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  1. Irrelevant. That's if you were even correct in your ability to predict the future. It is obviously inevitable there will be some suffering after Brexit, but no recession is permanent. Britain is the 5th largest economy, we have a wonderful nation, in a multitude of ways, with great people. Your trouble is you think so many of them are morons who don't know the right way to think. You believe your perspective is the most sensible one, which is what we all do, which is why we have votes. There's no right or wrong answer to the question of the UK leaving the EU, just a question of what individual voters want, what they believe is best based on their perspective, their needs and their experience. What you need to grow up and realise is that nobody in politics has any of the required knowledge or experience to know what is best for entire nations, millions of people. Anybody who has the arrogance to believe they possess that wisdom is a threat to everyone around them if they have power. That's why we have bloody democracies, with the public voting as individuals. The public made their decision and no it isn't stupid, or misinformed, it just isn't what you want and, like all decisions, it will have some negative consequences. Turns out, people value national sovereignty, and notice when they are being fucked, and folks like you have decided in your great wisdom that they're a bunch of racist, bigoted dullards who couldn't find their arse in the dark. How understanding of you. The government is authorised to act on our behalf, as it must be, but this doesn't apply to referenda. When this was announced, did the government say: "You have a choice to make, the outcome of which will be final, but should you vote the way we don't want you to, we may have to ignore your decision because it might be a bit drastic to do it." The fucking excuse-making remainer drivel in here is absolutely laughable. You could have accepted the public decision of your fellow citizens and looked on the bright side. Could have spent time looking for how to make the best of our new situation. Or you could spend time crying about the decision, pointing out how we're all fucking doomed and everybody who got us here is either a scumbag or a moron. Excellent idea, that last one. Really strong, bold, brave and wise.
  2. Sorry, not doing the whole boatload of quotes thing. You've said nothing of substance here beyond the assertion that Parliament is sovereign, and thus can overrule anything, including a referendum. Could try just saying that, hey? Parliamentary sovereignty is with regards to the law. Is there a law which grants that national referenda results can be dishonered if some elitist sacks of shit decide that the public is too stupid, and thus voted "wrong"? The PM, Cameron and May, both made clear that Brexit would be honored. You don't want it, so you are scrambling to justify your own stance, to actually, unironically, justify betraying the British public in their decision. Later decisions overrule prior ones in law, yes, no shit. Not in the outcomes of votes. You don't set up a national referendum tackling the most important decision the nation has to make since WW2 and then decide to not honour it if you don't like what the result is. That isn't how democracy works. It isn't what the government outlined. It isn't what the British law outlines. You are arguing for a path to authoritarianism and you don't even know it. Perhaps the greatest irony is that you think you're better informed than over half the voting public, informed enough to betray a nations people rather than see an outcome you don't want. Patently ridiculous. There is no budging on this for someone with a sense of honour and integrity. The government are public servants, not public masters. We lose that, we lose everything. It appears the concept of having a spine is on the wane these days. For shame. I mean that in earnest.
  3. Technically? Cameron made it clear, repeatedly, that the result of the vote would be final and binding. The referendum saw the largest turnout perhaps in all of Britain's democratic history and the leave vote won by a margin of more than a million. If this is not binding, if this vote can be handwaved away, then our democracy means precisely nothing. Would you be making this argument if remain had won? Let's say we had a second referendum, let's say remain won that one. On what grounds should all the people who voted leave in the first referendum honour the results of the second one? Why honour the results of any votes if the biggest decision the public has made in practically more than a century, with the passion to turn out to vote being stronger than on any other referendum or general election, can be brushed off? You couldn't get more "technically" binding. Nobody on the remain side would accept this shit if it was the other way around. I didn't vote leave either, but if you can't stick to principles just because you don't get what you want all the time, then you don't have principles at all. Disgraceful.
  4. Yeah. Kinda the point of votes. If you can invalidate the result of one vote you can invalidate them all under the same terms. If it isn't honored, the concept of referendums is fucked. Very simple concept, mate. Stop looking for dishonest means to argue for getting what you want, it is childish. As for the racism stuff, I don't buy any of it. Frankly, I'm sick of hearing about race, if people want to play that card over and over to demonise others they can do so, but I'm not listening to it. It's boring. The patriotic thing to do is to honor the decision the public have made. Simple as that, no essays required.
  5. By itself, this "project" is just some amateur, lacklustre art with an attempt to dress it up with bog-standard photoshop effects and filters. The fact that a man with decades in the comic industry, an artist for so long, has churned out this broken, unfinished shit, is disgraceful. I'd die from embarrassment just drawing something that bad with my own experience, which pales in comparison to how long Penders has been working. To be able to show this off with pride and confidence takes some serious delusion. I don't know whether to pity him or just be annoyed that he'd trade on his name to fart out this garbage in such a competitive industry, teeming with talent. What a sad git.
  6. Happy birthdaaaaaay!! :) 

  7. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday sir Rawrey! Happy birthday to yoooo! <3

  8. Happy Birthday Roarey! :D Hope you have a wonderful day and rest of the year! :)

  9. happy birthday roarey! see you again soon!

  10. Happy birthday. Hope your day is pleasant.

  11. It is quite crazy how much of an impact a website and forum can have in one's life. I'm really glad TSS is still around XP.
  12. So not used to SSMB looking like this. It's so white! Aaaaah.

  13. I'll have to admit that these movies are a guilty pleasure of mine. I think the chipmunks are so adorable and the films are just silly fun. Sometimes that's nice, just to watch cute, dumb films XP.
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