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  1. The two endings that have fucked me up the most in cinema are American History X (I was shouting in disbelief and horror at the screen) and Forrest Gump, which had me crying so hard I actually became ill for a week, haha.
  2. Fans are fucking crazy, overly emotional, irrational tossers. But that's the beauty of it really, the opportunity to care deeply about something of little consequence, a wonderful distraction from everyday life. Huge fanbases can piss off those around them, like bronies, but getting irritated is another part of life so it's no big deal. In fact, it's just as fun to bitch about the people who annoy you as it is to be a crazy ass fan, so it's win-win as far as I see it.
  3. Feedback is a really important part of providing a service, so when a majority opinion seems to emerge it would be wise to acknowledge it and think about its implications. This obviously isn't the same as pandering to the whims of fans, which would be a really bad idea given how Sonic fans are crazy bastards whom seldom agree on anything. Better to have the people behind the games make the decisions for themselves whilst taking note of the biggest complaints.
  4. Need never enters into it, it's all about desire and the personal pleasure of using the language you like the most. One could say they just want to use the bathroom without a casual fucking add to the equation, or you could say nothing at all, or you could just swear anyway if it's what you want to do XP. Doesn't make any difference really. I agree that overuse dulls the effectiveness of the words themselves but fuck it eh, it's not like that matters either.
  5. I can't remember the last time I actually made a topic here that wasn't related to my staff position, so I fancied making one that has nothing whatsoever to do with telling people how to behave or how much shit they are in. This topic is basically my view on the issue of swearing and its general use in language; you'll have to forgive me for I am about to write in less commonly accessible language. I'm not about to do this to sound pretentious or more knowledgeable but rather to make a subtle point. Anyway, get on with it and yadda yadda. I am often encountered with the patronising tone of a school-master emanating from the mouths or keyboards of very ordinary people when it comes to the use of 'harsh language'. Apparently purveyors of social convention, they remind me that there are better words to use than culturally labeled swear words in any given situation. This seems to be a reasonable assertion when viewed from the angle of one sitting on the fence, escaping the directness of what amounts to an attack on ones preference for verbal utterances. Do note the deliberate inclusion of the word 'seems' in the previous sentence, my attempt was to allude to the fact that these rather regular public assertions aren't reasonable at all, for a number of reasons. The issue that chiefly springs to mind is an attempt at defining the word 'better' in the context of language use; however, a disagreement on my part with this phrasing would be a straw man argument, for I am not directly responding to a comment actually uttered by another human being. To avoid pedanticism (at least to some degree), which I generally loathe, rather than contend with the word 'better' I will simply state that an assertion with regards to more useful words is an arbitrary one, particularly in this context. Secondly we arrive at a curious idea that is implied when one tells another not to swear; the idea being that swearing is obviously a useless form of language and its usage, regardless of context, is inappropriate. Allow me a brief digression at this juncture to expound the virtues of horrible sweary language. Harsh language is diverse both in application and tone, a factor that exemplifies the importance of language in general, that it is an infinitely malleable tool that can be made to fit the hand of the wielder. Language is subject to constant cultural evolution, members of any particular generation may remark on the bastardization of their own linguistic conventions by other generations. One of the great beauties of language, if you would permit me to branch away from my analytical tone to a more floral one, is its diversity and capacity for change, to meet the challenges of new experiences and different forms of expression. Swear words, though crassly judged, are still common, universally familiar words in any given language, they are expressed with undeniable frequency and, admittedly, ample relish. Hardly useless or inappropriate in any objective way. Thirdly (and finally, for the purposes of my point), reminders on the errors of swearing are expressed as if they are merely a polite and rather important statement. I will contend with this aspect too. There is little doubt that some may instruct others not to swear for reasons other than a passive-aggressive warning about language use but it is the slyness of the latter that really bothers me, so I'm dealing with that. When I am informed by a person (usually a complete stranger) about my horrific language I wonder what their intentions are. This is never made clear to me in my own experience, but how I come to view it is invariably like this: You swoooore! I'm telliiiiiing! Whatever the intention of the speaker, telling another how they ought to communicate is an undermining of their own ability to assess appropriateness in rather an insulting manner. If one is to assert this, one should be prepared to adequately qualify themselves. Oh Christ Jesus this is annoying. I have to type in plain english now, it's such a fucking chore to write all that tedious twaddle. My bottom line, right, is that I'm an adult and I'll decide how I want to speak, or write, or piss poetry in the snow. As is your right to dislike seeing or hearing swear words, it is equally so for me to use them at liberty. Flowing, passionate, fucking wonderful liberty. I love to swear, I love swear words; I love their infinite adaptability, but more than this I love their accessibility. Language is communication and I like to communicate in a way that anyone can understand, I like to just state my point in an effective and simple manner so all can follow without feeling left out or swamped beneath an assload of sodding technical jargon. So for those of you who really can't handle swearing, I have two things I wish to say. One of them is a quote from a brilliant standup comedian, Doug Stanhope: And finally, the last thing I wish to say is fuck you very much and thanks for reading.
  6. I land in your arms, even though it's wrong, 'cause I love my new mistake~

  7. Roarey Raccoon

    Good News

    Well done spotting that Tails on the drum, I never noticed that before XP. It's a nice little show, definitely has a good idea for focusing on good news instead of all the shite going on XP. I ought to make topics myself now and then, but I can never be bothered, haha. Oh and by the way, this is how topics/threads ought to be made. Kudos to you.
  8. I've never been a Sonic fan. Tails on the other hand... http://tinyurl.com/7e7tykc

    1. Jeffhog


      He wanted to fly high.

  9. I feel old for having been staff at SSMB since 2004. God knows how Dread feels after having this site for 12 years.

    1. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      Oh no! Just wait, you don't realise how old both you and I are going to feel yet.

      Remember when we said if you were under 11/13 then SSMB probably isn't the place for you?

      If we still had that policy, in a few years time, potentially there will be members on here who were not even born when we joined the forum!

    2. Jeffhog


      You're not old! D: You're just temporally advantaged!

    3. Roarey Raccoon

      Roarey Raccoon

      Fuck you, don't you make me think like that D:.

    4. King Frosty
    5. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      Oh no! This is your first time thinking this!

      Welcome to my world where you get to the point where you see people saying this movie/game/music isn't as good as this movie/game/music/Sonic Adventure

      And they wern't even born when it originally came out!

  10. Now this is a slightly old moderator list D: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v198/Roarey_Raccoon/modac.jpg

    1. Sean


      Oh my gods

      Also Joshu

    2. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      Oh dear, it's he who must not be named.

    3. Solkia


      How do people become Mods? I never got how forums sorted that out.

    4. Roarey Raccoon

      Roarey Raccoon

      The way we do it now is if we feel the team needs another member we look around the forums ourselves for people who look respectable and have a vote.

    5. Solkia
    6. T-Min


      I don't even know about half these people.

      I feel like a noob :/

    7. Roarey Raccoon

      Roarey Raccoon

      It was 2006 XP.

    8. \gunther


      fuck being a moderator, my goal is to be in the Violet X3 group

    1. Solkia
    2. King Frosty

      King Frosty

      Is there more? :o

    3. Sean


      Oh those warn bars are snazzy

    4. Neon
    5. T-Min



      He must have been banished to the DARKNESS!

    6. Jetronic


      I've got like one or 2 pics of the april fools stuff from a while back. Let's see if I got them in my image shack. Also wat

    7. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      That was Roarey's multi =p

  11. Ah what the hell, have fun with the status updates peeps, but try not to get carried away and spam it to shit. I need to go to bed so I'M TRUSTING YOU HERE.

    1. Phantomime


      NO DON'T GO



    2. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      Would we ever let you down, Roarz?

    3. Old dead account

      Old dead account

      Apperently I missed something?

    4. Celestia



      A spam of anti-pony statuses lol

    5. Phantomime


      Actually just a spam of pony related statuses in general, hater and non-hater.

    6. goku262002


      Yeah sure you can trust me...

    7. Old dead account

      Old dead account

      Anti-brony spam? Irony xD

  12. Okay clever dicks, people who make MLP updates after this message will be suspended for a day. I don't like repeating myself XP. You can go apeshit elsewhere.

    1. Phantomime


      So wait, FOREVER, or just for tonight?

    2. Roarey Raccoon

      Roarey Raccoon

      Just tonight XP. It's getting a bit too crazy.

    3. Autosaver


      It kind of feels like you WANT to say it to a specific person but you don't want to be specific.

    4. goku262002


      Just an offtopic question. Does the banhammer sound anything like this when its struck?

    5. Roarey Raccoon

      Roarey Raccoon

      Nah several people have been doing it. Dr. Felix, the worst of them, has actually been striked and suspended for a week for it.

    6. Jeffhog


      @goku: Needs more synth.

    7. Roarey Raccoon

      Roarey Raccoon

      Banning a member is a cold, emotionless click of a button. There are, unfortunately, no entertaining sound effects present XP.

    8. goku262002


      Well there should be! you guys need a satisfying sfx that tells you that your upholding the civility of this community by punishing the wrongdoers!

      Demand for one Roarz, let your voice be heard!

  13. Okay guys, cool it on the MLP status updates. That includes saying the show sucks as well, by the way.

    1. Jeffhog
    2. Celestia


      But, that's the only kind of MLP status showing up right now.

    3. goku262002


      You know me, i'm the status area's Loki, I stir thing up for giggles. >:P

      But yeah I'll cool it.

    4. Felix



      i dont like it ;_;

    5. Roarey Raccoon

      Roarey Raccoon

      Fuckin' grow up and type like you're not 12 years old and sending a text message.

    6. goku262002


      Wait, who are you talking to Roarz?

    7. Autosaver
  14. If we say that a fetus is a person to be equated with anyone else currently alive and not a collective of cells undergoing uterine development then a woman should also have the right to evict that person from her property; ie her own body. It's an unwanted squatter so it needs to get out there and fend for itself like everyone else is expected to do. But then when a child is born the parent is responsible for taking care of it, so I guess it's okay to expect a mother-to-be to have no say in whether or not she is willing to give birth to this huge responsibility in the first place. Of course, there's the whole issue of a fetus having very little in common with a developed human being like a newborn that can feel pain and respond to stimuli, that can learn and be expected to survive outside of the womb. All this argument ends up doing is becoming one of semantics and wordplay. The issue is the birth of another person on this planet, a person who is not yet fully formed (hence why they aren't yet born). That birth has huge ramifications bearing on the woman who gives birth and anyone else expected to oversee the welfare of that person once they are born. I think that those expected to be responsible for that welfare should have the authority to decide if that life should occur in the first place. You're not getting a person with memories and feelings and shooting them in the face, you're stopping a life before it can happen in the first place. Given the fact that once you are born the whole world gives less than a fuck, I give less than a fuck about a fetus. If you bring a person into this world you are bringing them here to live and eventually die; one day, if you die before your offspring, they will have to mourn your corpse. Considering abortion BEFORE a person can be on this earth to suffer and go through whatever life can throw at them is a merciful consideration. We can pretend life is really special and sacred all we want but until men, women and children aren't being blown into bits and pieces all over the world (warning, uncensored war photos), don't talk to me about how precious we fucking are. Abortion is disgusting, the results are disgusting, it's a fucking shame that it ever has to happen, it really is. However, there are worse things out there: the way we are, as a species, treated and the way we treat each other need to be worked on first, not attacking mothers who can't bear to or don't want to give birth. This is reality though, for so many of us life is a short and shitty thing and until that changes and until we can really look after each other and ourselves, I will be in favour of abortion.
  15. I think anything people want to talk about warrants discussion, but picketing outside clinics and threatening doctors isn't a discussion, it's a freakshow of dumbfuck. Mainly my point though is that you can discuss all you like about what point a fetus should be recognized as a complete human being and the finer details of the issue, but as soon as you get to lecturing about what people should and shouldn't be doing with their lives then it's none of your damn business. Having a kid is fuckin serious and if you can't take care of that kid and you don't want to have it then it's better for everybody if that kid is never born. Hell, if I could take this all back and never have existed that'd be cool with me; I'd be none the wiser.
  16. Just parade a load of signs in front of the pro-lifers showing children who weren't aborted but are still suffering and dying all over the world. Children who were given a chance at life yet nobody gave an ounce of a shit. Preachy motherfuckers can't have it both ways; you can't demand that women must give birth to children no matter what, because they are responsible for that childs life, and then avoid all responsibility for taking care of the children that are born, but unwanted. In other words, fuck off pro-life wankstains and keep your fuckin' opinions to yourselves. Oh and whilst I'm on the subject of preachy motherfuckers, I am sick and tired of all groups who decide it is their right, nay, duty, to tell everybody else what they should be doing, thinking, saying and where they should or shouldn't be doing it. Whether it's Bible thumpers lecturing gays and lesbians; racist pieces of shit slagging off immigrants; the dickead PETA; advocates of sexual abstinence or whatever group you can think of, put down the signs and learn a bit about shades of grey, about life and other human beings. Shut the everloving fuck up and mind your own business.
  17. Fight obesity, eat disgusting shit for the rest of your life. PETA are a disgraceful organization.
  18. Less of the childish 'cool story bro' bullshit, thanks! Now chill out in here peeps, it's getting a bit heated. That's not a request by the way.
  19. Without the sex and the depressing conclusion, yeah XP.
  20. It is delightfully cute, beautifully rendered, lovingly written and wonderfully homosexual XP.
  21. Well, well, in my absence I was not aware that you had been provoking the staff like this, DQ. If I see it happen again you're off the forums, so in future if you have a problem with the staff you come to me instead. Because you have seen fit to publicly slag off the staff, I am also saying this to you in public.
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