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  1. 14 hours ago, Patticus said:

    The best results being a shrinking economy and a likely recession, and at worst, Rees-Mogg et al using the economic crisis to force the UK into a trade deal with Trump (Washington becoming the new Brussels) that'll let them bring in corporate America to asset strip the nation and make them billions, while they swan off to their fancy mainland European getaways, well away from the growing numbers of food banks. 

    Irrelevant. That's if you were even correct in your ability to predict the future. It is obviously inevitable there will be some suffering after Brexit, but no recession is permanent. Britain is the 5th largest economy, we have a wonderful nation, in a multitude of ways, with great people. Your trouble is you think so many of them are morons who don't know the right way to think. You believe your perspective is the most sensible one, which is what we all do, which is why we have votes. There's no right or wrong answer to the question of the UK leaving the EU, just a question of what individual voters want, what they believe is best based on their perspective, their needs and their experience. 

    What you need to grow up and realise is that nobody in politics has any of the required knowledge or experience to know what is best for entire nations, millions of people. Anybody who has the arrogance to believe they possess that wisdom is a threat to everyone around them if they have power. That's why we have bloody democracies, with the public voting as individuals. The public made their decision and no it isn't stupid, or misinformed, it just isn't what you want and, like all decisions, it will have some negative consequences. Turns out, people value national sovereignty, and notice when they are being fucked, and folks like you have decided in your great wisdom that they're a bunch of racist, bigoted dullards who couldn't find their arse in the dark. How understanding of you. 

    The government is authorised to act on our behalf, as it must be, but this doesn't apply to referenda. When this was announced, did the government say: "You have a choice to make, the outcome of which will be final, but should you vote the way we don't want you to, we may have to ignore your decision because it might be a bit drastic to do it." 

    The fucking excuse-making remainer drivel in here is absolutely laughable. You could have accepted the public decision of your fellow citizens and looked on the bright side. Could have spent time looking for how to make the best of our new situation. Or you could spend time crying about the decision, pointing out how we're all fucking doomed and everybody who got us here is either a scumbag or a moron. Excellent idea, that last one. Really strong, bold, brave and wise. 

  2. 3 hours ago, Coyote (Ogilvie) said:

    Cameron's also gone... 

    Sorry, not doing the whole boatload of quotes thing. You've said nothing of substance here beyond the assertion that Parliament is sovereign, and thus can overrule anything, including a referendum. Could try just saying that, hey? Parliamentary sovereignty is with regards to the law. Is there a law which grants that national referenda results can be dishonered if some elitist sacks of shit decide that the public is too stupid, and thus voted "wrong"? The PM, Cameron and May, both made clear that Brexit would be honored. You don't want it, so you are scrambling to justify your own stance, to actually, unironically, justify betraying the British public in their decision. 

    Later decisions overrule prior ones in law, yes, no shit. Not in the outcomes of votes. You don't set up a national referendum tackling the most important decision the nation has to make since WW2 and then decide to not honour it if you don't like what the result is. That isn't how democracy works. It isn't what the government outlined. It isn't what the British law outlines. You are arguing for a path to authoritarianism and you don't even know it. Perhaps the greatest irony is that you think you're better informed than over half the voting public, informed enough to betray a nations people rather than see an outcome you don't want. Patently ridiculous. 

    There is no budging on this for someone with a sense of honour and integrity. The government are public servants, not public masters. We lose that, we lose everything. It appears the concept of having a spine is on the wane these days. For shame. I mean that in earnest. 

  3. 10 hours ago, Coyote (Ogilvie) said:

    That would actually be consistent with the doctrine of parliamentary supremacy; nothing is final, and nothing can bind Parliament. 

    Technically? Cameron made it clear, repeatedly, that the result of the vote would be final and binding. The referendum saw the largest turnout perhaps in all of Britain's democratic history and the leave vote won by a margin of more than a million. If this is not binding, if this vote can be handwaved away, then our democracy means precisely nothing. Would you be making this argument if remain had won? 

    Let's say we had a second referendum, let's say remain won that one. On what grounds should all the people who voted leave in the first referendum honour the results of the second one? Why honour the results of any votes if the biggest decision the public has made in practically more than a century, with the passion to turn out to vote being stronger than on any other referendum or general election, can be brushed off? 

    You couldn't get more "technically" binding. Nobody on the remain side would accept this shit if it was the other way around. I didn't vote leave either, but if you can't stick to principles just because you don't get what you want all the time, then you don't have principles at all. Disgraceful. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Patticus said:

    Is it, though?.... etcetc

    Yeah. Kinda the point of votes. If you can invalidate the result of one vote you can invalidate them all under the same terms. If it isn't honored, the concept of referendums is fucked. Very simple concept, mate. Stop looking for dishonest means to argue for getting what you want, it is childish.

    As for the racism stuff, I don't buy any of it. Frankly, I'm sick of hearing about race, if people want to play that card over and over to demonise others they can do so, but I'm not listening to it. It's boring. The patriotic thing to do is to honor the decision the public have made. Simple as that, no essays required. 

  5. Best thing to do, to my mind, is focus on principles. Doesn't matter what anyone has to say about the merits or demerits of leaving the EU, democracy is over if the referendum result isn't honoured. Don't need a deal, never voted for one in the first place. I'm absolutely disgusted with the government, with parliament in general. The fact that the EU have shown the UK nothing but contempt, despite our long years as its second biggest net contributor, is more than enough to have a brexit with no deal whatsoever. We can trade with whomever wishes to make a deal with us and not pay one more penny to that pathetic globalist institution. Of course, I don't expect to actually get what I'd prefer to see, I have next to no confidence in our politicians anymore. I'd say that the earmarking of basic patriotism and national affection as a fundamentally racist position is the greatest betrayal of the voting public seen in decades, if ever. Thoroughly pissed off with this omnishambles.

  6. The problem with this as a discussion topic is that it isn't one. It's an image of personal preferences which doesn't say anything at all. I mean it's one thing to write about something you like or dislike, lending your perspective in some way, but just putting logos on a white background? Chit-Chat is pretty much filled with topics discussing various shows, movies, public issues etc. This is like putting all of it into one topic, only without the actual opinions.

  7. I honestly adore the furry fandom. I can't imagine much of an interesting life without it, all the art, cute costumes, strange, interesting people. I've never been to a convention outside the UK, so I tend to stick with Confuzzled, due to not being able to afford anything else. I help out the staff there every year, these days. Because of the fandom I was able to build a little pocket of a fanbase, through drawing my crappy cartoons, which now earns me a little income. If it wasn't for that, I don't really know what I'd be doing to survive, so I'm thankful for having found the furry community in 2003, it's the greatest source of fun in my life.


    You just can't beat the surreal, absurd, warm feeling of being in a huge hotel, surrounded by dozens, even hundreds, of big cutesy, toony critters bouncing all over the place. It kicks ass. It's also the best artistic community I've ever seen.

  8. Never been much of a comic book fan, aside from the odd series like Preacher, so I'm pretty indifferent to what comic books have in them. Since it's entertainment the only thing that really matters is the quality of the art and the writing, after that you can just love it or hate it or whatever. What is, however, important is how muslim women are treated in the real world, which is like chattel. Anybody showing the gusto to point out how fucked up cultures exploit people, no matter what the excuse (like religious belief, fuck that one already), has my support. I don't expect serious social commentary from superhero comics or even the entertainment industry. It's great when it does happen but it's more important when people get together in the real world and speak their minds.


    Millions of people are being treated like utter shit on account of self-appointed religious authority figures and it's wrong. End of. One doesn't need a fucking comic to make that sort of point, nor should they expect anything but an entertaining story.

  9. Since you've asked for feedback in the topic title I'll oblige you XP. There's really not much of value I could say to you, from one person who likes drawing to another, besides a couple of basic points. The first is never quit. Never, never stop. Listen to and acknowledge that critical part of your brain that constantly harasses you, telling you that you're crap; if you're going to get compliments and appreciation for your work, let that come from other people. Second is draw what you love to draw and try not to worry about rules. People can obsess over how to draw books and instruction manuals, classes and such, but the one true driving force behind achieving excellence in any craft is personal passion. You create your own goals and you will pick things up and learn new things when you're personally ready and willing to. Try to force it and you'll be buried beneath the rubble of your own inadequacies and lack of knowledge. Best of luck with your drawing, I hope you keep at it and some years down the line you can look back and see how far you've come.

  10. God that's going back a bit. I was a member there in 2004/5, my bf was a mod there, haha. Lots of memories of that place, but my true online home for the 00's was right here on SSMB. SZF was an absolutely nutty place, filled to the brim with young children, so there was spammy, misspelled crap absolutely everywhere. There was a lot of fun too, mind you, for a few years it was a really enjoyable forum to be on. Didn't spend a huge amount of time there though, since I was obsessing over my staff duties on here most of the time.

  11. I remember seeing SA1 in action on a Japanese Dreamcast before the console hit UK shores and I was blown away at the time by how good it looked. Seeing Tails on a snowboard melted my fanboy heart. Actually playing the game was a disappointment though, which wasn't improved with SA2. It felt clunky to play and the different game types for the characters were really unappealing. All I liked about SA1 was running about as Tails, because I'm a sad sack, but he was stuck in a machine for SA2, haha. The annoying imperfections in the gameplay combined with the extreme levels of cheese in the cutscenes made it practically unplayable. I haven't enjoyed playing a Sonic game since SA1, besides a brief nostalgia rush at the helm of Generations. To be honest I've never really been into Sonic because of the games, for me it was all about the characters so it's the cartoons I really fell in love with. SatAM and AoStH rocked my child mind and made me a huge, ridiculous Tails fan. My other half loves the modern games though, he delights in them, for the most part. So at least someone in my house likes the Sonic games, haha.

  12. The UK government is so bad, so awful that it defies coherence. From pathetic education policy, attacking the disabled on welfare and cutting public services to complaining about a lack of money whilst making it easier for the rich to evade tax. The UK is the biggest tax haven in Europe and a world leader in horrendous libel laws. So much corruption, back-patting and obfuscation exists that it makes it extremely hard to pin down individual things and people to focus on. I guess that's the way most governments operate, you could hear the same shit from anyone in any country. All the same, they're utter bastards and it makes me sick.

  13. Not photoshopping people is something I can get behind; it's always been utterly ridiculous to me. They still pick attractive people though, because they're trying to sell a product. I'm not interested in the advertising side, because advertising can fuck off, but keeping away from photoshop when showing photographs of people in magazines and newspapers would be excellent. Instead of, you know, contributing to the misery and unrealistic expectations of an image-conscious public.

  14. Total tragedy this. One guy dead and another marked for life by what happened. I feel for both sides.


    One little thing though, judging Trayvon by facebook photos is some serious bullshit. A huge chunk of male culture is dominated by displaying violence, sexual aggression and drug use. It's not exactly a shock to see people caught up in such a culture when their environments are saturated with it.


    Seems a shame that you lost something personal from the wipe. I had no idea.


    But this is not goodbye, right? You said you'll still be around. I can't help but worry when major changes occur, makes me think there could be serious personal problems hidden within. But that's just me and I'm rambling.


    I've not really had the pleasure to speak with you in the past, but I've always known you as part of the SSMB team, keeping order when it's needed and sticking up for the staff when required. Not to mention being terrifying when your wrath descends on a poor unsuspecting fool. I already have a little homage to you, that most had already seen, but I'll show it again for this occasion. smile.png



    Haha, you drew me?




    Seriously though, hadn't seen that before, nice one XP. Thanks for the replies peeps, can't believe none of them are abusive, wowz!

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