
  2. I noticed 3 things about some of the returning tracks: Pretty cool.
  3. Honestly the best outcome would be having 4 characters (2 Mario + 2 Sonic reps) promoted to veterans, playable characters. because some of them deserve it, plus include the guests so they can have as many characters as possible playable (the guests are basically playable bosses): Veterans (every event): Rosalina (Power) Diddy Kong (Speed) Rouge (Skill) Espio (All-around) I know it's unbalanced, but those are the ones who deserve it IMO. Plus, if there are any guests, my hopes (16 events, each character x 1 event): Mario series - Boom Boom Captain Toad Toadette Larry Koopa Wendy Koopa King Boom Boo Spike Pauline Sonic series - Jet Zavok Sticks Cream Big Omega Infinite Tangle That would be my roster. Taking out Zazz and Wave for the others, now Cream is definitely in, if Sticks gets replaced for not being relevant anymore (I sure hope not), then the ideal are Tangle and Whisper, who are relevant, I know they are from the comics, but it would help promote their mini-series, although I know the most recognition they could have is the mention at the March panel. But we do need more female characters, absolutely. Big… I'm undecided, I would hope they vary the roster from TSR, so… Infinite is also a maybe, I doubt SEGA would want to use him for something out of character like Olympics, he would also need to wear a sports outfit, so I highly doubt it. Zazz and Wave… I just don't like them.
  4. So, I'm using spoiler tags for this, but maybe… IDK, the second test screening AMA ties into the first one, could be very well done research if it's fake, anyway, let's give it the benefit of the doubt:
  5. They complimented? Source? Didn't hear about this. Anyway, yeah kids are loving the comic, I know that. Plus fans on reddit, discord, twitter and the IDW facebook squad are really full of positive comments. Haven't heard from those who used to read Archie, but I get why they are disappointed, it's a really different book. Am I the only one who was bored by most of the Annual? I really love character moments and interactions, it's just that I want stuff to happen, main plots moving forward, a threat/conflict, so I rather prefer the main issues, just my opinion. The formula has nothing wrong IMO, it's pretty standard, Sonic + ally go on a quest/mission, didn't that happen on Archie as well? The difference is that Archie had more arcs, but literally it was that, even at the beginning with Countdown to Chaos, they had to meet each redesigned Freedom Fighter in each issue, but it was okay because there was a lot of baggage in the story, for the previous continuity leftovers. That was my main hook with that arc. Here it was the mystery villain. Eggman is an absolute beast here and I'm loving it, I also loved Neo Metal Sonic though. Starline... could be used in better ways, I want to see him shine more as a standalone villain, not another Snively. So yeah, I didn't really want any issues with Sonic relaxing and enjoying life, we have had enough panels in issues 12 and 13 for that.
  6. I have to share my thoughs on the issue as well... So, I felt it was really a transition issue, but geez, the pages with Eggman he was such a psychopath that I love him, I love to hate him, I didn't expect him to infect the village that took care of him, zombots kids... yeah pretty dark. For the heroes, it was a pretty filler issue, Tails is cute as usual, and Tangle was also sweet but I kind of wish they did more, anyway she'll get the miniseries and got the annual so she will get to do some action. I did like that deph at the end though. Also, Starline... I want his backstory revealed at this point. Diana was on fire this issue! Best drawings in a while, they are really sticking with consistent art this time, after the sweet mess she did in Champions. It really depends who you are asking. It's subjective because of what your expectations are. I mean, the comic is well written, personality-wise the characters are wonderful, and so are their interactions. The story for year one was simple but nice, I won't spoil it for you but there is a mystery villain, and that's the hook for the narration. It's basically the book of our favorite characters getting justice in writing. If you are hoping for a super fan fiction like Archie... This isn't one, it's strictly like the games, but it's really cool.
  7. The new tracks actually look great, and the old ones have been revamped graphically at least. Yep… the team mechanics are really great and different from other racers. I'm excited, I pre-ordered it 2 days ago. Plus I was asking for a new ASR game or a Sonic solo spin-off and this is literally both so, of course I'm happy!
  8. @Mayor D Since TSS has played the game and confirmed 9 old tracks, do we know what the reused Final Fortress tracks are? So we can end this debate… or are they secret and can't be revealed?
  9. https://previewsworld.com/Article/229085-Flynn-Talks-Tangle--Whisper-and-the-Summer-of-Sonic New juicy interview with Ian! Details:
  10. I noticed a couple of enemies in the tracks: blue Egg Pawns in Bingo Party, Crabmeats in Lost Palace, Sandworm (!) in Sand Road, Boo's in Boo's House. Anyway Final Fortress as a zone is locked in the build played by Aaron, meaning that the tracks besides Thunder Deck are still unknown… please let it be Egg Hangar, now THAT was an actual fan favorite. Turbine Loop was simply dull.
  11. So I heard the Hulu contract with Boom expires in few days… perhaps they could add it to Netflix… and hopefully it's not just wishful thinking, but it sounds like it may really leave Hulu.
  12. I'm quite sure the music Super Sonic Racing is in the game, but I don't know where it plays. Same for Can You Feel the Sunshine.
  13. Where did you guys read that Final Fortress consists in all ASR tracks? I mean, it's likely but I haven't seen it confirmed. This game is just constipated...
  14. What Thigolf said, it's a budget thing, because the gameplay is really fun honestly, it's the content that is my problem with the game. Also lazy decisions, I would have preferred 4 more original tracks over 9 old. Also the roster, how is it possible a 12 player racer only has 15 characters? Just ridiculous. Sorry but no, Transformed also was 40 dollars if I remember correctly, and offered more.
  15. Kinda boring and filler, I dunno, it's forgettable, I mean the art is nice, but they could have used these little stories to set up bigger arcs for the future, would have been more interesting, anyway I liked the the Rough and Tumble one, the Silver and Blaze one and (kind of) Tangle and Whisper, mostly for the characters. But not much happened. And the Babylon Rogues are arrogant as usual… I have to say I enjoyed even Rough and Tumble more this time, and of course Rouge. Tangle is precious, really, I like her character, she has a boring life and wants more from it, it's relatable too, and she's a bit like Sonic, maybe too much, but I don't mind that. It would be cool to have her and Whisper in a game.
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