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  1. Guys, when is the next Sonic livestream? We need to ask about possible extra characters in this game. I know I don't want to harass Aaron and co. But we were already screwed with few characters in TSR. I need to play as my favorite minor characters again.
  2. Round-up of things I took from the Overview trailer: - Dream events are back: they include Racing on skateboard in Metropolis from Forces, it's a harmless callback so I'll take it, Dream Karate in the Mushroom Kingdom from Odyssey (you can see the ships), and Dream Shooting in Tokyo. All of them look very fun. - Retro events obviously have only 8 characters, Mario, Sonic, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Tails, Knuckles and Eggman. So the basics. Some of the events are exclusive in this version, like Judo and Swimming platform for example, others are 2D versions like 100m and hurdles. - Story mode: Eggman Nega appears and tricks the heroes? Into time travelling to Tokyo 1964 for the retro Olympics. There is a Tokyo hubworld/map both in 3D and 2D art. Bosses like Zavok will likely appear here. - Story includes apparently other dream events like something with the Egg Pawns, Dream Climbing, a minigame with Mario and Sonic on the Tornado shooting, and more. - New events obviously like Skateboarding, Surfing, climbing, and Karate but we knew that for quite some time. - Cream and Toad are in the story too. - Other characters will probably appear as bosses and NPCs at this point. No sign of playable guests. This is the sad part 😕 I'm still holding out hope there are a couple added via DLC or free updates. But yeah, this is a big letdown, especially because I wanted to see a lot of my favorites, we were promised a "tremendous cast", even for a short role.
  3. Dream Events are confirmed, what I'm worried about is that 3 of them are confirmed. Too few. It's too early to say, but since they are rehashing a lot of old sports and animations, guest characters are not a stretch. Guests are nothing but unlockable bosses. The website is still unfinished, it didn't show retro events or all the vetetan characters until now with the update. Right now, we could also say there is no single player mode because they didn't show that yet, the website has no modes listed at all. No guests. No Dream Events.
  4. ^Yeah that's really lame. Only 8? Although I'm gonna defend the sprites clash because they used each character's original sprite, from the game they debuted in! Anyway I'm glad this is getting the spotlight, not because of the nice retro feature, but because of the quality of the main sports.
  5. I'm honestly worried by the secrecy of guest characters, then I remember we saw Zavok, and I'm okay. Neat gameplay and renders though.
  6. I still stand by my opinion, the sports minigames in Mario & Sonic series used to suck in general, they were basic minigames really, until Rio made them into real games, the issue with that game was that it had every few events. This one seems to do sports in a deep way, really well made, and this time there are tons of them, including Dream ones. So with a story mode (?), this could easily be the best Mario & Sonic game. It really depends on what kind of single player mode there is. But it's already a bigger budget title than Rio and TSR.
  7. I don't need proof. But if you want it, Sonic was #10 most popular video game character of all time on Guinness World Records poll. Also according to another poll he's the most popular in England.
  8. Honestly, speak for yourself, I love Sonic, as a character as well as gameplay. I speak for myself too, let's hear the others.
  9. More Totaku figures are coming for Sonic: https://mobile.twitter.com/SonicWindBlue/status/1163422824641511424

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Totaku isn't dead?

    2. Tangled Jack

      Tangled Jack

      Yeah no, it seemed to be dying but there are tons of figures coming, both announced and secret, among other, Mega Man, Classic Pac-Man, Viewtiful Joe, Space Invaders and Classic Lara Croft.

  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  11. He is talking about that circus minigame and the extra Tornado stage. So I guess that counts. It is more likely for me due to what we have seen in the teaser, Zelda is heavily involved in the sequel, plus people have wanted a female playable character for a long time.
  12. I admit I have been too harsh on the game recently, I blame Sega for what happened, they basically gave up because of CTR. No more promotion after one month, no updates besides one patch, no DLC and that was their fair choice. The game itself is cool, Sumo did the best they could with that budget, Sega's philosophy recently is "people will buy my low effort if I sell it for the equal low price". Except the game deserved better because there is good stuff in there, bits of obscure fanservice, decent enough track design, cool innovative and sofisticated gameplay that blows Crash away, a way better adventure mode which offers more variety of admittely painful missions. But it's not as annoying as CTR's adventure and bosses. The characters are even charming in the dialogue and in-game interactions. The customization is way deeper here too. Crash has skins, this is what TSR should have done too. Music is amazing obviously, and there is enough variety in tracks design plus each track fits the team gimmick. The rehashed tracks are okay, revamped quite enough, it's obvious they were added to expand the list, but they could have been so much more. Ah, the possibilities with this game.
  13. So instead of improving Amy and make her an actual character the solution is to... eliminate her (almost). I don't like this approach. Look I'm all for not shoehorning characters into pointless roles when there are too many, but Amy is important in the series, I want a better role for her. Uhh. We got that covered with Tangle, or am I seeing things? She has a crush for Blaze, it's there. Even though she doesn't explictly say it, maybe it's better this way, more natural without having to say "I'm gay".
  14. I think it's weird if somebody wants to play a Sonic game but doesn't like Sonic, but wanting to play as other characters besides him is definitely fine, I don't get the issue, it's perfectly normal, it does get tiring when there is only one character like Mario or Link who also don't have much personality, so that's even more limiting than our lovable douche Sonic.
  15. Yeah, they probably are already dating, since Amy has changed, ironically her fans like obsessed Amy, but don't realize she has more chances to be dating Sonic if she is... A normal person.
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