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  1. I was taught love and tolerance toward other people. I respect your beliefs and idealism and choose not to force mine upon someone else. Ultimately none can make it to Heaven and God except through absolute faith in Christ, this means those who know not of Christ and are of the age of accountability will go to hell. This puts great hastening on the spreading of the Word of God. I feel as though this was a direct attack at me. if it's not, it's whatever. Listen I'm only telling it how it was taught to me. We're supposed to spread the word of God either directly or indirectly by living a life of Christ-Likeness. Ultimately those people going door to door bothering genuinely fear for the souls of those who do not know of Christ and they feel it is all they can do. Some of us are not given the opportunity to travel the globe, lacking money and what not, so they go to the next best thing. I understand there is some annoyance involved for those whom do not like Christianity, but these people fear for you and wish to try and save you as they see it. We are obligated to lead people to Christ either one way or another. I myself don't travel the globe or go door to door annoying people, but I have my own ways of doing it where people are less annoyed. Before it does happen though, don't make me out to be an enemy. I have always been an advocate for freedom of thought. Believe what you want to believe. I choose to believe this way. I myself am a Theistic Evolutionist, looked down upon by many from both sides of the argument. I'm just giving you the gist of what I was taught. I hesitate speaking in these threads because in the past I have been made out as an enemy when all I'm doing is providing information.
  2. Actually people who are unaware of Christianity are sentenced to hell. This does not include children though, once they're of an age they can understand the Bible they are fair game though. Supposed to get us out there to spread the word around the world. I've always lived with the idea, that if someone wants to learn about God, they can ask me. I'd rather not push something on someone unwillingly.
  3. Anyone else going to Anthrocon?

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      A con for bugs and such? :o

  4. Wow it's not even safe to be religious anymore. The moment a group of people waving the flag of a particular religion jumps up and does something stupid, the rest of us look bad. I may get to see Christians Slaughtered openly in the streets during my time. As an Avid Christian, this news disturbs me greatly. I have always been taught a doctrine of love and tolerance and to view these exterminations as historical context into the power God holds. I don't push my religion n others and I don't persecute them for not believing in my religion. I care absolutely nothing for what you do or believe, that's what free will is. On this whole topic of free will. Yes everyone according to Christianity was created with free will. You have the choice to believe in God, you also have the choice to kill someone. No one ever said that your choices made through your free will would go unpunished. God didn't want a bunch of mindless drones, he wanted people to choose him. All though the irony is that a large percentage of Christians are mindless and are not actually Christians, they just call themselves that.
  5. I would not be working for a company paying $15,000 to new members of a development team. Try $50,000 at least in an industry where the median average of annual salary is around $73,000. Despite all of that, this game looks impressive. I haven't seen a game idea reach this magnitude in a long time. Playing co-op single player...with yourself from the past? Genius. This Praxis engine looks amazing as well. I'm usually hesitant about buying into new IPs, but if this continues it's production at this quality, I may buy day one. P.S. Also considering a game's production time is on average, about two years. Using the Median Average Annual Salary would mean around $146,000 big ones to each person on the development team.
  6. Give the land back within reason. I see this situation like the Falkland Islands(I understand the situation is almost completely different do to historical land claims, but the resolution is the same.). If the population of these areas is fine with returning this land then they should do it. One of the main problems with this is that the Black Hills are a major tourist attraction here in the states and I doubt local government if not the federal government is gonna let go of a money trap however small it's income might be. To put it blunt, the only way those lands are going to be returned is if you put enough money into individual representative and senator pockets. There is no way they will give this land back without proper compensation. Sadly it's the truth. It's the only way to get things passed here in the states anymore. That or a major uproar by our citizens, which frankly won't happen as easily as it may seem on paper. I personally think the land should be returned. It's the least that could be done after our history with them.
  7. Unfortunately, Valve has nothing up it's sleeve this year. They will not be announcing anything new this year, just focusing on DOTA 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. http://www.joystiq.c...012-will-be-at/ My eyes are on Ubisoft and Sony as they usually are. I'll watch the Nintendo conference as long as Reggie doesn't talk about sales for an hour. I'm really interested in the Wii U.
  8. My whole take on the drug war has been,"If they want to kill themselves by imbibing deadly chemicals or substances, be my guest." You can already assume I'm on the front for Marijuana legalization, but that's beside the point. What these cops did was a tragedy, but also an example of the police force in the states. They can be very crooked and almost all instances of proof of the officers doing illegal things is disregarded or pushed aside. The cops who did this will most likely get a slap on the wrist unless their names are published. Me? I would have lost it by the second day. I'm terribly claustrophobic. I feel bad for the kid, this goes further into human rights violation and this kid should have a very nice college fund when this is all done.
  9. If I started a club for Bronies at my old high school, I would have been suspended and forced to write the entire New Testament of the Bible while I was suspended for liking something other than sports, academics, or God. Don't even get me started on the student body. I had Sonic stuff all over my books back then and they ate it up like vicious dogs. My High School was insane about Football, Baseball, and Softball, for which we were consecutive state champs in the latter two. The student body respected the Wrestling and Swimming team for which I was both a part of. I eventually earned the respect of everyone at the school to where they didn't bother me with my hobbies such as Sonic, rather they suddenly showed interest. Lesson? It all depends on how popular you are I guess? They won't shun you for liking stuff if you're well known/ respected is what I gather. For college myself and another brony have bounced the idea around. We're mostly worried about students bringing clop things to the meeting which has to be resided over by a school official. Also there is the fact you have the athletic/geek (Me) and probably one of the most hardcore metal dudes (Looks straight out of a Death Metal group) I have ever met as the other person to start the club. I also have a past of taking hits for unintended vandalism during HVZ games, so the student organization admins already hate me. Any college/ uni students who have started clubs got any advice?
  10. I have the awkward case of disliking reading, but love writing. I don't understand why, I mean I can pin it on my ADD, but I can't stay focused enough on the story enough to keep me entertained. The only books I have read are well known and regarded books such as the Divine Comedy. My grammar also suffers from it unfortunately, but I have always been a numbers person at heart. Preferring the intricate mystery of the equation over the novel. Sadly I can count the number of books I have read to completion with my fingers and toes which is nothing to brag about. I do love stories though. Often when a book can not keep me enthralled I will turn to reading chapter summaries to finish it off. If the ending piques my interest enough I will return to read it and complete it. I have gotten an interest in A Song of Ice and Fire lately which I am going to read once exam season is over. Now writing, where do I begin. I may have always loved the mathematical equation over the novel, but I also have a very wild imagination. My imagination is so unbounded that I have about seven summaries written for book ideas I have had. One of them being a book I have been working on since the first Roleplay I wrote here on the SSMB back when we had the roleplay boards. I actually owe this place to my love of writing. Although I do have a problem with confidence in my writing I worry often about specific ideas I use in my book I am currently writing. I end up getting flustered and re-writing it. I can't complain though because it is a very nice vacation from the equations I am more accustomed to.
  11. Though I am much newer to this topic since a prolonged absence from this board in general, I have been a fan since just near the very beginning. Since Episode three aired I believe it was. I thought the fandom odd at first, but with the knowledge of Lauren Faust being behind the show I couldn't refuse. The show brought me in giving me something overly happy I could enjoy outside of the doom and gloom life of being an Engineering Student. What kept me in the fandom was the community, honestly it reminded me of this place back around 2006 when I was highly active here. Content production among bronies is amazing. It wasn't until this year back in January I let everyone know I was a brony. Most of my friends being card carrying members of the internet( Figure of Speech), gave me some gruff at first but eventually don't give me any more trouble. The community around bronies is just simply astounding. A good friend of mine walked into a motorbike repair shop wearing a fluttershy shirt. The mechanic there looks at him,"You a brony?" He nodded yes. A brohoof occurred and my friend got a free axle replacement on his rear wheel. My first post in this thread was a few days ago, but I look forward to continued discussion. My favorite ponies are Twilight Sparkle and my preference is the Season 2 Princess Luna. Also apparently I'm Applejack, even though I love learning. I was hoping for Twilight ;_;
  12. Time is an interesting fellow, one we have yet to even truly understand. Just last year it was believed nothing could go faster than light, but they go and do it two times (http://www.telegraph...ino-result.html). Simply time does exist, and is relative. Try removing time based measurements from physics. Everything we know about physics is gone. Breaking the light barriers has some pretty complex problems. Einstein's General Theory of Relativity goes right out the window. Is everything beyond the speed of light in a quantum of state in which we cannot perceive it? According to Relativity, Time, Gravity, and Light are always working hand in hand. Say you are riding a train going around the world at the speed of light. Theoretically you in the cabin will go slower while everything outside of the train will continue on normally. After a certain length of time your train will arrive in the future. Yes time travel to the future is theoretically possible. Now unless we can test actual Tacyons (forgive my spelling), we are not going back in time anytime soon. Time is affected by Gravity as well. In different gravitational fields, time actually moves slower/faster. So lets say we have two stop watches one on my desk and one inescapably locked past the event horizon of a black hole. My watch would count off a second like normal. But the closer it gets to the center of the black hole the slower my second stop watch will tick. So a minute here on earth could be several hours in the event horizon of a black hole (Don't quote me on the measurements I'm just using general ideas to express what is happening.). Now say you are with the second stop watch moving slowly to your doom. You perceive time as you would on earth. (Also you wouldn't even be able to see the watch since light begins to red shift the closer it gets to a black hole.) So we perceive time based on our own measurements, but time may not actually be moving at that speed.
  13. Earlier on and especially during the Sonic X/ 2006 Era, Jason Griffith just agitated me. He was way too melodramatic in some of his lines and it just killed it for me. Close to the end of his run he had improved and I honestly couldn't find anything terrible or remarkable about the voice. He reached a tolerable equilibrium for me. Ryan Drummond was the voice actor I officially entered the fandom with when I bought Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. I loved his voice, because to me that was Sonic. When Sega started transitioning over to the Sonic X voices, the fandom was in an uproar. He at times was just as melodramatic as Jason was, but the nostalgic feel of his voice won me out during this era. Roger is just something else. I have never seen a voice better fit Sonic. He has that pizzazz that matches Sonic's character so well. He can make Sonic sound condescending when he is toying with his opponents. Sonic was always a mischievous character with a good heart, and Roger just nails it on the head.
  14. Do you like bananas? I'm stuck between anticipation and sadness for this weekend because it means almost six months without new episodes.
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