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  1. I'm currently uploading all the ssmb banners to an album so peeps can see them in a convenient place. At some point we'll have voting for your faves.

  2. Doesn't really matter who is chosen as the next Pope when the entire system is shit to begin with. The Pope is supposed to be the direct representative of the Catholic god on Earth, so already it's bloody ridiculous. The last one covered for child rapists to preserve the reputation of the church, illustrating perfectly that not only are men of the church fallible people like everyone else but that, in fact, they will behave infinitely worse than most in the name of their crackpot belief system. Giving such authority to anyone is a dangerous and stupid thing to do. Whoever is chosen next will still end up an overdressed ponce (I really miss Christopher Hitchens) with power that nobody should ever wield and millions are, as always, going to suffer for it.
  3. I'm a fan of Akira Kurosawa, a talented bloke who made many classic and influential movies. Yojimbo inspired A Fistful of Dollars; Seven Samurai led to The Magnificent Seven and Hidden Fortress inspired the first Star Wars movie. This isn't to say his best contribution to cinema is to have inspired better movies, because his films are truly brilliant. Anyway, fuck fawning, give any of these following films a look and enrich your life: Yojimbo Sanjuro Ikiru Red Beard Seven Samurai High and Low (Still my favourite crime drama ever made.) Since this forum is filled with Japanophiles you ought to watch his movies!
  4. Perfect, it should be added now XP.
  5. Alexander, you need to edit your banner so that it is the correct size (1000x200) or it'll screw with things. Once you make it the right size I'll add it to the rotation XP. I'd have resized it myself but that would make the piccy look shitty. I'm assuming the original is a higher res XP. I've doodled something as well because why the fuck not XP.
  6. Just keep posting them and when I have time I'll put them up XP.
  7. Yes folks, new banners are up, along with a few of the old ones XP.

  8. Ah yeah, a few things really. First, I wont be putting up banners with official art used in them (as the opening post specifies) since the banners are about what members are creating themselves. Also, I wont be putting up banners that are text only, especially when they're done in mspaint. Haha. I'll be keeping some of the old banners and stuff too, because some of them are really, really good. EDIT: There might be a small delay before I can get the banners sorted as it appears my old ftp details no longer work, haha. It'll be happening soon though.
  9. Allo peeps, sorry for being away for so long! I'll be removing older banners and adding the newer ones today XP.
  10. I've put together a fun design for a Tails T-shirt and I'll likely be making more as time goes by XP. It's not in character with Tails but that's really the point. Anyway, you can actually buy this if you want to own it, so go here to take a look: http://www.redbubble.com/people/roareyraccoon/works/9739355-brutal-tails Here's how the actual shirt looks, pic taken with a mobile phone XP: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v198/Roarey_Raccoon/tshirtpic_zpsfb8786ce.png Oh and incidentally, if I were to make more Tails shirts in the future, what sort of things would you like to see?
  11. Dear Tails fans, I have designed a T-Shirt on Redbubble! http://t.co/L41VZ7UX

    1. Wolfy


      Oh damn that's fucking awesome haha

    2. Komodin


      He's channeling his inner Hannibal... nice.

    3. Frogging101


      I'm a Tails fan. Cool shirt but Tails the serial killer is not really my thing xD.

  12. Typically, if you want information about a subject you do research, if the information you want requires obtaining it from another person....ask them. If you make assumptions and postulate without evidence (which you are completely free to do so, I don't take issue with it specifically) then you are very likely to be wrong. On the other hand, just to make things fair, I also believe that if you decide to run your mouth and start slagging people off (anyone, not just staff) without evidence or knowing what happened, then you ought to have your errors pointed out publicly. Bright Eyes, whilst you did ask a legitimate question, you didn't ask the staff directly for your answer, you posted the question in a public thread. There's a difference there, so calm down yourself.
  13. Grow up peeps, learn to handle the fact that some people have different opinions. You can assume 'troll' if you like and if you have evidence of trolling take it to the staff. If you knacker discussions by accusing people of trolling then you're contributing to the deterioration of the goddamn thread yourself. Try and cool off instead of waiting like snakes to strike at the first sign of contrary fucking points of view.
  14. Alright guys, back on topic. No more of this bitching about game physics, it's nothing to do with this thread. Oh and Anti Alias, can you not post the troll face in lieu of making an actual point? It's not clever and it's against the rules.
  15. I think the question of why the topic was locked has now been suitably answered by Sean. I will back him up on his points. The staff do tend to keep controversial subjects to single topics, especially when they are long-running issues. Sonic 06 has been getting discussion, heated discussion (to say the least) since....well, since 2006. Over half a decade. Now really, I can understand your frustration, Hogfather, because you put a lot of time into the topic so yeah you're definately going to feel stung by having your topic locked. Still, it will turn into the same thing as every other Sonic 06 topic we've had here over the years, so it really is better to just have one general thread where everybody who still wants to can bitch to their hearts content about the game. Mods have had to deal with quite a bit of shit lately with daft bastards making troll accounts and duplicate accounts to circumvent bans, so understand why we'd prefer to just have one topic with Sonic 06 bitching instead of a bunch with the same basic content.
  16. Regarding the jokes about this story, I'd like to point out that it doesn't mean people are heartless. It's very difficult to feel genuine empathy for a tragedy that you have nothing to do with or will never impact your life. Jokes take the edge off things too. I personally think it's better to take things lightly than get really down over something.
  17. It would be wise not to assume that the world is going to hell in a handbasket because you've read a story about child abuse. It's nothing to do with a videogame and it's nothing to do with what sort of place the world is. There's always been psychopaths and violence, in contrast there's also a boatload of good in the world too. I wouldn't argue that the world is becoming a worse place when standards of living and life expectancy are improving across the globe, along with the kinds of civil liberties many of us enjoy today that never existed in the past. Not to say that everything is right as roses, it isn't, but refrain from blowing your tops whenever you read a shitty story.
  18. The 'server wipe' was to do with unpaid bills. The hosting company were sending notifications to a defunct email address so nobody got the emails. Instead of the host merely taking down the site for a short period, giving an opportunity to rectify the billing issue, they outright deleted the entirety of TSS and SSMB at a time when nobody had backups of SSMB. As a result, like 5 years of SSMB history was deleted forever. And yeah, we did have RP boards back in the day, but they sucked XP.
  19. I've changed SSMB's default user avatar to something more suitable, instead of that grey man fugly thing. Hope you enjoy!

    1. Phantomime
    2. Jeffhog
    3. Chaos Warp

      Chaos Warp

      I can't see it.....

    4. JezMM


      Very nice! It somehow actually comes across as more neutral. The grey man always kinda looked like a douche for some reason.

    5. Cola


      >It's my gravatar


  20. Another classic

    1. TheOcelot


      AOSTH, but can you nwme the episodes in that clip?

    2. TheOcelot
  21. Aww yeah

    1. Alex2Beta


      -This is happening!

    2. Blue Wisp
    3. Neon


      By the goddess...

    4. LoseR


      I'm so hot right now guys~~!

    5. Wentos



      What's up?

    6. -Ace-


      you know for kids!

  22. The clumsy, inaccurate gameplay that has been a staple of the franchise since Sonic Adventure. I feel like I'm trying to stop Sonic from being a dumbass instead of being in control. To qualify this opinion so that it has some context, I love it when gameplay flows smoothly and responds with forgiveness to the small inaccuracies of analog controls. Like Assassins Creed 2, leaping from rooftop to rooftop was a joy and a pleasure; Sonic gameplay just pisses me off.
  23. Appreciate verb (used with object) 1. to be grateful or thankful for: They appreciated his thoughtfulness. 2. to value or regard highly; place a high estimate on: to appreciate good wine. 3. to be fully conscious of; be aware of; detect: to appreciate the dangers of a situation. 4. to raise in value.
  24. That's a problem with comprehension on your part, it was appreciate used in the context of 'understand'. As in, I understand that you're messing around, but it's still spam. How you figured I'd actually be appreciative of you spamming the forums (knowingly) is anyone's guess.
  25. I do think making a topic like that just to see what happens is "not rather appropiate" for a member to give a mod for no reason. It also wasn't sarcasm, you were dicking around, or messing around, or whatever word you'd prefer to use. You made that clear yourself in the topic, so where's the sarcasm?
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