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  1. Any interesting bits of info from the latest bumblekast?
  2. Archie has the advantage that it has more than 450 issues combined with specials, miniseries, spin-offs, yet why does most of that world-building/backstory/etc. still suck? Reboot was all world building and hardly entertaining, tons of new characters introduced in almost each issue, trying to fill in the past coming from a long (gone) timeline. I know I sound like a broken record, but if you guys can repeat the same things, why can't I? This book is only 17 issues in, and it's already more consistent in its tone, action, entertainment, it's not so special, but it's still great (aside from Fallout which had no progress), it has a more focused cast, more simple approach that EVERYONE can read. But I'm not surprised that fans of continuity and world building dislike it, it's okay to have opinions.
  3. I'm already doubting Cadence of Hyrule, but what's the general consensus? I can see why the rythm gimmick thing can be annoying, I'm not sure about it, I'd like to try it though...

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Personally, I dislike it. The problem is that it's a roguelike that expects you learn how to play through sheer force of attrition, because it's fast paced and you can't slow down to better understand the gameplay. You want to take a second to understand what's going on? Too bad. You'll die a hell of a lot at the start and understanding why is difficult. The game just throws you in at the deep end. 

      I also feel that randomly generated games always have an air of... poor design about them. The experience can't be curated in any way.

      The rhythm gimmick is interesting though, and you CAN disable the automatic beat so that the game only moves when you move. It's much more inviting that way, but still not particularly fun. And it's a shame that you have to choose between the very fast pace of the beat on to disabling the beat altogether. A slower middleground would have been nice.

      It honestly feels like a bit of a mess, and I guess I was hoping for a something a little more Zelda and a little less CotND (I.e more rhythm puzzles and less endless waves of enemies). If you're a roguelike or dungeon crawler fan, the game should be up your street. If not... Wait for it to go on sale.

      And on a more personal note... I don't like the artstyle. Something about it just doesn't work for me. Great music though. 

  4. She has no backstory, but has a background: she lived in the jungle alone since she was a cub, which made her paranoid and is the reason she doesn't trust anyone and that's also why she is old-school. Anyway, I think the guest characters from the Sonic side may be available in all of the (5? 10?) events in the IPhone & Android game.
  5. Thank God reactions to Toy Story 4 are super positive! Loved 3, definitely watching this on premiere day. I'm worried about a couple of things but they say it's touching and more fun than the Others.

    1. Tara


      The promotional material we've seen for the film have been... very lackluster to me.  So if the actual film is good, then I'll be quite relieved.

  6. https://www.sonicstadium.org/2019/05/tss-interview-takashi-iizuka-hints-at-dodon-pas-return-as-master-of-ceremonies/
  7. A few thoughts: - Skateboarding and Surfing are really fun! Not so much Karate… - Every sport seems to have a combo and timing meter. Cool! Even the names for the moves in Skateboarding - Options for buttons, motion controls and gamepad (I think), pretty nice variety. - Charmy and Cream seem back in the referee role, strange since Cream is dressed in a unique way, but yeah, she's not playable because she's not in the character score screen. - Roger is back as Sonic as heard in the Surfing gameplay, for those who were questioning it. - The retro thing… how will it work? I wonder… It's possible it's a replacement for minigames from the first games. - Dream events are back!! Yes!! I'm sure there are more than 3 but I would be content if that wasn't the case, we have a "Dream Racing". Website says more sports and modes to be announced. Now, I thought we were gonna have more guests since obviously there are waaaay more events than Rio, but if Cream is not here, maybe… I wonder if those characters are playable in more than 1 event this time, still as guests/playable bosses though.
  8. I'm glad there is lots of Zelda in this E3. Great news!

  9. Wait… the IOS version is coming Spring 2020, and the Switch game? Probably around that date.
  10. That moment when Zavok is the first confirmed character (not including the 10 veterans from the Sonic cast). But I'm… really, really okay with this.
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/SonicWindBlue/status/1138057557577207809 Maybe it's an impression, but the badge for E3 with M&S says "Olympic Dreams start on Nintendo Switch". Dream Events? I sure hope so. Also, " tremendous cast of characters" lmao.
  12. There really needs to be a "love" reaction on this board. Because this deserves it.
  13. I sure hope so! I know they are already invested into working in other projects (Olympics and the next main title), but this would be nice, and I think they are gonna have enough money considering the game is having great success for now. Honestly this deserves content in free updates because there isn't much, but I'll take paid DLC. Obviously I want Sticks in, she could be a Power member for Espio (Speed) and Cream (Tech), Charmy I don't see well as Power. The Babylon also deserve to be in.
  14. Nah, if anything, the fact that they toned down Amy's obsession now, kinda makes me think Sega actually wants them to be a proper ship (not an official couple though). But yeah marriage? It's not Sonic's lifestyle.
  15. I really hope one of the patches includes those online modes available on single player, as well as custom team option.
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