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  1. I view it the same way I view religion, only without the wars and atrocities. It's bullshit, but it's (relatively) harmless so I don't have a problem with it in itself. I do have concerns about people who subscribe to unverifiable belief systems, concerns pertaining to their mental state and stability. Escape to a fantasy world which becomes a solid part of your life is pretty often followed by psychological problems :F. It wont actually help anyone get over their problems; lying and avoidance never does.
  2. This topic should provide you with all you need to join in, chatting to other Sonic fans on IRC. It's basically a server with a load of chat rooms, if you don't know what IRC is. You could use a web-based java applet to connect to the chat, but those things are fucking shite, so I don't reccommend it. First thing you need to connect to the channel (chat room) is an IRC client; this is a handy program, a bit like MSN, which allows you to connect to the IRC servers. I personally use mIRC*, but I hear XChat is very good as well. Once you download the client of your choice, install it if it needs installing and open it up. I'll give you picture examples for mIRC, but the same basic shit also applies to XChat. When your client is open, click off the box with the slightly ugly nerdy guy and you'll be left with some empty shit. Note that my screenies use different colours to the usual mIRC defaults, because I'm awesome. Type the above into the typing box area thingy and it will connect you to the server where the #sonicstadium channel lives. Decide what nickname you want and change it using the above text. Now you register your nickname, so other people can't rob it. Type the above but put in your own password in place of 'f4gg0tr33' and your own email address in place of the email I have written there. Then you'll get some validation email shit which is easy to follow so I shouldn't have to illustrate it for you, but it's like copy some code it gives you into the text box and press the enter key so like, it's fuckin' rocket science n' shit. Anyway, you're now ready to join us in the channel, so to connect to the TSS IRC channel all you have to do is type: /j #sonicstadium Holy shit!? Yeah, but remember you have to be on the server first; that thing you joined at the beginning. Also, you will need to identify yourself whenever you join the server, to confirm it's you who is using your nickname. To Identify, use the following command: /identify password Obviously, use your own password in place of the word 'password', you idiot. That should be all you need to know, but if you have any more questions, ask them in this topic. Take note that Google, being a relatively good search engine, can provide you with links to IRC wikis and info sites that can answer questions you have as well. * Despite the fact that mIRC tells you your trial will be running out in X days, when it does run out it will still let you use the program completely, so you still never have to pay for it. Then again, it's really cheap, so you can be honest too with little expense. EDIT: Oh yeah, one more thing; if you can't be arsed typing in these longish commands every time, you can make them shorter using the script editor. Go to Tools > Scripts Editor > Aliases tab and you should get something like this: You can then type the command you want to use followed by the command you want it to replace, so if you want to shorten /s irc.surrealchat.net to /sur, then type it in the box above in the same format. You can also make certain commands automatic whenever you join a server by going to Tools > Options > Connect Options > Perform and then entering the commands in the box that you want the client to do automatically for you. Identifying is a good one.
  3. I guess I'll write a guide to getting on the chatroom today then.
  4. Got any thoughts on this yourself or is it just gonna be a big fuck-off quote? :F
  5. Loving the game so far, and I'm up to chapter 6. I love just playing through the older chapters any time I feel like at any difficulty, it's just great stuff. My PS3 is being replaced, however, since it's knackered, so I've been playing it on a friends console. Trouble is, RE5 saves are locked, so you can't transfer 'em to other consoles like you normally would. Haha, this means I'll be starting the game all over again on Monday afternoon when the replacement arrives. Anyway, I've still played a lot of it and I think it could do with a harder difficulty than veteran. I've played the game for a few days now and veteran is almost a breeze; sure the later levels are more of a challenge, but I find that I'm not running out of supplies, I'm removing some supplies to make room for things I'd like more of, I've got too much stuff XP. I wish it had some inventory expansion shit, like RE4 had, which was great. I'm finding Sheva to be actually rather fantastic; if you're finding her a hindrence then maybe you're just a shit player, because damn. Give her the earliest sub-machine gun, upgrade it loads, and give her a rifle or shotgun as a side (rifle preferably, she's actually brilliant with it). She seamlessly switches between weapon types according to the situation and is a great shot too. She never runs out of machine gun shit either. There are the odd slip ups with her actions but no more than the times I cock things up XP. I only have one complaint about RE5; it looks fantastic, it plays entertainingly and the battles are just epic, but I want more. I wish it was twice as long as it is XP. Also, punching people hard enough to make their flying bodies shatter doors is just hilarious.
  6. Rofl, I got RE5 in the post this morning, but er my PS3 also broke this morning. Wont play bluray discs properly anymore XP. Fortunately, I rang Sony and despite my warranty running out a few months ago they're sending me a new PS3 tommorrow fucking morning, free of charge (I was astounded that it's so quick.). So I'll be playing RE5 properly tommorrow (managed to get in a few bursts of gameplay in between crashes and faults, and I'm very impressed so far).
  7. It's the sense of becoming a furry character, wearing a suit. Dressing up as anything, putting on a mask, you're escaping yourself and breaking down the usual inhibitions that usually prevent you from enjoying yourself properly. So the discomfort is tolerated because it gives fursuiters a sense of being something different and enjoying themselves as another character. A lot of keen suiters will say how they don't like to be approached without their fursuit head on or by other suiters without the heads, because it breaks the character illusion and ruins the magic of it. Odd, but hell, if someone can get that much excitement out of putting on a costume then they're the lucky ones.
  8. Aye it does XP. Intentional too, since people said the same thing when I did a placeholder image once for the really old SSR website; it featured Tails wearing only a T-shirt :F.
  9. Before long post I'll just address that question of why anyone finds furry characters attractive. It's an individual thing, everyone has their own reasons and most people don't know what those reasons are. Same with all sexual attraction really, it's not about logic, it's just there. The furry fandom is mainly centered on art, that's the heart and soul of it. It's basically, on the outset, a community which appreciates cartoons and anthropomorphic artwork in general. It's also quite a magnet for social dysfunction. Furry is a pretty good reflection of the worst things people think of and an eye-opener on human sexuality. Furries aren't degenerate for being furry, as a group it's no more saturated with deviants than other social groups and fandoms; the difference is the degree of exposure and openness. I don't want to associate with the overtly sexual side of the fandom, but as an artist I'm going to be confronted with it anyway; it's like everything else, it's fucked up at first but over time you lose your sensitivity towards it. It's just a very large community of people sharing a common interest, but taking it in very different directions with varying degrees of seriousness. I'm a furry in terms of me being a major fan of the cartoons I grew up with as a kid. I love the artwork and the characters and it's a bit of nostalgia, which is always fun. I get a lot of support and feedback, even money when I sell commissions, from the people in the fandom, so for me it's been a very good place XP. Since when has SSMB tolerated that kind of behaviour anyway? =O
  10. This be another case of "You're following a trend, you mindless sheep, come and follow this one instead!". Not advisable, not everybody is so oppertunistic or even wants to sell trash to people online or rip people off some other way. Going into business is no simple task either, in fact, small businesses are taxed to shit and barely make money. A few cotton on to a good idea and thrive on it, the rest fail. It's the same with everything, entire populations of people cannot contain so much individual success without providing any practical public service, it just wouldn't happen. Oh and then there's the mentality of being a caged animal because you have a job. This is entirely dependent on personal perspective, not fact, and if everybody really did share your feelings, they wouldn't work. There are shitloads of unemployed in the UK and many who never want a job either, so there are people who certainly share your point of view. Just do shit for yourself rather than lecture others, because you don't have all the answers and you never will either :F. Best of luck with your internet business, whatever it is you're actually selling. Don't want to be a slave to society? Then don't follow any of its rules; go live in the woods or something =D.
  11. Don't label people as assholes over a video game. If you're going to do something that immature can you do it away from SSMB? Instead of following the trend of judging the shit out of other Sonic fans, people with whom you share a common interest, why not actually try to see things from different points of view? This fandom would be even worse than it is now if we all agreed about everything.
  12. I'm a whore for spreading my crap drawings around, so I'll do it here too. Just the Sonic stuff though, I'm gonna keep it vaguely relevent to the website. First of all, here's my DA account, there's not much on it at all but yeah whatever: http://roareyraccoon.deviantart.com/ I usually post my work on FurAffinity, which is my art site of choice; there's stuff I've done that hasn't gone on there either but generally the majority of everything I do goes there. Careful if you have an FA account, there are adult works in my gallery. Anyway, a few random links to Soniccy shit. Well, I say Sonic, but it's really Tails stuff, with an occasional Sonic thrown in. I've never been a fan of the Hedgehog =O. Old pic done for random fun topic on SSMB a while back. Random Tails at the beach, done last year. Another old one, done on MS Paint. Experimented once with a different style, I don't like the result but it's Tails anyway. Quick Chip picture done for a signature on the old SSMB. Old Tails pic for a Christmas topic activity on the old SSMB. I'm gonna be doing some tutorials for SSN at some point, I put one together that involved teaching people to draw the following picture. I think it's crap though, as is the tutorial, so i'll be re-doing it. That ought to be enough for a while I think. Most stuff I do isn't Sonic-related, so all of these are basically old and not up to my current standard. Ah well XP. Oh one more thing, here's a shit Raccomic I did for TSS but told 'em not to use because it's awfully constructed. Oh actually, one more thing. Here's some concept artwork that was going to be some banners for a TSS timeline article Dread was writing. I didn't get round to doing it seriously though. Tails and Shadow. Sonic.
  13. I have a suggestion that wont involve modifying the forums in an attempt to act upon a vague, untested solution to a minor problem. If you see someone being a complete elitist on the forum, treating people like shit, don't assume the staff will protect them because of post count or whatever balls and just report them. If you're nervous about posting against someone with a massive post count, I understand but that's an insecurity that isn't our problem. If you have confidence issues, talk to a member of staff for reassurance; you can talk to me as well, I have plenty of experience talking to people about sensitive subjects so if you have any issues on here you can send them to me. Despite the fact that I am habitually bad-tempered on the forum, it's more of a tactic to keep people in line than any real aggression; you'll find that my tone is very different if you approach me with genuine concern. Either way, this is a bit of a pointless battle against normal human behaviour. People are going to boast and think highly of themselves, everybody in this topic has done it before and will do it again. In fact, by talking about these mysterious boasters and assholes, you're putting yourselves on a pedestal above, to convince others you aren't one of these social deviants. I don't give a shit, communities will have their dramas and odd characters, that's what makes them exciting; all I'm concerned with is providing order via rule enforcement and reassuring members who approach me personally.
  14. We used to do that anyway, until the main TSS site had a TSS network account for each member that was linked with forum registrations; so there were people who just registered for a TSS account and had no interest in the forums. I don't think that will be making a return now though, so we'll probably go back to periodical account cleanups.
  15. Might do it, but it'll require some discussion with the staff and to see how many other people support the idea. I don't think it matters if people post to raise their post count, as long as no rules are being broken. Why should someones' interest in posting be looked down upon because it's not in line with your ideals? I like to see my post count go up too, it's fun, it's a bit of entertaining statistics to look at now and then. I don't think people are being nicer to eachother because seniority has been removed by the absence of past post numbers, I think it has more to do with the fact that this forum has barely been open after a major hit. In terms of members it's a fraction of the size it used to be and most people who have registered here still aren't posting, so it feels like a smaller, closer community. That is temporary, a board of this size, when it fills up again, will inevitably repeat that small feeling of alienation. Don't fight against popularity contests, they aren't your enemy, it's how societies and communities thrive rather than fall. You can never really have complete equality, and that's not really such a big issue on a message board, is it? EDIT: Oh and I don't really have any hope that the current sentiment on the forum actually sticks, because at the moment it's like swimming in a river of awful, awful cheese. I'm practically cringing when I read most topics.
  16. Lol, you don't really believe I get paid, do you? XP Anyway, the rest of you who are still having problems, I'll be emailing you with new passwords later today, so make sure you check the email account you registered here with.
  17. I can't play the game anyway as I don't own a Wii, so this is about the only thing I can say related to this game: This applies to all the reviews of the game really XP.
  18. Yeah, clear your cookies. If you don't know how, use google and find out the instructions for your browser.
  19. You can't really hide the member number anyway, since the URL to every members' profile page is specified by their member ID number.
  20. Okay, people who are being logged out, try deleting your cookies and clearing your cache first. If that doesn't work, see if you can stay logged in on another browser. If the browser doesn't seem to be the problem then I'll have to do something on my end. All I'm really doing is setting new password salts and resetting cookies so deleting yours should fix the problem anyway.
  21. Don't be alarmed, site logins are not active, since TSS has only just come back. Only forum logins work for now, I'd say. You don't need to be logged in to leave a comment on the TSS blog articles. I don't know what the problem is anyway, I only deal with the forum XP.
  22. Okay, anyone else who experiences this problem please post in this topic and let me know. Those of you who do post in here, I will be changing your login password to reset a few things that should fix the error for you. Check the email address you registered here with for your new password (I will send you one as soon as I change it.). Once you receive your new password, log in and change it.
  23. Simple shizzle, but functional :F.
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