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  1. My mouth physically hung open. Sorry, I have no fucking words here.
  2. Okay guys, I've trimmed away the older banners to give the new banners some more exposure. Eventually I'll be giving members the opportunity to vote for their favourite banners to remain permanently in circulation.
  3. What's with all these dumbass "Reaction:" status updates?

    1. Winston


      They're fun sometimes.

    2. King Frosty

      King Frosty

      Been happening for months on end :r

    3. Sion-Ta


      Welcome to SSMB.

    4. Noir


      Why expect anything less stupid from SSMB

    5. Chaos Warp

      Chaos Warp

      Reaction: Roarz talks about reaction status updates.

    6. Roarey Raccoon

      Roarey Raccoon

      I like how you're welcoming me to the site, Sion-Ta, despite the fact that I have been an admin for 8 years. Well done.

  4. I don't love any of the Sonic games, I haven't really been psyched about playing a Sonic game at all since I was a little kid with a megadrive. I'd play Sonic 2 and 3 just so I could play as Tails; especially Sonic 3, where you could make him do adorable doggy paddle swimming in the water levels. Other than that though I've always found the games boring, especially Adventure onwards, where the 3D gameplay has been fucking terrible and it feels more like you're fighting against the characters to make them do what you want instead of controlling them. If Tails didn't exist I'd never have gotten into the franchise at all. Oh and Sonic is a cocky douchebag with hardly any redeeming character traits; he's a mary sue and a pain in the ass. Especially in the cartoons.
  5. It's rather shocking that SEGA would allow a game that unpolished to be released, really XP. Still though, some of the screwups in that game are really funny to watch now and then.
  6. Tails is the reason I ever became a part of SSMB in the first place. He's the cutest thing ever imagined in AoStH and SatAM and I'm pathetically obsessed with the fuzzy bastard. Have been since I was about 7 years old.
  7. Dammit, lol XP. I'll sort it out tomorrow.
  8. That really shouldn't be funny, but seeing it in motion really cracks me up.
  9. This is my favourite so far, just sayin'. Also, I've missed a few banners, so I'll be putting them up now.
  10. Okay, should be fixed now, I didn't realize 2 of the banners were jpegs when I was putting the info in the css template. Changed those jpegs to pngs yo.
  11. Okay the new banners are now up on the site XP.
  12. Fuck I'm sorry guys, so many awesome new banners here, I'm gonna be putting them up now.
  13. Okay peeps, understood on the Christmas banners, I'll do something about them soon along with updating the banners to include newer submissions. With regards to the OP, SSMB has basically always had a static official art banner and I thought having some user-created banners would be more interesting and allow members to contribute to the look of the site. If the art isn't good enough for your tastes that's fine, but you're still being a spoilsport about it XP.
  14. Thing is though right, God never makes any sense, he's a self-contradicting nutcase with major anger issues. He was angry with Job as well when he came down to scare the guy shitless. Like the point I made before, God is a huge asshole and you never know what he's going to do next.
  15. How do you differentiate between the bits in the Bible that are "just a story" and the bits that are "true"?
  16. Job did lose his shit at god and protested at his mistreatment, he only stopped slagging god off when god himself came down and chastised Job to his face, which terrified him into submission. So yeah, that's not how you win a bet and god, being the cunt he is, was happy to let Satan butcher a family and torture a man over a dumbass wager. It was all okay in the end though, wasn't it, because Job got a new family and loads of wealth (the previous family just had a bad run of luck I suppose). 19 He hath cast me into the mire, and I am become like dust and ashes. 20 I cry unto thee, and thou dost not hear me: I stand up, and thou regardest me not. 21 Thou art become cruel to me: with thy strong hand thou opposest thyself against me. 22 Thou liftest me up to the wind; thou causest me to ride upon it, and dissolvest my substance. 23 For I know that thou wilt bring me to death, and to the house appointed for all living. 24 Howbeit he will not stretch out his hand to the grave, though they cry in his destruction. 25 Did not I weep for him that was in trouble? was not my soul grieved for the poor? Bear in mind he's scared shitless and surrounded by hostile "friends" who have been scolding him since they arrived. This is as close to a 'fuck you' as god ever gets.
  17. AoStH stuff, because it's often bizarrely funny and Tails is the most adorable thing in the universe in that show.
  18. Oh look it's another nutcase. I personally don't give a shit, it's such a bore XP.
  19. Do forgive my intrusion into this, but by what criteria do you propose to judge benevolence other than an observance of actions and their results? The idea that a God responsible for the creation of all life and the universe that contains it along with the rules that govern it isn't to be judged by the results of those creations is a very flimsy argument indeed. "Some bad things happen" is also a shitty argument, so elaboration is needed there too, I agree. How about the fact that the universe and practically everything in it is hostile towards all forms of life; the fact that the natural world consists of an endless, merciless struggle for survival, paved at every step with suffering and strife? The fact that we as human beings have only partially eluded the horrors of surviving in the wild through our own ingenuity and centuries of work and innovation, even then being killed in untold numbers in a huge variety of hideous ways? This isn't even counting the damage we do to eachother on purpose. These things do illustrate a lack of benevolence on the part of a creator, if there was one, because the idea of one being charitable and caring despite being responsible for all of this shit is utterly absurd. I've had a look at your argument and what you've got to realize is that whilst we can all discuss the nuances of morality for individual events and actions, there is still a universal consensus that dying painfully and systematically is not a pleasantry. It is not logical to dismiss these values as being merely subjective and therefore unable to constitute a valid argument, because there is no perspective of suffering that isn't a human one. What you're doing is completely overstepping all the terms of the argument and making new ones on your own, proposing that one should argue the subject of benevolence in a different way. You need to provide what this other way of looking at it is instead of just stating nobody can prove gods benevolence or lack of it. It's perfectly logical to look at this crazy ass universe and say that if an intelligent creator is responsible they aren't charitable and loving. God is responsible for the way we experience events and interpret them, responsible for the experience of suffering and misery, as he must be as creator of our species. Suffering and misery DO fucking exist, therefore god aint charitable. It really isn't that hard to grasp mate. Ultimately, this is all still a hypothetical discussion with hypothetical properties for a hypothetical God and it's all very needlessly complicated and contrived. Simply removing God from the picture entirely makes a lot more sense, so try dropping the idea of one completely and escape from the primitive musings of centuries old uneducated tribesmen. ---------- Alright, I feel like going on with myself for a bit actually, so I'll attempt to put all this together in the simplest way I can. First we want to actually be clear on what we mean by God. It's common for one to switch between a specifically religious deity to a wider philosophical idea of a creator whenever it is convenient to do so. When we talk of a general idea of a creator the possibilities are endless and we can be here for the rest of our lives arguing hypothetically about a universally undefined entity. This issue isn't about philosophy, it's about religion, and religions have specific, defined gods with personalities. Since this topic is about Christianity we're looking at the Christian God; it would be quite a divergence to start discussing Hinduism or something in this thread. The God of the Christian Bible is defined in the source material as being jealous, aggressive, violent, hungry for blood sacrifice (of animals and even children); he's contemptuous of women, forbids behaviors without explanation that are often completely arbitrary (eg. don't eat shellfish) and only concerns himself with the future of a single tribe of people in the middle east. He's even gullible enough to accept a wager with Satan in the book of Job, where an entire family, slaves, servants and livestock are systematically slaughtered for nothing more significant than a chance to say "I told you so." (God lost the bet, by the way, and he was tempted by Satan in the same way he punishes us for doing). Have a go at trying to define the character whom drowned the world as anything other than a massive cunt. And people want to force children to encounter this revolting story not as general literary and historical education (and I believe the Bible should definitely be taught in this context) but as a factual resource. You have got to be absolutely shitting me. The level of retarded here, as well as genuine malice towards children and their intellectual freedoms is shocking considering it is happening in America, the most powerful and developed country in the world. Fuck semantic distance-pissing hypotheses about defining terminology, that gets us nowhere in this thread.
  20. So religious nuts are trying to pass on their faith to children, and this is news? Pretty permanent feature of religion and completely unsurprising. Perhaps if they teach what's really in the Bible instead of making it look like Jesus and Pals it'll get even more people to discard that silly shit. Either way it's not the governments job to sort out crap like this, it's the responsibility of ordinary people and parents especially to stand up and refuse this bullshit entering classrooms. The problem isn't teaching genocide, which is taught anyway in history class. The problem is context, the fact that ANYTHING in the Bible or other religious scripture is taught as factual is venomous. Never mind lashing out at the rape and murder, start with not teaching kids that Jesus is their lord and saviour. That'd be swell really.
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