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    Yo Gabz

    Oi, use personal messages to send a personal message, that's what they are for. This is a forum, not a chat room, so make sure your topics have content in future and aren't aimed at specific members. EDIT: I appreciate you're dicking around with a friend but this is spam. Read the rules and don't do it again.
  2. Please read the forum rules, list topics aren't allowed matey, they get too spammy XP.
  3. I tried to make the rules a bit more fun to read and to explain each rule and why it is there, whilst at the same time being concise. We did have rules in the past that were just a simple list like the one you provided above, but we had complaints that it wasn't fleshed out enough. I also made sure some rules were positively written so the whole thing didn't sound daunting.
  4. Could you clarify this for me, I'm not quite sure what you mean XP. What do you think should be re-written in the rules?
  5. Right, that's enough, clean slate for this topic. The previous posts will be left up but no more of this pointless cack from or to do with theresearcher. I will simply delete the posts. This topic is for member feedback, not one kid getting pissy. End of, now.
  6. You still haven't learned anything XP. You aren't the one who caused this topic to exist, we had other members like DQ bring up the same points long before you did and I was getting sick of seeing the same bullshit. So I figured I'd make a topic and get everything out in the open to see what's what, then take the time to explain to members why certain things take place. You didn't cause this topic to exist, I did, because I made the bloody thing. Anyway, you're now disrupting this topic, it's not about you it's about feedback from everyone. Expect a ban if you keep it up.
  7. What should be done? I thought you had made your last post. I wasn't aware you wanted me to do anything about you. I don't ban people for arguing with me XP. I have dealt with member problems for all the 8 years I've been staff, and a handful people saying "you could be less mean sometimes" does not constitute a problem. Or maybe it's like evidence of the apocalypse or some shit. Honestly, you're just making yourself look even more ridiculous now, so quit before you just make it worse. Stand by what you say and bugger off, show some integrity. Oh and this is a staff matter, this does not give members permission to start flaming theresearcher. I understand you're pissed off with him slagging off the forum, I understand perfectly, but be aware that by attacking theresearcher you are breaking the forum rules. I will have no choice but to hand out strikes if it continues, so leave him be.
  8. You were tolerable up to the moment you started bragging and grinning, it is obnoxious. I have not been rude to you once until now and actually listened to what you had to say, which is a fuck of a lot more than anyone slagging off this site would give me or the other staff credit for. You obviously can't face the music, so when you actually get called out on something you run away. You don't get to treat people like that and get away with it, especially not on the internet. I hope this experience helps you attain adulthood. Actually, I'll clarify my above actions for other readers. I took the criticisms of theresearcher/shadon seriously, to the point that I had the staff worried I was turning against them. I spent a while putting together that big fucking essay in the announcements forum (and the feedback topic, listening to everybodys' opinions) to try and explain why the staff work the way they do and what do I get for it? Some messages stating the same thing over and over, ignorant of the points I made, followed by smugness and self-entitlement. Despite the fact that this forum runs fucking excellently. This is how to piss off a Roarz, ladies and gentlemen. Please don't be like theresearcher/shadon, because it does annoy me and I don't want to end up being aggressive again.
  9. Alright Shadon, I've humored you long enough. I've been staff at one of the biggest Sonic sites in the world for 8 years, that's half your entire fucking life span, so let's cut the smug shit shall we, Mr teenage professional. You claim you work at other forums besides Sonic Revolution, and I should hope that you do, considering the biggest forum on SR has only 31 topics. SR has less posts than SSMB has members, and this forum is nowhere near as big as the old one was before it was deleted in 2009 due to an ISP fuckup. When you joined here you made it explicitly clear that your entire intention was to critique these forums and assess how good/bad the staff were. I put aside the fact that this was the most pretentious shit I've ever seen and decided to play along, because it was a good opportunity to display just how good the staff are here. With this last post you left me, like a dog might shit on the sidewalk, has sealed the deal for me and you need to come down a peg or several. Going from your latest status update on SR: I would call you neither, because you're 16 and so full of shit (as you just foolishly admitted) that half your eyeballs are dimmed with it stacking up inside your conceited ass. Your excellent forum methodology, as you'd like to believe it is, works because the forums you help to run are tiny. You wouldn't last 10 minutes on a large forum and you don't have the experience that could qualify your pretentious opinions. So let me put this real simple and easy for you (and I'm not having a go at SR, I don't condone mocking entire websites). You join here, act like the staff, whom have worked their arses off here for years, owe you an explanation for everything they do within a day of you turning up and actually have the audacity to talk about how great you are. You're a fucking joke mate, get your attitude in check and humble yourself. I'm supposed to be the cunt here, such a cunt that TSSZ has written articles about me (when was the last time anyone gave a shit about anything you had to say?) but you don't see me talking about how great I am or making status updates like a cocky dipshit. Do you know why? Because modesty and humility are important, which is a lesson you need to learn before you waltz in here acting like you're special. Stick to your own forums until you can sort out your attitude and don't fucking sass me or the rest of the staff again.
  10. Do me a favour and show me which forum(s) you work at.
  11. Tone is something easy to botch with text! To be honest, it's not so big a deal that members are being made to feel like shit left and right. "Don't do that, please." is the sort of tone that will get you ignored, it is insincere and lacking in authority. Text-based forums are not classrooms or anything like a physical environment where body language and tone of voice can make all the difference. If you want something to sound authoritative on a forum you need to word your responses harshly to get the point across for disciplinary purposes. I know some of you think you're being perfectly reasonable when you give examples of what would be a good thing to say or you propose a different way of handling a situation but, in reality, on a forum of this size nobody would bother listening to you, because you'd be a complete pushover. The staff have already been there, trying politeness all the time. All mods tend to do this when they are new because they don't have the confidence of someone who has been staff for a long time. New staff learn quickly that people don't listen to you if you're mr/mrs nice person. If one can sort an issue with a simple "shut the fuck up or get the fuck out" then it's an efficient way to do things. Oh and one more thing, if you're breaking rules to the point that a staff member gets pissed off with you then you deserve to get yelled at. It's not a social injustice or psychological harm, it's being told to stop being a twat.
  12. I appreciate your concerns here and I can tell you that some warnings are indeed private; not every strike we hand out or warning we give is done publicly. What you need to understand here is that there aren't many instances at all these days where members have to be striked, the most common reason for members being warned is when things fly off the handle in topics and devolve into big arguments. When such things occur the most effective way of dealing with it is to warn the members involved with a message in the topic itself, so others can see what's going down and the topic quickly gets back on track. I understand you feel this is harsh and I have said the staff will be working on being less so in the future, but I am coming from a position of 8 years of experience being staff at this forum. I know how things work here and the best way to get things done and as things are we have a forum that ticks along smoothly and people enjoy themselves. I think you're blowing this out of proportion.
  13. Thanks for all the feedback that has been sent in, it's time you lot got a response to it, don't you think? Before I go on, I need to briefly warn you that this post is going to be long. Long, but worth it. First, here's a summary of the points that have been raised by you: Bad Staff swear/curse too much. Staff could be nicer to members, especially newbies. Staff could interact more on a casual basis, posting in a variety of forums. Staff need to be more professional. Staff are occasionally playing favourites with members. Staff appear to be an elitist social clique at times. Good Staff get the job done swiftly and effectively. Staff show personality so they don't act like robots. Staff are friendly and helpful. Staff use harsh language effectively. Majority of feedback stated that there were no complaints. An important thing to point out at this stage is that of over 4000 members on SSMB less than 100 actually gave their feedback. It would be entirely speculative to think of why each member chose not to give feedback (or if they even saw the topic) but what it does indicate is that the vast majority of members are just getting on with enjoying the forums. This is how it should be. Given this point, what is the significance of this feedback session? Firstly, if improvements can be made it certainly can't hurt to identify and address them. Secondly, it gives the staff an opportunity to respond to common complaints and explain why these things happen. That is what I will do now, point by point. Professionalism One could make the point that a professional is typically defined as a person gaining employment from their area of expertise, since that is the dictionary definition. However, when referring to the staff, the word 'professional' refers to something entirely different. It is taken for granted that the staff aren't on any kind of payroll; forum moderators seldom are. Professionalism in this sense of the word is to do with staff conduct and attitude. There are a few problems with demanding this type of professionalism from forum staffers. Firstly, the staff aren't professional, nor are we advertised as such; our role is to enforce forum rules and make sure the place doesn't go to hell in a handbasket; to make the forum function. Secondly, what one views as professional conduct is a personal thing, with different people having different expectations from members of staff. With some common expectations in mind, it would not be unfair to summarize professionalism as to behave in a mild, objective and calm manner, to remain collected and focused and to stick strictly to the rules one enforces on others. Seem reasonable? Unfortunately, this isn't possible. As much as you may imagine you know perfect people, they do not exist in any capacity, regardless of whether or not you label them as a professional. Forum staff, in their own free time, scour the forums, wading through pools of frivolous arguments and bad tempers, with the job of doing what they can to sort it out. Staff are going to get frustrated, they're going to get angry and they're going to snap, from time to time. It happens! Not very often, when compared with how much staff do, but it still happens. Once again, I return to an earlier point, the staff here at SSMB are not advertised as professionals, so it is unfair and incorrect to expect lofty definitions of professional conduct from them. Staff do their best and that's all is asked of them. If you find yourself regularly angry with the staff at SSMB, perhaps you need to look at yourself more; a few people running a Sonic fansite are not the Third Reich, so I'd be suspicious about your motives for constant displeasure. Methinks you're unhappy in general and that's not our responsibility. If you make the assertion that a staffer unable to fit your expectations ought to be relieved of their position, you are being very unreasonable and irrational. In summary: The staff are not professionals, nor do we claim to be; to expect otherwise is unreasonable. Swearing/Cursing It comes as little surprise that many people have an issue with harsh language, given that the majority of us are raised to believe swearing is a horrible thing to do. This is not a school or home environment, however, it is an online environment of free speech. All words derive their tone and meaning in communication via the context in which they are used. Words of any kind are not inherently 'bad' or 'good', their moral alignment is derived from how, when and by whom they are used. It is also commonplace for people to curse in general conversation. Swear words are not a forbidden fruit of sin and a demand that they never be used is an infringement of personal freedom of speech, so we do not disallow those words here. The staff are also people, so they too can swear if they wish to. The bottom line in this issue is of a personal dislike for when people swear or curse, a personal preference. Hearing, seeing or reading things you don't like is part of living in a society, so we each need to learn to deal with these issues ourselves. You're all aware of censorship and the damage it can incur, so chill out. If someone feels like a "fuck" here or there is how they want to communicate, then they will do so, it is how they want to communicate. To act as though an opinion is invalid or a person is bad because of the language they choose to use is ignorant and prejudiced. The Staff Team is an Elitist Clique This one comes down to a misinterpretation. The SSMB staff are a team and need to function as a team. If we were all mavericks it wouldn't work at all. As such, staff need to be cohesive, we need to stick together and behave as a united front. This does not mean we always agree with each other; we discuss things in private, amongst ourselves, and reach a consensus. Staff that disagree with an idea will still go along with it if the majority is in favour. That is what it means to be a responsible member of a team. We can appear elitist because we have to enforce the rules, but staff are no less sensitive to criticism or bias than the average person. You don't get a new genetic code when you end up on a forums' staff list, you're the same flawed person you always were, just with extra responsibilities. So, basically, the staff are a clique in a necessary capacity, you can't have a team at all otherwise. Be Nice! The staff here are receptive and friendly to members who ask them for help, some of the feedback left can attest to that. However, like all people, emotions fluctuate and different situations, different circumstances, lead to different responses. A moderator who is passionate about the forum they run are easier to upset and anger than a moderator who doesn't care about what they do. Take Sonic discussions here on SSMB as an example. There are often heated debates over topics that an outsider would conclude to be petty or pathetic, like Sonic's eye colour or game voice actors. It's not that these arguments are petty or the people having them are pathetic, but rather that those involved are passionate, they care about what is being discussed. Similarly, a staff member who cares about their role and the forum they work at will be prone to anger when members push buttons and break rules. Frustrations happen. This is not to say that staff can never be nice to people, or that we cannot improve how we currently behave; we can improve and will be making an effort to be more polite, especially to new members. This does lead to another important point though! Sometimes being nice just doesn't cut it. Every staff member here will be able to tell you instances when being nice/polite didn't achieve anything other than getting laughed at or ignored. Sometimes you just have to be harsh to get things done. Staff whom personally find it very hard to be harsh and are nice nearly all the time, like Flyboy and Diz, find themselves having to turn to other staff from time to time to deal with members who just aren't receptive to gentle treatment (and as a consequence, the staff who do have to be harsh will look like horrible people, when they aren't, so their reputation will be damaged just for doing their duty). It's a fact of life, not everybody feels like listening to reason, especially when they are so annoyed that logical thought is temporarily beyond them. You've likely all been in an argument with someone before who just wouldn't listen, so you know how hard it is to deal with it. A staff member HAS to deal with it, so they do so in a way that is tried and tested to work: they kick some backsides. Then there are times when someone says something so messed up it annoys you; you know full well what that is like and staff respond like normal human beings when something angers them: they get angry. Not very difficult to understand, to be honest XP. Talk more! This is a strange one for us, but the point has been made so I will address it. An obligation to reply to topics that don't interest you is not in the moderators' job description. No member, staff or otherwise, is expected to post when they don't feel like it. Sonic discussions in particular can be difficult to get involved in, even if you are interested. The Sonic fandom is very sensitive and takes its passion very seriously; to make a point is to have it nitpicked and criticized by other fans. A lot of members feel this and that includes staff. If a staff member doesn't want to post somewhere beyond their moderating responsibilities then they aren't required to, nor should they be expected to. They enforce the rules, they're not entertainers. Please be mindful of this basic fact, that they just don't feel like posting, and you wont end up making pessimistic assumptions about staff attitudes. Playing Favourites In all societies and in all settings where people gather, there are social hierarchies. Some people are more popular than others and you will like some people more than you like other people. This is a simple point to make and it's not intended to be patronizing, but do keep that in mind when you are scrutinizing staff behaviour. It may not seem fair that some are more respected than others but you won't find this absent in any social setting. That being said, the staff do not conduct themselves in such a way as to treat popular members better than members who don't have the same social status on the forums. The staff forum is private, so you obviously can't see what is being said there, but breaking rules is breaking rules and the staff do not like it no matter who is doing it. Nobody is immune from being striked or told off (except staff, who can't actually be striked, the site prevents it). It's true that staff will like some members more than others, but that isn't a result of us being bad people, it's a result of us being people in general. Everybody dislikes other people, the staff do too, but nobody is striked just because a staffer doesn't like them. Take vocal members whom have disagreed with the staff regularly, they aren't banned or striked for it, they're just disliked. Being abusive towards staff is another matter though, that shouldn't be tolerated (though it often is), as it says in the rules. It is also important to point out that members have favourite staffers and staff that they don't like. Moderators are often singled out by members and praised or bashed accordingly in status updates and so forth. But hey, we put up with that, so give credit where it's due. In Closing I hope this topic has better informed you of how the staff work and how we see things. None of this is an attack on you, the SSMB members, it is an attempt to inform you of our perspective, so you can see things from our point of view. It can be a stressful thing to deal with you Sonic fans, but we love it or we wouldn't be doing it. We're proud of you and we're proud of the SSMB. This forum has greatly improved over the years and members today are far more mature than has been the case in the past. A few years ago, we would be striking several members a day, these days we only have to strike one or two people every few weeks. It's a stunning improvement and a testament to how well the forum runs. Thank you for sticking with me and reading through this topic, I hope it allows you to appreciate the staff more in the future (I'm not speaking for myself here, I don't have that kind of ego =O). We will be working to be less scary towards members, especially newbies, but always keep in mind the points I have made.
  14. Thanks for the staff feedback so far, everyone. I'll be putting together a suitable response within a week or so.

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      Hope we didn't offend you guys D;

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      There aren't going to be any changes, are there? I like the way things are being run; I don't want it to change. :/

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      Dont worry Dash XP.

  15. The following is some feedback from another member who was sending this to others outside of the SSMB. It was, however, leaked to us anyway XP. It appears his only worry was getting banned should this be posted here, so I'm going to illustrate what I said in my opening post and put this feedback here with no repercussions on the member who wrote it. You are free to criticize the staff here if that is what you wish to do, that's part of what this topic is for. Anyway: EDITED AT REQUEST OF MEMBER:
  16. Shadon, this topic isn't for you to lecture the staff, that goes for everybody else too. Just state what you're happy or unhappy with and leave it at that. The staff will be the ones who look over the feedback you provide and decide what to do with it. Again, to reiterate, don't lecture the staff, it's patronizing.
  17. Yeah this isn't something I'm comfortable with happening, so do make sure you get in touch with myself or another admin, like Chris, if you feel staff are taking sides. I'm glad you didn't hesitate in posting, I really don't want people to feel like they better not say what they feel because they might get fucked over for it. Of course, one cannot avoid the usual rules of social interaction entirely and using discretion with voicing ones opinions is certainly advantageous. Just don't feel like you can't say what you like in case someone popular has a problem with it. If you're looking for an issue to be concerned with, just be mindful of how inflammatory your messages are in a general sense.
  18. Hey there ladies and gents, this here topic is for members to give their feedback on staff members. Please use this thread to give an honest and frank opinion (if you're not honest, your opinion can't help out XP) about the SSMB staff. Are we doing a great job? Are we total crap? Let us know how you feel! If you have a problem with the staff I want you to tell me; if you don't want to do it in this topic please send me a PM instead. I need to hear from you. Also, to help you back up your opinions, it will be useful to provide screenshots or links when relevant. This isn't required but it does make your feedback more useful. The purpose of this topic is for us to get an idea of what could be improved and what is working well, so we can improve the forums XP.
  19. It would help to let the staff know about this, yes, to prevent us assuming you have a dual account and banning it XP.
  20. When you make rules it's important to make a balance; it would be a chore to read rules if they contained a huge list of every little prohibited topic. Lurk more, test the waters and you'll get a feel for what is and isn't allowed. Also check pinned topics in the forums. Either way, you know SA3 topics aren't allowed now, don't you? XP
  21. You can send me stuff via PM if you like, I'd love to read it XP.
  22. Well the staff are human beings, so now and then, like everyone else, they can get pissed off with people. However, it is objectively false that staff break rules and verbally abuse members with anything approaching regularity (I can't personally remember one instance). With things like this, you really need to show examples, so when people tell you SSMB staff are all a bunch of assholes, you should ask 'em for screenshots or something XP. The cuss-happy thing is somewhat true though, especially regarding me. Then again, cussing isn't against the rules, haha.
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      Hell yes. Can't wait to see 'em live.

  23. Is that what I am to you!? A Sally Acorn pony with an extra from Disney's Robin Hood on its ass!? P.S. I don't like MLP, I was merely commenting on the fact that I wasn't in the staff list, despite being an admin for 8 years. However! You have an excuse! I don't often show my ugly face.
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