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  1. It's another one of those cases, like the Freedom Fighters, with popular characters with potential who will never get closure. Instead, we are stuck with the Zeti, I realize they are from a main game but they are still trash to me.
  2. I can only understand this comment if characters like Mighty and Ray stay restricted too. After all, everyone including Sticks can have a Modern counterpart, or be restricted to a dead sub-brand in this case. I'm just sad right now.
  3. Thanks so I can make peace with that now. My favorite character who represents my mental state has been killed off and Sega wants to pretend she never existed.
  4. I'm listening to the podcast, Ian says he has more freedom (ironically) with characters like Sonic and Eggman than Shadow and G-merl. So that hints at these characters feeling off in the comics. Plus, he answered my question and hints that the Deadly Six are all still available, and will likely show up in the comic. The multiverse may appear, but at this points he says it's basically Blaze's world, the Classic universe and human world. So that would be interesting. I have yet to listen to the rest.
  5. I just found out the reason behind the Batwoman hate and negative buzz… c'mon it's so disappointing and sad, I can't believe it's just because she's feminist and lesbian, we can't be that behind! The show hasn't even premiered, c'mon.

    1. tailsBOOM!


      I mean I've heard other reasons from @Ryannumber1gamer and @Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice.  There's apparently a lot wrong with the show th at isn't her sexuality and gender.

    2. DanJ86


      @tailsBOOM! Is right. Their is way, way WAAAAAY more reasons people dislike it then that. You probably haven't heard the whole story or was told about it by somebody that was biased.

      I could personally write paragraphs of why it's a poor super hero show and never even mention her sexuality. I'm not even a Batman expert like Ryan and Jova.

    3. SupahBerry


      This is gonna be another one of those 2016 Ghostbusters, isn't it.

    4. Ryannumber1gamer


      Honest question, you are aware that she’s a feminist and a lesbian in the comics as well, quite a lot of people love her in the comics, and were absolutely livid when DC stopped her from being married to her female partner, despite a ton of fans being all for it, because they stupidly believe that “superheroes can’t be happy”.

      People aren’t angry that she’s a feminist and a lesbian in the series, they’re annoyed because it’s being forced into the limelight with badly written dialogue to the point of ridicule. There’s a difference with spreading this good message with tact and wit, and just blatantly contradicting and pushing it, to the point that the message itself is harmed.

      We don’t need to be reminded that she’s a woman, we don’t need to be reminded that she’s doing heroic and strong things. We don’t need idiotic lines like “it’s perfect”, “no it’s not, not til a woman is inside it” and whatever else. Let her actions speak for themselves instead of shining a huge spotlight on it.

      Imagine if the situation was reversed and you had Batman saying the exact same thing “It’s not perfect til a man is wearing it”. You’d think it was fucking ridiculous and laugh at how on the nose it is. Not to mention the irony of her claiming she doesn’t want a man to take the recognition of a woman, when she is literally taking all of Bruce Wayne’s resources, legend, and mythos, in order to pull it off. 

      Like fucking hell, there’s a good way to promote a message, and a bad way to do it, and this very clearly lies in the bad portion because it forces it into so much badly written dialogue and actions to the point of absolute ridicule, hurting the message overall.

    5. DanJ86


      I saw some amusing comments regarding one of the first teaser trailers. The one with the cleanest homeless woman you've ever seen with well kept hair begging for money.

      As our "Hero" walks by, she gives the woman some money and a guard close by says "I wouldn't do that if I was you. It only encourages them." So with an obnoxious smirk, she turns around and gives the homeless woman an expensive looking watch (Which people believe once belonged to Bruce Wayne.) and walks away while staring at the guard. (Who is a man, by the way.)

      They reckon she'll be dead by now. Either by an overdose or by being mugged and killed for the watch. It is Gotham, after all.

    6. Tangled Jack

      Tangled Jack

      That's the thing though, it is because she is a woman, just like lgbtq and poc she is a minority and needs to fight for herself. Men don't need to fight because they are the dominant ones anyway. I used to think that both genders were on par but now my friends made me notice women are still behind. There are cringy lines but it's because of our situation I guess. Still, I'll be watching, apparently the pilot is good according to journalists.

    7. DanJ86


      Hm. I'm not going to suggest that you shouldn't watch it but I will advise that you pay no attention to journalists. Seriously. They have become the most disgusting people out there and I have seen many examples of this.

      You also should decide things for yourself. Too many people have been manipulated into thinking one way or another. I'm not saying that's what has happened to you.

      I also don't wish to be disrespectful, but I don't quite understand your argument. Bruce is a man and was born with money but he had to fight for everything else. I don't even know the hellish details of what he went through to become Batman.

      I also disagree that woman are still behind. Have you seen the numbers?

      • Men are more likely to be victims of violent crime.
      • Men are more likely to commit suicide.
      • Men are more likely to lose the children in a divorce.
      • Generally, abuse on men is ignored or ridiculed by society.
      • Discrimination against men is accepted.
      • Men are perceived as sexual predators and more violent.
      • Under-funded research for male specific disorders.
      • Men tend to have a shorter life expectancy.

      To name a couple of things that men deal with which are constantly overlooked.

    8. Ryannumber1gamer



      In regards to what Bruce did to become Batman, it varies from source to source. The '89 movie doesn't show a lot of it, but has him become a rather vengeful person. Begins has him training with the League of Shadows, trained by Ra Al Ghoul.

      That said, generally - he dedicates his entire teenage life to adulthood undergoing immensely intense training, travelling the world over in order to gain the skills to become Batman. This involves mental training, physical training, and much more, as well as homing his detective skills, among other things such as escape training and the like. So despite his fortune, Bruce Wayne basically went through hell and back to become Batman.

      Here's a video that is much more in-depth about it - give it a watch - 


  6. Btw, I just listened to an interesting question in the latest Bumblekast, and it looks like the classic games are canon after all, but since SEGA hasn't made up their mind on whether they are the past, another dimension or both, he's freezing the situation and will probably not explore the past for now, but focus on the modern side, but apparently they are canon for now.
  7. So besides Piranha Plant and the 5 of the Fighter Pass it seems like we have


    10 more fighters? There were 16 slots for WoL found in datamining.


    1. tailsBOOM!



      If they really want to I imagine they could add even more.  I'm betting between 5-20 total after the Fighter's Pass to bring it to 85-100


    2. Tangled Jack

      Tangled Jack


      If it really happens I think "Ultimate" will be a fitting finale for Smash. After all, if they really add the most wanted, there is no way to top this.


    3. Soniman


      Could the game even fit that many new characters and stages?

    4. SupahBerry



      I'm a humble soul, so to me it can't hurt if they end up adding only two more. I wish not to risk any futher if it meant Sakurai's hands would fall off.


    5. Thigolf


      The fact that they didn't announce another pass, but just "more fighters", makes me think it won't be that many.

  8. Btw some people made me notice how Mimic is very similar to Hive in Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. And as scary...
  9. I want an AT fighter pass, don't let me down Nintendo!
  10. I still think 12 part arcs feel more natural, they should be either shortened to 10 or extended to more if needed, depending on the threat level and the situation, didn't we do that with Worlds Collide? It was awesome, meanwhile Worlds Unite felt like they were stretching the nothing just to have 12 issues. Here, I'm worried about the length of this story, so much is happening probably due to there being only 4 issues, but it's still too short for me... I don't want it to be rushed, but the good thing is that maybe it will leave me with the feeling that I want more. It's definitely a good story, and I doubt 4 issues are gonna do it justice, that's why I hope they leave things open and hanging for more possibilities, more evolutions and character development. For the next arc I definitely see something smaller, but my ideal option would be 4 issue mini-arcs that tell a story but are contained within a bigger situation.
  11. Yeah it was real good, I wasn't expecting part 2 to be better, but it was because things got a lot more personal, we knew the reason Whisper wanted Tangle out but it was nice to see her say it explicitly, I wish we could spend more time with these 2, it will feel a really short story if it ends at issue 4, which it does but I'm hoping things are left open ended for more possible stories, and these 2 characters are just beginning their story so it's definitely possible. Mimic was ruthless, nice design by the way. What I predict for future stories: Anyway, I'm excited to read about Whisper's story and I REALLY hope it doesn't feel rushed, with it ending one issue after the backstory.
  12. Well, I like the idea of the Avatar, make a spin-off with it, I say.
  13. I think we will definitely explore other worlds, SOL Dimension, Space, Human world, etc. new places maybe. I had this idea that Big, Sticks and Knuckles would show up during the Metal Virus saga as survivors in season 3, but if they want to bury Sticks and pretend she never existed, I can't do much besides being upset. Blaze and her world are definitely next on the list.
  14. I'd rather them focus on Sonic (only one) and the canon cast.
  15. I sort of agree, the Avatar with Wispons is a neat idea that needs to be done properly… not in a main game, I actually wish we got that Avatar + canon secondary characters game or I wish Forces was that, meanwhile we could have waited for a proper big Sonic game. But oh well.
  16. Maybe only if they share the same gameplay with different skills, so it can work for a Classic game, but not if it's an Adventure type of game. IMO.
  17. But we can't trust Sonic Team, can we? That's why I made the comparisons, which I know are usually unfair though. Forces had great potential and that's why the result was even more disappointing than any other game.
  18. I wouldn't want more than 3 playable characters, really, Forces showed that it's already a mess with tons of complications if you have 3 characters with similar playstyles, they were even all Sonic-y, and look at what we got. As for new characters, definitely not playable, but I'd love more females and better villains, plus Infinite returning.
  19. If they will really keep the 2 subseries in Sonic, along with the next Classic game, I'm expecting 2021 to be an Adventure celebration, hopefully. After some thinking, I believe it'd be best to keep it focused to 3 gameplay styles, so this is my idea: 1. Sonic - No boost, Adventure 3D gameplay with more freedom and exploration, fast, and with new power-ups, not Wisps or shields, but… something new, maybe different pairs of shoes that grant him various powers. Villains: Eggman and Metal Sonic. 2. Knuckles - A mix of S3&K, Adventure style and Werehog (basically platforming plus focus on combat). Maybe give Knuckles some upgrades to make him stronger throughout the game. Villain: Zavok 3. Shadow - A Hard Mode of Sonic's gameplay, with Chaos Powers instead of power-ups. Villain: the return of Infinite. 4. Special Stages - Sonic and Tails on the Tornado to get the Chaos Emeralds 5. Chao Garden - This is guaranteed with the tease of Chao's in social media, plus the focus on Adventure theme. Other characters would include Amy, Vector, Charmy, Espio, Rouge and Omega, Orbot and Cubot as NPCs in the stories, and I really have no idea for the rest of the cast (namely, Silver, Blaze, Cream and Big), there isn't much they could do.
  20. WHEN they go explore the human world, what we really need is to have yet another Topaz expy for Rouge to hang out with, hoping the book doesn't get cancelled again. I need more of those interactions.
  21. Wave was always meant to be a Riders character though, a defunct spin-off series, so she's almost in the Sticks situation. Marine was always gonna be a one-off though. Cream is definitely gonna be resurrected, but with enough fan demand, no one's really ever dead in this series. We'll see, but for now I'm disappointed, aside from the comics.
  22. I guess that without Sticks, Cream possibly getting forgotten or just minor roles, Wave being relegated to obscure spin-off appearances or not even that, Tikal being long time dead. We do really need more girls, so either they introduce more, or just add Tangle and Whisper to the mix, after all they are very popular and at the peak of their character life.
  23. Yes, but Starline is more of a Snively type, which I don't like either, Starline sounds more interesting. Geoffrey, do we really need another one like that? Hope, there is technically no point in having another Maria, the point of Shadow's character is the lack of Maria, and moving on, so... Mina was a mixed bag, but I'm not sure. Lien-Da... I know expies are never gonna happen, but I do want another badass female villain, so definitely, somebody power hungry. Same for Scourge, a criminal type of character. And we can also add the Freedom Fighters and Sticks at this point… RIP, look, I'm not sure if I (as well as other people) would like possible expies or be upset over the lack of the original characters and them getting replaced, I really don't know if I'm ready.
  24. Not the entire comic, not season 2, not the miniseries, when things escalate they team up, simple.
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